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  1. depressed
  2. afraid to take lexapro
  3. Strange Side effect???
  4. yes, biological depression!
  5. Effexor XR side effects
  6. I wanna Die - Update
  7. Is there any antidepressant that doesn't cause weight gain??
  8. Please help with a Lexapro question
  9. To Sleep or not to Sleep
  10. Is this a normal occurence when someones depressed...
  12. Is this DEPRESSION?
  13. just got out today
  14. Weaning off of effexor
  15. I'm going thru with it!!!!!
  16. Need advice from those knowledgeable about anti depressant side effects.
  17. any antidepressants, antianxiety meds cause weight loss?
  18. has anyone else heard of a connection between mitral valve prolapse...
  19. i dont know what im gonna do
  20. paxil and alcohol
  21. What should I try?
  22. A Hello and a Thanks
  23. New to Wellbuterin..Please help!!!
  24. 5htp
  25. other Lexapro side effects
  26. Lexapro side effects and withdrawal
  27. Effexor *Scared*
  28. is it just me?
  30. Hi Cushy
  31. Medication(s) I have never heard of before
  32. Celexa will it work?
  33. Medication(s) I have never heard of...
  34. Depresstion from Over active Thyroid.
  35. Older Antidepressants vs. Newer ones
  36. Depression and drug addiction
  37. Please help me! I don't know what I'm doing anymore..
  38. effexor and withdrawl; anyone else angry?
  39. Confused
  40. Anyone here remember me??
  41. Drugs for sexual depression
  42. Anyone who became depressed after having mono?
  43. I give
  44. Lexapro Withdrawal?
  45. Depression has gotten the best of me
  46. bananas are good for depression
  47. Hard to interact with people in daily life
  48. Question about going to the doctors
  49. Wellbutrin??
  50. Really Sad..................
  51. What aggravates your depression?
  52. switching from Effexor XR TO Lexapro
  53. What is depression?
  54. What is wrong?
  55. vomiting from Lexapro, 10mg?(first day)
  56. Lexapro and sweating
  57. SSRI withdrawal--unusual symptoms?
  58. Weight gain from Zoloft - anger prior to period?
  59. Hi
  60. Celexa? Other meds?
  61. Thanks
  62. How can i not care what people think!!
  63. Should I....?
  64. Never had an intimate relationship.
  67. Depressed and pregnant
  68. Anyone taking 100mg of zoloft?
  69. I Can't Concertrate..
  70. Alcoholic Friend is really worrying me!
  71. NEW at depression drugs, need help
  72. Gabitril - for depression & slepp disorder??
  73. Please say hi
  74. dizziness and zoloft
  75. spur of the moment poem by me!
  77. Effexor withdrawl
  78. Lexapro side affects already?
  79. anti-depressants & weight loss?
  80. Stressed or depressed?
  81. i dunno what to do
  82. Prozac...Good experience?
  83. effexor to wellbutrin back to effexor???
  84. Great Board!
  85. Zoloft+Klonopin+Perphenazine Grogginess!
  86. PAXIL 10MG For Depression?
  87. Please help if you can...
  90. JANIK - about anisocoria
  91. SO SO SAD
  92. question about first shrink appointment
  93. Weight Loss
  94. worried and scared
  95. Hi I am new
  96. Beating myself up
  97. blah
  98. How long does it take for the drowsiness to go away on Lexapro?
  99. Finally beat the SSRI withdrawal!
  100. alcohol usage while taking anti depressant
  101. Death?
  102. Weekly Prozac
  103. prozac and tremor/shaking
  104. prozac and tremor
  105. Increased sex drive on Zoloft? Am I crazy?
  106. first psychiatrist appt ---i would like advice/and what to expect
  107. I must be cursed!
  108. forced hospitilization?
  109. Anyone on Zyprexa?
  110. new diagnoses?
  111. Overwhelming, I need advice..
  112. Lexapro side effects - help
  113. first time seeing a psychiatrist!
  115. Major withdrawel ?
  116. Tired74, how are you doing?
  117. Side effects of Wellbutrin-Nausea-Please respond!
  118. counselling
  119. Does anyone like Paxil?
  120. Why am I shaking?
  121. Wellbutrin -- Starting on Friday
  122. Who works out and takes antidepressants?
  123. Going off meds
  124. Is medication the answer?
  125. confused
  126. counselling
  127. Will I gain weight from Zoloft even if I live a healthy lifestyle?
  128. Dealing with depression
  129. Hello
  130. Celexa and Lexapro
  131. remeron and vistaril
  132. Suggestions? Visiting Doc Tomorrow...
  133. Effexor Side Effects
  134. battling self-consciousness...
  135. Accutane/Roaccutane and Depression - Long term
  136. Slipping further and further..
  138. zolft then Welbutrin
  139. PAXIL.....don't do it!!!
  140. Depression and Zoning
  141. Off Effexor...the old me is back.....
  142. remeron
  143. Is anyone on high doses of meds? Am I?
  144. Hopeless and Depressed
  145. Pain & Depression
  146. ClarocetNRI
  147. Read this..
  148. Someone please help me :(
  149. Can't take antidepressants
  150. Hi
  151. Help?
  152. Wellbutrin
  153. Am I depressed?
  154. wellbutrin not enough?
  156. Daily Self Help (Self Esteem&Pride)
  157. I screwed up again
  158. in need of help
  159. Self Help Material
  160. SAM-e? 5HTP? What do you guys think?
  161. Prozac quit working.
  162. Yikes-a-hootie!! Doc (GP) put me on 75 mg of Effexor-XR
  163. Hi, I'm new
  164. Need help with side effects and dep
  165. Possible Depression? What can I do...for my girl?
  166. Has anyone ever had something bad happen to them and just can't let go of it???
  167. has no live
  168. LEXAPRO?
  169. depression in elderly
  170. Effexor
  171. Zoloft and Birth Control Pills
  172. natural vs synthetic
  173. Anyone experience withdrawl from effexor?
  174. feeling of having a lump in your throat from an SSRI?
  175. no answer
  176. stopping zoloft starting Wellbutrin
  177. remedyfind
  178. Is their HOPE?
  179. I feel good
  180. peers all have it better
  181. "brain shocks"
  182. Wellbutrin and sex drive
  183. I need a good Anxiety Medication
  184. totally aggrivated.... tired of dealing with it all
  185. Who can I Help today?, Write back and I'll try!
  187. Ugh.
  188. Cannot grow up
  189. Flash!!!
  190. SRRI vs Benzo's for anxiety
  191. at a loss for what to do - overthinking
  192. Cipramil
  193. Idolizing friends - healthy or no?
  194. wellbutrin combination question
  195. unemotional all the time..
  196. Effexor and Paxil... ??
  197. Just a little hello to everyone :)
  198. Severe Anxiety
  199. Lexapro... The Story Continues - Help?
  200. mood swing mess
  201. Everyone on Lexapro--do you take it in the morning or at night?
  202. Anyone taking 45mg's of Remeron at night?
  203. Anyone want to chat....
  204. I will try to help you!
  205. Effexor side effects
  206. SSRIs and Sexual dysfunction
  207. Can someone asnwer this question for me?!
  208. Trazodone Question
  209. lexapro side effects
  210. Depression and PMS
  211. TRH for treatment resistant depression
  212. Would like to hear positive things about lexapro
  213. Newbie with Depressed Hubby need help
  214. Lexapro - Just Started...
  215. FOR JANIK
  216. Hitting Rock Bottom...and it hurt!
  217. When will it be my turn?!
  218. Sick of it all. Where was the good life?
  219. 5-HTP and cancer
  220. Finally Today I told the doctor the truth!
  221. Paxil Users
  222. I feel trapped
  223. What is Depression?
  224. There is hope
  225. Does anyone feel hard work and/or excercise helps?
  226. depressed because inlaw's are ruining my life
  227. "Wellbutrin....or not??"
  228. Write me if you have to have help. God Bless!
  229. EMERGENCY please reply
  230. Please Help Me
  231. Buspar?
  232. Lexapro Doesn't Work!!!!!!!!
  233. Dazed and confused...
  234. Help..still insecure about eye
  235. Oh no, bad bad times
  236. Please I need advice
  237. Free My Mind!
  238. Lauren
  239. A different depression...
  240. Klonopin/Zoloft anybody? Suggestions?
  241. Hereditary?
  242. Depression preservative Drug
  243. Any value to concentrating on the past in therapy?
  244. Wellbutrin
  245. Does anyone have problems letting go of people from their past?
  246. How to change your negative thoughts?
  247. Are There Different Types Of Thereapy?
  248. Why go on living???
  249. Only depressed in the spring/summer?
  250. Depression - Yes or No????

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