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  1. Anyone taking Lexapro AND Prozac?
  2. PAXIL CR WITHDRAWL "HELL"- HELP! neurontin/topamax
  3. One More Thing... HAPPINESS IS OVERRATED!
  4. vivid, lucid and recurrent dreams
  5. locked up and venting
  6. For Kristi29
  8. Y'all must be sick of hearing from me...
  9. 11th day.....ZOLOFT FREE!!!!!!!!
  10. Any experiences w/ PROZAC WEEKLY or liquid prozac
  11. omg like last year i was so depressed and now im not at all
  12. Male Needs Your Help in Alleviating/Eliminating Antidepressant Sexual Side Effects!!!
  13. significant others
  14. My life is crap
  15. I'm confused about WHO I am.. I need serious soul searching!
  16. sensitive to remarks, tone of voice and body language
  17. Not depression just kind of a mood
  19. Thank You Ashlee
  20. how long did it take for your med's to work
  21. First Time Here
  22. Missed doses on Paxil side effects?
  23. Has anyone else slept this much?
  24. Unmotivated to get better?
  25. Anyone know about lofepramime or Zyprexa?
  26. Zoloft side effects????
  27. Be involved in something while you are in depression...
  28. BF says he'll leave me if I go back on meds.
  29. anyone have constipation from effexor?
  30. I Feel WAy Better now
  31. Up's and Down's on the same day
  32. Paxil and Pot create desire of cutting
  33. best way to stop crying
  34. Assessments
  35. Few Friends
  36. Prozac Withdrawal
  37. Need Help!
  38. when you don't even have personality..
  39. tapering off zoloft
  40. I feel kind of nervous
  41. just
  42. Prozac
  43. is anyone else suffering this type of depression
  44. anyone on Cipramil ?
  45. Quickest taper off Klonopin
  46. My friend is always getting in the way
  47. Hey anyone had this side effect on SSRIS?
  48. I Dont Know What To Do
  49. How do you know if he really likes you?
  50. Just Ranting...Read at Your Own Risk
  51. Question for all
  52. Seeking clues!
  53. Wellbutrin and Xanax
  54. drug testing
  55. Well, first day on Cipramil, no more Effexor
  56. Do I have Depression?
  57. Will someone please talk to me?
  58. Recovered from Severe Depression
  59. just need some help i quess
  60. paxil withdrawl anyone??
  61. blah on client centered therapy
  62. Envy over beautiful people?
  63. Too eds work for depression, but now I'm so distracted
  64. Chronic Depression--will I ever stop meds?
  65. Chronic Depression--will I ever stop meds?
  66. Will Depression go away if I lose weight?
  67. Hlp~Anyone have side effects w/Lithium Orotate?
  68. will Metamucil help with side effects ?
  69. Please help me...I can't stop crying!!
  70. Irate with friend.
  71. Muscle fasciculations, not tremors with ADs.
  72. Non weight gain Anti-Deps?
  73. Numb
  74. Help I am scared. Effexor
  75. how long should side effects last ?
  76. in need of help Please !
  77. Post your experiences about brain fog here.
  78. Lexapro prescribed to quit smoking?
  79. not sure what to say
  80. I Love This Message Board
  81. Anyone on Wellbutrin Sr?
  82. splitting dosages
  83. Depression assocaited with chronic pain
  84. Employment
  85. effexor nasty side effect
  86. Please Help
  87. Awake with zoloft
  88. Withdrawing from loved ones
  89. 5-HTP
  90. Please help
  91. Anxiety/depression has returned!
  92. Effexor XR Withdrawal blows!
  93. Can't take it anymore!
  94. Finally seeing a psychiatrist
  95. Gearing Up for Seasonal Affective Disorder
  96. Depression comes back
  97. weird symptom or what?
  98. Anyone on Organic Lithium willing to share experiences? I will:
  99. Celexa Side Effects
  100. Off the wall question...
  101. Effexor XR Sexual Effects?
  102. Zoloft and side effects?
  103. effexor withdrawal help!!!
  104. stroke-like sympthoms with effexor
  105. buspar
  106. buspar
  107. Prozac & Wellbutrin together ?
  108. weight loss drug linked with drug for depression?
  109. How to get back on the antidepressant wagon?
  110. Depressed boyfriend
  111. Am I getting this wrong?
  112. Just so down today
  113. zoloft
  114. New to paxil and feeling out of it
  115. effexor xr
  116. mother of four going downhill fast
  117. paxil withdrawl like leprexo withdrawl?
  118. Feeling really down
  119. Prozac Users
  120. Primal Scream Therapy
  121. SSRI Side Effect Contradictions
  122. zyprexa
  123. Paxil-side effects?
  124. PLEASSSSSE help me, I'm losing my mind
  126. Whats going on?
  127. I am not sure if im going to hurt myself... HELP ME!!!
  128. Therapy - Suggestions?
  129. Can anyone relate?
  130. Sleep
  131. Does LEXAPRO really work?
  132. Anyone else feel like they "take on" on moods--whether in person, books, movies?
  133. High School/College
  134. She's going to kill me.
  135. Changing Meds--is it worth it?
  136. Effexor XR + Alcohol = ?
  137. ZOLOFT work for anyone?
  138. hormones and depression/anxiety
  139. i'm in the joint
  140. Being ugly and depressed
  141. prozac
  142. Topamax
  143. Seroquel
  144. isolation and lonelyness
  145. buspar: does it cause weight loss or gain?
  146. New Diagnosis
  147. Hello?
  148. Severe illness and depression
  149. Lexapro effects...
  150. Has anyone who gained wt on Paxil lost it?
  151. Has anyone who gained wt on Paxil lost it?
  152. what you were like before you started suffering from depression
  153. Need medication advice ASAP
  154. sexual side effects
  155. So many problems with me!! I'm confused!! LONG!
  156. Zoloft to Wellbutrin transition issues
  157. Is this a normal way to look at things or am I overreacting?
  158. Depression and Drinking
  159. Just gettin started...depressed and overwhelmed
  160. Subtle Hints..?
  161. effexor/seroquel-please read
  162. Why?
  163. can someone please list what the side effects are of taking ssri's long term?
  164. Effexor XR cold-turkey
  165. Lithium orotate where can i find in UK
  167. welbutrin sr after 2 weeks
  168. Anyone on Neurontin???
  169. Zoloft/Alcohol
  170. Doctor visit
  171. i am just depressed...
  172. depression and birth control pills
  173. Dysthymia
  174. dothiepin
  175. help
  176. Please Help -- Need Good Feedback!!
  177. You're not alone
  178. My partner doesn't understand me
  179. long term prozac
  180. Mean and moody
  181. Effexor/Alcohol
  182. effexor xr/remeron combo?
  183. Hi Me, let me introduce Me AGAIN!
  184. testosterone gel effect on depression!
  185. I'm new and have a Wellbutrin ?
  186. Anyone else have serious denial????
  187. 6 week body makeover
  188. effexor withdrawal HELP!
  189. crawling out of my skin
  190. my father
  191. lexapro and sleep
  192. Me, Myself, and No one
  193. Yelling at work.
  194. What exactly IS depression?
  195. Lexapro
  196. Do I have Depression
  197. is this depression?what do YOU think?
  198. I have a Book on " Undoing Depression "
  199. What is normal mood?
  200. Natural Serotonin
  201. much ado about lexapro
  202. Temper
  203. Anyone living in MD....
  204. its my party and ill cry if i want to
  205. Lexapro side effects
  206. Cant take another failure....not now
  207. Adopting Drug Exposed Infants
  208. lost in my own head again
  209. Depression?
  210. Help Advice: Anxiety Medication and Photosensitivity
  211. Am I wrong?
  212. I am New and have Dysthymia. Anyone else?
  213. wellbutrin sr update
  214. Concerns re. zoloft
  215. How can you tell if someone else is clinically depressed?
  216. I am new to the board, but no depression...
  217. Celexa Questions
  218. How does your significant other deal with your depression?
  219. Black Hole.....how do you find your way out!!
  221. HI - My Introduction -
  222. wellbutrin or paxil?
  223. Depression and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  224. Is my decision wrong?
  225. Celexa and sexual s-e
  226. Remeron and neck stiffness/pain
  227. 20MG to 60MG
  228. Update on Zoloft
  229. you think you got depression? try this
  230. Anyone tried Relora?
  231. - JP123 - wellbutrin / SSRI (sexual side affects)
  232. First day without depression!!
  233. SEROXAT
  235. I forgot, about children....
  236. what can i do
  237. what can i do
  238. Hallucinations.
  239. Not doing so good.
  240. loneliness?
  241. immediate cofidence boost with wellbutrin sr
  242. wellbutrin sr
  243. can anyone help me??????
  244. Effexor problems
  245. does anyone relate?
  246. wellbutrin ,prozac,paxil,effexor,whats next?
  247. new member-zoloft w/ wellbutrin? Quit zoloft??
  248. Be Kind to the Moderator's
  249. PLEASE ADVISE Anxiety/Insomnia/Deprssion
  250. Other weird Effexor side-effects

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