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  1. What do you guys think?
  2. sex & lexapro.
  3. drugs, drugs, and more drugs
  4. Any weight gain with Lexapro?
  5. Hi and Intro
  6. crashing
  7. fear of losing a loved one
  8. Midwest Center for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  9. Has any thought they were depressed and found out it was a thyroid proble??
  10. Prozac or the generic form of
  11. Any personal experience with Trazodone?
  12. PLEASE tell me something good about Effexor!!
  13. Need to get off Celexa..any suggestions?
  14. Paxil working for anxiety but not depression.....
  15. What were your experiences coming off Celexa
  16. really sad day yesterday
  17. Emotional freedom techniques
  18. has anyone takin GINSENG or still is?for a boost of energy?
  19. Everyone is on drugs...What does that tell u
  20. suggestions?
  21. attention
  22. having another bad day
  23. Effexor
  24. Have you taken any vitamins/herbs that worked as well as prescribed meds?
  25. PLEASE list the med you are on and if you gained or lost weight
  26. Hi everyone
  27. Scared, lonley and depressed
  28. new kid on the board
  29. Can anyone relate?
  30. first day on new job and went well Yippy
  31. i can't take it anymore
  32. Elavil
  33. energy level?
  34. I'm starting another new job today and I'm scared
  35. new treatments or medications?
  36. Lost the ability for abstract thought... Depression?
  37. Am I depressed?!
  38. allergic reaction to Wellbutrin?
  39. Help!
  40. Chest pain
  41. PAXIL CR
  42. Celexa 20mg/Effects Positive or Negative In Experience?
  43. it's that time of year again...
  44. Anti-Depressants & Pregnancy
  45. LEXAPRO?
  46. Efforex Question
  47. changing jobs, need encouragement
  48. Grandmother passed away now really worried
  49. Hi, I'm new and a fellow sufferer
  50. Help, constant thoughts of death
  51. Is there a time when it is okay to be depressed
  52. Not sure celexa is the one
  53. New Hope (Maybe)
  54. Quitting Celexa
  55. memory loss and ssris
  56. Ready to give up
  57. anxiety is destroying my life
  58. crazy ol' me again
  59. Going insane with depression and only 16
  60. need some direction or support - this might be long
  61. Work
  62. Please respond.
  63. How do you know if you're depressed/need meds?
  64. don't know how to deal w/ it anymore...
  65. depression, celexa, and a cycle of hell
  66. How To Help Relative Refusing Help?
  67. going crazy and in need of opinions
  68. i want to cry
  69. Friend's lack of awareness is making things almost impossible
  70. Ive been feeling really bad and had bad thoughts
  71. At the end of the rope
  72. Anti-depressants and weight gain
  73. Trying to get off Celexa
  74. wellbutrin tolerance?
  75. I am a quiet person falling into depression...
  76. Hi, I'm back
  77. What has happened to us??
  78. Can Somebody Help Me?
  79. hope I can post this
  80. New here and very sad
  81. hypnotherapy
  82. Is there assistance?
  83. reason to go on
  84. another one bites the dust
  85. Zoloft
  86. reason to go on
  87. a future without depression?
  88. zoloft issue
  89. Good Luck!
  90. Work Comp and depression
  91. this is embarrasing but I have to ask
  92. Sorry but.....
  93. How long to stay on Zoloft?
  94. Feeling frustrated with everything
  95. celexa and withdarawl
  96. Celexa 20mg
  97. upset
  98. Iam an unwilling participant in life
  99. Great Book
  100. Happy New Year!!!!!
  101. All the best for the New Year!!!
  102. Wellbutrin and withdrawal?
  103. Effexor - Side effects
  104. I lost everything now
  105. the flower girl
  106. Heartbroke
  107. Wellbutrin
  108. Celexa 10mg: Effective or To Weak?
  109. Scared
  110. Celexa/Cipramil/Citalopram
  111. Everyone hates me
  112. Good news!
  113. Scared and Alone
  114. howdy ho good buddies
  115. Risperdal question
  116. Why doesn't anything work out for me?!
  117. Numbness
  118. My life as a 16 yo teenager..
  119. Wellbutrin dosage.
  120. Sorry for the long, confusing, venting post.
  121. Read what do you think my problem is
  122. back from visiting family
  123. She'll be Coming off Effexor when she comes...
  124. Ive just gotta let it out : (
  125. Celexa Withdrawal
  126. Empty
  127. Self-help for depression?
  128. Managing depression through diet & exercise
  129. my life is soooo pathetic
  130. incredibly depressed
  131. Feel bad
  132. Why does life have to be so stressful.....
  133. Some cheerful news for the holidays
  134. quiting Buspar question
  135. To All of My Lovies
  136. Holidays are a setback
  137. can anyone recommended
  138. Merry Christmas to all
  139. Merry Christmas To You All!!! xxxx
  140. Depression
  141. What anti-depression/anxiety medications work?
  142. hi - new here
  143. Just started Celexa
  144. Weight loss from celexa
  145. What should I do? Any suggestions?
  146. I make myself feel terrible because I can not communicate like a “normal” person.
  147. Too thoughtful for therapy?
  148. Medication
  149. its my birthday and ill cry if i want to
  150. Has Anyone Taken Lexapro?
  151. cancer and guilt
  152. Celexa Nightmare
  153. Death
  154. Life is just too hard....
  155. Anyone else out there sad...
  156. Crashed and burned
  157. Why do I allow her to do this to me?
  158. Withdrawal of 4 meds
  159. Exercise and depression
  160. celexa vs. wellbutrin
  161. Trileptal / Tegretal- any takers?
  162. Delphi
  163. getting sick of trying
  164. Getting past the past
  165. where do i begin
  166. I need someone to talk to
  167. needing to understand
  168. depression- traditional definition
  169. i am not sure about this anti-depressant????
  170. anti-depressants/primal therapy
  171. I am nauseous, shaking, shivering, and crying
  172. I Need Some Help
  173. celexa
  174. Depression??
  175. Does it ever get better...
  176. verbally abusive husband
  177. effexor
  178. Hey I miss you all so much
  179. S.A.D.???
  180. My first post
  181. One mell of a hess
  182. From depressed :( to numb :yawn:
  183. efexor xl 75 mg modified release
  184. Why do I go on?
  185. Taking Zoloft, still feel no pleasure!??!
  186. Helping an Aunt with depression/bi-polar...
  187. hi..new here...
  188. diet
  189. new >>
  190. Prozac?
  191. Another Bad Year
  192. paxil
  193. St John's Wart = Worthless?
  194. Article on a book about SSRI's
  195. 'My story' from a newbie (sort of long) and a question
  196. celexa withdrawal nausea!!!
  198. Help regarding tapering down off Paxil
  199. need some encouragement
  200. Does anyone
  201. venting
  202. I just did a very hard thing for me I said no
  203. Tyrosine and Tytrophan
  205. Sinequan
  206. I really want to help her but how??
  207. Effexor Withdrawals- Need HELP Now!!
  208. Just Wondering
  209. to my friends..which is everyone
  210. problems at school
  211. have you ever......
  212. i like effexor!
  213. will i ever get through this?
  214. Are there alternatives?
  215. Please give me some words of hope
  216. yuck
  217. Social Withdrawl
  218. alternative therapies (eg: massage etc)?
  219. nobody will help me
  220. Set Backs
  221. How many knocks do I have to take?
  222. Celexa and side effects
  223. No more counselling...
  224. Prozac being ineffective , what to do ?
  225. Signs of a good therapist?
  226. Alternatives to prescription meds.
  227. Effexor: I am losing my sanity
  228. up and at em
  229. Anyone notice help w/Fish Oil ?
  230. Seasonal Affective Disorder...
  231. Wellbutrin users......
  232. What have I done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. Atypical depression?
  234. Need some advice
  235. new med now ???? You know it??
  236. Need to know what this is?
  237. where's Toomuch?
  238. the 'pressure' of life
  239. ANOTHER Celexa question
  240. New to this board
  241. sad :(
  242. I want to be happy
  243. Ohhhhh Muuuudd Puuuppy
  244. Little bummed
  245. Floxin - antibiotic
  246. I just can't win!
  247. lexapro
  248. thoughts driving me crazy
  249. When will I start to feel normal?

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