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  1. Starting on Paxil
  2. Anyone gain weight on Lexapro?
  3. Need Some Advice from Those Who've Been There
  4. Is this part of depression?
  5. meds and pregnancy
  6. no one wants to even be around me anymore
  7. having trouble
  8. Anxiety Problems-Need Encouragment
  9. Self Destruction
  10. Can someone help?
  11. Someone? Anyone?
  12. GABAPENTIN For Depression and Anxiety??
  13. How do I convince my doctor? (SSRIs vs. Wellbutrin: the battle begins...)
  14. "Second-hand" depression
  15. Just Diagnosed with Major Depression
  16. Newcomer from Canada
  17. PMDD and meds
  18. lexapro and weight gain
  19. effexer,any good things?
  20. Is anyone as pathetic as I am???...
  21. How Can I Get My Celexa back?
  22. A Cure for Lexapro Withdrawal
  23. Paxil vs Paxil cr any noticable diff in sexual side effects?
  24. Anyone else on effexor AND wellbutrin combo?
  25. has anyone here taken Amaltriptolene(misspelled)
  26. anti-depressents and alcohol
  27. I don't know whether I'm the right place
  28. Can anyone help me..
  29. Can missing one dose of medication screw with your depression?
  30. Very Depressed or The Heat?
  31. Wellbutrin xl and soda pop
  32. Anyone take Anafranil (Clomipramine)
  33. How long does it take for wellbutrin SR to start working??
  34. Luvox or Celexa any success stories ??
  35. i would like to make a poll for users of meds
  36. my apoligies on the double effexor post but still have a question
  37. if anyone has taken effexor pls read this!
  38. Lexapro: I'm sooo tired
  39. Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Effexor, Zoloft, etc
  40. What I know about Effexor from experience is...
  41. Need a friend
  42. paxil cr
  43. trichotidlomania can't spell it
  44. recurring depression - why can't I get rid of it?
  45. Does anyone still drink alcohol on Wellbutrin XL?
  46. Switching to Effexor.
  47. Help! Is There Any SSRI That Won't Cause Weight Gain?
  48. Fatigue Please Help
  49. Jittery on meds?
  50. Ok i know this is wrong but i haad to do it
  51. wellbutrin/weight gain???
  52. 4 weeks on Lexapro and NOTHING!!!!!!
  53. Wellbutrin users I could really use your help.
  54. fighting depression without drugs
  55. Warbonds - how are you?
  56. infertility drugs caused depression
  57. Time to change AD ?????
  58. Strattera
  59. Zyprexa Withdrawal
  60. not happy
  61. Side effects
  62. From Man Apart.............To Geena and anyone else who cares.
  63. ???
  64. Zoloft question
  65. Xanax to Ambien
  66. Advice on choosing a doctor?
  67. Depressed and lonley
  68. Atiypical Antipsychotics Used For Anxiety/Deppression Anybody?
  69. Cognitive Therapy Exercises for Burns or Obitz Readers
  70. Ok, how about some POSITIVE comments about Lexapro!
  71. Celexa
  72. am I depressed?
  73. Wellbutrin Side Effects
  74. Lexapro and dizziness...what can I do? Please help.
  75. Detoxing from Effexor...NOT going well...Panic Attack...!!!Need Advice
  76. Effexor XR side effects how long?
  77. One of those...
  78. what does it mean when they say you can be healed by ssris
  79. I took Lexapro once and I'm still on it...miracle? Here's the whole story.
  80. Normal?
  81. Help/Advice, anyone
  82. SSRI and immune system question?
  83. Effexor and Insomnia
  84. Going to the doc for the first time re: depression--what to expect?
  85. So Demoralized
  86. changing AD,need some advice please
  87. 5-htp
  88. What is my condition?
  89. XANAX---how much is too much??
  90. Help!! No sex drive due to anti-depressants
  91. Effexor Nightmare - Please Read
  92. Help
  93. Long, but please help
  94. When all meds have failed please read this even if it sounds risky.
  95. When is the right time to stop taking SSRIs?
  96. Weight loss with antidepressants
  97. Question about AD's
  98. Feeling good handbook
  99. Lexapro Weirdness
  100. Lexapro and insomnia
  101. wellbutrin xl and alcohol
  102. Should I choose Paxil or Remeron?
  103. Dysthymia
  104. Lexapro and SSRI meds, safe or no?????
  105. Depression/weight loss med
  106. Ativan
  107. dont know wahts going on
  108. I hate my life
  109. relationships and depression
  110. I wanted wellbutrin xl but dr wanted to give me wellbutrin SR WHY ???
  111. My Boring A** Life and the Depression it Caused
  112. trying to help someone with depression
  113. It's so strange
  114. Uber laid back
  115. Wellbutrin worries
  116. real reason paxil=weight gain
  117. Depression??
  118. Why do people still use prozac?
  119. Zoloft: Questions & Help please...
  120. Am i depressed or not?
  121. how do you know????
  122. Welbutrin & Increased Sex Drive
  123. bad reactions to antidepressants
  124. Hi Sol, Fox, AusiJulie, and anyone else
  125. Does depression imagine other illnesses?
  126. Help please!
  127. "The mass of men. . ."
  128. depression & baldness
  129. has anyone actually known anyone who had a seizure from wellbutrin ??
  130. Happy people and depression
  131. who gained weight and was not able to lose it after ssri use
  132. Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL , what is the difference ??
  133. new to lexapro - side effects
  134. What do I need to do?!?!
  135. I Just want A way Out
  136. Who is starting CBT therapy with the book?
  137. What medications helped you with your anger ??
  138. Welbutrin XL
  139. HELP ! How long does Paxil take to get out of your system ?
  140. Would like some advice.
  141. Weight Gain & Zoloft
  142. Effexor and Memory
  143. gabitril for depression
  144. AD help
  145. Self Hatred
  146. add depression anxiety
  147. Rash on chest a reaction?
  148. Can this be a drug reaction?
  149. Prozac vs lexapro
  150. has anyone been able to lose weight after paxil?
  151. depression medication (help with)
  152. Warming Message
  153. Need info, anyone taken Trazadone or nortrityline?
  154. pregnant and depressed
  155. withdrawls from Zoloft?
  156. Is it Depression?
  157. Coming off Cipramil ......
  158. wellbutrin
  159. Can anyone relate to this?
  160. Trying to get help, but failing...
  161. help with paxil cr
  162. ******
  163. I think I might be..
  164. please read and help me!!!!!!!
  165. Light Therapy
  166. Lexapro Withdrawal symptoms
  167. Paxil & Late Periods?
  168. Depression Denial?
  169. I was just prescribed Lexapro...Anyone Else Take It????...
  170. Are there any antidepressants that are known to LOWER blood pressure ?
  171. Can My Dr Rx "Uppers"
  172. I don't know what to do.
  173. anybody have any experiences with PROPANOLOL????
  174. wellbutrin xl....HELP!!!!!
  175. I should be happier?
  176. Topamax and phentermine..can I mix them?
  177. I am feeling down
  178. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. Experienced Effexor users, what can I expect?
  180. I did it... I asked for help out loud
  181. Would like to hear what antidepressants worked for you ??
  182. New here with questions
  183. Dinner and a session.
  184. New to this board. Anyone tried natural methods
  185. group meeting or not?
  186. Asap!! Leavign In 5 Mins...??
  187. Can antidepressants permanently alter the brains chemicals and its functions?
  188. bluelady, from the thyroid board: in reply to "midwest, jinglebts, mintchoc ..."
  189. i need help!
  190. What is CBT? What is "Burn's Book"
  191. Depression, PDD, ADs, and Lab test Qs
  192. Feeling really Blah for months
  193. Can you take Lexapro & Celexa at same time? Switching to Lexapro.
  194. Can Side FX come and go?
  195. Issues
  196. Effexor XR Sleep/Wake State
  197. Lookey Here!!!! Pleeeeeease
  198. Insonia Despite 2 Mg Xanax
  199. Gritting Teeth While on Lexapro
  200. side effect since increased dosage
  201. To JENNITA!!! (with thanks)
  202. How should it feel when recovering?
  203. I feel more depressed on meds
  204. Too many Meds too many side effects...when is it time to give em up and start fresh?
  205. Effexor XR turmoil -- how long until I should give up?
  206. I wish someone would talk to me
  207. Paint color for a bedroom
  208. I Don't Want To Take The Medicine
  209. I just want him out!
  210. Lexapro side effects
  211. Sorry to bring up weight gain AGAIN but, I have a ?
  212. lamactil
  213. SSRI and skinproblems
  214. Young Scared Caregiver
  215. Feel like psychological death warmed over/Effexor XR question
  216. another ? on prozac???
  217. So Depressed..
  218. All your Questions about SSRI's
  219. Topomax and Weight Loss
  220. feelin good hand book by david burns
  221. how long for full effecct?
  222. Help with Husband
  223. really really depressed
  224. Spiraling out of control....
  225. weightgain on medication from Happy Pills
  226. My son needs help.
  227. Heads Up for Billy & Elana...
  228. Spaced out
  229. brain zaps
  230. st johns wart
  231. St. John's Wort/Dextromethorphan Interaction?
  232. Zoloft w/d one month????
  233. Depression and Boils or other skin problems?
  234. Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Depression?
  235. Topamax: what's been your experience?
  236. Lithium withdrawal??
  237. New
  238. Depressed - Need help and love
  239. More info on CBT?
  240. Anxiety = depression?
  241. cognitive behavioral therapy? what is?
  242. Lexapro and weird feelings/hallucinations
  243. Physical effects of depression?
  244. help with worrying?
  245. Hello
  246. Can you Relate to Any of This??? Questions Overflowing.......
  247. trazadone
  248. SSRI's vs. Tricyclics
  249. depressive personality
  250. his words left a dagger in my heart

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