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  1. So many mental problems
  2. Need some Advice Desperatly!
  3. Anyone tried Topamax for depression?
  4. Anti-Depressants that can help with fatigue and tiredness?
  5. I hear it's hard to come off of Effexor...
  6. very depressed
  7. What Should We Do?
  8. Newbie: Not sure whether depressed or not.
  9. Why,why,why,why
  10. Depakote for depression?
  11. how to get help?
  12. zoloft sideeffect?
  13. Paxil side effects
  14. Worried About My Mom!
  15. Please help...desperately need help. How to approach depressed bf??Please
  16. paxil and chest pain
  17. Depressed boyfriend?
  18. Help, Friend refuses to try paxil against doctors suggestions
  19. Worried about drug combinations.
  20. Paxil CR dosage vs. regular paxil?
  21. AD Side Effects and Hair...anyone?
  22. Birthdays Age Feelings
  23. anyone taking cymbalta & phentermine (adipex)
  24. Anxiety today
  25. rTMS
  26. dating someone who is depressed
  27. What NOT to say to a depressed person
  28. Going off of Effexor XR to Cymbalta
  29. Abilify
  30. Best things to say to someone who is depressed
  31. S-I increasing with medication??
  32. Does depression really go away? -rant alert-
  33. I would like things to be done
  34. going back on meds starting new one, cymbalta
  35. Waking up exhausted?
  36. Natural ways to cure depression
  37. Wellbutrin Experiences Anyone? Questions on Side Effects?!
  38. What do you all think?
  39. Will i stop gaining weight
  40. Prozac
  41. boyfriend's parents are controlling and depressed about it
  42. Need some advice....
  43. I'm kinda new here
  44. Holiday
  45. Feeling Better!!!
  46. Depression leading to anger
  47. I've be feeling a little................
  48. I'm gonna die alone
  49. new here and need advice
  50. I just can't make myself happy anymore...
  51. Is this Depression?
  52. Lorazepam 1mg
  53. depression & career
  54. Nine days on Effexor...it's hell!!
  55. Any Experiences With Cymbalta??
  56. How can I move on?
  57. Pain Feelings/ Re Dr.Phil
  58. Please read this
  59. Wellbutrin Side Effects?
  60. What is failure?
  61. Cymbalta (Duloxetine) for Depression.....
  62. My Wife, Depression and Prozac
  63. I don't know what to do
  64. Lexapro
  65. Anyone using Wellbutrin with a mood stabilizer?
  66. Duloxetine for Depression Anyone??
  67. which SSRI ?
  68. election depression
  69. Depression back and getting worse
  70. I thought about getting treatment
  71. Re DR.Phil Show
  72. i always feel so alone
  73. In A Tick Mood
  74. SAM-e for depression?
  75. Creative Depression (ART)
  76. a few questions...
  77. New to the site
  78. Anyone Take Neurontin For Depression?
  79. Do you ever get over being molested
  80. To Man Apart
  81. Wellbutrin
  82. When Ad's Stop Working...
  83. really depressed
  84. Taking 5 HTP
  85. sooo depressed
  86. New and need some advice
  87. Depression is not mentally ill.
  88. Side Effects of Antidepressants
  89. Depression causing me not to work
  90. Depression? I'm really frustrated... Please help me....
  91. Depression Causing Lack of Concentration?
  92. Are we considered 'mentally ill' ?
  93. Everytime i try to get off ADs, this happens...
  94. Should not have to say sorry
  95. General
  96. bad day
  97. Paxil/Wellbutrin combo?
  98. .. can anyone help me ..
  99. Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy
  100. Worried about ex and his depression
  101. how did your depression effect you getting treatment
  102. A bad day...
  103. How to deal with depression?
  104. Positive Lexapro Post
  105. Paging Sandalla!!!!!
  106. New to this board - have questions about effexor and other stuff...
  107. I must go back on meds. I lost control
  108. IM at bottom
  109. Help :(
  110. depressed/pms ???
  111. that did NOT go well...
  112. Stuck
  113. What could be the matter?
  114. Any smokers notice they panic more when they smoke?
  115. Trying to get a handle on things
  116. Pamelor vs Elavil
  117. First post in a long while
  118. i'm unhappy
  119. Depression causing physical symptoms?
  120. Cymbalta on NHS
  121. Ok I am sooooo done!
  122. Well, 2 months w/o meds and.....
  123. Wellbutrin/ Pros & Cons
  124. Empty Heart syndrome
  125. Love Versus Fear
  126. A question on zoloft
  127. Poor decisions have left me depressed - long
  128. ssri's vs. tricyclics
  129. Have I done the right thing?
  130. Anyone have these SE with Wellbutrin XL?
  131. Welliburtin ???????
  132. lexapro and diarreah
  133. my son has just started lexapro
  134. Now that she is gone there is nothing left.
  135. For Jeremy Matte
  136. Anti Depressant, Easy way out?
  137. Effexor XR & Phentermine
  138. Am I golden?...
  139. How to Help a Family Member with Depression
  140. Alcohol, Sleeping Tablets and Valium
  141. Always waiting for my life to begain.
  142. Cymbalta
  143. Advice on Weaning off Meds????
  144. Weight gain on Effexor
  145. ZOLOFT & PAXIL -Are They Working 4 You?
  146. Zoloft for depression/anxiety
  147. ST JOHN'S WORT for Depression Instead
  148. HI I'm new here
  149. not sure if im depressed?
  150. Child Abuse
  151. weight gain?
  152. Has anyone missed their dose of celexa?...
  153. depression
  154. I have to get off of Effexor...
  155. Just wanted to say....
  156. Need some help
  157. Im Told That I Need Help But I'm Not Crazy!
  158. just felt like talking
  159. Depression, here is my story
  160. Self-Help Books. Which have helped you?
  161. I'm not sure what I can do.
  162. I need some advice now! Please!
  163. Beyond Repair
  164. Need help: Anyone else feel like this?
  165. Does anyone else feel like this...
  166. depressed
  167. Lexapro? Anyone even heard of this drug?
  168. How do you understand?
  169. please help me
  170. Do People Abuse Tricyclic Antidepressants?
  171. Just started on Prozac
  172. So confused, I know someone here can help
  173. Started Rameron (Zispin) 15 mg Feeling Drowsy/Lightheaded
  174. does this sound like depression
  175. Symptoms of depression?
  176. Cymbalta???
  177. Is this depression?
  178. Help - Don't know what to do
  179. Could I be depressed?
  180. I like Effexor XL--am I the only one???
  181. Anyone notice this with Zoloft
  182. can't really take it anymore
  183. Greif
  184. I cant take it anymore
  185. Depression helped by taking Birth Control Pills?
  186. PLease help me, upset stomach
  187. Holidays
  188. My 'friend' cut his wrist
  189. Despair
  190. Only in the winter...?
  191. I am in total disbelief - I cant believe what just happened.
  192. Hi,Im new and have some questions.
  193. What Anti-Depressants do you recommend?
  194. where to get cbt???
  195. Depressed...Not Sure What to Do
  196. Effexor - experiences
  197. I need help ASAP, VERY worried!
  198. Anyone else suffered for many years?
  199. Want to sleep all the time
  200. bored to death, stupid life. (vent)
  201. Being a young adult with depression/anxiety
  202. Tired of trying
  203. Getting off of Celexa
  204. Is anyone else dreading winter months?
  205. Just been depressed lately....
  206. I like Wellbutrin, but hate this...
  207. I just cant figure this out!!:(
  208. anyone still on imipramine?
  209. the truth will set you free
  210. Just how DO you get off of Paxil?
  211. Anyone here had CBT?
  212. Anyone have luck with wellbutrin?
  213. Please recommend a good A/D that helps anxiety and doesn't kill your libido
  214. prozac...
  215. Scared to take Paxil
  216. question about zoloft...
  217. Wellbutrin XL
  218. did anyone else get this from zoloft?
  219. mood swings
  220. Sharing AD Experiences
  221. Overwhelmed - too much going on
  222. [B]what is your celexa dosage?[/B]
  223. Another question about Lexapro
  224. Questions @ new meds
  225. So depressed :(
  226. here is my story
  227. celexa symptom pls help!
  228. New Depression Drug
  229. People who have taken prozac.....
  230. Anyone live near Kansas City?
  231. Effectiveness of taking 2 meds
  232. To all who are getting off AD's...
  233. Effexor and no sex drive?
  234. depressed..need replies please
  235. Can stress flare up GAD in someone with depression?
  236. anyone gone from Celexa to Lexapro?
  237. Muscular aches and pains from Celexa?
  238. lightheaded from lexapro withdrawal
  239. Trying life without ADs, losing weight gained while on ADs... fighting depression...
  240. A Depressed bf-marriage possible?
  241. citalpram to escitalopram
  242. Question for Prozac users???
  243. What do I do?
  244. question on antidepressents
  245. surprise triggers?
  246. Anyone here not able to work?
  247. depressed..please help
  248. Anyone have trouble getting off of Elavil? Weight gain?
  249. Went off seroquel cold turkey for a month and did damage
  250. long term affects of taking anti-depressants

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