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  1. I know you've heard this before.....
  2. Wellbutrin and how it effected me
  3. Addicted to SI, or is it something more? PLZ HELP
  4. Zoloft and marijuana?
  5. question for macsjuls, in response to omega 3's
  6. Zoloft Side Effects, getting it out of your system
  7. Celexa and weight gain
  8. My night out...
  9. Avoiding going out
  10. Can depression just go away???
  11. Want to try Omega's, not sure how
  12. Advice Please
  13. Drinking alcohol while on Effexor & Wellbutrin?
  14. confused about magnesium
  15. It can't end
  16. Like to get a general idea on what a "shrink" costs?
  17. depression related to Strep and andtibiotics?
  18. Need Advice
  19. risperdal
  20. Which type of depression?
  21. cymbalta & sexual side effects
  22. Restarting Topamax-Will I lose weight
  23. question for woodfaery - - -re: zoloft
  24. Help a human please.
  25. living off medication
  26. auditory hallucinations in psychotic depression
  27. nothing changes... who am i ???
  28. Women taking Effexor during pregnancy
  29. Effexor and Buffalo Hump
  30. Need Some Help :( plz some one
  31. Worried!!!!
  32. Totally Unmotivated About About Anything
  33. change meds?
  34. Oh dear God, please help me....
  35. Omega3 fatty acids
  36. have you ever felt like a past famouse person?
  37. Taking Zoloft AM or PM
  38. Effexor Xr Helps My Depression?
  39. New to the Board, Trouble with Wellbutrin XL
  40. anyone take wellbutrin xl & cymbalta
  41. cymbalta anyone?
  42. Unrelentless!
  43. Weaning off Celexa
  44. Effexor... AHHHHHHHH!!!
  45. just so tired
  46. Depression and getting Disability benefits
  47. Does "tough love" ever work? Help pls!
  48. I was released from the hospital today
  49. Hello All!
  50. Plz help I need advice.
  51. Trileptal causing depression?
  52. Manerix (Moclobemide)
  53. Does anyone here attend therapy?
  54. Hey everybody,
  55. Trazodone Side effects
  56. depression or anxiety?
  57. Injury related depression
  58. Hi Depressed Newbie
  59. When the job gets tough, I get going....
  60. Need Advice
  61. I don't know what to think...
  62. what do i do when friends dont stick around
  63. deeply depressed
  64. What began your depression?
  65. what to do?
  66. Frustrated with Wellbutrin
  67. Prozac
  68. What's a girl to do?????
  69. I've just completely given up...
  70. Getting worse? or not...
  71. Wellbutrin/Effexor- side effects & sex drive
  72. Is there help in Northeastern CT?
  73. prenatal depression
  74. Hi Everyone...New to Healthboards Today
  75. Zoloft and St Johns Wart
  76. its like someone has flipped a switch!!!
  77. Anyone on wellbutrin & found it made you act weird?
  78. Anti-Depressants for life??
  79. Not sure what to do
  80. To Whom It May Concern:
  81. any new meds out there?
  82. Atypical depression?
  83. Doctor just put me on Zoloft
  84. Anyone on the same meds as me?
  85. macjules are you still around?
  86. Lost and Lonely...
  87. Super Down...
  88. Wishing...
  89. Effexor xr CRASH!
  90. Is it Depression or do i really hate him?
  91. umm.. i'm troubled
  92. ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy?
  93. recreational drugs and fragile heads
  94. Need some feedback
  95. macsjuls are you still around?
  96. Off Prozac for 4 days: Safe to start taking it again?
  97. First post here, need advice.
  98. 5htp - tryptophan or st johns wort
  99. Friends..who'd have them!!!
  100. Can't cry
  101. Wellbutrin XL and sensitive stomach
  102. wellbutrin withdrawl?
  103. What is this??
  104. I really need a hug right now!
  105. Depressed - advice needed
  106. Am I destined to be on antidepressants forever?
  107. Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression - what's best for helping all 3?
  108. cutting
  109. The lowest of lows
  110. I feel like the lonliest person
  111. Lexapro...what is your dosage?
  112. my mood
  113. where's my smile gone?
  114. New to this board!
  115. I Don't Look My Age
  116. Please tell me I'm not...
  117. I'm depressed but what do I do first to get better?
  118. hating my life
  119. Question about cutting / scars
  120. Should I report my therapist?
  121. Amitryptyline-Need alternative with less side effects
  122. Alone scared ...depressed?
  123. wellbutrin and sexual enhancement in women.....
  124. depression cause ilness>
  125. i feel like im throwing my life away.
  126. Depression and health problems, Dizziness?
  127. Cymbalta, from 30mgs to 60 mgs any problems?
  128. New To this board but need ANSWERS!
  129. Scary daydreams linked to depression?
  130. Hi ...
  131. Serious questions about depression?
  132. lost in life
  133. zoloft withdrawl
  134. What is an MMPI-2 test?
  135. Anyone else like this?
  136. Scared and alone!
  137. hi, new.
  138. Cutting and afraid...
  139. I don't know if I am depressed or not.
  140. PAGING: Valleygurl, & anyone else using "Cymbalta"
  141. I need help. I'm severly depressed.
  142. Hi again guys...
  143. question: zoloft, serotonin, dopamine
  144. psychotic depression?
  145. More Effexor Withdrawl
  146. Please anyone who feels depression or alone please read this, it might help you!
  147. Amitriptyline - side effects?
  148. Imipramine Side FX
  149. Doin ok till...
  150. Stuck
  151. abilify
  152. Don't know what else to do.. someone help
  153. need encouragement,
  154. Yeast Allergy Can Cause Depression
  155. wellbutrin withdrawl
  156. Puzzled:derealisation/depersonalisation/depression Or Just Daft?
  157. Any depression / anxiety meds that help you lose weight?
  158. Teeth Grinding and Lexapro
  159. Problems with depression medication...
  160. im trapt and theres no way out
  161. how do you do it??
  162. could this all be resulst of depression? (any medecines you would like to recomend?)
  163. less tired now!!
  164. Jnellywest or lsmith1 questions about zoloft?
  165. Wellbutrin
  166. Make it stop....
  167. What ate your physical effects of depression??
  168. Broken up with, feeling devastated!
  169. To CoachDC45 - u hanging in ?
  170. Prozac!!! Help!!!! Prozac!!!!!
  171. Maybe I'm overreacting, but...
  172. Light Therapy (What kind of light?)
  173. Celexa side effects
  174. anti-depressants and antihistimines?
  175. Jennita, I was just wondering what you think of
  176. Zoloft or Paxil cr?
  177. So today i went to find the counselling office at my university
  178. Dont know how anymore -- sorry so negative
  179. Yikes tired to start Effexor...
  180. Side Effects of 5HTP?
  181. Headed for a Nervous Breakdown
  182. Going to see about Depression - what do I do?
  183. Cymbalta Withdrawals
  184. Thinking of taking Wellbutrin
  185. Welbutrin Xl ?
  186. My problem =)
  187. Felt like venting a bit...
  188. Is there a limit to how much emptiness one person can withstand?
  190. Why are we all feeling this way; lifeless, joyless, lacking in energy??
  191. Any help on not being a blob?
  192. Effexor XR quitters - help! (Long, sorry!)
  193. Zoloft side effects?!?(please respond)
  194. Has anyone ever read a book by Elaine Aron
  195. New member
  196. Im very depressed.... how can i stop......
  197. Am I depressed?
  198. Everything built up...
  199. I cant believe this, im so mad
  200. Lost my best friend
  201. Side effects Paxil cr
  202. I mess everything up
  203. Question (& intro)
  204. New to Paxil
  205. Do I need help?
  206. Antidepressants aren't working still
  207. Paxil & Memory Loss/Trouble in School
  208. How do you get out of rut??
  209. Go over shapes in my head all day...anyone else?
  210. Good days and bad days
  211. a story to share
  212. Lexapro vs Effexor
  213. Man, today sucks!
  214. What's up with this Therapist???
  215. Paxil Cr recall?
  216. Lithium experiences?...please tell
  217. are vitamins safe with AD's
  218. Anyone taking Cymbalta?
  219. Alternatives to therapy
  220. Does Green Tea Have Caffeine in it?
  221. paxil and drowiness
  222. Medication Increase Frightening?
  223. Green Tea
  224. So, so so unhappy
  225. Going off Paxil and sleeping a lot
  226. One of those days????
  227. cymbalta & diet pills?
  228. Lexapro and no sex drive
  229. wellbutrin all of these years and I never knew.....
  230. Effexor advice
  231. Hi. I am new and hoping this helps
  232. could i have social anxiety?
  233. Thinking of starting Lexapro
  234. Feeling unmotivated about life in general
  235. Cant handle day to day
  236. How long?
  237. sexual side effects ruining my relationship
  238. Skipping doses of Paxil
  239. Psychological??? lack of action b/c of ??? HELP...
  240. Warning
  241. Why?!
  242. Can you feel withdrawal symptoms within hours?
  243. Right so it's time to be brutally honest...
  244. Sugar Is Baaaaaaaaaad
  245. meds take away lows AND highs
  246. cymbalta questions
  247. A big step i think????
  248. Mud are you and family o.k.?
  249. No win,no fee basis!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. anyone needed a reason to change?????

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