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  1. my story.
  2. what can I do?
  3. Night Sweats from antidepressants
  4. Feel like no one understands
  5. Wellbutrin brings the tears.....
  6. Should I see a doctor?
  7. started cymbalta and ativan recently
  8. Depression / anxiety
  9. Help with Lexapro please?
  10. New to pristiq
  11. My Psychiatrist doesn't do 'talk'
  12. Think I've decided to see a therapist
  13. Pristiq Withdrawal
  14. Omega-3 fish oils supposed to help with depression?
  15. Can Lexapro stop working?
  16. Letting Go..
  17. Meds and decreased breast size
  18. Prozac........
  19. Weekly Prozac
  20. Just a update........Prozac
  21. Day two w/ Pristiq
  22. Feel like I need to breakdown
  23. Husband has depression and anxieties - help
  24. Depression
  25. Feel really Depressed.
  26. Confused with medication.
  27. Re: College Depression/am I a loser?
  28. New Member
  29. Psych+meds question
  30. Am i depressed?
  31. Can this still be from Pristiq???
  32. neurontin
  33. Effexor XR
  34. First, I am sorry for so many questions ...seeing a therapist. Will this help......?
  35. how to handle depression
  36. Introducing myself
  37. in a tailspin
  38. Am I depressed? Or is it something else?
  39. I need to figure out my options
  40. can circumstances cause depression
  41. What would happen to hope if there was none
  42. Paxil vs Cipralax
  43. depressed or something else?
  44. failure in business
  45. In Despair...
  46. ECT for Depression
  47. On..off...On AGAIN....???
  48. not sure where to go from here
  49. Twice a day........Prozac
  50. Cymbalta
  51. feelings of sadness without any reason why
  52. Extreme sadness or depression
  53. Question About Therapy
  54. depression story
  55. Crazy Withdraws The Citalopram
  56. I want to find inner peace!!!
  57. Not sure what to do anymore....
  58. Hate waking up
  59. I really need advice!!
  60. need help, no light at the end of the tunnel
  61. Is this normal??????? PROZAC
  62. Weight Loss and Atypical Body Pains
  63. Lost for years
  64. Trying to go off Pristiq
  65. When am I going to feel better on Prozac
  66. Depression hurt and getting angry / frustrated easily.
  67. CYMBALTA ...is this even possible
  68. Am I not giving this enough time? Prozac
  69. New to this board and have questions
  70. Exercise & Depression?
  71. New and sticking toe in water
  72. am i going mad?
  73. Looking young is going to end me.
  74. Got fired--dealing with anger and depression
  75. what if an ssri max dose is not good enough
  76. aches and pains
  77. Cymbalta and Methadone Question
  78. Is there such a thing as circumstantial depression?
  79. Cymbalta with Abilify
  80. Prozac and sexual side effect
  81. Sad
  82. Prozac?
  83. Could really use some advice/support
  84. Cymbalta questions...UGH!!
  85. What's happening to me??
  86. Mothers early death grief trouble
  87. Question about Prozac........please.
  88. chronic major depression cant move out??
  89. Paxil Taper/Long Term use of Anti-deps and Brain slowness?
  90. When is the best time to take Celexa?
  91. Lamictal Help
  92. Any new info on Vistaril??!
  93. No passion
  94. Is DELAYED (after several years use) weight gain possible w/ SSRI?
  95. for those who want to listen to me....
  96. Effexor XR 75mg to Cymbalta 30 mg...is this OK?
  97. Please help me get through this depression!!!
  98. OK, started Prozac.....again........
  99. coming off Zoloft and Wellbutrin
  100. Pristiq Experiences?
  101. am i depressed and if i am
  102. A good antidepressant for depression and PMS, PMDD?
  103. Cymbalta.......
  104. help or advice needed
  105. Can you take these two AD's together?
  106. depression
  107. OK, most you know me.....and I feel like... maybe a break down is coming.......
  108. 13 years and it won't go away.
  109. Paxil
  110. Can I switch from Celexa to Zoloft?
  111. Finally a new depression med
  112. wellbutrin i cant stop crying now !!
  113. Celexa Side Effects?
  114. Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Social Worker?
  115. work
  116. Psychotic Depression - Anyone know about this?
  117. Wife in denial--family sees depression
  118. Citalopram & Clonazepam Together
  119. How Do I Get Out Of This Rut??
  120. Side effect or drug poopout???
  121. Citalopram (Celexa) side effects
  122. Am I really depressed?
  123. I'm having the toughest time of my life........need help with an anti-depressant.
  124. Depress/upset
  125. bdd disorder or no?
  126. People who throw the term "depressed" around
  127. My boyfriends depressed and i cant seem to do anything to help
  128. Looking for Encouragement and Hope
  129. very low dose celexa
  130. Exercise Intolerance
  131. Just can't shake it
  132. worried about boyfriend
  133. Bitterness to Hope?
  134. What is a good AD.............for .....?
  135. Looking for hope
  136. 13 days off Effexor (please help me).
  137. Zopicolne 7.5mg and citalopram 20mg
  138. Pristiq and Pregnancy
  139. Wellbutrin dosage
  140. OK, I stopped the Celexa.........
  141. just blah
  142. The Next Phase of (Prozac) Treatment...what to expect
  143. withdrawing from pristiq using Prozac ?!
  144. Do any of U...........take .......?
  145. Celexa, making me way to tired.
  146. Cymbalta withdrawals
  147. Fluoxetin/prozac and kidney pain + resulting back problems?
  148. Prozac
  149. What????????????
  150. Klonopin and back pain?
  151. Depressed feel like im slipping away is it depression or lazyness ?
  152. I have been depressed for years, im sick of it
  153. Depressed and Don't know what to do about now
  154. Late afternoon depression
  155. Anyone taken Wellbutrin and Celexa/Citalopram together?
  156. Dysthymia Long Term Depression. Help?
  157. Depression and feeling alone
  158. having problems
  159. Which Anti-Depressant Do I Need...???
  160. Zoloft/Dexedrine Issues
  161. CELEXA USERS 10+ YEARS.................
  162. me, my life and my problems
  163. ready for this day to be over):
  164. depression and anxuty
  165. ANY tips for stopping Pristiq?
  166. Please Help Me Get Help Or I Will Soon Die
  167. Introducing myself
  168. depression?
  169. What do you do when you feel down
  170. Just started Celexa..
  171. Can anyone PRETTY PLEASE help me with my St. Johns Wort question?
  172. Depressed and Deployed
  173. Wanna help a friend who wanna suicides
  174. Wellbutrion - withdrawal? weight gain/loss? confused.
  175. Dysthymic disorder
  176. Having disturbing thoughts...feeling like I am insane. Please help
  177. Can painkillers and different types of medications cause depression?
  178. why am i always depressed
  179. depressed
  180. Off Effexor for one week
  181. Windows into Somnolence
  182. I dont know what to do about a friend with depression
  183. when do I get help?
  184. How to get off these meds quick????
  185. The paradox of mood stabilizers
  186. Depression Worsened By Nicotine Patch?
  187. plz help
  188. Will Wellbutrin XL side effect go away?
  189. Shut down.....numb???
  190. Extreme restlessness with Celexa?
  191. Depression, Migraines, & Inderal
  192. Switching zoloft to celexa
  193. Making that first step....
  194. Nardil experiences?
  195. New here and can't function on Lexapro..
  196. scared
  197. Lamictal Side Effects?
  198. When medication does not work
  199. IS there a antidepresssant that does not ???
  200. Ect.
  201. anyone experience weight loss on Cymbalta?
  202. depression and pregnancy
  203. Not been diagnosed but does these patterns seem unusual
  204. Advice please
  205. Seeing the Psychiatrist tomorrow..
  206. Stuck in a hole
  207. Depression medication
  208. Week four on Prestiq and .......
  209. I think, i know why people get depressed.
  210. Depressed trying to see the light
  211. i dont know whats wrong with me.
  212. What is your daily schedule / routine?
  213. Feeling dreadful and in a mess. Help.
  214. Cymbalta
  215. Abilify question
  216. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?
  217. I think I may be depressed, can anyone help?
  218. When do you do when things start to get to you
  219. depression
  220. How to get up early in the morning?
  221. Help!!
  222. Prozac and sweating?! Help!
  223. Any ideas on coming off Pristiq with minimal side effects?
  224. i think i have found the light
  225. The doctor doesn't take me seriously
  226. wellbutrin XL
  227. "it's all about attitude" or "think positive" or "no don't be negative"
  228. how come some people seem to have such easy lives?
  229. Why Do Meds Stop Working
  230. The Fight
  231. unsure about whats next
  232. Celexa & Abilify
  233. I have been depressed my whole life, i want it to end
  234. ok...I guess
  235. I think I just screwed up my future.
  236. Will this plague me forever?
  237. I Have no one and I need help
  238. to avoid depression
  239. Prestiq?????
  240. Is it really Depression?
  241. America, Land of...
  242. Despair
  243. can anybody explain the difference please?
  244. Effexor
  245. everyday something gets worse.
  246. Seroquel vs Abilify for depression
  247. I'd like to add melatonin?
  248. Paxil
  249. Adding Lamictal to WB and SCARED!!
  250. Depression deepening

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