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  1. Depression and the Pill
  2. getting meds
  3. reality
  4. Depressed for years.... but finally!
  5. Does the dizziness go away when taking Wellbutrin??
  6. ff smith
  7. Very scared by the side effects of Cipramil
  8. 3 Effexor Pills Taken - Should I Stop Now?
  9. Experiences with prozac
  10. The causes of weight gain on ADs?
  11. Have you felt this way??
  12. Help for sex drive if you are married!
  13. Effexor
  14. I'm crying now, How can I get my husband to get help???
  15. Depression Never Seems to Go Away
  16. dont wait..
  17. paxil
  18. I am new here..........
  19. Anybody gain weight on Remeron?
  20. Very interested in knowing if you take > 80 mg Celexa
  21. prozac?
  22. Having problems with paxil then please read!
  23. Should I up my Zoloft dosage?
  24. Some advice?
  25. feels good to destroy things
  26. Paxil Problems
  27. Natural Remedies
  28. Lexapro and frequent urination
  29. Your experiences with Wellbutrin and SSRI
  30. SSRI's and Neck/Shoulder pain
  31. looked at some pics of me as a kid
  32. peeing blood
  33. Feeling helpless
  34. want to sleep
  35. Have any gained on SSRI's except Lexapro
  36. got off of paxil and went to Lexapro
  37. sad music
  38. Zoloft, twitches, night sweats
  39. Life is TOO much
  40. Bad Times
  41. don't know what to do
  42. Bipolar? i dunno
  43. 2 am on Valentines Day
  44. Anybody ever get acne from Lithium??
  45. Trileptal?????
  46. Neurontin or Lamictal
  47. More rambelings
  49. Fired for having depression?
  50. I 'm getting better!!!!
  51. Clomipramine - zombie?
  52. Could I be depressed or is it just being a teenager?
  53. Can't stop please please help!!!!!
  54. affordable health care?
  55. Hello old friends
  57. Crying - Self provoked
  58. Don't know what else to do
  59. am i pathetic?
  60. losing weight after antidepressants...
  61. zoloft and sluggish metabolism
  62. A wonderful herb for fatigue, anxiety, and depression!
  63. Is this a side effect?
  64. On the Fallacy of the Magic Bullet
  65. Depakote??
  66. Losing myself
  67. Celexa not working
  68. Whats wrong w/ me?
  69. just a poem that fits me to a "T"
  70. Coming off Zoloft - Off balanced & irritable feeling
  71. u tryed this
  72. Shards of glass
  73. Ive returned yes, and worse as ever
  74. ~~~~read this~~~~
  75. Question for Mikeralph re:5-htp
  76. Heres some good stuff...please read
  77. Celexa works great for me
  78. no where fast
  79. see it through my eyes
  80. Time to vent again…. Same old stuff. Sorry
  81. anyone here anemic?
  82. Help
  83. i'm always depressed....
  84. Lexapro, weight gain??
  85. Roaccutain and depression
  86. unanswered questions
  87. Depression & low blood pressure
  88. Paxil Question
  89. Some good words
  90. wellbutrin.
  91. zoloft and sleepiness
  92. has this happened to anyone else on celexa
  93. more responses this time
  94. How do you know?
  95. Has anyone tried 5-HTP?????
  96. downward spirals into darkness
  97. Um, what now?
  98. Klonopin
  99. How well does St. John's Wort work???????
  100. Bullying
  101. the world hates me
  102. natual?
  103. paxil withdrawl
  104. Question for people on Anti-depressants
  105. An intro ( sorry it ended up so long ) and help getting back out into the world
  106. kinda simple
  107. Think positive
  108. Effexor Has Stopped Working
  109. new at this
  110. falling
  111. pain pain pain
  112. The jerk at work
  113. Sleep deprivation as a treatment
  114. 2nd day on Lexapro
  115. all ssri's
  116. anyone have stomach probs due to anxiety?
  117. should i still feel like !@#$?????
  118. new to wellbutrin
  119. Seroquel question
  120. New Here, Feeling Lousy, What's New?
  121. tranylcypromin
  122. Withdrawing from Paxil
  123. Could this be depression?
  124. just some information
  125. paxil and no sex drive
  126. Hypnosis?
  127. anyone know about Blood pressure ???
  128. Meds that don't sedate you!
  129. Light
  130. I Believe I Can Get Better
  131. Night sweats with Lexapro
  132. Paxil
  133. Link between High levels of estradiol and depression
  134. everytime I feel better, I get hopeless thoughts which make me depressed again. Endle
  135. abandonment
  136. Effexor XR and Insomnia?
  137. justin_thyme
  138. Don't know where else to turn to
  139. heart palpatations , not having an attack !!!
  140. Who has beat it?
  141. Upping anti-depression meds in winter?
  142. Zoloft Withdrawal is HELL!
  143. wellbutrin and acne???
  144. thanks to those who replied. I love her but am scared
  145. weird/funny story
  146. everything deleted?
  147. Im new
  148. QUIT MY JOB
  149. jaw tremors
  150. love my girlfriend but depression killing it.
  151. 1rst day on paxil
  152. Sensitivity
  153. prescribed 10mg of paxil
  154. Anyone else have relatives who push you over the edge? (Esp. parents)
  155. Do we have to be right or could we be wrong?
  156. A sign of depression?
  157. Hi! Maybe someone here can help me!
  158. cant talk when depressed
  159. social anxiety disorder
  160. lets hear some happy stories..we could all use some
  161. wondering
  162. Hey wv girl
  163. Effexor Withdrawl
  164. Saying what you mean, even if the truth hurts
  165. Feeling hopeless.
  166. Can't get past destructive urges!
  167. Zoloft and Pregnancy???
  168. I'm new and very depressed
  169. Cymbalta
  170. Feeling really low
  171. Patience
  172. can't leave my house
  173. i want to make my dipresed boyfriend feel speshel
  174. Made to feel like a drug addict!
  175. Wellbutrin and?
  176. when is this Celexa going to kick in?
  177. help??
  178. Prior Ecstacy Use and Lexapro / SSRI's?
  179. lexapro and painful hands
  180. Yoga
  181. How can you tell if you are depressed
  182. Lexapro - withdrawal??
  183. Hope everyone is well:)
  184. Does music help?
  185. a small victory
  186. generic prozac~ omg
  187. Persistent side effects after stopping meds?
  188. Zoloft as a weight loss aid?
  189. Zoloft not covered by my new insurance
  190. i can't change
  191. doing well on new job
  192. Sorry guys... need to vent again
  193. anone here take paxil?
  194. Efexor or not?
  195. I need sleep!
  196. Self Quit Wellbutrin & Zoloft
  197. Ativan anxiety
  198. so close to falling into a hole
  199. Is it dep5ression and anxiety?
  200. Lexapro, will the side effects go away?
  201. Feeling confused and helpless
  202. So Irritable and angry
  203. Getting Worse
  204. It All Works Together In The End!!
  205. celexa working then not working
  206. Panic Attack or not?
  207. went to doctor new med
  208. feeling stressed tonight
  209. why why why
  210. New here tonight--Hi! and help (?)
  211. It's been a while
  212. Need someone to talk to...
  213. Feeling Better
  214. Affordable happiness
  215. Re: Remeron
  216. Hate my new house
  217. Zoloft and bruising
  218. Change Is Hard!
  219. A thought about those who do not have depression
  220. not getting ANYWHERE!
  221. medication assistance programs (free medicine)?
  222. Don't want to deal with this anymore
  223. What do you guys think?
  224. sex & lexapro.
  225. drugs, drugs, and more drugs
  226. Any weight gain with Lexapro?
  227. Hi and Intro
  228. crashing
  229. fear of losing a loved one
  230. Midwest Center for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  231. Has any thought they were depressed and found out it was a thyroid proble??
  232. Prozac or the generic form of
  233. Any personal experience with Trazodone?
  234. PLEASE tell me something good about Effexor!!
  235. Need to get off Celexa..any suggestions?
  236. Paxil working for anxiety but not depression.....
  237. What were your experiences coming off Celexa
  238. really sad day yesterday
  239. Emotional freedom techniques
  240. has anyone takin GINSENG or still is?for a boost of energy?
  241. Everyone is on drugs...What does that tell u
  242. suggestions?
  243. attention
  244. having another bad day
  245. Effexor
  246. Have you taken any vitamins/herbs that worked as well as prescribed meds?
  247. PLEASE list the med you are on and if you gained or lost weight
  248. Hi everyone
  249. Scared, lonley and depressed
  250. new kid on the board

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