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  1. Desperately needing help
  2. Prozac and Wellbuterin can cause mania/hypomania
  3. SADs?
  4. Was told to snap out of it
  5. Moving adjustment
  6. Please give me advice! I'm desperate!
  7. I am my wits end--I need ideas/suggestion
  8. Cymbalta & side effects
  9. where to turn ???
  10. Anyone lose custody of their kids because of treatment?
  11. Looking for Veterans with Major Depression
  12. Hurricanes
  13. I dont think meds will help me
  14. Milk Thistle
  15. Am I depressed?
  16. AD & Weight loss struggle?
  17. I dont know what to do anymore
  18. light at the end of the tunnel
  19. everyone thinks i'm fine
  20. Has this happened to anyone?
  21. Can anyone relate?
  22. Depression
  23. can i beat this with the "self-help" method?
  24. Unexplainded Mood Swings
  25. where did all my friends go?
  26. i feel so lonely
  27. Lost and Hopeless
  28. Will I EVER get any better?
  29. Depression caused by FOOD?
  30. I Hope This Might Help Someone
  31. med compliance
  32. SOoo down....
  33. Cymbalta withdrawls?????
  34. Has your job led to depression?
  35. why do i feel like this?
  36. Effexor side effects!!!
  37. Questions about 150mg Wellbutrin XL
  38. Need someone to talk to
  39. Yesterday there was a mrs confused
  40. Does Wellbutrin work for anxiety too????
  41. Cannot cry!
  42. New and needing support from others
  43. Why
  44. How can I help The Love Of My Life?
  45. Just started Wellbutrin
  46. New med, how long will I be drowsy?
  47. Advice on Wellbutrin
  48. Question about Effexor
  49. Need advice
  50. john, sam and everone
  51. A Tribute to all The MOTHERS!!!
  52. I could use some kind words....
  53. Depression Self Consious?
  54. Hope
  55. Totaly useless
  56. What is and what should never be
  57. Alone & don't know what to do with my life?
  58. Is this crazy?
  59. What can I do?
  60. Abandonment issues
  61. So tired of feeling like crap.....
  62. Cymbalta
  63. Lab Work
  64. What Do U Do And Were Do U Start
  65. so confused and scared
  66. Healing myself
  67. Anyone been on Luvox?
  68. Please help...Has anyone been on Wellbutrin & Celexa at the same time?
  69. I don't have a right to be depressed?
  70. Self Esteem With Depression....
  71. Lexapro and weight gain????????????
  72. please give me ANY advice , i really need some-one to talk to
  73. med cocktails
  74. Desperately need help about bipolar depression
  75. Dont rely on anyone but yourself
  76. Where do I begin?
  77. Hi Sam and everyone else!!!
  78. Sam, John, and everyone who tried to help
  79. Positivity can't bring me back from this hole of despair
  80. Paxil
  81. Feeling so deserted
  82. some ? about effexor xr
  83. How do you stay positive?
  84. a new phase
  85. Does this seem like depression??? I would appreciated responses.
  86. Alcohol, depressant?
  88. JohnDiv -- Question re Rock Therapy
  89. The anatomy of melancholy
  90. Han anyone tried excercise and a low sugar diet as therapy?
  91. 10, 000 miles from September
  92. Welcome Home X2!!!
  93. LOFEPRAMINE-getting the dosage right
  94. Rose and Me
  95. New member with questions
  96. anyone been on zoloft? side effects?
  97. will anyone ever understand
  98. will anyone ever understand
  99. Living with a depressed person.
  100. depression-cymbalta & menstral cycle
  101. The difference between lexapro/celexa
  102. im not strong enough
  103. Making friends
  104. i'm. not. okay...
  105. Paxil Vs Generic Paxil
  106. Cymbalta and marriage breakup
  107. Does fatigue ever go away on Cymbalta?
  108. ever think people are just tired of you?
  109. Just sick of it all....
  110. anyone from the *****? *** area?
  111. need help and understanding
  112. No motivation at all
  113. At My Wit's End! Major Depression with cycling and not responding to meds. HELP!
  114. 1 month to live
  115. Switching From Lexapro To Something Else. Need Advice Please
  116. Stopping Lexapro and Starting Wellbutrin XL
  117. Food and depression
  118. I feel terrible and can't figure it out
  119. Very Difficult to Not Just Give Up ...
  120. Hey Rainserpant!!!
  121. What is wrong with me ???
  122. ready to give up
  123. MAO inhibitors
  124. I'm new*depressed*help?
  125. I guess I've made up my mind FINALLY
  126. The worst day yet
  127. Don't know where to post this but...
  128. depression and daydreaming
  129. Anyone There? Please Help!
  130. Loss of Hope
  131. Paroxetine
  132. Hi Samantha317 and everyone else!!!
  133. afraid of meeting someone new
  134. afraid of meeting someone new
  135. Depressed when no active
  136. manapart what date do you fly?
  137. Taking time off
  138. Hi everyone
  139. it all came down to this
  140. Librium to augument anti depressants
  141. Do All Anti Depressants affect your sex drive?
  142. effecxor withdrawals
  143. Good advice-Thank You
  144. I want a safe place to hide
  145. depression and genetics
  146. Cut Off
  147. My life!
  148. Want To Stop Meds...For Good
  149. question about Prozac and anti-depressants in general...
  150. Day 5 on zoloft and sooo tired
  151. The safety of my room
  152. Downward spiral
  153. John -- You say it's your birthday....
  154. zoloft and alcohol
  155. zoloft,symptoms worse before better?
  156. Fatigue can be a sign of HEPITITUS B!!!
  157. I am done with this
  158. Do anti-depressants actually work?
  159. John
  160. Need Suggestions/Comments about Psyc Doctor
  161. Brokenheart + Depression = bad place to be
  162. talking to parents etc. about depression
  163. It's got to get better
  164. Does this happen to you?
  165. Crying Wolf
  166. Can someone please recommend a new med for me?
  167. To my angels
  168. need support for my depression
  169. Help?
  170. So much Loss ..... How to Come back from it all?
  171. Effexor and Sweating !!
  172. depressed and a teenager
  173. Cymbalta
  174. Teens and Depression
  175. Am I A Bad Person?
  176. I need a place to hide and cry
  177. seasons...
  178. School time again
  179. My Life....a pathetic void of darkness.
  180. Long-Term Panic Attack
  181. Unemployment issue
  182. Is There A Comparison Chart Of Anti-Depressants?
  183. I know
  184. Anyone else
  185. Effexor Xl
  186. luvox causing mania?
  187. started meds today
  188. Sad, Lonely, and Confused
  189. i don't know what to do.
  190. Apathy
  191. thanks
  192. Hello, Everyone
  193. Seroquel
  194. under 18
  195. Lexapro
  196. weight gain on Zoloft?????
  197. just joined today
  198. River of tears
  199. Body aches and Adderall
  200. Hi Samantha317!!!!!
  201. Depression/Heart disorder
  202. need advice on psychologist
  203. New to this board and in a serious fog!
  204. *Sigh* Life just keeps dragging me down..
  205. I am actually jealous of people who shower every day!
  206. Does Anyone Know Of An A.d. (besides Wellb.) That Doesn't Have Sexual Side Effects?
  207. guilt and shame
  208. Life is a gift, don't cut it short.A poem for the death of a dear friend
  209. What about love?
  210. Right Now Life Sucks!
  211. Please lemme know......
  212. Can anyone suggest meds other than SSRI's
  213. This sucks
  214. daddy?..
  215. Feeling Disposable
  216. a story that I would like to share, hope to help people, if possible
  217. Lexapro FREE for a month/question about weight changing
  218. I found me a friend
  219. Cymbalta or Lexapro?
  220. Supportive but waining!!!
  221. I don't get it
  222. Are Any Of You On More Than One Med?
  223. new study/dopamine related to depression
  224. Confession
  225. I won't be posting anymore
  226. Am I ever going to feel any better?
  227. Effexor 150mg and Concerta36mg
  228. how is this relationsip thing supposed to work???
  229. for those of you on wellbutrin
  230. is it posible to fight depression without meds?
  231. counselors
  232. Stuck in a rut!! Help
  233. Initaial psych appt
  234. Things that make me crazy.
  235. Would like suggestions - my situation
  236. hello all!
  237. Dark empty hole inside, anyone else?
  238. Lexapro Isn't Working - What's Next???
  239. Can Antidepressants Contribute To Pre-diabetes?
  240. seroxat and dormicum
  241. I hate my life.......
  242. Prozac is'nt working.
  243. AD's without the crappy side effects?
  244. How's XANAX ? (advice please)
  245. messed up life
  246. access to your chart?
  247. Can ANYONE relate to this insanity?????
  248. my life would be so good without me in it
  249. Whats going to happen...
  250. So alone and broken hearted

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