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  1. Urge to hurt myself
  2. Biteing?
  3. What a med starts not to work.
  4. Panic Attack every time I wake up....
  5. I had a beautiful day
  6. Celexa.. only a week on it
  7. together: Zoloft & Wellbutrin/ Paxil & Wellbutrin
  8. Zoloft: Help with dosage increase
  9. Celexa - Is my dosage too high?
  10. What are the Physical Effects of Depression/Anxiety?
  11. Effexor?
  12. Depression or just sadness?
  13. Lexapro
  14. I'm very sad, lonely and depressed lately
  15. Wellbutrin / Celexa combination
  16. numb and dumb
  17. Needing someone to talk to...PLEASE
  18. Scared!!
  19. anti depressants/tired/weight gain
  20. Does this sound like depression?
  21. I feel so hopeless.
  22. MaddHatter and Pootsie!
  23. When to stop imipramine?
  24. effexor
  25. Im OFF the Trazodone
  26. Self medicating with alcohol
  27. Lexapro vs. Wellbutrin
  28. Good books on depression
  29. EXTREME Disappointment: Need Support/Advice
  30. How to deal with EVERYTHING going on..
  31. Risperdal
  32. Allergic reaction to Cipramil/Celexa?
  33. really getting frustrated and upset
  34. Does this sound like depression?
  35. tired
  36. Just releasing some pent up feelings
  37. Fun with Lexapro
  38. Whats Next ???????????????????
  39. Number one enemy.....FEAR!
  40. My friend is writing death poems
  41. family relations
  42. I just dont get it
  43. prozac?
  44. Spiralling down
  45. Does it ever get better?
  46. VERY painful incident--need to talk!
  47. DHEA and depression?
  48. 75mg-150mg
  49. Greenstumpie....
  50. Question bout St. John's Wort.
  51. Tiredness is getting ridiculous!
  52. I'm moving!
  53. zoloft buspar and trazodone
  54. zoloft buspar and trazodone
  55. Do YOU suffer from derealization/depresonalization/dissociation?
  56. Depression Due to Loss
  57. How to deal with an imminent loss?
  58. scared to take Lexapro.
  59. Hungry
  60. is this how it will always be????
  61. I just want peace
  62. I need Help with Riperdone oe Seroquel...
  63. state of wellbeing please
  64. Very Nervous
  65. does anything work anymore!
  66. Lack of energy
  67. Dear God, Late reply to Josiegirl, isolated one, etc..
  68. Medication Questions
  69. Lying when depressed
  70. Depression Pills???
  71. Do I have a "condition"?
  72. switching from paxil to wellbutrin
  73. questions on MRI & sleep disorder clinic's
  74. On Wellbutrin, is it oikay to take OTC medicine like Sudafed daily for nose congestio
  75. Really need your advice guys!!
  76. Meds
  77. New here. Just have a question.
  78. Feeling empty?
  79. madd where are you???
  80. What happened??
  81. I am tired of everything!
  82. Husband taking Paxil...Wow
  83. Is this normal?
  84. Nocturnal Depression?
  85. brain zaps:I can relate!!!
  86. Depression and Paranoia
  87. Allergic to Lexapro?
  88. Self-esteem and depression
  89. I CAN'T STOP CRYING!!! Please Help Me!
  90. getting to know fellow board memebers
  91. Just started taking Wellbutrin today, have questions
  92. Every feel insanely jealous?
  93. Ever just want to sleep and wake up when the bad time is over
  94. Alternative For Serzone (No longer available in Canada)
  95. I get depressed when I dont eat alot of carbs
  96. new here
  97. Sectioning
  98. Depression and Diane-35??
  99. Disappointed in Others for Not Understanding
  100. Why Zyprexa
  101. Where's Monkyfunky?
  102. Dear God, My reply...
  103. Night horrors and paranoia
  104. Scared of growing old
  105. effexer
  106. My turn to vent.
  107. Zoloft
  108. It's been awhile
  109. Effexor XR Feeling Really Bad right now
  110. Lexapro Weight Issues
  111. Dear God,
  112. time to take care of myself
  113. Ultram, Depression, Other Problems
  114. no motivation to do anything
  115. Advice For Anyone Who Suffers From Depression
  116. Feeling Better, now the Anger?
  117. to those of you from canada
  118. first therapy session
  119. My current therapist stinks!
  120. Tried group counceling but it stunk!
  121. Lying to oneself and to others
  122. Menopause and Depression
  123. Who has it all...depression, anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive thoughts
  124. Introduction from me
  125. Depression?
  126. Memory Loss?
  127. How long must I wait before quitting Effexor?
  128. Hey Thickman
  129. Question(s) - Combining Paxil & Wellbutrin?
  130. depression and drinking...
  131. Meds question
  132. Had Test Done Today
  133. Hello
  134. About my self!
  135. Medication recommendations - No weight gain!
  136. Alone and Fearful
  137. get to know your feelings
  138. Been on medication for 3 days..
  139. How long to lose weight from Paxil?
  140. Moving
  141. What happens when you first go to a psychologist?
  142. Elavil or Trazadone?
  143. Brain is on it's last legs.
  144. Lost father-very depressed
  145. no place to fit in!
  146. medication suggestions
  147. Need assistance in coping
  148. For AusiJulie - Grief on Losing Your Mother....
  149. This is me..no appologies..life on a positive note.
  150. Paxil withdrawel:How long???
  151. I feel...
  152. Living?
  153. Any alternative herb, etc. for depression?
  154. Hey Madd, I see you...post dang it!!!
  155. Doctor won't perscribe meds
  156. Question for the Ladies
  157. My friend needs an alternative AD...as he would never take the real thing......
  158. I don't understand
  159. Advice???
  160. Sissy1 Please read!!!
  161. how do you help a family member?
  162. Prescription Drugs
  163. Everyone
  164. What is best for sleep and anxiety?
  165. Becoming very anxious about relationship
  166. meds
  167. How do you go on?
  168. Starting Wellbutrin for 2nd time...question
  169. Pathetic Matt.
  170. St Johns Wort
  171. Free-Writing
  172. help me!
  173. Anxiety, Stress, Derpression (Teen)
  174. Wellbutrin XL & Eating Disorder
  175. Taking things personal...
  176. depression and not being able to work
  177. Weight issues with depression pills.
  178. Seroquel?
  179. 17 year olds; seeks serious help.
  180. Feelings / venting
  181. how can I deal with this depression
  182. Looking for some info!
  183. hopeless
  184. Over Sensitive?
  185. Dr visit
  186. To LoriJ, CarrieLynn, Crossbow & artichack
  187. Side effects fro EFFEXOR XR
  188. Thoughts? Suggestions??
  189. wellbutrin and celexa together
  190. Ad use--weight gain & loss--share stories!!
  191. Getting off Lexapro
  192. Introducing myself
  193. does anyone feel so crappy physically and emotionally that you dont work?
  194. Dealing With Grief
  195. this weekend (venting, thinking...)
  196. Need help--hostile new hometown! (Long)
  197. Will they give me anything to help
  198. Viagra and AD's or anti angziaty(sp)
  199. Light therapy for depression working for me
  200. does anyone here have problems sleeping?
  201. Anxiety attacks and self-image
  202. Deception in antidepressant clinical trials
  203. Question for Wellbutrin users past/present
  204. HGH For Depression?
  205. depressed
  206. Thorac angel madd please read
  207. Sexual Side Effects From Paxil?
  208. serzone--does it have withdrawal problems
  209. Isolating -- Have noone
  210. Lexapro advise
  211. Can depression be in genetics?
  212. Does anyone else take these meds?
  213. Have to decide in an hour -- I'm depressed, anxious
  214. switching from effexor to paxil...???
  215. going in for a prescription
  216. Some Relief
  217. Bi polar II depression tx with epilepsy meds?
  218. I have no idea where this goes. I just need to get this out.
  219. Help! To ease SSRI (paxil) withdrawal???
  220. Sexual Side Effects of prozac
  221. Static states of suspended amalgamation
  222. Wired feeling
  223. Questions about Trazadone
  224. zoloft ques...
  225. Smoking and anti-depressants?
  226. self help
  227. lexapro
  228. What do therapists say about "missing" a chunk of your life?
  229. i am once again in that dark hole...
  230. when to take zoloft?
  231. lexapro and sex
  232. Any advice on my Paxil withdrawal?
  233. Gotta pee!
  234. body dismorphic disorder
  235. Not sure what to do....
  236. please help me understand
  237. Effexor
  238. Uh oh my feistiness is coming back.
  239. It Is Not Your Fault!!!!!
  240. Lexapro HELL
  241. Delusions
  242. Please Help,I can't think straight
  243. My Experience with inpatient care
  244. Tranazone
  245. Need lamictal advice
  246. Edronax (reboxetine) - anyone taking it?
  247. From Zoloft and Celexa to Wellbutrin
  248. Just Starting Lexapro - Any opinions?
  249. Same Meds are different???
  250. paxil and alcohol use

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