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  1. bad day
  2. Is this TOO much Effexor???
  3. Bipolar
  4. Meridia and Depression
  5. prozac to lexapro
  6. very very depressed! need help!
  7. Is It Supposed To Hurt This Much?
  8. Xanax nightmare
  9. Finding the good in depression
  10. too sad......help me please!!!
  11. Have used nearly all antidepressants...
  12. anyone going thru this too?
  13. confused...
  14. Depressed for life? Do I want to stay this way?
  15. I don't understand
  16. good books
  17. Wellbutrin and sleeplessness.....
  18. Anxiety and depression, a deadly combo...
  19. amitriptyline- weight gain
  20. Having Trouble
  21. High intelligence...depression
  22. Low sex drive
  23. kinda mixed up
  24. alcohol safe?
  25. Narcissism may be the cause of depression.
  26. depressed
  27. Not sure what to do.....
  28. Hormones= depression? anxiety?
  29. What should I do
  30. How Can A Book Help Me...
  31. So when are you "stable"?
  32. i cut when im depressed or fight
  33. I really do want to love my girlfriend
  34. I Am So Depressed.................
  35. Will I ever be happy?
  36. Taking Traxodone and Lexapro. Dry mouth in morning!
  37. Recently diagnosed..prescribed paxil...
  38. Give me water!!!!!
  39. SAD (Seasonal Depression)
  40. elavil, for pain and depression?
  41. Feeling Lost and Alone, Could Use Some Advice...
  42. Clarocet?
  43. Can Depression Do This?
  44. effexor xr
  45. MAO Inhibitors
  46. Dependent Help!!!!!
  47. just some venting...
  48. Bad reaction to prozac!!
  49. what antid.s cause no sexual effects?
  50. Anyone in the vicinity of St. Pete. Fl.
  51. Depression and Birth control pills
  52. anxiety/panic disorder from a virus!
  53. Going to a psychiatrist for the first time?
  54. This makes me boil! Arghhh
  55. Finding group therapy or support groups
  56. No call on X-MAS from Family!
  57. Support groups
  58. Zoloft.. please help
  59. ?Depressed? Teenager - HELP!
  60. Depression and Lyme Disease
  61. Wellbutrin: Awful side affects
  62. The natural approach
  63. advice
  64. Please help....celexa question
  65. Insensitive People--a big depression starter for me
  66. Depression?
  67. anyone here on Rivotril
  68. Good evening
  69. symtoms...med or depression effects?
  70. Mornings?
  71. That BLANK Feeling - newbie
  72. Prozac
  73. headache.. tired.. sick stomach?!
  74. Effexor-xr to an SSRI (Paxil, or Celexa)
  75. Wishing you a Merry Christmas
  76. Anyone using Lexapro...
  77. Effexor-XR with an SSRI?
  78. Why did I get up this morning?
  79. Hi! I'm new here...
  80. wellbutrin sr + seroquel
  81. Inside Trembles?
  82. Remeron-its all gone wrong!!
  83. disowning parents
  84. Alcohol...heartburn...Paxil?
  85. Alternative therapies, anyone?
  86. dothiepin???? is it the right medication
  87. Zavey - Topamax
  88. weird reaction to celexa
  89. how long for withdrawls?
  90. Exhaustion/Weight Gain on Effexor
  91. Intelligence
  92. Wellbutrin
  93. prozac withdrawl symptoms...
  94. Lexapro making me obsessive?
  95. "Black Hole" feeling.
  96. Drug Allergies?
  97. side effect of zoloft
  98. Demolition of a fake relationship
  99. Is it depression
  100. Do Antidepressants cause parkinsons ?
  101. Zoloft and Night Sweats
  102. What now...
  103. Wellbutrin type of antidepressants ?
  104. anti-depressants/tired
  105. Why CBT doesn't seem to be helping me
  106. Male problems, Bad in school, scared to lose my girl
  107. Zoloft
  108. (ladies) : 1st Period While On Ad...feeling weird
  109. Can being depressed make you achy/kinda crappy feeling?
  110. please help - what is this "cognitive therapy" all about??
  111. Depressed Dad
  112. Effexor XR and Crazy Dreams
  113. now what to do?
  114. Dry mouth from AD?
  115. New Anti Depressant No Sexual Side Effects?
  116. Absent mindedness ??
  117. Celexa & metallic taste (anyone else?)
  118. I'm off Celexa again (bad experience last night)
  119. SAD & a "pick me up"...
  120. Go off meds? Im so scared
  121. Question about thorazine
  122. frustrated - caution: venting
  123. Any suggestions?
  124. How can you tell..?
  125. am i depressed?
  126. I'm at my wit's end...
  127. How do you range depression?
  128. i wuz almost partially hospitalized
  129. What Is WRONG WITH ME?!?!
  130. Klonopin vs xanax
  131. Can you ever stop taking meds?
  132. I just went totally off on my room mate
  133. Paxil and vaginal problem
  134. getting over it
  135. Two weird side effects....?
  136. Lezapro--How long does it take?
  137. Buspar anyone??
  138. Missing A Dose Of Effexor
  139. Wellbutrin combined with Remergon (and other...)?
  140. Wellbutrin: which dosage?/what side-effects?
  141. Is anyone on Effexor and Small Dose of Trazodone for sleep?
  142. Celexa versus Lexapro
  143. Worried about the wife
  144. get through holidays
  145. Please post your experiences if you have mixed Wellbutrin with alcohol or cannabis.
  146. Any Suggestions
  147. Husband...angry at my depression
  148. Didn't Desert You Guys
  149. Effexor-XR 300MG
  150. Why must we feel so depressed? There must be a good reason, right?
  151. stopping lexapro/xanax cold turkey
  152. i feel empty; what happens after college?
  153. Deanxit (Flupentixol. & Melitracen.): what excactly is it?
  154. Questions on derealization
  155. Remeron/mirtazipine: forgot about my smoking!!!
  156. Remeron: dosage/sedation (weird relationship?)
  157. Light Therapy?
  158. Lexapro and ativan
  159. Why are happy people so mean :(
  160. second chance at this
  161. should I try another ad?
  162. Help Me to Help My Friend?
  163. This should make you smile/laugh....
  164. Anyone taking Effexor XR ?
  165. Anyone bummed out over the holidays?
  166. I also thought that no med can help me...
  167. can,t accept it !!!!!
  168. Zoloft to Lexapro
  169. Is it safe to exercise while taking lexapro?
  170. paxil,wellbutrin, side effects?
  171. Thoughts on hospitalization?
  172. I feel so low
  173. Wild on Wellbutrin?
  174. father christmas the north pole
  175. Life is dealing me a ****** hand at the moment
  176. side effects of zoloft
  177. when your psych becomes unsupportive
  178. Other people's opinions - ATTN: Quincy
  179. Remeron / Zispin opinions pleas
  180. I'm not sure...
  181. Thickman: question for you (and anyone else)
  182. feeling low and confused
  183. Bad thoughts.
  184. Some days, I just want to keep crying
  185. a family falling apart here....
  186. Who to see???
  187. Forgot If I Took My Pill Or Not
  188. prozac and panic
  189. Splitting amitriptyline
  190. Anyone else have anxiety/depression with Seizure disorder?
  191. Feel like there is no hope. :(
  192. Too much to tell...
  193. Hey Howard!
  194. Question about social withdrawal
  195. definition of numbness
  196. In search of the right antidepressant and my story...
  197. once again my depression has sunk in.....
  198. Remeron alert. If you're thinking about taking it read this!!!
  199. My First Time Here--In A Mess
  200. Levodopa for depression?
  201. How do you know?
  202. Anyone gain weight with Wellbutrin?
  203. Celexa Causing Anxiety
  204. To Quincy (or anyone who could help)....cognitive behavioural therapy
  205. The "Rules" of depression
  206. GoD Help Me, cuz i sure can't help myself!!!
  207. Celexa and total impotence
  208. Do meds really work
  209. not suited to life.
  210. It's confirmed...I'm nuts
  211. Lamactel
  212. 25 yrs old totally depressed
  213. Wellbutrin or Lexapro?
  214. Prozac-are these side effects??
  215. The inevitable has happened
  216. Lexapro questions
  217. Celexa
  218. seasonal depression
  219. Who else "cuts"?
  220. A little something i wrote..
  221. Topamax anyone??
  222. Sexual drive and depression...
  223. How do we get my dad to see a Pyschiatrist????
  224. Is it in my head or is it the meds???
  225. Need support
  226. Legs Twitching and memory loss
  227. zoloft pros and cons
  228. How do i get my mom to make a doctor appt for depression
  229. quick poll: how happy or sad are you?
  230. where's the bottom?
  231. New here....
  232. Help, everyone knows that I had depression..
  233. Been away for awhile...
  234. Lexapro and shortness of breath
  235. Excessive feelings of Guilt..
  236. doxepin question
  237. Wellbutrin...does it stop working?
  238. life sure does suck right now...
  239. Nauseas....any meds to help?
  240. Poetry...(I'm new)
  241. HGH helped my depression
  242. please help me with mild depression
  243. lexapro withdrawels
  244. Wellbutrin not for me... Effexor ?'s
  245. Effexor (150mg) - Prominent Side Effects?
  246. **ALL ZOLOFT USERS** About missing a pill...
  247. Can someone help me understand? I don't want to die
  248. I need help i'm loosing control
  249. Zoloft and Pregnancy
  250. My life is a mess

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