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  1. I dont know what to do about a friend with depression
  2. when do I get help?
  3. How to get off these meds quick????
  4. The paradox of mood stabilizers
  5. Depression Worsened By Nicotine Patch?
  6. plz help
  7. Will Wellbutrin XL side effect go away?
  8. Shut down.....numb???
  9. Extreme restlessness with Celexa?
  10. Depression, Migraines, & Inderal
  11. Switching zoloft to celexa
  12. Making that first step....
  13. Nardil experiences?
  14. New here and can't function on Lexapro..
  15. scared
  16. Lamictal Side Effects?
  17. When medication does not work
  18. IS there a antidepresssant that does not ???
  19. Ect.
  20. anyone experience weight loss on Cymbalta?
  21. depression and pregnancy
  22. Not been diagnosed but does these patterns seem unusual
  23. Advice please
  24. Seeing the Psychiatrist tomorrow..
  25. Stuck in a hole
  26. Depression medication
  27. Week four on Prestiq and .......
  28. I think, i know why people get depressed.
  29. Depressed trying to see the light
  30. i dont know whats wrong with me.
  31. What is your daily schedule / routine?
  32. Feeling dreadful and in a mess. Help.
  33. Cymbalta
  34. Abilify question
  35. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?
  36. I think I may be depressed, can anyone help?
  37. When do you do when things start to get to you
  38. depression
  39. How to get up early in the morning?
  40. Help!!
  41. Prozac and sweating?! Help!
  42. Any ideas on coming off Pristiq with minimal side effects?
  43. i think i have found the light
  44. The doctor doesn't take me seriously
  45. wellbutrin XL
  46. "it's all about attitude" or "think positive" or "no don't be negative"
  47. how come some people seem to have such easy lives?
  48. Why Do Meds Stop Working
  49. The Fight
  50. unsure about whats next
  51. Celexa & Abilify
  52. I have been depressed my whole life, i want it to end
  53. ok...I guess
  54. I think I just screwed up my future.
  55. Will this plague me forever?
  56. I Have no one and I need help
  57. to avoid depression
  58. Prestiq?????
  59. Is it really Depression?
  60. America, Land of...
  61. Despair
  62. can anybody explain the difference please?
  63. Effexor
  64. everyday something gets worse.
  65. Seroquel vs Abilify for depression
  66. I'd like to add melatonin?
  67. Paxil
  68. Adding Lamictal to WB and SCARED!!
  69. Depression deepening
  70. the kids
  71. All time low
  72. My last hope....
  73. A Confused Girl
  74. Reduce emotions
  75. Just looking for some insight
  76. i dont kow anymore
  77. off effexor now what
  78. ?
  79. Sick and Sad. Depression?
  80. Depressed and eat for comfort.
  81. day 4
  82. Tics resulting from bupropion - any advice?
  83. second medication not working
  84. Was prescribed Welbutrin XL 150MG 2 days ago for depression...?
  85. My depression
  86. Hellish Withdrawals from Cymbalta......any suggestions/experiences or advice please.
  87. up prozac dose or grin and bear it?
  88. Demotivation.
  89. 30mg of lexparo
  90. Can't find help
  91. ugh!!!!!
  92. Switching to Aplenzin in the Morning - Nervous
  93. Vagal Nerve Stimulator
  94. Dealing with BPD Major Depression
  95. Aren't I too young to have stomach ulcers?
  96. Aplinzin or Brand Wellbutrin from Generic??
  97. Anybody try luvox... obsessive thoughts
  98. A life of Depression... Now what?
  99. Prozac??
  100. i dont know
  101. Help...depressed?!?
  102. chantix side effects
  103. When can I safely say I'm free of Cymbalta?
  104. I just cannot take this anymore
  105. Depression is destroying my life
  106. Cipralex - will sexual side effects go away?
  107. Pleae don't get tired of me asking.......but Wellubrtin Users??????
  108. Help ?
  109. Does anyone take?
  110. please help - beside myself tonight - Lexapro
  111. Thanks to ALL of you!!!
  112. Is Wellbutrin the Only AD Which Doesn't Cause Weight Gain??
  113. Wellbutrin/Anger/Irritable/Lower Dose? Brand?
  114. Will a doctor add.........
  115. I am thinking about quitting all together.
  116. Can you... mix?
  117. Seroquel??
  118. celexa/lexapro
  119. Can't do this alone any longer...
  120. How do you enjoy life?
  121. wondering
  122. I need advice HELP!!!!
  123. Do I have depression?
  124. Severe depression at 16...
  125. Really need answers- anyone else taking antidepressants????
  126. Accidentally doubled my dose, and now...
  127. Puff the magic dragon
  128. I also hate myself...
  129. Not feeling well
  130. Frustrated!
  131. am i alone in here?
  132. Please help me please!!!!!!
  133. Just started Effexor
  134. I'm considering checking myself into a mental hospital. Please help I'm scared!
  135. Depression. help?
  136. Feeling less than because you have depression?
  137. Pristiq to effexor anyone???
  138. to anyone who has had akathisia
  139. feeling so alone and don't know what to do
  140. Please, I would give my heart and soul... Effexor XR
  141. Citalopram 20mg
  142. worried about my future
  143. Everyday I get closer to the edge
  144. Just need some advice about depression.
  145. I feel like my life is worthless
  146. best antidepressant for pre menopause symptom
  147. i have faced up to it
  148. Where to live if depressed
  149. deep in depression.
  150. I hate myself
  151. Homeless
  152. Does writing in a journal help?
  153. withdrawing from Effexor and so far no problems
  154. Excess sleep: help needed
  155. 3rd day of pristiq & want advice!
  156. Contemplating Going Off of Effexor-Advice?
  157. Please I need your advise... again... please read.
  158. interaction of soothanolx2
  159. getting more depressed
  160. coming off antidepressants
  161. What antidepressant out there.......
  162. If I feel anything anymore, it's sadness.
  163. Is There Any Med That Is Similar to Abilify As An Add-on?
  164. Depression/Low Self Esteem
  165. What am I?
  166. It works for me:
  167. What the hell is wrong with me?
  168. I need some advice ASAP!!
  169. need help
  170. what to do with no support with depression
  171. Anyone use SAM-E?
  172. zoloft
  173. Am I depressed, or just over-reacting?
  174. How can I help my 15yo son?
  175. Starting on Pristiq tomorrow.
  176. Starting Abilify Have some Questions??
  177. Just found out mom has dementia, and... omg, please help me VERY VERY DEPRESSED.
  178. PLEASE HELP! Severe depression / multiple other symptoms
  179. do i have depression?
  180. Need advice on B-vitamin and depression
  181. Really Worried....
  182. Please help me to figure out what really this is !
  183. Family & Friends of Depressed people...
  184. Crises mode
  185. Needing some advise please
  186. Is anyone there????
  187. SEVERE depression anxiety and panic disoder - help!
  188. Pleasse help
  189. Bupropion hcl XL 150mg, good or bad?
  190. Zoloft dosage question
  191. Betrayed again...
  192. Defeated.
  193. respiridone
  194. How Pathetic Do I Sound
  195. Completely sad & just need to vent
  196. Blacking out as a result of depression/anxiety/stress?
  197. Tricyclics
  198. Suboxone for depression ?
  199. anyone yet tried TMS?
  200. Son depressed? Not sure or is he just lazy
  201. Need advice
  202. give me a solution for my problem
  203. Depression Meds and Vicodin
  204. I have no wants anymore
  205. Depression; Anti depressants; A difficult choice.
  206. zoloft and brain fog
  207. Cant stop it
  208. Morose, sad and cannot sleep
  209. Trying to Survive
  210. What MAOI's have you been on?
  211. What do I do now?
  212. Lost With A Cause
  213. Amitriptyline question
  214. Need some natural herbs or something simple
  215. Guys aren't supposed to cry all the time
  216. Sinking Fast... ideas?
  217. Celexa and my main concern???
  218. need some advice
  219. Generic Luvox
  220. Zoloft Question
  221. help please
  222. Call it what you want ..
  223. Alternatives to anti-depressants?
  224. depression
  225. feeling embarrassed and guilty about feeling depressed...
  226. abilify the new miracle med for depression
  227. is it true what my shrink said about ssri
  228. Has anyone noticed weight LOSS on this med?
  229. can meds cause this?
  230. depressed, no der:(
  231. Effexor XR why take in the a.m???
  232. Am I depressed or dealing with just bad situations?
  233. what are the bad thoughts from taking respidon?
  234. Weaning off of Celexa
  235. always felt this way
  236. Am I taking too much 5-htp?
  237. It Always Comes Back
  238. What Will Happen If I Stop Taking Wellbutrin XL?
  239. New Here..Hello
  240. Decided to push myself, but scared.
  241. Is there any depression groups?
  242. Pristiq side effect
  243. Pristiq Questions.....
  244. Zoloft: Low WBC vs. feeling better
  245. selegiline?
  246. Side effect?
  247. does my dad have depression??
  248. Has anybody had long-term success on tricyclic antidepressants?
  249. If you really knew me
  250. Tired and Irritable

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