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  1. Help
  2. Long, but please help
  3. When all meds have failed please read this even if it sounds risky.
  4. When is the right time to stop taking SSRIs?
  5. Weight loss with antidepressants
  6. Question about AD's
  7. Feeling good handbook
  8. Lexapro Weirdness
  9. Lexapro and insomnia
  10. wellbutrin xl and alcohol
  11. Should I choose Paxil or Remeron?
  12. Dysthymia
  13. Lexapro and SSRI meds, safe or no?????
  14. Depression/weight loss med
  15. Ativan
  16. dont know wahts going on
  17. I hate my life
  18. relationships and depression
  19. I wanted wellbutrin xl but dr wanted to give me wellbutrin SR WHY ???
  20. My Boring A** Life and the Depression it Caused
  21. trying to help someone with depression
  22. It's so strange
  23. Uber laid back
  24. Wellbutrin worries
  25. real reason paxil=weight gain
  26. Depression??
  27. Why do people still use prozac?
  28. Zoloft: Questions & Help please...
  29. Am i depressed or not?
  30. how do you know????
  31. Welbutrin & Increased Sex Drive
  32. bad reactions to antidepressants
  33. Hi Sol, Fox, AusiJulie, and anyone else
  34. Does depression imagine other illnesses?
  35. Help please!
  36. "The mass of men. . ."
  37. depression & baldness
  38. has anyone actually known anyone who had a seizure from wellbutrin ??
  39. Happy people and depression
  40. who gained weight and was not able to lose it after ssri use
  41. Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL , what is the difference ??
  42. new to lexapro - side effects
  43. What do I need to do?!?!
  44. I Just want A way Out
  45. Who is starting CBT therapy with the book?
  46. What medications helped you with your anger ??
  47. Welbutrin XL
  48. HELP ! How long does Paxil take to get out of your system ?
  49. Would like some advice.
  50. Weight Gain & Zoloft
  51. Effexor and Memory
  52. gabitril for depression
  53. AD help
  54. Self Hatred
  55. add depression anxiety
  56. Rash on chest a reaction?
  57. Can this be a drug reaction?
  58. Prozac vs lexapro
  59. has anyone been able to lose weight after paxil?
  60. depression medication (help with)
  61. Warming Message
  62. Need info, anyone taken Trazadone or nortrityline?
  63. pregnant and depressed
  64. withdrawls from Zoloft?
  65. Is it Depression?
  66. Coming off Cipramil ......
  67. wellbutrin
  68. Can anyone relate to this?
  69. Trying to get help, but failing...
  70. help with paxil cr
  71. ******
  72. I think I might be..
  73. please read and help me!!!!!!!
  74. Light Therapy
  75. Lexapro Withdrawal symptoms
  76. Paxil & Late Periods?
  77. Depression Denial?
  78. I was just prescribed Lexapro...Anyone Else Take It????...
  79. Are there any antidepressants that are known to LOWER blood pressure ?
  80. Can My Dr Rx "Uppers"
  81. I don't know what to do.
  82. anybody have any experiences with PROPANOLOL????
  83. wellbutrin xl....HELP!!!!!
  84. I should be happier?
  85. Topamax and phentermine..can I mix them?
  86. I am feeling down
  87. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. Experienced Effexor users, what can I expect?
  89. I did it... I asked for help out loud
  90. Would like to hear what antidepressants worked for you ??
  91. New here with questions
  92. Dinner and a session.
  93. New to this board. Anyone tried natural methods
  94. group meeting or not?
  95. Asap!! Leavign In 5 Mins...??
  96. Can antidepressants permanently alter the brains chemicals and its functions?
  97. bluelady, from the thyroid board: in reply to "midwest, jinglebts, mintchoc ..."
  98. i need help!
  99. What is CBT? What is "Burn's Book"
  100. Depression, PDD, ADs, and Lab test Qs
  101. Feeling really Blah for months
  102. Can you take Lexapro & Celexa at same time? Switching to Lexapro.
  103. Can Side FX come and go?
  104. Issues
  105. Effexor XR Sleep/Wake State
  106. Lookey Here!!!! Pleeeeeease
  107. Insonia Despite 2 Mg Xanax
  108. Gritting Teeth While on Lexapro
  109. side effect since increased dosage
  110. To JENNITA!!! (with thanks)
  111. How should it feel when recovering?
  112. I feel more depressed on meds
  113. Too many Meds too many side effects...when is it time to give em up and start fresh?
  114. Effexor XR turmoil -- how long until I should give up?
  115. I wish someone would talk to me
  116. Paint color for a bedroom
  117. I Don't Want To Take The Medicine
  118. I just want him out!
  119. Lexapro side effects
  120. Sorry to bring up weight gain AGAIN but, I have a ?
  121. lamactil
  122. SSRI and skinproblems
  123. Young Scared Caregiver
  124. Feel like psychological death warmed over/Effexor XR question
  125. another ? on prozac???
  126. So Depressed..
  127. All your Questions about SSRI's
  128. Topomax and Weight Loss
  129. feelin good hand book by david burns
  130. how long for full effecct?
  131. Help with Husband
  132. really really depressed
  133. Spiraling out of control....
  134. weightgain on medication from Happy Pills
  135. My son needs help.
  136. Heads Up for Billy & Elana...
  137. Spaced out
  138. brain zaps
  139. st johns wart
  140. St. John's Wort/Dextromethorphan Interaction?
  141. Zoloft w/d one month????
  142. Depression and Boils or other skin problems?
  143. Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Depression?
  144. Topamax: what's been your experience?
  145. Lithium withdrawal??
  146. New
  147. Depressed - Need help and love
  148. More info on CBT?
  149. Anxiety = depression?
  150. cognitive behavioral therapy? what is?
  151. Lexapro and weird feelings/hallucinations
  152. Physical effects of depression?
  153. help with worrying?
  154. Hello
  155. Can you Relate to Any of This??? Questions Overflowing.......
  156. trazadone
  157. SSRI's vs. Tricyclics
  158. depressive personality
  159. his words left a dagger in my heart
  160. Do I need more than 150 mg. of Wellbutrin XL?
  161. Zoloft Withdrawal & Effexor XR intro?
  162. Paxil CR vs Lexapro
  163. Paxil CR and weight gain
  164. Insult to injury
  165. Wellbutrin vs. SSRI's
  166. Loss of appetite a side effect of Effexor?
  167. Question about effexor dosage
  168. Could I be depressed????
  169. night sweats and trazadone
  170. Being treated for depression
  171. I am a virgin to the healthboard!
  172. help with meds
  173. ANXIETY with a touch of DEPRESSION
  174. Anyone on Lexapro AND Wellbutrin XL?
  175. Xanax vs. Ativan?
  176. Really Upset
  177. seronquel? anyone have any experience with it?
  178. Just wanted to say hello
  179. drug induced depression
  180. is there any possible help?
  181. depressed?
  182. Withdrawal How long does this nightmare last?
  183. i feel invisible ...
  184. Parents
  185. Depression or Quarter Life Crisis? (or both?)
  186. Paxil input
  187. A few questions about depression
  188. how long does it take to get off zoloft?
  189. depressed don't know exactly why!
  190. switching from wellbutrin to straterra, what to expect, etc?
  191. Quitting Celexa
  192. HELP! my sex life on prozac??
  193. I don't know.
  194. Need Advice: Anti-depression and anti-psychotic meds
  195. Lexapro & pregnancy
  196. AntiDepressant Side Effects in the News
  197. lamactil side effects
  198. Advice Please!
  199. Please, I need help--Lexapro problem
  200. Efexor XR and XL
  201. Need some help
  202. Job Depression
  203. Question about antidepressants
  204. trying to figure out my problem
  205. Stopping zoloft and starting Effexor XR -- SPACED OUT! Anyone else?
  206. Angel? Are you out there?
  207. Effexor no longer works and I'm scared
  208. :(
  209. Help Someone Now Now Now Now
  210. what is wrong with me? please, someone, anyone, help please.
  211. rejected 20 times depressed
  212. Hurting
  213. Disappointed
  214. I feel crazy
  215. Upset bowels - normal?
  216. I suck
  217. wellbutrin, xanax and weight
  218. so alone
  219. Effexor and Lamictal...I need some advice...Feeling down...help!
  220. ssri-one side body weakness?
  221. ****** Alert
  222. So Many Things Wrong
  223. How long for libido return after quitting an SSRI (Lexapro)?
  224. please, can anyone help? Feeling so desperate.
  225. How to get someone to get help?
  226. Relationship Between Artificial Sweetners & Depression??
  227. I feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself
  228. Why do I feel so sad?
  229. nightmares
  230. New to Wellbutrin XL
  231. Tired of this all
  232. important question for those experienced with meds..
  233. Zoloft question-please help!
  234. going to pieces over a break-up!
  235. Hi Everyone!
  236. Genabeen's Bad Day
  237. information on welbutrin
  238. I dont know what to do.
  239. trying to be hopeful but so afraid
  240. I'm losing my will to keep on going... where do I go from here?
  241. New EffexorXR user in search of moral support!
  242. any body else in this boat
  243. Some questions
  244. Antidepressants (Effexor) and Vision problems
  245. Depressed (or, found in the fax machine...)
  246. How should I feel?
  247. Does anyone take Strattera for depression or anxiety?
  248. ACCUTANE & DEPRESSION please respond
  249. paxil cr no weight gain???
  250. The new FDA list of antidepressants that may cause suicidal thoughts

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