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  1. Prozac problems
  2. Depression and Crying
  3. Depression
  4. why does this keep happening?
  5. Psychotherapy to confront somewhat chronic masterbation?
  6. Psychotherapy to confront somewhat chronic masterbation?
  7. Anyone gaining weight on Lexapro?
  8. Effectiveness of Effexor
  9. Could this be zoloft w/drawal after 3 wks??
  10. Does Wellbutrin always have side effects?
  11. I am scared to go on.........
  12. St Johns Wort
  13. Withdrawal of Lexapro? Has anyone had these symptoms?
  14. Prozac side effects?
  15. Welbutrine
  16. Panic attacks...depression...Xanax...and Lexapro
  17. Insomnia While on Celexa
  18. Anti-Depressants for Minors
  19. Another Zoloft w/drawl symptom?????
  20. Symptoms???
  21. anxiety/depression
  22. anyone not gain weight on ssri's especially zoloft?
  23. Don't know what to do anymore
  24. Just prescribed Zoloft, and Have some questions
  25. Klonopin anyone?
  27. What is the best pill? I see everyone complaining...
  28. I'm ruining my life and I can't stop!
  29. Effexor XR
  30. Lexapro
  31. Update/ Lexapro... whoohoo!
  32. Where are all the posts?
  33. Trying to make sense of this
  34. anxiety after 1 week on zoloft?
  35. Celexa Withdrawal
  36. Zoloft withdrawal....
  37. just some help and info please!
  38. just some help and info please!
  39. SAD Update/yuritaboy19
  40. Can't seem to move forward
  41. too depressed to take pills
  42. Antidepressants and Hypothyroidism
  43. Apathy? New-Found Strength? Advice Needed.
  44. 5-HTP Feedback...
  45. Help for a cutter!?!?!?
  46. off of Zoloft.....sexual desires HIGH
  47. Tried SSRI's - what other types of anti-depressants?
  48. Anxiety shortly after taking Zoloft
  50. So depressed and getting worse
  51. Double Depression
  52. FARTING and Effexor
  53. Serotonin Test Results
  54. Paxil issues
  55. Is this depression? (Please HELP!!!)
  56. Paxil and Xenedrine EFX
  57. Why am I so insecure with myself? I want to cry forever
  58. dream world
  59. New and need advise, re-occuring depression
  60. My life is screwed up
  61. feeling blue
  62. zoloft and weight loss?
  63. not working
  64. Remeron, Klonopin, Wellbutrin combo
  65. Boy, do I feel better!
  66. New to anti-depressants... and a little worried
  67. effexor issues
  68. Coping with a depressed husband
  69. new here and need advice
  70. Does it go away?
  71. Caffeine, Smoking, Alcohol...
  72. Scard to take Wellbutrin....
  73. lexapro and coming off klonopin
  75. New to Paxil
  76. Zoloft - been recommended but please tell me your experience of this drug - thanks
  77. Clinginess
  78. feel so lonely
  79. Help! off zoloft, now dep/anxiety
  80. what paxil does to me...
  81. Starting Effexor
  82. quick question
  83. Even The Fighters Fall
  84. Lustral (sertraline) - has anyone tried this??
  85. need help with social anxiety
  86. wellbutrin sr after 2 months
  87. Is this normal?
  88. Anyone on 20 mgs+ of Lexapro, do you have weight gain?
  89. Antidepressants with the least side effects?
  90. Why Do Weekend "Kill Me"??
  91. What sets you off?
  92. wellbutrin
  93. zoloft and sleep
  94. How does one get past this...
  95. someone please reply
  96. I keep Crying
  97. Is it depression?
  98. Quitting Paxil
  99. Thinking of going off Antidepressants(lexapro)... Your thoughts?
  100. Celexa and Sleep
  101. Do any of you feel this way?
  102. Anyone ever tried Abilify!
  103. feeling down today
  104. I need HONEST answers about Lexapro
  105. i am through with antidepressants
  106. 20 days and Zoloft free :):)
  107. Feeling better but still no energy!
  108. Antidepressant Survey
  109. Venlafaxine withdrawal
  110. depression again
  111. new to this board
  112. newbie
  113. Anyone taking Lexapro and Trazadone?
  114. BAD Advice for the Truly Depressed
  115. Lexapro & Wellbutrin
  116. Lexapro & weight gain
  118. For people who split their Lexapro dosage...
  119. Lonlyness
  120. hi
  121. depression?
  122. ssri's and beyond
  123. How do I tell my boyfriend I was diagnosed?
  124. Depression and Accutane?
  125. Could Someone Explain about the Half-life of Xanax and Klonopin?
  126. Feeling really bad
  127. I need some advise please
  128. Just got bad news....
  129. Just got bad news....
  130. Just Prescribed Trazadone for sleep...
  131. Depression Un prevoked?
  132. Depersonalization/Derealization and The ADA
  133. I'm new here..need some input
  134. Sad every day
  135. SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder
  137. MRI tomorrow
  138. Considering Zoloft
  139. Zoloft not helping
  140. I hate my job, I can't be happy..crying in a cubicle
  141. Anyone taking Lexapro AND Prozac?
  142. PAXIL CR WITHDRAWL "HELL"- HELP! neurontin/topamax
  143. One More Thing... HAPPINESS IS OVERRATED!
  144. vivid, lucid and recurrent dreams
  145. locked up and venting
  146. For Kristi29
  148. Y'all must be sick of hearing from me...
  149. 11th day.....ZOLOFT FREE!!!!!!!!
  150. Any experiences w/ PROZAC WEEKLY or liquid prozac
  151. omg like last year i was so depressed and now im not at all
  152. Male Needs Your Help in Alleviating/Eliminating Antidepressant Sexual Side Effects!!!
  153. significant others
  154. My life is crap
  155. I'm confused about WHO I am.. I need serious soul searching!
  156. sensitive to remarks, tone of voice and body language
  157. Not depression just kind of a mood
  159. Thank You Ashlee
  160. how long did it take for your med's to work
  161. First Time Here
  162. Missed doses on Paxil side effects?
  163. Has anyone else slept this much?
  164. Unmotivated to get better?
  165. Anyone know about lofepramime or Zyprexa?
  166. Zoloft side effects????
  167. Be involved in something while you are in depression...
  168. BF says he'll leave me if I go back on meds.
  169. anyone have constipation from effexor?
  170. I Feel WAy Better now
  171. Up's and Down's on the same day
  172. Paxil and Pot create desire of cutting
  173. best way to stop crying
  174. Assessments
  175. Few Friends
  176. Prozac Withdrawal
  177. Need Help!
  178. when you don't even have personality..
  179. tapering off zoloft
  180. I feel kind of nervous
  181. just
  182. Prozac
  183. is anyone else suffering this type of depression
  184. anyone on Cipramil ?
  185. Quickest taper off Klonopin
  186. My friend is always getting in the way
  187. Hey anyone had this side effect on SSRIS?
  188. I Dont Know What To Do
  189. How do you know if he really likes you?
  190. Just Ranting...Read at Your Own Risk
  191. Question for all
  192. Seeking clues!
  193. Wellbutrin and Xanax
  194. drug testing
  195. Well, first day on Cipramil, no more Effexor
  196. Do I have Depression?
  197. Will someone please talk to me?
  198. Recovered from Severe Depression
  199. just need some help i quess
  200. paxil withdrawl anyone??
  201. blah on client centered therapy
  202. Envy over beautiful people?
  203. Too eds work for depression, but now I'm so distracted
  204. Chronic Depression--will I ever stop meds?
  205. Chronic Depression--will I ever stop meds?
  206. Will Depression go away if I lose weight?
  207. Hlp~Anyone have side effects w/Lithium Orotate?
  208. will Metamucil help with side effects ?
  209. Please help me...I can't stop crying!!
  210. Irate with friend.
  211. Muscle fasciculations, not tremors with ADs.
  212. Non weight gain Anti-Deps?
  213. Numb
  214. Help I am scared. Effexor
  215. how long should side effects last ?
  216. in need of help Please !
  217. Post your experiences about brain fog here.
  218. Lexapro prescribed to quit smoking?
  219. not sure what to say
  220. I Love This Message Board
  221. Anyone on Wellbutrin Sr?
  222. splitting dosages
  223. Depression assocaited with chronic pain
  224. Employment
  225. effexor nasty side effect
  226. Please Help
  227. Awake with zoloft
  228. Withdrawing from loved ones
  229. 5-HTP
  230. Please help
  231. Anxiety/depression has returned!
  232. Effexor XR Withdrawal blows!
  233. Can't take it anymore!
  234. Finally seeing a psychiatrist
  235. Gearing Up for Seasonal Affective Disorder
  236. Depression comes back
  237. weird symptom or what?
  238. Anyone on Organic Lithium willing to share experiences? I will:
  239. Celexa Side Effects
  240. Off the wall question...
  241. Effexor XR Sexual Effects?
  242. Zoloft and side effects?
  243. effexor withdrawal help!!!
  244. stroke-like sympthoms with effexor
  245. buspar
  246. buspar
  247. Prozac & Wellbutrin together ?
  248. weight loss drug linked with drug for depression?
  249. How to get back on the antidepressant wagon?
  250. Depressed boyfriend

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