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  1. Great Expectation Hurts
  2. Not trying to feel sorry for myself...but...
  3. Not a good day
  4. What Is The Point of Even Trying....
  5. Back at it again, and again, and....
  6. Does anyone have any physical symptoms with depression?
  7. Effexor ?
  8. What is wrong with me?
  9. Hello !!
  10. Just When I Thought......
  11. Celexa, Alcohol and Side Effects....
  12. Is it just me?????????????????????
  13. Help me welcome Slopebird
  14. Hugs for everyone!
  15. so sad and being pushed to seek help
  16. my meeting & tonight's anticipated crisis
  17. Nardil (phenelzine) food restrictions
  18. It may have to do with your liver?
  19. Anyone Feel They Have Been Misdiagnosed?
  20. hello again...
  21. I know I don't post often...
  22. Why wont he talk to me?
  23. wish me luck?
  24. Side Affects/Effexor
  25. Identity Theft Crisis Aids Further Depression
  26. Depressed!!!
  27. Just a little something....
  28. something that made me smile
  29. Marrired but lonely??
  30. phenylalanine
  31. Dealing with my wife's depression
  32. Simby.......
  33. Question about Effexor
  34. I really went to pieces tonight
  35. paxil?
  36. The cost of drugs....uh, legal drugs that is!
  37. Introducing......MissieMouse
  38. Wanting to introduce myself
  39. feeling down and useless unless i am being funny
  40. Depression and the physical
  41. I Defeated Depression!
  42. i hate this world
  43. Terrified of Weight Gain
  44. So Lonely, So Alone
  45. I need somebody to talk to... long but please offer support if you can
  46. Part II How to handle therapist's stupidity
  47. Hey there, Melody!!!
  48. Tmj, Fibro, Mayofacial, headaches how do you cope?
  49. Wellbutrin and Paxil
  50. "New" Paxil or Lexapro
  51. I just can't cope anymore
  52. Pain
  53. going on anti-depressants?? which one?
  54. Not doing well today
  55. A quick question about SSRIs and Weight....
  56. Can Anyone Give Me Some Insight?! Ugh!!!
  57. go to a doc?
  58. How am I supposed to think I m great if people think i suck?
  59. Chris C.?
  60. where have l been???????
  61. Muddy! It's good to see you!
  62. we're engaged?!?
  63. More depressed today 9/11
  65. How much does Zoloft cost?
  66. Calling all Bipolars to the BiPolar Board.
  67. i take it back - b/f much worse
  68. Lexapro: Concensus?
  69. Trying to connect-----
  70. Why are some people so heartless?
  71. This dual diagnosis thing is a real drag.
  72. Paxil Help!!!!
  73. Need advice
  74. Alcohol and Remeron
  75. Sue: Changing My Life
  76. need help
  77. Wellbutrin
  78. Is this odd?
  79. Does anyone else...
  80. mourning my mom.....
  81. ECT
  83. Specky!
  84. Need Input On Effexor
  85. bad topamax
  86. Good news and Zoloft question
  87. should i see a psychiatrist or psychologist for help
  88. pets
  89. Why am i here?
  90. How do you....
  91. ummmm OCD (celexa) made me bi-polar now on lamictal???
  92. paxil to wellbutrin
  93. annoying depression and other bad thoughts going through my mind
  94. All alcohol?
  95. Husband bipolar?
  96. Realizing everything's wrong
  97. 5htp
  98. Thought for the day
  99. Question about Trazadone
  100. I need some advice...agian
  101. hate my Dad
  102. Good News
  103. First time away
  104. Lexapro????
  105. still alive
  106. up and down/stress
  107. 9/11
  108. Drinking with Effexor????
  109. Scared and depressed. Help
  110. What could help me?
  111. can depression change my cycle?
  112. Just off to rob the bank
  113. Dothiepin-vs-Amitryptilene
  114. Someone please help me!!!!!!
  115. Effexor/Wellbutrin
  116. Medication question
  117. Depressed and don't know why
  118. Stupid Zoloff Q
  119. afraid wont be diagnosed w/dep. even though i know i am. irrational fear?
  120. losing control and very very scared
  121. L-Tyrosine
  122. Depressed again...It never stops...someone please help
  123. My sister is coming to see me!!!!!!
  124. Man, I don't even know
  125. New and down about relationship
  126. b/f better, me worse?
  127. Previously
  128. My story... my Depression
  129. Question about antidepressants
  130. Just diagnosed
  131. stupid things therapists do/say
  132. time to rant about mom
  133. another question?
  134. Mild Depression;How About Glandulars??
  135. Depakote and other meds
  136. Seen the Saturn Commercial? Ties into Depression
  137. Hello, All!
  138. Celexa withdrawl symptoms
  139. Can't sleep memory loss and fatigue
  140. At College Now
  141. Energy Drinks?
  142. I did it
  143. Eagles1974/Wellbutrin
  144. Effexor
  145. libido killers!
  146. Medication Help
  147. What meds do you currently take for your depression and
  149. Work and depression ? Treatment resistant
  151. Still around, Still Worthless
  152. Told Blue "The Grand Kids Are Comming"
  153. checking in...
  154. Any good things to say about Effexor?
  155. Sexual dysfunctions from SSRIs - What about SAMe?
  156. Prozac-Anybody experience these side effects?
  157. Hospital Treatment
  158. What Is The Baked Bean Thinking?
  159. I feel there is nothing I can do!!
  160. HELP Elavil withdrawl anyone???
  161. I Hate This
  162. Finding Help
  163. Letter from Daughter RE: Grand Childrens Visit
  164. need some support ...part 2!
  165. some good news for you
  166. To much at once!
  167. zopiclone/imovane
  168. now it's too late
  169. Effexor xr
  170. coming off efexxor
  171. Same old, same old
  172. why
  173. Not sure how to handle next Dr.'s Appt.
  174. Another Effexor Withdrawl Victim
  176. Always keeping score
  177. Bipolars Welcome?
  178. im gutted!
  179. @bulb
  180. Nothings working....what's wrong??
  181. Depression and Spouses
  182. To Kokopelli
  183. introduction
  185. I'm Back
  186. Something that I had to share with you all. Please read!
  187. Celexa and weight loss??
  188. Living A Nightmare
  189. Sad, frustrated,. need support and understanding
  190. Am I missing something?
  191. celexa and speediness
  192. I feel sad...
  193. What to expect?
  194. nervous about returning to work
  195. bi-polar help
  196. Getting down need advice
  197. Depression and TMJD disorder chronic pain
  198. An Introduction
  199. Help! Trouble With Effexor!
  200. Just feel awful...don't know what to do and freaking out
  201. Venting...PMS-ing... whatever u wanna call it
  202. I Lied
  203. Cousin's death--sad, angry, confused....
  204. New to board...this is bone crushing..can't stop crying
  205. I dont know how to handle this.. (part 2)
  206. Someone, please.......................
  207. I've Been Painting
  208. Final Episode.....That Damned Purse
  209. How long have you dealt with Depression?
  210. Still hangn in there
  211. OK You Asked For It.. Episode 7..That Damned Purse
  212. wanna be happy.
  213. Depressed or just lazy?
  214. can't stop crying
  215. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Dont read, just venting
  217. Surmontil & Serax?
  218. anyone ever feel like whats the point?
  219. recently presribed depakote,but.......
  220. Sad for my childhood
  221. Live with a Bi Polar Fiance
  222. Remeron? I am new & need opinion!
  223. Will this insecurity ever end? pls help
  224. Chris, have you found the purse yet?
  225. Melody!!!
  226. I dont know how to handle this
  227. Miss Manners (Post?) – etiquette question
  228. How long can one stay on same drug??
  229. back n forth
  230. how long for effexor to work?
  231. St. John's wort & Birth control pills
  232. Do I tell my friends i'm depressed??
  233. New Therapist?
  234. Star cat
  235. going down hill quickly
  236. I'm losing my mind!
  237. i guess this is goodbye
  238. New Here
  239. Effexor or Imipramine?
  240. i was here last year
  241. please help (off topic i know but..)
  242. Help, my family is falling a part
  243. First message
  244. Giving up on Paxil. Switching to Wellbutrin
  245. Hi, I'm new here and I need some advice.
  246. 40 Paxil to 100 Zoloft
  247. Need your prayers
  248. Another newbie
  249. New Here
  250. Going on hols!

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