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  1. no friends in college and feel like a loser (long)
  2. Not good enough
  3. Just venting...Prozac withdraws
  4. My depression is worsening & no one will listen
  5. I'm so sad it hurts so bad
  6. I may be Young but...
  7. First Post/I Need Help and Don't Know Where to Turn
  8. My never ending range of self loathing,sorrow anger
  9. A couple of questions, please
  10. pristiq withdrawal
  11. I have failed
  12. I'm New and Could Use Some Advice
  13. Depression? Anxiety? What is it??
  14. Is there something wrong?
  15. New here! Intro to myself
  16. Isolation
  17. How long for Effexor to work?
  18. In a slump
  19. New drug interaction warnings for Celaxa
  20. sertraline and periods
  21. Hi I'm a newbie here
  22. I'm feeling better!
  23. Off meds for a year...still feel dizzy/sick. HELP!
  24. phychiatrist/ coping/ pain
  25. how can i sort myself out
  26. all about depression
  27. Has ANYONE NOT ....
  28. my first post
  29. What is a assissment?
  30. Ayurvedic_medicine for depression???
  31. Best Type of Counseling for Self Defeating Behavior
  32. Pristiq and blurred vision, trouble focusing...
  33. Cipralex - need help
  34. Techniqe of remove sadness
  35. This ain't no life.....
  36. Tofranil? Anyone taken it for depression/Anxiety?
  37. Not sure what to do~
  38. pristiq
  39. I don't know how to help
  40. Switching from Zoloft to Lexapro...is this the right way to do it?
  41. Zoloft making me tired?
  42. Antidepressants/ Low energy
  43. Give me answer for my stress and depression.
  44. oral prozac
  45. Pexeva
  46. depression help
  47. Feel like my spirit is gone
  48. Medication Vimpat
  49. I'm not sure what to do.
  50. I think my fiance is depressed and I may be too
  51. Anhedonia and.....
  52. My life will not change.
  53. hello all
  54. beyond help :(
  55. constant struggle
  56. Depressed, feel like the family is falling apart
  57. Mirtazapine
  58. Citalopram - Help & Advice Needed
  59. Drowning
  60. I cant Concentrate on my work & am slow in my office duties
  61. Can't get back on track
  62. I am so tired of me.
  63. deported alone missing family and friends
  64. Don't know what to do anymore . . .
  65. New to this psych medication stuff and now sick -- have a question
  66. cymbalta and wieght loss
  67. Stopped meds..
  68. Feeling Stuck
  69. Over Medicated
  70. Antidepressant Withdrawal
  71. Depression and on Pred
  72. Nardil imported!!!
  73. dizziness?? is it a side effect of Abilify?
  74. Changing meds again. Wellbutrin SR feel better but bad side effects.
  75. Hopeless
  76. Going to a Psychiatrist- Scared!
  77. I feel like I'm 14 again where I felt there was no hope
  78. Lithium depression
  79. Newly diagnosed
  80. Wondering about being LOST.???
  81. How do get doom or failure out of my head?
  82. manic depression vs Bipolar vs clinical depression
  83. Celexa After Zoloft....Questions
  84. Depression, and Diet
  85. Getting no sleep - so given Seroquel any opinions?
  86. Depression and Alcohol Withdrawal
  87. Late bloomer; I feel like im spending my entire life catching up
  88. Listing anxiety and/or depression on ins. claim forms??
  89. adivan, was sugested to me by my friend she loves & it also helps her sleep
  90. Viibryd? Anyone Try this?
  91. Effexor, Wellbutrin, Buspar and Vision Problems
  92. Why do I need to constantly talk to someone
  93. nortriptyline for depression
  94. Medications taken together
  95. Depressed or Bored or Lonely
  96. ANY RX's that don't cause fatigue?
  97. efffexor xr
  98. Prozac vs Wellbutrin XL
  99. Wondering what to do
  100. Should be happy, but only feel more depressed about daughter leaving country
  101. emotional and emotionless
  102. Provocation/neutralization Drs in Oklahoma/Texas?
  103. Losing the battle
  104. Wellbutrin Dosing
  105. Friend exhibiting bizarre behavior
  106. Help for Pristiq Withdrawal
  107. Anyone Added Small Amount of Abilify to Lexapro & WB?
  108. Depression/fatigue - need help!
  109. sad
  110. want to get the thoughts of others
  111. Celexa vs. Prozac
  112. Zoloft dosage
  113. Celexa side effects
  114. Antidepressants now cause anxiety
  115. Depression after Alzheimer's diagnosis, mother's death
  116. dating and depressed
  117. I dont understand this feeling
  118. verbally abusive parents
  119. I'm lost
  120. I am Here to Vent
  121. Scary experience with cipralex
  122. please i need answers!!!
  123. talking with your therapist
  124. I really need some answers
  125. Why me? This loopy person just wants answers
  126. Depression about life, with no one to say it to
  127. My life by a 25 old male
  128. living with depression, chronic pain
  129. Am I depressed or is my doctor being lazy?
  130. Need advice from a longtime Lexapro user.
  131. Really need WB advice...
  132. What medicine worked best
  133. What can i do.
  134. Starting to open up
  135. Question about Seasonal Affective Disorder
  136. feeling not good enough
  137. Medication
  138. bupropion 100 sr... REALLY NEED ADVICE!!
  139. Do you have many friends in real life? I have no friends.. ;(
  140. I don't know if I'm depressed or what....
  141. Depression/anxiety
  142. is it depression or anxiety ?
  143. Need some support
  144. depression and the past
  145. An introduction, an explanation, grounding strategies
  146. i cant stop crying...
  147. depression in love
  148. I am having my own issues here.....
  149. i accidentally doubled my prozac dose
  150. No self worth. Someone, please listen.
  151. Medications and Depression
  152. Is it worth it?
  153. Does the disturbed sleep go away?
  154. Back Pain is stealing my life away. Anyone have any coping skills to share?
  155. Just Numb
  156. Sick of my life! No one else to reach out to
  157. Slightly down.. some advice please.
  158. Stopping Cymbalta
  159. Weaning off Pristiq
  160. 5mg increase on Lexapro
  161. Who did you see for meds? PCP or Psychiatrist?
  162. overwhelming guilt
  163. Advice needed for a teen.
  164. I "hate" weekends.
  165. In decline, need advice
  166. Anyone else Paralyzed from doing anything
  167. What to do?! Please Help! :(
  168. How do I deal with hurtful comments of people I have to be around?
  169. Deplin Help
  170. Confused, Trapped, Hurting
  171. In need of some support..
  172. Lost
  173. Dating a Depressed Man
  174. Anyone else on Adipex and Cymbalta?
  175. depression and anxiety
  176. mecications
  177. pristiq & no sleep n trazodone?
  178. les
  179. Where should I go from here?
  180. failed
  181. Am I depressed? Or just stuck in a rut?!
  182. Wellbutrin questions
  183. Mother who's depressed and out of whack, majorly :( :(
  184. Newbie here with a question abt STD and depression
  185. I think my husband hates me lot....
  186. Pristiq withdrawal - horrid nightmares
  187. Vilazodone or Viibryd
  188. Buspar & Pristiq?
  189. in need of advice
  190. My Depression Story..Please help
  191. i cant take it anymore
  192. drinking on depression meds
  193. Weaning off Lithium
  194. Can You take 2 low grade AD?
  195. Tired of living like this
  196. Scared and ready to give up.....(Social Security Disability mentioned)
  197. Pristiq Nightmare
  198. First time to this part of Healthboards...
  199. Prozac is making me cry
  200. Cymbalta with Abilify and Zanaflex
  201. Hanging on
  202. Don't really know...
  203. Loving Relationship but so many doubts
  204. Like & Dislike in Depression
  205. tired and uncertain depressed teen
  206. Anyone Happy w/Generic WB and Lexapro?
  207. Did Generic Effexor Help Your Depression & Anxiety?
  208. Has Anyone Tried Effexor With or Without Lexapro & It Worked?
  209. Help with 'minor?' depression
  210. Feeling Lonely & Scared
  211. confused
  212. Respiridone for ocd/odd/depression?
  213. Desperate Again to Increase Dopamine-Stubborn Depression
  214. Pristiq
  215. Terrible rages after (and during) coming off Zoloft!!
  216. Never felt this sad before, everything feels hopeless
  217. First Visit For Depression
  218. Questions...
  219. Depressed
  220. Don't Feel Like Myself Anymore
  221. Does Anyone Believe That 40mg Lexapro Is Really No Different Than 20mg?
  222. Do You Take Your Lexapro Morning or Night?
  223. Remeron benefits
  224. Abilify Helped As Ad-on But Got Tardive Dyskinesia, Any Ideas?
  225. Is There Anything Similar To Abilify Now?
  226. Is There An AD That Hits Serotonin&Dopamine?
  227. When does it get better?
  228. switching from Effexor to Celexa
  229. Am I depressed?
  230. Im depressed, I dont know what to do
  231. What makes depression/anxiety hurt?
  232. Side effects on Wellbutrin?
  233. hi all
  234. sometimes i wish i could get some relief somehow
  235. why speak?
  236. Deplin
  237. ??????????????
  238. Occupational Health
  239. Ranting after an almost family fight. (I don't know what to do anymore...)
  240. Ranting (I don't know what to do anymore...)
  241. Other drugs for agitation than Abilify...
  242. Who is this new person
  243. How do you deal with family/friends that Just Don't Get It?
  244. Oleptro anyone?
  245. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  246. Speech problems on lexapro? Desperate to know I'm not alone with this.
  247. Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms?
  248. Ssi watching us ?
  249. Someone Please give me advice..
  250. I should just give up!!!!!

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