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  1. Problems with Change
  2. Thank U All 4 Posting, And Please Note I'll Reply To All! It's So Lonely Here!!
  3. A typical vent
  4. reading posts
  5. How do u get over low self esteem and self hatred?
  6. Most Lonesome Disease On Earth!
  7. New And Hurting
  8. please answer
  9. New and Confused!!
  10. Dr switching me from Luvox to Zoloft!!
  11. Well...
  12. I NeEd HeLp
  13. Shy, depressed.. please give advice
  14. Whats Wrong with you?
  15. vitamins helping depression???
  16. Pdd
  17. EoR??? hows it going
  18. Have ur ad's cured anything else?
  19. is L-phennylaline stronger than L-tyrosine?
  20. Doctor's tomorrow!!!
  21. Sometimes I fantasize that I have amensia...
  22. Anyone Have Experience with ECT?
  23. hi....ummm...don't know how to feel right now...
  24. Effexor XR - 10 week report
  25. wellbutrin xl and cymbalta
  26. Effexor XR memory loss
  27. Anybody LOSE weight on AD's?
  28. To be on meds or now???
  29. What Caused the Change
  30. Lost my husband from depression?
  31. So I went to the doctor
  32. New to the boards, please read.
  33. a question...
  34. Question for Momsbrandi!!
  35. Anger
  36. cause--the Pill?!?!?!?
  37. thoughts of a silver lining - progress
  38. There's No Way I'll Ever Be Happy...Seriously
  39. Calling Off Work Constantly
  40. Effexor partially effective after 11 days for depression but not for Social Anxiety?
  41. Rx Weight Loss drugs and Lexapro?
  42. i just wanted to share a little about myself
  43. Someone Please Help
  44. Paxil CR taken off the market?
  45. vitamin B complex working a little 2 well?
  46. confused!
  47. Depression, without feeling depressed!!!
  48. Please Read and Reply!
  49. Wellbutrin XL and weight loss/gain?
  50. Does Lexapro (10mg-20mg) Cause weight gain?
  51. Lexapro..Does it help with energy?
  52. I have a question regarding antidepressants.
  53. Still crying
  54. what food to eat
  55. Whats wrong with me!
  56. Stop the world - or at least my mind, please!
  57. Help Me! Dear God, Please Help Me!
  58. I'm pretty sure I have Depression
  59. One week into ADs
  60. Can't stand life, help me!!!!
  61. Teenager with depression
  62. Medication ?
  63. Living a "single" married life w/ a depressed husband...
  64. painless sandpaper feeling
  65. What is this?!!
  66. has anyone ever
  67. Not thinking straight - need to borrow someone else's sanity!
  68. control the thoughts
  69. First time poster.
  70. I'm so fed up and im making myself sick over him
  71. I hate feeling sad about everything
  72. I hate feeling sad about everything
  73. Shouldn't I feel happy
  74. Quiting alchol may have been best descesion ever!
  75. Help!!!
  76. bad month...or is it more?
  77. Does anyone one feel like this?
  78. Bad day...bit of a rant
  79. Ingredient in CHOCOLATE Stops Depression
  80. Can't Think Anymore.
  81. freaked out bad tonight
  82. Self-defeating perfectionist/loner
  83. psychiatrist problems/depression
  84. New to healthboards hello all
  85. Effexor with wellbutrin med resistant
  86. Anxiety issues
  87. Need advise about husband....sorry very long but need help...
  88. depressed,upset something
  89. Any advice for dosage of effexorXR??
  90. Brett-RE:Minors & Parents
  91. Depressed, Trapped and Can't find a Way Out, Need Help!
  92. Coach--Are you hanging in there?
  93. Something Else Of Interest
  94. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  95. breakup sadness
  96. Anyone know anything about Effexor xr
  97. Am I depressed? Coz I feel it
  98. I'm lost. I want to be free
  99. If Depressed, Do You Also Suffer From...
  100. really need to vent
  101. wellbutrin side effects?
  102. Lost and confused
  103. Lovely Amber's tip for forgiveness
  104. advice on antidepressant
  105. desperate neeed of help
  106. things that make u happy :D <--- (like this)
  107. OK,OK...I'll take the anti-depressant
  108. Maybe getting somewhere
  109. How to fight off depression?
  110. Friends!! Once again!!
  111. i cant take it!
  112. New Here
  113. Has anyone ever bout antidepressants online?
  114. any foods that help fight depression
  115. Anyone Take An Ssri Regularly But Finds Depression Comes Back During Menses
  116. i feel so helpless and alone
  117. What can I tell him to convince him that life is worth living
  118. update
  119. Tips for forgiveness
  120. Hi new here
  121. Cymbalta yesterday, Wellbutrin XL today
  122. Abandoned by family?
  123. give up
  124. Where can I get Free couseling?
  125. husband wont get help with depression
  126. Please Respond-need Assistance
  127. Abandoned by family?
  128. Heart bypass now dad does not want to live
  129. depression fading away?
  130. I Feel Horrible and What Can I try Besides Lexapro?
  131. I need to find help and hope.....
  132. 1st doc appointment
  133. Question about Wellbutrin XL withdrawal
  134. Cymbalta and weight gain
  135. life is hopeless
  136. my thoery on what depression really is?
  137. Lexapro/ depression again?
  138. I feel like such a loser
  139. Feeling trapped
  140. Cipramel
  141. Need someone to talk to~
  142. Doctors appointment today...bit of support wanted
  143. Why do i never want to be around people?
  144. What are these symptoms?
  145. Work Shift Change - When Do I Take Meds?
  146. New Zoloft user
  147. Friend Needs Suggestions!!!
  148. scared
  149. Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. 8 days, withdrawal
  150. SSRI's and Ibuprofen
  151. Jealousy
  152. I just dont know what to do anymore
  153. Question for Musical Muse regarding Omega 3s
  154. Zoloft 25 mg. for 3 days, can you have withdrawal symptoms
  155. Can hormones in women contribute to Depression
  156. i think...
  157. Not sure what to do
  158. Lexapro - Fatigue and Apathy
  159. My story...
  160. How to find an environmental therapist
  161. Please Help:(
  162. I'm over-whelmed and need some encouragement
  163. I know you've heard this before.....
  164. Wellbutrin and how it effected me
  165. Addicted to SI, or is it something more? PLZ HELP
  166. Zoloft and marijuana?
  167. question for macsjuls, in response to omega 3's
  168. Zoloft Side Effects, getting it out of your system
  169. Celexa and weight gain
  170. My night out...
  171. Avoiding going out
  172. Can depression just go away???
  173. Want to try Omega's, not sure how
  174. Advice Please
  175. Drinking alcohol while on Effexor & Wellbutrin?
  176. confused about magnesium
  177. It can't end
  178. Like to get a general idea on what a "shrink" costs?
  179. depression related to Strep and andtibiotics?
  180. Need Advice
  181. risperdal
  182. Which type of depression?
  183. cymbalta & sexual side effects
  184. Restarting Topamax-Will I lose weight
  185. question for woodfaery - - -re: zoloft
  186. Help a human please.
  187. living off medication
  188. auditory hallucinations in psychotic depression
  189. nothing changes... who am i ???
  190. Women taking Effexor during pregnancy
  191. Effexor and Buffalo Hump
  192. Need Some Help :( plz some one
  193. Worried!!!!
  194. Totally Unmotivated About About Anything
  195. change meds?
  196. Oh dear God, please help me....
  197. Omega3 fatty acids
  198. have you ever felt like a past famouse person?
  199. Taking Zoloft AM or PM
  200. Effexor Xr Helps My Depression?
  201. New to the Board, Trouble with Wellbutrin XL
  202. anyone take wellbutrin xl & cymbalta
  203. cymbalta anyone?
  204. Unrelentless!
  205. Weaning off Celexa
  206. Effexor... AHHHHHHHH!!!
  207. just so tired
  208. Depression and getting Disability benefits
  209. Does "tough love" ever work? Help pls!
  210. I was released from the hospital today
  211. Hello All!
  212. Plz help I need advice.
  213. Trileptal causing depression?
  214. Manerix (Moclobemide)
  215. Does anyone here attend therapy?
  216. Hey everybody,
  217. Trazodone Side effects
  218. depression or anxiety?
  219. Injury related depression
  220. Hi Depressed Newbie
  221. When the job gets tough, I get going....
  222. Need Advice
  223. I don't know what to think...
  224. what do i do when friends dont stick around
  225. deeply depressed
  226. What began your depression?
  227. what to do?
  228. Frustrated with Wellbutrin
  229. Prozac
  230. What's a girl to do?????
  231. I've just completely given up...
  232. Getting worse? or not...
  233. Wellbutrin/Effexor- side effects & sex drive
  234. Is there help in Northeastern CT?
  235. prenatal depression
  236. Hi Everyone...New to Healthboards Today
  237. Zoloft and St Johns Wart
  238. its like someone has flipped a switch!!!
  239. Anyone on wellbutrin & found it made you act weird?
  240. Anti-Depressants for life??
  241. Not sure what to do
  242. To Whom It May Concern:
  243. any new meds out there?
  244. Atypical depression?
  245. Doctor just put me on Zoloft
  246. Anyone on the same meds as me?
  247. macjules are you still around?
  248. Lost and Lonely...
  249. Super Down...
  250. Wishing...

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