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  1. thought everyone would enjoy this quote!
  2. does life get any better?!?
  3. antidepressant side effects list...
  4. Cymbalta
  5. school getting me down??
  6. hey tom cruise: alex rodriguez is in therapy!!!
  7. staying on sertraline for ever
  8. What do I do??
  9. goin off zoloft
  10. kind of embarrassing
  11. Depression and Other People
  12. Cymbalta not working anymore...
  13. Having a bad day
  14. St. John's Wort
  15. pets and plants?
  16. So annoyed at Tom Cruise...
  17. Celexa to Wellbutrin
  18. People just dont understand
  19. between surgeries
  20. SSRI reduction side-effects
  21. AD differences?
  22. I can only write.........
  23. severely depressed
  24. Numbness
  25. zoloft and Trazadone dangerous?
  26. zero libido due to prozac,who do I ask? how?
  27. Where is RAGIN'ROSES ???? Concerned....,
  28. Poem to express myself
  29. This is horrible
  30. BF taking Buspar only for depression
  31. Wellbutrin, depression, peri-menopause
  32. measuring effexor beads
  33. A little funny... (Brett would like it.) :)
  34. new member - lonely
  35. Newbie saying Hi!
  36. Jennita -- question for you.... (and anyone else who wants to answer)
  37. No energy
  38. Dealing with the public
  39. Depression takes on a life of its own!
  40. Why am I so sad?
  41. Newbie
  42. It has been awhile
  43. dangers of drinking
  44. Is weight gain a paxil side-effect?
  45. 'Working Through It'
  46. help i dont know how much more i can take this
  47. Does this do anything?
  48. What would u do about this situation?
  49. Hello to Everyone
  50. effexor XR and nightsweats???
  51. Trying to get better
  52. zoloft making me worse
  53. hello to everyone
  54. From Paxil to Wellbutrin - I Feel Awful! - Paxil flu or Wellbutrin? Any Ideas
  55. Very Confused !!!!!
  56. Do all depressives get better in time?!
  57. can't survive this
  58. Sorry to post about myself again but i did something stupid tonight...
  59. the ugly truth
  60. lamictal?
  61. This is going to be so hard...
  62. Giving a deadline for getting treatment - good idea?
  63. Sudden change for the better...
  64. Need Advice Urgently
  65. Hope this works better then the other!
  66. I was almost over it! My happiness = HIS depression. Vice versa!!!
  67. ECT Therapy
  68. Need Some Insight on Depression
  69. Counselling
  70. Just put back on Zoloft Tuesday
  71. Has anyone tried SAMe?
  72. having a very bad time right now
  73. slipping back down
  74. Everything getting too be too much forme to handle!
  75. When will it EVER end...if it does
  76. I love a depressed person...it's hard
  77. depression, kicking my butt past huanting me
  78. Magnet therapy
  79. Which AD has the lowest incident of withdrawal?
  80. Effexor Withdrawal, Day 12
  81. Anxiety patient now feeling depression
  82. sinking deeper and drowning.......
  83. He Won't Take Med
  84. Thanks!!
  85. Help, Help Help.... Cymbalta Withdrawal.... help.
  86. Lexapro side effects
  87. Brett....How are you?
  88. Alone.....................
  89. prozac withdrawl
  90. Cymbalta withdrawal symptomsAnyone
  91. New To This Board..Need Advice
  92. dont know where im going...
  93. just prescribed Effexor XR
  94. When going one SSRI to another
  95. finally giving in and seeing a psychiatrist today
  96. The Future..........
  97. Coming off Effexor.. night sweats?
  98. Half dead but holding on to hope
  99. DH is so depressed, not sure what to do.
  100. Help on handling myself in a crisis!
  101. Please Give Me Hope
  102. Is This Depression?
  103. I depend on people's affection too much - what to do?
  104. Do people really annoy you?
  105. a creative look at my anxiety attack tonight
  106. Just Hope Please, My Only Message
  107. "Ugly" is Depression
  108. Anyone get worse after 9/11?
  109. I'm having a bit of a panic...
  110. Zoloft and Darvocet
  111. cant stop bad habits
  112. for those switching from Paxil CR to Paxil (or Paroxetine)
  113. SAM-e and Anxiety
  114. What do I do now?
  115. Pulsatile Tinnitus Sign In If You Have It
  116. Betrayed and Desperate
  117. should I go to therapist?
  118. Lexapro Vs. Zoloft
  119. Please Help Me
  120. any help appreciated
  121. New to Lexapro,, Have my concerns. Please Help!
  122. To stop Lexapro or not
  123. The difference between doctors...
  124. Not Talking to people = Depression
  125. Abrupt Mood Changes also using Cymbalta and Wellbutrin
  126. Losing your mind
  127. I am new to this
  128. wellbutrin=no appetite
  129. Not feeling any different yet on Lexapro...
  130. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy)
  131. Hate myself, hate my family, hate the world
  132. Angry at myself for these feelings.
  133. New
  134. Effexor XR to Celexa - experiences?
  135. Insomnia
  136. stillhere, barely
  137. new person.
  138. when will i feel better?
  139. when will it all stop/in hell this weekend
  140. sleepy?
  141. Empty Nest Syndrome...
  142. Lonely
  143. Is this a panick attack??
  144. birth control problems?
  145. When husband is depressed how to end marriage?
  146. prozac and Sex drive
  147. I cant do this anymore
  148. will I die from Zoloft withdrawal?
  149. effexor side effects
  150. wellbutrin withdraw anyone?
  151. Do I nede to seek help?
  152. new here
  153. everyday routine..
  154. Why do I feel this way?
  155. Has anybody had depression result from a medicine
  156. What Is the Worst Aspect of Depression For You?
  157. Things...
  158. lonely
  159. I'm so tired,today
  160. Anyone find it hard to just relax and enjoy life?
  161. anyone else?
  162. idk
  163. Lexapro side effects
  164. one horrible day at a time
  165. working sucks agreed?
  166. accupuncture for depression??
  167. Wellbutrin withdrawal effects
  168. side effects of Zoloft??
  169. lexapro, how much?
  170. this is so not me...
  171. Just wanna talk
  172. Back to Zoloft from Paxil
  173. i need help. i need help. i need help!!!
  174. Questions/Concerns with Lexapro
  175. Efexxor head shocks and pot
  176. self harm thoughts
  177. When Your Feeling Down, What is You Vice Support?
  178. i am being consumed
  179. Dont know how to do this anymore...
  180. CPAP Helped my depression
  181. Trazodone withdrawal-help!
  182. Phenelzine?
  183. Does Anyone Know How to Measure Depression?
  184. Help!
  185. emotional numbness...please help
  186. Finding a therapist...
  187. Friends
  188. acid reflux w/depression
  189. I hate Mother's Day!
  190. Hello Im a Newbie
  191. Do you have physical symptoms?
  192. depressed
  193. My mum and dad
  194. Anyone get Morning Jitters?
  195. It has been done, therefore it can be done
  196. scared and wanting someone to talk to
  197. one question... why today?
  198. jus a vent and a question
  199. Sertraline 100mg any good?
  200. Wanting to stop taking Zoloft
  201. lexapro working/other probelms not improving
  202. Silent Lucidity
  203. Love and insanity..
  204. Wellbutrin XL, or SR??
  205. Why do I feel like NOBODY can help me?
  206. Wellbutrin sr and effexor xr
  207. does it make you do crazy things?
  208. Getting old
  209. senior moment
  210. Weight Loss Experiences After Ad's
  211. Goodmorning! Have a Wellbutrin question...
  212. bad relationship- due to spouses viewpoint?
  213. Can anyone here answer?
  214. Bad Life, anyone help me
  215. confused need third party prospective
  216. Just feeling empty and hollow
  217. insomnia on most AD's
  218. celexa to paxil
  219. Paxil Info
  220. Just prescribed Cymbalta
  221. Words stop short of my mouth, so ive written a letter to my doc
  222. Medication or No Medication
  223. Depressed need a friend to talk
  224. Help With Lexapro
  225. hard time with work responsibilities
  226. hi.....i'm new. name's hank
  227. Hey everyone
  228. Black Hole
  229. Why don't guys like me?!!!
  230. progress with lexapro
  231. the e-mail to my therapist. i finally opened up a little...
  232. Prozac and Weight Loss - New - Need Advice
  233. Sleep/vision problems resulting from depression?
  234. stopping Lexapro cold turkey
  235. Depressed with Job (and life) - Leave or Stay?
  236. HELP! why does it have to happen
  237. Plesae help me understand
  238. How do I know it's depression?
  239. depression med. & bruising?
  240. Has anyone else experienced this -- no appetite as a withdrawal?
  241. Sooo depressed....
  242. tanning on wellbutrin
  243. I'm At My Lowest...I Just Don't Want to do Anything
  244. no childhood memory
  245. pootsi - numb emotions
  246. How do you seperate "depressed feelings" from stuff you should really be upset about?
  247. How do I support a significant other that has to deal with my depression?
  248. Uncontrollable Crying
  249. ECT causing extreme fatigue
  250. Zoloft ?

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