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  1. citalpram to escitalopram
  2. Question for Prozac users???
  3. What do I do?
  4. question on antidepressents
  5. surprise triggers?
  6. Anyone here not able to work?
  7. depressed..please help
  8. Anyone have trouble getting off of Elavil? Weight gain?
  9. Went off seroquel cold turkey for a month and did damage
  10. long term affects of taking anti-depressants
  11. Food for thought
  12. The weight gain is making me even more depressed!
  13. I am just becoming numb
  14. Can you mix meds?
  15. I am having a really hard time
  16. Experiences on Cipralex
  17. too high a dose = worse depression?
  18. overwhelmed
  19. HELP me help my friend :(
  20. Anyone know???
  21. Do you ever stay depression free?
  22. cymbalta confusion
  23. Looking for--- AVA11---you still in here?
  24. Prozac??????weight Gain?????
  25. Trouble letting go of the past..
  26. dont understand the meaning of anything
  27. loss of sexual sensation
  28. Hard to like
  29. Had this feeling?
  30. Antidepressant Representation in the Media
  31. Paxil-cr 12mg
  32. Effexor Issues/Should I request a different Med?
  33. Paxil/Celexa...help please.
  34. Positive Outcomes!!!
  35. So so sad, to the point its even hard to breath
  36. don't remember what it's like
  37. does it always get worse on these meds at first?
  38. I desperately need some advice.
  39. Wellbutrin XL - Extremely Tired and Nauseous...Help
  40. Is anyone helped by their meds?
  41. continuous cycle
  42. may sound crazy, but has anyone's appearance changed being on ssris?
  43. WHO here has had "success" being off meds
  44. Psychologist Didn't Help Me
  45. I cant take it anymore
  46. Friend's Death
  47. anyone hear of a new antidepressant out or coming out by Nov.??
  48. Is it really a chemical imbalance or is it situational depression?
  49. Fun with Wellbutrin
  50. Long time, no see guys...not good
  51. Stressed. I hate my life somtimes
  52. am I melodramtic,depressed, repressed, angry or overwhelmed
  53. increasing meds
  54. Depression & Anxiety
  55. Remeron (US)/Zispin(UK) Experiences
  56. Starting Lexapro...weight gain?
  57. hang in there
  58. Disability?
  59. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  60. Meds + Life = Ga-Ga!
  61. Fight the Grey
  62. Have You Come Off Trazadone?
  63. No libido at all!
  64. depressed about what I have done to another
  65. Wellbutrin XL or SR?
  66. easy weight loss after quitting meds?
  67. He is battling depression and cant have me in his life anymore, I am now dying!
  68. Would Paxil help me?BuSpar problem. Depressed and havin anxiety attacks.
  69. new med thread
  70. Dialantin for Depression?
  71. How do I stop wanting someone?
  72. message to Kimba28
  73. A rollercoaster!
  74. new here
  75. Talking and Confronting helps
  76. My depression from my complex of uglyness is because my friends are good looking.
  77. From Effexor XR to Wellbutrin - Nausea??
  78. effexor vs wellbutrin?
  79. Anger after coming off meds!!
  80. A rough week
  81. Lexapro dosing?
  82. Lexapro dosing?
  83. Any meds that don't affect sex drive! Please tell me there's at least one.
  84. Sadness but can't cry, etc
  85. The whole world just hates me!!!
  86. Need books or resources to combat depression
  87. increased depression?
  88. Hives From Wellbutrin!
  89. Serzone withdrawal - input and help requested
  90. Do you ever have NO emotions left to give?
  91. Celexa:my first day :-( [feel like crap!!]
  92. Effexor
  93. Co-dependant??
  94. Cipramil/celecxa/seropram
  95. Pamelor + zoloft, or pamelor+ wellbutrin?
  96. Foggy Days
  97. i think i need help!
  98. Which St. John's Wort?
  99. No more effexor
  100. Alcohol and Depression
  101. depressed
  102. Cant stop thinking about depression
  103. Just want someone to listen....
  104. Are you an afternoon zombie on Wellbutrin SR?
  105. Doc was trying to get me to take....
  106. Thats it...I'm going to stick to this
  107. AD's - how do you know when they reach their peak
  108. Bad day in class
  109. zoloft-done with it
  110. SSRIs like lexapro, etc.
  111. why can't i be happy?
  112. Effexor Withdrawal...
  113. Horrible!!
  114. Anxious at bedtime - how do you cope?
  115. stopped lexapro cold turkey....help!!!!
  116. Fed up with meds
  117. MAOI and SSRI what is that and whats the dif??
  118. Feeling Invisible and Hopeless
  119. I really need some advice and help....
  120. Is there anything I can do?
  121. Prozac And Tiredness
  122. venting
  123. What is happening??
  124. Wellbutrin SR dosing
  125. Coping with depression at uni
  126. zoloft make you anxious?
  127. Do you want to talk about what has made you depressed?
  128. NO energy but I could explode
  129. ok to take two 12.5 mg paxil cr?
  130. very depressing news about these ssri's
  131. "Head Zaps" - how long?
  132. Switched from Celexa to Lexapro with no benefit
  133. Lexapro - Sensitive to light .. changing meds.
  134. IM a idiot
  135. Why do my AD's stop working?
  136. "Squirrelly" Stomach from Lexapro?
  137. After my 2nd breakdown in 2 weeks...
  138. Zoloft Side Effects
  139. Some help please...am I suffering from depression
  140. what is the best antidepressant without weight gain/acne side effects?
  141. Taking RESTORE: HGH
  142. Antidepressants and Weight Gain -- Need your stories
  143. Anyone taking Cymbalta??
  144. Just Wondering...need Help!!!
  145. Paxil CR users
  146. Lexapro withdraws
  147. Does Anyone Here Take Trazadone??
  148. Getting Off Prozac
  149. Side Effects with Celexa 10mg???
  150. Is there anything they can give me?
  151. what antidepressents are ok?
  152. Anxiety/panic Help
  153. New medication called Cymbalta
  154. Seroquil Side Effects
  155. PDOC ISSUES- please help
  156. AD's and methadone..very depressed
  157. How much Wellbutrin?
  158. Back On Meds...question???
  159. Change in meds = increased depression?
  160. To Anyone on Wellbutrin SR Generic...
  161. i cant do this i need to change
  162. lost
  163. Can Zoloft Affect Sleep?
  164. why i am depressed
  165. Too much Wellbutrin
  166. Am I depressed?
  167. Link between depression & Immune system?
  168. Has ANYONE had a good experience w/Wellb. SR Generic & not the name brand?
  169. Coming off Effexor
  170. Zoloft vs. Wellbrutrin
  171. My Dr. said I need to take Wellbrutin, but it seems that everyone on here is having
  172. Zoloft (Sertraline) aka Lustral
  173. smoking myself towards an early death
  174. Should I take pills "for fun"?
  175. Questions about Anxiety
  176. Re: Can't ejaculate during sex? Now on Zoloft (Lustral) ie. Sertraline
  177. Please help! Effexor xr=weight gain?!?!
  178. SICK of being depressed!
  179. Sleeping Tablets and AD's
  180. Lexapro - sexual side effects - options?
  181. Remeron - how long to work
  182. diagnosed
  183. i hate my father
  184. Anybody dealing with adult ADD...
  185. Anybody take Ritalin to help with depression?
  186. Buspar anyone?
  187. Can't get anything going...
  188. Cymbalta
  189. new here and 1st day on wellbutrin XL
  190. Need advice fast! I am freaking out
  191. Please help educate me
  192. It stinks
  193. Lexapro and Tiredness
  194. Feeling Good Handbook by Burns
  195. Anti Depressants for people with Liver Problems.. PLS HELP
  196. Am I depressed or going crazy or what PLEASE READ
  197. I don't remember what I posted before
  198. Anybody had real annoying therapists before?
  199. Help! Depressed Husband
  200. Paxil-cr 12mg
  201. anyone taking nortriptyline (pamelor) ???
  202. Zoloft newbie
  203. Lamictal...It's working
  204. Do you ever have good days?
  205. Wellbutrin XL lost effect?
  206. Vitamins that might help with depression?
  207. I am soooo unhappy and I dont know why
  208. No Title, just insight
  209. libido and Effexor XR
  210. Pyrolur*a
  211. PAXIL-CR side effects
  212. THAT'S IT ! No more Lexapro for me
  213. Some Questions?
  214. Serzone losing effectiveness for me?
  215. Belizabeenerodmer
  216. Cost of Celexa
  217. at the absolute end of my tether
  218. I'm depressed and don't now what to do tell me what u think of this.
  219. Endless Stream Of Ruts
  220. Does it happen to you too?
  221. How am i supposed to carry on?
  222. I need to vent!
  223. Using Elavil without grogginess
  224. I hate myself
  225. few small questions
  226. Depression and Fatigue?
  227. Is my husband depressed?
  228. Women who have experienced depression
  229. Question
  230. wut should i do?
  231. Amoryn...
  232. antidepressants are overperscribed and mostly unnecessary
  233. switch from lezapro to serzone
  234. Zoloft?
  235. Effexor XR + tiredness
  236. benzos = depression?
  237. wellbutrin questions...
  238. Celexa side effects
  239. Please help me!!!
  240. Confidentiality
  241. no life
  242. Will it ever get better?
  243. Hello
  244. People on anti depressant med/anti anxiety
  245. Paxil CR or Lexapro?
  246. Lexapro and nightmares anyone?? help please
  247. Side effects of effexor
  248. alcohol.
  249. sad
  250. Antidepressants and Water

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