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  1. no place to fit in!
  2. medication suggestions
  3. Need assistance in coping
  4. For AusiJulie - Grief on Losing Your Mother....
  5. This is me..no appologies..life on a positive note.
  6. Paxil withdrawel:How long???
  7. I feel...
  8. Living?
  9. Any alternative herb, etc. for depression?
  10. Hey Madd, I see you...post dang it!!!
  11. Doctor won't perscribe meds
  12. Question for the Ladies
  13. My friend needs an alternative AD...as he would never take the real thing......
  14. I don't understand
  15. Advice???
  16. Sissy1 Please read!!!
  17. how do you help a family member?
  18. Prescription Drugs
  19. Everyone
  20. What is best for sleep and anxiety?
  21. Becoming very anxious about relationship
  22. meds
  23. How do you go on?
  24. Starting Wellbutrin for 2nd time...question
  25. Pathetic Matt.
  26. St Johns Wort
  27. Free-Writing
  28. help me!
  29. Anxiety, Stress, Derpression (Teen)
  30. Wellbutrin XL & Eating Disorder
  31. Taking things personal...
  32. depression and not being able to work
  33. Weight issues with depression pills.
  34. Seroquel?
  35. 17 year olds; seeks serious help.
  36. Feelings / venting
  37. how can I deal with this depression
  38. Looking for some info!
  39. hopeless
  40. Over Sensitive?
  41. Dr visit
  42. To LoriJ, CarrieLynn, Crossbow & artichack
  43. Side effects fro EFFEXOR XR
  44. Thoughts? Suggestions??
  45. wellbutrin and celexa together
  46. Ad use--weight gain & loss--share stories!!
  47. Getting off Lexapro
  48. Introducing myself
  49. does anyone feel so crappy physically and emotionally that you dont work?
  50. Dealing With Grief
  51. this weekend (venting, thinking...)
  52. Need help--hostile new hometown! (Long)
  53. Will they give me anything to help
  54. Viagra and AD's or anti angziaty(sp)
  55. Light therapy for depression working for me
  56. does anyone here have problems sleeping?
  57. Anxiety attacks and self-image
  58. Deception in antidepressant clinical trials
  59. Question for Wellbutrin users past/present
  60. HGH For Depression?
  61. depressed
  62. Thorac angel madd please read
  63. Sexual Side Effects From Paxil?
  64. serzone--does it have withdrawal problems
  65. Isolating -- Have noone
  66. Lexapro advise
  67. Can depression be in genetics?
  68. Does anyone else take these meds?
  69. Have to decide in an hour -- I'm depressed, anxious
  70. switching from effexor to paxil...???
  71. going in for a prescription
  72. Some Relief
  73. Bi polar II depression tx with epilepsy meds?
  74. I have no idea where this goes. I just need to get this out.
  75. Help! To ease SSRI (paxil) withdrawal???
  76. Sexual Side Effects of prozac
  77. Static states of suspended amalgamation
  78. Wired feeling
  79. Questions about Trazadone
  80. zoloft ques...
  81. Smoking and anti-depressants?
  82. self help
  83. lexapro
  84. What do therapists say about "missing" a chunk of your life?
  85. i am once again in that dark hole...
  86. when to take zoloft?
  87. lexapro and sex
  88. Any advice on my Paxil withdrawal?
  89. Gotta pee!
  90. body dismorphic disorder
  91. Not sure what to do....
  92. please help me understand
  93. Effexor
  94. Uh oh my feistiness is coming back.
  95. It Is Not Your Fault!!!!!
  96. Lexapro HELL
  97. Delusions
  98. Please Help,I can't think straight
  99. My Experience with inpatient care
  100. Tranazone
  101. Need lamictal advice
  102. Edronax (reboxetine) - anyone taking it?
  103. From Zoloft and Celexa to Wellbutrin
  104. Just Starting Lexapro - Any opinions?
  105. Same Meds are different???
  106. paxil and alcohol use
  107. Which came first: Loneliness or Depression?
  108. bad day for a new zoloft user...
  109. ECT anyone?
  110. Accommodations in school for students with depression
  111. I'm trying out Paxil for two weeks
  112. Getting over it! =) ...(Both ED + Depression!!!)
  113. From Celexa to Paxil
  114. When you wake up
  115. Lexapro and severe headacke
  116. Sexual Side Effects
  117. Another Celexa (Cipramil) side-effect?
  118. anyone had luck with amitryptaline?
  119. BF and my illness
  120. Dancing on the edge of Madness
  121. Therapy! How many people do have and don't have success?
  122. Was prescribed Wellbutrin by my psych, what should i expect, side effects, etc
  123. Anyone on Effexor without insomnia?
  124. Is Anafranil a long term drug..
  125. Withdrawl problems after only 3 months?
  126. Being weaned off LEXAPRO
  127. A little comfort for those who cant see an end..
  128. Uncontrollable Emotions and Irrational Fears
  129. just some stuff
  130. Blurred Vision While on Effexor Anyone??
  131. Found out two friends have been talking behind my back, laughing at me...
  132. been wanting to change my Rivotril
  133. Situational depression
  134. depression or anxiety?
  135. I don't know what to think about Lexapro
  136. Trapped in a bottle--can't reach out
  137. Omega-3-fatty acids (Flaxseed Oil)
  138. Meds, The early stages
  139. Lucky or Unlucky?
  140. anyone here on anafranil
  141. falling apart and zoloft
  142. I'm so sad
  143. Chronic depression...
  144. trazodone questions???
  145. give up???
  146. how do you know
  147. Med Alternatives
  148. Asking Remeron users' input
  149. I'm addicted to sleeping pills and don't know how to get off?
  150. Anyone woken up happy?
  151. Depression related anxiety question--Help!!
  152. I think I have depression?
  153. Scary and weird thoughts - anyone relate?
  154. Zoloft good or bad?
  155. Wow... Depression sucks...
  156. Doctor, please give me a new brain cuz mine is not working.
  157. too old now...reaching out
  158. more venting, thinking... useless stuff really
  159. That old familiar feeling
  160. Doctors Advice What chance have we got!
  161. l-tyrosine for depression
  162. Ultram/Tramadol as anti-depressant?
  163. anti depressant
  164. Cipramil (Celexa) side-effects?
  165. What are you most insecure about?
  166. Whats YOUR favorite anti-depressant?
  167. HOrrible day
  168. starting zoloft, a few quick questions
  169. Nardil And Weed
  170. zoloft and smoking
  171. Lexapro and Xanex
  172. Okay, Kids, Let's Start This Day Different! A Challenge...
  173. Ever feel like this?
  174. What is depersonalization...Could I have it?
  175. Love Sick Puppy
  176. SAD...Winter blues
  177. Coffee + Effexor = Extreme Jitteriness for Me
  178. What is depersonalization?
  179. Wondering Whats Going On With Me
  180. Why Florida is good in winter
  181. I made some serious threats and now I feel bad. Please help.
  182. 24/7
  183. Anyone Taking Ambien??
  184. Can I be a "regular", too?
  185. I have no INTREST in ANYTHING!!! UGH
  186. Any help would be appreciated
  187. Before it gets out of hand
  188. Transfered to University
  189. Depression and Meds
  190. do you guys think this is normal?
  191. Middle Ground?!! Options Please!
  192. Something may have happened?
  193. Allergic to inactive ingredients?
  194. Off of meds(thank god)doing great!!
  195. otc meds Need advice PLEASE
  196. Depression in the family and Loferpramine?
  197. just som ethoughts
  198. to Thickman and other regulars --
  199. No Motivation... Ugh!
  200. medications?
  201. Depression(lonely) Will It Ever End Without Meds
  202. Hi I'm new to the board
  203. help!!
  204. Wellbutrin with Effexor for sexual side effects
  205. Crazy not me
  206. going to shrink on the 15th
  207. Infections linked to depression?
  208. is zoloft bad?
  209. wierd lexapro start
  210. bad day... more like bad life
  211. Flaxseed for the clinically depressed
  212. Hey, MaddHatter
  213. Anyone Here Experience Depersonalization???
  214. Generic drugs
  215. getting of prozac
  216. prozac and sex drive
  217. Is it safe to use benzo's along with ad's
  218. Zoloft/Paxil Weight Gain??!?!?
  219. antidepressant withdrawl
  220. New To Depression
  221. Fluoxetine
  222. Depression
  223. I can't tell what I'm feeling - malaise
  224. Tests for depression
  225. Study on CBT vs. anti-depressants
  226. anyone here on anafranil
  227. On 20 mg Celexa for Anxiety
  228. bad day
  229. Is this TOO much Effexor???
  230. Bipolar
  231. Meridia and Depression
  232. prozac to lexapro
  233. very very depressed! need help!
  234. Is It Supposed To Hurt This Much?
  235. Xanax nightmare
  236. Finding the good in depression
  237. too sad......help me please!!!
  238. Have used nearly all antidepressants...
  239. anyone going thru this too?
  240. confused...
  241. Depressed for life? Do I want to stay this way?
  242. I don't understand
  243. good books
  244. Wellbutrin and sleeplessness.....
  245. Anxiety and depression, a deadly combo...
  246. amitriptyline- weight gain
  247. Having Trouble
  248. High intelligence...depression
  249. Low sex drive
  250. kinda mixed up

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