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  1. In despair & angry
  2. How sick is too sick!!
  3. I Cant See The Light Anymore!!!!
  4. Your little friend...
  5. What is with people and family??
  6. Wondering if this could have made me bisexual?
  7. Zoloft
  8. Wellbutrin
  9. Down Day
  10. what ever happened to kyle and tricky dick?
  11. I am at the end of my rope!!
  12. I need some input, please???
  13. Another Newcome-er
  14. new here
  15. Attention Span?
  16. New to this Board -- Need Help !!
  17. i cant go on
  18. I want to end it all
  19. Just wondering? There's nothing to cheer you guys up?
  20. Anyone have info on Celexa?
  21. Re. depression - IMPORTANT READ
  22. Finally lost it... for real
  23. Giving up
  24. topamax
  25. Is this from effexor?
  26. my light
  27. $hitty day
  28. Need some questions answered
  29. hi I'm new and need to talk
  30. venting
  31. I've had it with AD's and weight gain
  32. Had a good day!
  33. Grrrrrr......
  34. Lost with tons of questions.
  35. Makin' this a good day
  36. im not sure about anything any more
  37. becoming out of control
  38. Another post on Effexor SR
  39. sick of fatigue!!
  40. yogurt has been in eygpt for 5000 years
  41. Day 6 of decreasing my Meds
  42. I finally did something to occupy me!!
  43. Why do I feel this way?
  44. Goodbye all
  45. I' trying effexor xr 75mg from zoloft 100mg is this new one better?
  46. Not sure - lots of mixed questions
  47. Some questions....
  48. Does anything really matter anymore?
  49. Ugh, how come I can't just do this?
  50. Effexor side effects!
  51. read
  52. mood stabiliser and anti-depressant
  53. What can I do to counteract the sexual side effects??
  54. Some people never get a break
  55. To Joe B, and anyone that read his remark in my earlier post
  56. pregnancy & celexa
  57. First Step.
  58. Just need to talk
  59. I'm sorry but I've gotta move on
  60. The pit
  61. Race of thoughts.....
  62. Happy Father's Day
  63. why?
  64. Do the L-I-M-B-O!!!
  65. How much lower can i go?
  66. How bad am I?
  67. Something, someone, advice, whatever.
  68. Sudden Death
  69. unmotivated...
  70. Life?
  71. What do you do......
  72. formerly known as roundkick
  73. back problems
  74. Help...new user migranes, boyfriend, school etc.
  75. Effexor XR and Remeron
  76. Life is so freaking ironic isn't it you all?????
  77. Hmmm what to do in a empty house??
  78. does anybody know? anybody have this happen to them?
  79. No Energy
  80. Please forgive me for asking for hugs already
  81. Who can find the key???
  82. Exercise & Depression
  83. Finally I can rest...
  84. Hugs needed
  85. have a big question
  86. Feelin' good
  87. Anyone have experience with ECT?
  88. Does character count? Just wondering...
  89. Hi! I'm a new member
  90. Paxil? How long? getting frustrated...
  91. remeron
  92. Is this possible? Anyone know?
  93. How can I meet new girls?
  94. Moclobamide
  95. switching meds
  96. Trouble with Staying on Medication
  97. Should I tell my new psych about my old psychs diagnosis?
  98. Wellbutrin and phentermine
  99. Here goes nothing
  100. Someone please reply. My fight is now gone.
  101. Any good experiences with effexor xr?
  102. help need info
  103. Hesitant to bring this up... anyone else?
  104. Am I Right?
  105. Any advice on therapy?.
  106. Need help on dealing with actions vs thoughts
  107. Wondering about CML
  108. Depression
  109. Isn't everything wonderful?
  110. AD's and Hypotension
  111. Sam-e
  112. Wellbutrin
  113. Will ANY AD's work?
  114. I need help getting over my nervousness
  115. Jade0605 you still there?
  116. im not sure what to think anymore
  117. 133%
  118. Anyone on Topamax? no weight gain???
  119. Too many things to do....no friends to share with.....
  120. found out a little about my hospital stay
  121. First Steps... Am I really ill?
  122. What am I?
  123. To MacAodle
  124. Is this the way it is?
  125. Zolft withdrawl symptoms?
  126. Viagra didn't work. Extremely Distressed. Only 17
  127. Yoga anyone?
  128. coming back
  129. Inspirational People In Our Lives
  130. Would you do it???
  131. need help with this drug
  132. Kava Kava
  133. something funny blub and i were tlaking about
  134. Will zoloft make bi polar disorder worse or better?
  135. where does the weight pack on?
  136. Advice for friend...Prozac and weight gain
  137. return to ad's???
  138. racing thoughts
  139. What is Bi-Polar
  140. rather disgusted
  141. Literature to help our loved ones understand?
  142. This is crazy...
  143. 2wrp6z
  144. New On Celexa miracle drug?
  145. Pressure in Head, and ringing in ears
  146. Anyone on Remeron/mirtazapine?
  147. Is this the way I am? Why?
  148. Mesmorizing ... entrancing ... unwanted thoughts.
  149. Sigh..... always alone during the summer months.
  150. Does anyone here abuse prescription drugs? Is it really abuse?
  151. Just thought Id share.
  152. To Badgerbabe/Celexa
  153. Am I alone?
  154. In need of an understanding friend!!!!
  155. new here
  156. New and not feeling quite so alone.
  157. motivational idea
  158. Mind over matter.
  159. In order to get better...
  160. I know you...
  161. Lowered Expectations
  162. Back from Doctors
  163. Bi-Polar/ Borderline Personality Dis.
  164. Wellbutrin & Zoloft
  165. Is there hope with medication?
  166. On new med, so am I nuts
  167. meningitis and depression
  168. Back to the Doctors
  169. first time, help
  170. kind of long, please offer me advice
  171. On Paxil, working but sexual side effects, advice? PLEASE?!
  172. Ever notice?
  173. Newbie Here, Introducing Myself :-)
  174. Can someone help me?
  175. Positive Motivational Quotes
  176. A Better Day.....
  177. Ever wonder?
  178. Homefromhospital
  179. Just need to vent.....
  180. wondering if life is a joke
  181. Bored
  182. Effexor...Afraid to start
  183. My doctor doesn't s**k!!!
  184. Given Up
  185. NOW WHAT !?!?!?
  186. hello and thanx!
  187. going off meds
  188. How lucky are we?
  189. The down part of depression.
  190. I ate too much Candy!!! I'm hyper!!
  191. User names
  192. I just want to be happy
  193. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Thought this might brighten someone's day
  195. Lonely.......I'm Mr. Lonely.........I Am Nobody
  196. AD's and herbal supplements
  197. I love everyone!
  198. Thank you all!
  199. From a Friend...
  200. I failed the eighth grade...........
  201. zoloft to wellbutrin for weight problems
  202. Moving to US and need to continue treatment
  203. Sick of my life
  204. I don't understand- Part II
  205. Panic attack proff underware!!
  206. losing a battle with depression
  207. am i schizo or mega anxious?
  208. Why am i scared to kill myself
  209. Boiling mad
  210. Dialated pupils(I hope thats the right spelling)
  211. I don't understand.......
  212. hurting so bad
  213. Thinking of Getting off Meds
  214. Need someone to listen
  215. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! !
  216. suffering a life sentence
  217. back to the board after a year... rejection by close friends
  218. A little something for you all............
  219. Unproductive......why??
  220. Hi to my Friends Here!
  221. Do I have a disorder?
  222. Satisfactions/Dissatisfactions with ZOLOFT
  223. Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorder
  224. serotonin levels and SSRIs
  225. grrr why don't the counselors want to see me and take my money???
  226. What's the point of my life?
  227. Hi! Smileyangel!
  228. Well I was feeling better :(
  229. Need additional info on Wellbutrin from actual users, please...
  230. Withdrawl from Effexor!
  231. anxious
  232. prescription drug prices?
  233. Can somebody help me understand what are the symptoms of anxiety?
  234. Wellbutrin Sr. and increased sex drive
  235. Antipsychotics affecting my eye shape and eye size! ANYONE??
  236. I am feeling better :)
  237. just started on Paxil
  238. celexa and weight GAIN!!!
  239. Has anyone used Remeron for depresson?
  240. I just can't cope anymore
  241. Hello! New here.Is anyone using St.Johnswort?
  242. Tranxene, seems good for anxiety
  243. Has anyone here been on an anti-psychotic and a tricyclic antidepressive (same time)
  244. New to site...just diagnosed with depression and anxiety
  245. Cant believe this is happening
  246. Is wellbutrin an ssri or not???
  247. What's wrong?
  248. Is bi polar curable after treatment?
  249. am I depressed?
  250. I'm back..........

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