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  1. Lexapro making me obsessive?
  2. "Black Hole" feeling.
  3. Drug Allergies?
  4. side effect of zoloft
  5. Demolition of a fake relationship
  6. Is it depression
  7. Do Antidepressants cause parkinsons ?
  8. Zoloft and Night Sweats
  9. What now...
  10. Wellbutrin type of antidepressants ?
  11. anti-depressants/tired
  12. Why CBT doesn't seem to be helping me
  13. Male problems, Bad in school, scared to lose my girl
  14. Zoloft
  15. (ladies) : 1st Period While On Ad...feeling weird
  16. Can being depressed make you achy/kinda crappy feeling?
  17. please help - what is this "cognitive therapy" all about??
  18. Depressed Dad
  19. Effexor XR and Crazy Dreams
  20. now what to do?
  21. Dry mouth from AD?
  22. New Anti Depressant No Sexual Side Effects?
  23. Absent mindedness ??
  24. Celexa & metallic taste (anyone else?)
  25. I'm off Celexa again (bad experience last night)
  26. SAD & a "pick me up"...
  27. Go off meds? Im so scared
  28. Question about thorazine
  29. frustrated - caution: venting
  30. Any suggestions?
  31. How can you tell..?
  32. am i depressed?
  33. I'm at my wit's end...
  34. How do you range depression?
  35. i wuz almost partially hospitalized
  36. What Is WRONG WITH ME?!?!
  37. Klonopin vs xanax
  38. Can you ever stop taking meds?
  39. I just went totally off on my room mate
  40. Paxil and vaginal problem
  41. getting over it
  42. Two weird side effects....?
  43. Lezapro--How long does it take?
  44. Buspar anyone??
  45. Missing A Dose Of Effexor
  46. Wellbutrin combined with Remergon (and other...)?
  47. Wellbutrin: which dosage?/what side-effects?
  48. Is anyone on Effexor and Small Dose of Trazodone for sleep?
  49. Celexa versus Lexapro
  50. Worried about the wife
  51. get through holidays
  52. Please post your experiences if you have mixed Wellbutrin with alcohol or cannabis.
  53. Any Suggestions
  54. Husband...angry at my depression
  55. Didn't Desert You Guys
  56. Effexor-XR 300MG
  57. Why must we feel so depressed? There must be a good reason, right?
  58. stopping lexapro/xanax cold turkey
  59. i feel empty; what happens after college?
  60. Deanxit (Flupentixol. & Melitracen.): what excactly is it?
  61. Questions on derealization
  62. Remeron/mirtazipine: forgot about my smoking!!!
  63. Remeron: dosage/sedation (weird relationship?)
  64. Light Therapy?
  65. Lexapro and ativan
  66. Why are happy people so mean :(
  67. second chance at this
  68. should I try another ad?
  69. Help Me to Help My Friend?
  70. This should make you smile/laugh....
  71. Anyone taking Effexor XR ?
  72. Anyone bummed out over the holidays?
  73. I also thought that no med can help me...
  74. can,t accept it !!!!!
  75. Zoloft to Lexapro
  76. Is it safe to exercise while taking lexapro?
  77. paxil,wellbutrin, side effects?
  78. Thoughts on hospitalization?
  79. I feel so low
  80. Wild on Wellbutrin?
  81. father christmas the north pole
  82. Life is dealing me a ****** hand at the moment
  83. side effects of zoloft
  84. when your psych becomes unsupportive
  85. Other people's opinions - ATTN: Quincy
  86. Remeron / Zispin opinions pleas
  87. I'm not sure...
  88. Thickman: question for you (and anyone else)
  89. feeling low and confused
  90. Bad thoughts.
  91. Some days, I just want to keep crying
  92. a family falling apart here....
  93. Who to see???
  94. Forgot If I Took My Pill Or Not
  95. prozac and panic
  96. Splitting amitriptyline
  97. Anyone else have anxiety/depression with Seizure disorder?
  98. Feel like there is no hope. :(
  99. Too much to tell...
  100. Hey Howard!
  101. Question about social withdrawal
  102. definition of numbness
  103. In search of the right antidepressant and my story...
  104. once again my depression has sunk in.....
  105. Remeron alert. If you're thinking about taking it read this!!!
  106. My First Time Here--In A Mess
  107. Levodopa for depression?
  108. How do you know?
  109. Anyone gain weight with Wellbutrin?
  110. Celexa Causing Anxiety
  111. To Quincy (or anyone who could help)....cognitive behavioural therapy
  112. The "Rules" of depression
  113. GoD Help Me, cuz i sure can't help myself!!!
  114. Celexa and total impotence
  115. Do meds really work
  116. not suited to life.
  117. It's confirmed...I'm nuts
  118. Lamactel
  119. 25 yrs old totally depressed
  120. Wellbutrin or Lexapro?
  121. Prozac-are these side effects??
  122. The inevitable has happened
  123. Lexapro questions
  124. Celexa
  125. seasonal depression
  126. Who else "cuts"?
  127. A little something i wrote..
  128. Topamax anyone??
  129. Sexual drive and depression...
  130. How do we get my dad to see a Pyschiatrist????
  131. Is it in my head or is it the meds???
  132. Need support
  133. Legs Twitching and memory loss
  134. zoloft pros and cons
  135. How do i get my mom to make a doctor appt for depression
  136. quick poll: how happy or sad are you?
  137. where's the bottom?
  138. New here....
  139. Help, everyone knows that I had depression..
  140. Been away for awhile...
  141. Lexapro and shortness of breath
  142. Excessive feelings of Guilt..
  143. doxepin question
  144. Wellbutrin...does it stop working?
  145. life sure does suck right now...
  146. Nauseas....any meds to help?
  147. Poetry...(I'm new)
  148. HGH helped my depression
  149. please help me with mild depression
  150. lexapro withdrawels
  151. Wellbutrin not for me... Effexor ?'s
  152. Effexor (150mg) - Prominent Side Effects?
  153. **ALL ZOLOFT USERS** About missing a pill...
  154. Can someone help me understand? I don't want to die
  155. I need help i'm loosing control
  156. Zoloft and Pregnancy
  157. My life is a mess
  158. Taking Paxil, need a change..
  159. Omega 3 fish oil - depression
  160. Five People You Meet in Heaven
  161. Anyone taking Lexapro? Have questions
  162. Tryptophan anyone?? please help!!
  163. How many of you take Clonazepam?
  164. xanax question
  165. Please answer ASAP
  166. Is it the meds?
  167. Trazodone, Trying to Conceive & Pregnancy
  168. very frusterated with my life
  169. need help
  170. Thanks for Lexapro
  171. Nervous + Light Bulb!?
  172. Back to see how all my friends are doing!
  173. To Everyone (especially those in the USA)
  174. Depression and tiredness!!
  175. Hospitalisation..
  176. New with Lexapro & Xanax question
  177. to self-conscious
  178. Scared and confused
  179. Side Effects-How do you all cope?
  180. Concentration Problems-Please Help!
  181. help me to understand
  182. Has anyone experienced chest pain as a result of taking Wellbutrin?
  183. Hoping someone can help...
  184. New to Lexapro from Zyprexa
  185. Neurontin: Anybody have any experience?
  186. Help Me
  187. effective alternatives to anti-ds?
  188. lexapro and appetite
  189. Valium and the dreaded driving test
  190. local support groups...?
  191. Is psycho ward the only option for me?
  192. situational depression
  193. Interesting book
  194. perhaps I'm just Smarter
  195. Meds??
  196. Feeling Low...
  197. effexor and skin rashes???
  198. Lexapro vs. Effexor
  199. Clonidine and depression
  200. Wellbutrin and MNS Platinum
  201. HELP Zoloft & Sexual side effects
  202. No support from spouse
  203. Feel like I'm going crazy
  204. Think I am gonna stop drinking....
  205. What's the side effects of long-term use of Wellbutrin?
  206. Is it okay to take Lexapro only on certain days?
  207. Started Lexapro today...
  208. Drunk... I think
  209. St Johns Warts for Depression?
  210. Is anyone avoiding family or relatives this holiday season?
  211. Effexor xr is working for me so far
  212. Depression... and "Visions"?
  213. Getting diagnosed for depression
  214. I need advice....ASAP
  215. Just started taking Effexor XR
  216. Im just sad all the time..
  217. self hatred
  218. How can I CONTROL MYSELF?
  219. No more drugs.. Depressed!
  220. New user - Lexapro causing boils?
  221. Been lurking but I'm such a mess...
  222. Advice...
  223. is wellbutrin ok to take for anxiety
  224. Why is it soooooo hard to find a good pdoc :(
  225. Wellbutrin + Serzone?
  226. I need a pick me up
  227. Anyone on Wellbuterin by itself?
  228. barely holding on
  229. Prozac..Tremors and No Sex Drive
  230. Anyone ever try..............
  231. New Member
  232. Do anti-depressants work??
  233. LEXEPRO questions - 17 yo dosage/initial reactions
  234. Weight gain from Zoloft
  235. Problems with being mean.. Seroquel to the rescue?
  236. just needing to talk
  237. the worst person in the world
  238. How to convert from Paxcil to Zoloft?
  239. best diet while taking zoloft?
  240. help
  241. I need some sleep
  242. ANYONE TRIED SAM-e?? or anything natural that's worked?
  243. Wellbutrin while Preg??
  244. ZOLOFT and HMO Insurance
  245. Does the time of day meds. are taken make a difference??
  246. I hate depression
  247. Depression much, much worse at night - ?
  248. Anyone remember what forum the Cipro post was on?
  249. help me. please.
  250. Effexor-xr 225mg

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