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  1. scared of life!!!
  2. Scared about this life
  3. Help me please
  4. More questions
  5. Depression Is Ruining My Relationship!!!!!
  6. Prozac?!
  7. Need help
  8. Lost my love
  9. I think my wife has depression but wont admit it - please anyone advise
  10. working hard to change things but still somehow lost.
  11. Feeling like my time is running out. Please help.
  12. What cold meds are safe with Effexor XR?
  13. these things that I can't explain [long]
  14. Stress, depression and stomach aches
  15. Wellbutrin? Does anyone take this?
  16. Zoloft and Drinking??
  17. hello everyone (again!)
  18. Getting help but not getting better!!!
  19. I feel to much :(
  20. How do I talk to my boyfriend about my depression?
  21. Zoloft + sleep medication?
  22. starting antidepressants. Help!
  23. Lexapro
  24. My heart hurts.... sorry its long.
  25. just looking for an answer to an impossible question
  26. Today was a fresh day
  27. its bad
  28. AntiDepressants and Weight Loss
  29. I Hate People! Can't Trust A Single One!
  30. Flashbacks of High School Trauma
  31. Wellbutrin and weight loss
  32. How to cope with all of this?
  33. New to the board...what a relief
  34. Do I need more medication or less?
  35. can i get a hand? will u help me stand??
  36. Why isn't there a "happy" pill?
  37. After a week of zoloft...
  38. Never knew Him
  39. Thank you all...what a relief.
  40. Woke this morning with a feeling of doom...
  41. I really don't know...
  42. loving what is
  43. Numb
  44. Everybody's Looking at Me
  45. To sickofeffexor: please read
  46. I'm in a bad place right now
  47. Family problems making me depressed
  48. Alternatives to Paxil
  49. Friends and family only thing keeping me alive
  50. If you're depressed, act happy, and get over it
  51. Does anyone here REALLY Understand?
  52. Depression is hell! Please give me advice!
  53. Effexor withdrawal?
  54. Constant pressure in the back of my head - please help
  55. how is depression caused
  56. Lexapro?
  57. I screwed up my life.
  58. Lost without pyschiatrist
  59. Trazodone
  60. I am such a looser
  61. Depression from Allergy Medicine?
  62. Lost
  63. New ideas on why I'm depressed, your input appreciated
  64. How does 5 HTP compare to Zoloft, Paxil etc
  65. I need ideas!
  66. God, I need help.
  67. can't work, can't not work
  68. A few words from an ex-sufferer...
  69. Need help.Lost and frustrated,upset and in pain!
  70. Newly on wellbutrin....headband feeling?
  71. Boyfriend relapsing and I don't know how to help
  72. New here, needing to vent
  73. effexor question "How Long to Adjust?"
  74. Effexor- does it work?
  75. Celexa to Paxil. How do I do it and not have withdrawal? Please Help!
  76. I'm so scared
  77. I need some help.
  78. Feelings hurt by husband
  79. words cant convey
  80. Just needed to post something
  81. i'm back again
  82. Questions on Wellbutrin
  83. alternate methods of treatment
  84. i dont know?!?!?!?! help
  85. celexa with drawals?
  86. why do i keep it a secret and why cant i trust?
  87. Does depression always go away?
  88. When do the sexual side-effects go?
  89. Ever second guess your depression?
  90. Update
  91. The Right Choice Or Did I Succumb To Stupidity!?
  92. Wellbutrin/elavil
  93. New from Texas
  94. How do you help someone...
  95. i am sooo depressed
  96. I'm miserable; please help
  97. My dad's depression brings me down!
  98. emergeny - urgent! electrical impulses jolting through brain
  99. feeling ugly/low-self esteem
  100. Thanks and sharing my update
  101. Scared for hubby!!!
  102. can anybody relate
  103. Update on I'm loosing my life
  104. taking Prozac again
  105. wellbutrin/lexapro HELP!!
  106. Brett24 are you there???
  107. cymbalta
  108. nobody cares
  109. Help!
  110. Topamax for depression?
  111. bad experience w/ citalopram(celexa)
  112. dont want to really go on
  113. Bupropion
  114. life change
  115. Desperatley need to talk 2 people in my situation
  116. I can't cry
  117. conflict
  118. feeling so low, please help
  119. anyone else get really depressed after drinking?
  120. I don't always like my own personality
  121. Well, I did it.
  122. Effexor XR & Vivid Dreams
  123. Dear Diary
  124. Hi everyone
  125. how do you all concentrate?
  126. Is this depression? How to Help?
  127. Emotions on Prozac
  128. Dysthymic Neurosis
  129. Get very depressed before period.
  130. I'm a leaky faucet! Can't stop crying...arg.
  131. I'm Nervous and Scared!
  132. How do you help someone who won't help himself??
  133. Depression at work
  134. what to do about depression
  135. Self destructive behavior
  136. need help
  137. Situational Depression??
  138. I need some prayers
  139. Not caring about yourself
  140. Looking for friends
  141. Scared....
  142. I'm doubting myself and this disease...
  143. Herxheimer, anyone?
  144. New here - I have some questions a/b symptoms and treatment
  145. sliding back into depression.....
  146. What's wrong with me?
  147. Just want to talk
  148. I'm loosing my life!
  149. My severe depression - What should I do?
  150. My little depression "check-off list"
  151. BACOPA, Indian Herb, for Depression
  152. Why do i feel like this?
  153. what would happen if I just stopped taking prozac?
  154. Anyone have success on Zoloft????
  155. "what if this is as good as it gets...?"
  156. Answer this question about Lexapro..PLEASE
  157. Please Read & Respond.....
  158. Insomnia with Effexor PLEASE HELP
  159. Have some questions
  160. Withdrawal from Lexapro? Weird lightheadedness and numb sensations.
  161. Weight gain on Zoloft
  162. Seroquel vs. Abilify
  163. pulsatile tinnitus and effexor
  164. Has Anyone Successfully gotten Unaddicted to Sleeping Pills?
  165. Is Buspar like Xanax
  166. Switching from wellbutrin to lexapro
  167. advice needed on weaning off antidepressant
  168. just want to tell the truth for once
  169. prescribed new medicine
  170. citalopram bromide
  171. I am so lonely....
  172. Seeing doctor tomorrow
  173. When The Depression Wins
  174. A Couple of AD-related Questions...
  175. anxiety or depression?
  176. Where do I go from here?
  177. length of med treatment
  178. 3 weeks on Lexapro and no change?
  179. I think there is something wrong with me...
  180. Lexapro and Alternatives
  181. I need some help. I have no friends to go to!
  182. Ayurveda-stress,worry, depression attack colon
  183. i think i may have depression...
  184. Five years and finally relief with Wellbutrin
  185. Psych & Thyroid meds
  186. lexapro causing anxiety!!!
  187. meds meds and more meds... will it ever end?
  188. I LOVE a girl that I've never met before
  189. self-esteem and relationships
  190. Depressed and a Mother?
  191. messed up exams because of depression
  192. getting really PO'd at work
  193. Music, a cure for depression
  194. Lexapro and AGITATION????
  195. amitriptyline??
  196. No hope and no where to turn need advice badly
  197. venlafaxine?
  198. No life, just depression :-/
  199. a bad day
  200. CBT - rational emotive behavioral therapy - practical experiences
  201. Is this depression?
  202. wellbutrin/zyban
  203. Medication Nightmare
  204. how to get help?
  205. support groups richmond va.
  206. How to get well and forget the past
  207. Please! Give it to me straight!
  208. How to deal
  209. the inner person
  210. I hate my life! Why am I here?
  211. I can't even talk to my boyfriend
  212. Meds, Weight Gain and Eating Disorder/Depression
  213. why does this always happen
  214. Depression or something else???
  215. zoloft question
  216. Effexor XR allergic reaction?
  217. I Just Can't Get Through the Days Anymore
  218. thought everyone would enjoy this quote!
  219. does life get any better?!?
  220. antidepressant side effects list...
  221. Cymbalta
  222. school getting me down??
  223. hey tom cruise: alex rodriguez is in therapy!!!
  224. staying on sertraline for ever
  225. What do I do??
  226. goin off zoloft
  227. kind of embarrassing
  228. Depression and Other People
  229. Cymbalta not working anymore...
  230. Having a bad day
  231. St. John's Wort
  232. pets and plants?
  233. So annoyed at Tom Cruise...
  234. Celexa to Wellbutrin
  235. People just dont understand
  236. between surgeries
  237. SSRI reduction side-effects
  238. AD differences?
  239. I can only write.........
  240. severely depressed
  241. Numbness
  242. zoloft and Trazadone dangerous?
  243. zero libido due to prozac,who do I ask? how?
  244. Where is RAGIN'ROSES ???? Concerned....,
  245. Poem to express myself
  246. This is horrible
  247. BF taking Buspar only for depression
  248. Wellbutrin, depression, peri-menopause
  249. measuring effexor beads
  250. A little funny... (Brett would like it.) :)

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