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  1. long time reader, first post
  2. Switching from Paxil to Celexa
  3. Going off Paxil
  4. weight fluctuation
  5. AD and coumadin?
  6. Has anyone else been hospitalized???
  7. Okay now how do I get rid of the weight?????
  9. alcohol use for withdrawal symptoms???
  10. new here
  11. weight gain on meds?
  12. people!
  13. withdrawals from Wellbrutin SR
  14. Need some serious advice!!!!!!
  15. Im sick of life...
  16. Lexapro Question
  17. hoping you guys could help me out...
  18. zoloft and xanax?? is this normal protocol
  19. Effexor XR Withdrawls ~ Day 5
  20. Paxil , is it better than Prozac?
  21. FindSerenityNow
  22. beCalm'd
  23. prozac AND wellbutrin?
  24. WHY!
  25. Derealization and Self identity
  26. TO AUTUM ANGEL!!!!!!!
  27. Effexor XR Withdrawls
  28. Doctor wants me off Ativan....HELP!!
  29. Question
  30. Don't know what to do....
  31. Celexa and Weight Gain?
  32. what makes you feel better???
  33. Alone, lost and confused.
  34. Paxil
  35. Anti-depressants and acne?
  36. Obsessed w/ body image!
  37. Need some advice on anxiety
  38. Tips on handling an antidepressant withdrawl.
  39. What's wrong with me??
  40. The Book Depression Free Naturally
  41. Feel so down
  42. from celexa to paxil
  43. I miss a good nights sleep
  44. miserable
  45. Does medication help?
  46. Nightmarish withdrawl from Effexor
  47. How can u get thru the grief of loosing your mom?
  48. Cipramil
  49. a very confused 15 yr old female
  50. addict
  51. loneliness
  52. difference between anxiety/depression- I need to know!
  53. remeron dosage
  54. Paxil/Seroxat & Weight gain (again! sorry)
  55. What to do if alone in the world!?!
  56. Anxiety over death.....
  57. quit celexa
  58. Lexapro & Sexual Desire
  59. Just Reminded of part of the reason that I am so screwed up
  60. can't get out of bed
  61. Depression
  62. ssri's
  63. withdrawal from stopping medication??
  64. prozac and Anxiety
  65. Remeron Soltab Anyone?
  66. Lauren
  67. another one of those days
  68. Zoloft
  69. Grief/Loss/Depression
  70. Has anyone else lost hope?
  71. Such high dosages of effexor w/ wellbutrin?!
  73. Celexa and severe headaches
  74. I hit bottom
  75. Question...
  76. Finally went and saw someone...
  77. Sexual atrophy
  79. new to the board-need some support
  80. My first post.
  81. Help...please
  82. Advice :eek:
  83. what does "serotonin syndrome" mean?
  84. Wellbutrin question
  85. How to help?
  86. ZOLOFT + PHENTERAMINE(weight gain)
  87. Paranoid
  89. I think I want to go back to the hospital...
  90. Another day?
  91. Depression in Cancer Patients
  92. Quartermas...you are good you are great you help people jump the gate
  93. Wellbutrin ?--HELP!!
  94. Prozac was NOT THE FIRST SSRI !!!
  95. lost friends
  96. I feel so alone
  97. Anything to get him back?
  98. effexor increase??
  99. Where's West Virginia Girl?
  100. on top for a while
  101. slowed down .. can you relate?
  103. Maybe someone here could answer this...pretty please?
  104. nothing seems to help..
  105. Wish me luck and hugs.......
  107. Paxil questions
  108. Depression/Anxiety and Work
  109. Is it possible?
  110. effexor xr
  111. it's me again....(?) for SSRI users
  112. I know that this is impossible
  114. Freinds are fading....
  115. Darkest Before Dawn (Not B.S.)
  116. He's gone...
  117. Sugar and Depression
  118. Success Stories -- What make YOU feel better?
  119. I dont think I have clinical depression..
  120. My Friend has Clinical Depression and smokes to escape
  121. looking for an alternative med- can anyone help?!
  122. How do I live with myself
  123. From Effexor to Lexapro?
  124. I'm New to Board and need some help, please
  126. Sometimes the frustration builds
  127. How do I know?
  128. SSRIs, effexor, and remeron
  129. down, and downer
  130. "Sliding Scale" Therapist/Support Group
  131. has anyone heard of l-tyrosine?
  132. Negative Thoughts
  133. GAR FLA!!!!
  134. New Here... my info....
  135. Could use some help or advice please
  136. How do I cope?
  137. Serious Problem.
  138. What tapes & books have helped depression/bipolar & anxiety.
  139. Homeopathy curing depression
  140. Weird dreams?
  141. zoloft increase?
  142. My Story
  143. Poor Memory, Concentration and unclear thoughts
  144. Just a question
  145. Fish Oil
  146. going to talk to a shrink,TODAY/ 1st time what do I say?Help
  147. I feel like crap
  149. Regrets
  150. Positivity
  151. Theory of Depression (and most mental illness)
  152. Wellbutrin - Increased anxiety - Dr. lowered dose?
  153. How to get off Paxil and start Wellbutrin?
  154. possible low thyroid
  155. i don't remember yesterday....?????
  156. Might I have anxiety and depression?
  157. Your childhood shapes the person you are now
  158. uncontrollable feelings of anger, need help
  159. spaced out feeling
  160. depression
  161. Extreme fatigue and blahs... YUCK
  162. self-mutilation
  163. Zyprexa
  164. Night Sweats with Effexor
  165. Hubby not Happy-Will Increase in Zoloft help?
  166. Wellbutrin withdrawl ?????
  167. First dose of effexor a nitemare Help
  168. Any positive experiences on Effexor?
  169. Do You Have These Types of Symptoms ?
  170. Help with depression and anxiety
  171. Coping with the Stress of War
  172. I know I am not alone here, but SOMEONE must be able to help
  173. Help me PLEASE
  174. Rash...Paxil???
  175. Gosh I have been having some bad dreams lately
  176. zoloft users, past and present, help please
  177. Provigil for depression??
  179. Any luck with supplements for Anxiety?
  180. HATING life!!
  181. wellbutrin side effect...help!!!
  182. Effexor Withdrawl
  183. Starting Lexapro. Share your experiences please
  184. I dont ever go out..
  185. Switching to Wellbutrin SR for anxiety
  186. Are there any antidepressants that do not cause acne?
  187. A simple cry for everyone on posts !
  188. Wellbutrin HELP!!!
  189. A word about St. John's Wort & the pill
  190. Did I competely screw up?
  191. What are things that helps with depression
  192. It's been awhile...
  193. What time of day do you take your AD?
  194. ahhhhhhhhh !!! RUNNING from Society !!!!
  195. Don't want to take meds...
  196. What do you all know about CELEXA ?
  197. Is Wellbutrin and buproprion the same thing?
  198. Joint pain from Paxil?
  199. News makes me depressed
  200. New Here...depressed...on meds...confused
  201. depression & being sick!
  202. well....
  203. Effexor
  204. alone
  205. Switching from Zoloft to Celexa. Can I just switch over from day to the next???
  206. When to ditch psychiatrist?
  207. Anyone tried ACCUPUNCTURE?
  208. A Request for some help...
  209. Anyone had good results on PAXIL?
  210. seeing a shrink and anti-depressents
  211. Bad Dreams on Zoloft
  212. too old?
  213. jules1 comments
  214. I'm Back!!!!
  215. zoloft 2 weejs
  216. Celxa not enuyf
  217. great book about depression - v different from the usual!
  218. i think its been 6 months since i been here
  219. remeron and bone density
  220. depressed
  221. Anyone heard of "Rhodiola Rosea" and Can you take it w/Wellbutrin????
  222. Prozac increasing dosage
  223. could i be bi-polar?
  224. effexor w/d side effects
  225. Depressed and tired on Lexapro
  226. Risperdal Question
  227. Just happy thoughts...
  228. Anyone else's SO walk away from them?
  229. Prozac or Wellbutrin?
  230. imipramine sid effect?
  231. on the edge of darkness
  232. Board Guidelines - Please Read
  233. Hospital bound
  234. When is this Wellbutrin gonna kick in????
  235. Is this depression?
  236. Is it time to go get help?
  237. going to a counselor for the first time in years
  238. please someone help!!
  239. Side Effects from Stopping Lexapro
  240. Adriannita Depression
  241. Dr. Phil
  242. tony robbins
  243. am i depressed?
  244. my friend needs serious help
  245. Need help with hereditary depression, please respond!
  246. HELP! Getting off anti-depressants
  247. Can't stop.... HELP
  248. nothing is working
  249. ever feel like you're losing your mind?
  250. long term antidepressant tusers: how do you know.....

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