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  1. Bulb are you there?
  2. Crawling out of the Pit
  3. zoloft and alcohol questions,,,,
  4. Small now, potentially large
  5. shrinks that dont listen
  6. dont go over 20mgs of anything
  7. I want to die...
  8. There is no light at the end of my tunnel....
  9. Sliding Downhill...
  10. Why is wellbutrin used for giving up smoking?
  11. Last night I started taking Remeron
  12. What do you do?
  13. Changed Meds and feel????
  14. depressed about everything
  15. should i just mind my own business???
  16. Tired of fighting...
  17. Feeling a little better
  18. Tricycles...
  19. Sex or happiness
  20. Where is kathrin?!?!
  21. frustration with depression
  22. Antidepressants and sexual dysfunctions
  23. i'm ok
  24. sigh
  25. Made the appointment
  26. The Life Sux Song
  27. SoAlone
  28. any other cutters i can talk to?
  29. cognitive therapy, has this helped anyone?
  30. what is GAD?
  31. Just another low...
  32. PAXIL and Skin Rash?
  33. Mutilator, feels like I've died just haven't realized it yet
  34. To Kyle
  35. Sorry everyone
  36. help
  37. I need some advice.
  38. don't know if I want to live anymore
  39. Quick question, zoloft users
  40. Anyone else have this problem??
  41. I still feel like crap and I can't shake it,HELP!
  42. It's been a very long time
  43. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!
  44. Addicted to the "High"
  45. SOMEBODY anybody please answer this one question
  46. Zoloft, take in the am or pm?
  47. Major depression
  48. Meds Question
  49. Bad time at the moment
  50. Time and patient the precious factors
  51. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God
  52. Low self esteem and depression
  53. Was this almost a nervous breakdown?
  54. That's messed up stuff
  55. Think I am on the right track :)
  56. I think i might be a freak?
  57. Heres my great idea, everybody read and respond
  58. Has anything positive happened to you lately?
  59. Back to ephedrine
  60. Procrastinating Husband Driving me NUTS!!!!
  61. Posts leaving the board!!!
  62. come on in, and read what I got to ask.. Cause I am still new at drugs
  63. naps?????
  64. Disablity
  65. Where is Changing?
  66. chronic pain, depression and meds?
  67. Klonopin or Ativan. Which do you prefer?
  68. efexor XL feedback
  69. The Weirdest Thing About Eyes and Stuff....
  70. No preference... is this a big deal?
  71. Bulb, Im curious...
  72. I am so sorry guys for what I put you through. I got rid of the *** though
  73. Does anybody love me? I've got a secure email idea. Need hugs and support.
  74. Cat lovers check this out...
  75. Crying uncontrollably
  76. Starting to go downhill again
  77. Would like to join more often .......
  78. Thanks
  79. Sigh... work troubles
  80. thinking about bulb
  81. Let's promise
  82. Bulb--Please Read My Reply Under Your Cat Post
  83. CAN you help me please
  84. A group to help Bulb:
  85. Nortriptyline. Does anyone take this? Can you give me advice?
  86. Will Wellbutrin kick in?
  87. to Bulb
  88. I Have NO Idea What This Means - Just "Felt It"
  89. servere sickness, not eating
  90. Scared for Bulb
  91. Lots of Love
  92. does your medication give you blisters
  93. Am I supposed to sleep all day? someone help me please...
  94. Just curious
  95. Wellbutrin or Zoloft and a Hot head
  96. Thanks guys for the kindness.
  97. Please read CML
  98. Why did I do it?
  99. How do I accept this world?
  100. Feeling slightly better
  101. I have an idea and need help
  102. what kind of foods
  103. Random acts of kindness...
  104. how long does it take to regain normal sexual function if I stopped takin the AD's?
  105. Need to talk tonight
  106. Can someone please tell me what is the cause of this?
  107. opinions needed
  108. Stress vs. Depression
  109. Had to cancel shrink app. feeling bad
  110. Some answers
  111. I'm caught!
  112. I'm in the same boat as Rick and I can't get with it
  113. Depakote
  114. Just talked to my doctor and he is oing to try Remeron instead of Celexa.
  115. I only took Zoloft for 3 days and feel horrible.
  116. Celexa and thirst!!
  117. Has anyone here been on Imipramine/Tofranil?
  118. This is the problem
  119. Chat room?
  120. feel like moving
  121. Is Depression Contagious?
  122. attitude
  123. Can information become an obcession?
  124. Medications for depression.
  125. Anyone's help is appreciated
  126. St. Johns wort (hypericum)
  127. SoLost , where are you?
  128. A Nice Fantasy
  129. Does anyone else?
  130. I'm new here
  131. Grrrr - This is NOT Living
  132. Just to let everyone to know I'm still kicking
  133. What is The Happiest Time In Your Life?
  134. Happy st. Patrick day beebs & everybody!!!
  135. Why is it so bad to drink on occasion while taking an anti depressant ??
  136. if life is like a box of chocolates
  137. Worried
  138. Can I combine Effexor XR 75mg with Wellbutrin Sr 150mg?
  139. Desperately seeking advice!!!!
  140. SoLost and Bulb please read
  141. confused
  142. CML, you will be missed.
  143. Had a good day, Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. I need advice please
  145. Nobody understands
  146. I'm Sitting Here Crying As I Write This...
  147. What do you like about yourself?
  148. Help this doesnt feel right.........
  149. Lonely Hearts Club
  150. A message for everyone
  151. one question.
  152. I thought you were my friends :-(
  153. new kid on the block
  154. Does St . John's Wort work for depression or anxiety?
  155. Anxious Child.....Please Help !!!
  156. Tired Of It All
  157. feeling odd tonight
  158. Here's how sick I really am... for those who say I shouldn't call myself a nutcase.
  159. Sarafem/Prozac and Imitrex
  160. The Story
  161. Feeling "OUT THERE" I'm begging for help.
  162. Been gone for a while
  163. Bulb and changing my life
  164. Cutting
  165. I'm new
  166. Can't Help But Smile For Once
  167. so you think your depressed?
  168. im on a pentium computer now but
  169. low,lower and lowest.
  170. does paxil have sexual side effects ?
  171. Crying on the Inside
  172. Hi
  173. Halt the search party!!
  174. Low blow
  175. Just So Pessimistic
  176. I love you you all!
  177. OOH MY GOD, I think i'm a nutcase!
  178. Geez, I don't if it's just suggestion, if Im getting better, or if Im going insane
  179. Insane???
  180. Bipolar II - Anyone have this diagnosis?
  181. I wish i never got the internet
  182. Coming out of the "closet"
  183. anyone with dysthimic disorder here?
  184. What is the deal with everyone posting about BROWN RICE???
  185. trying to upgrade
  186. I know I'm sick, but...
  187. Couple of Questions
  188. here we go again
  189. 12 days on Nortyptyline - dreams!
  190. I hope i get killed today
  191. male/female councelor? does it matter
  192. Can't Slow Down...
  193. Hey Clouds!
  194. i've got so much anger!!
  195. emptyness
  196. thyroid results, anyone who knows about this?
  197. Congratulations to SoLost for becoming a veteran
  198. Appt. is this week!!
  199. Bi polar and have some questions please helpl if you can
  200. I'm a big fan of Remeron
  201. Lies
  202. Prozac and Pregnancy
  203. Job interview tomorrow!
  204. Psychiatrists Make Me So Mad!
  205. Remeron and certain dosage discontinuation?
  206. soicial anxiety, please read
  207. Fast-acting SSRI's?
  208. feeling betrayed
  209. Re:update from caz, PLEASE READ!
  210. Med Input Wanted Please
  211. CHANGINGMYLIFE? and others please give so imput on this.
  212. I dont' know
  213. Despair....
  214. Thanks all!
  215. Exhausted..... :(
  216. Wactch Oprah today....
  217. Search Party forming for Eeyore!!
  218. When's It Gonna Be My Turn!
  219. 7.0 earthquake . i was there
  220. Been on Celexa for 7 days. Feel bad
  221. Help - I'm eating like a horse
  222. I'm wondering
  223. I'm Just So Sad Today
  224. Could things get any worse?????
  225. To the Moderator...
  226. Feel lousy today.....
  227. Depression and MDMA (Ecstacy)
  228. The name?
  229. Celexa...
  230. Concentrating at work
  231. Tell me what you think
  232. Just a question !!??
  233. coffea - shoot me at will
  234. Paxil/Seroxat withdrawl symptoms - experiences?
  235. noisey neighbors
  236. Question 4 Others With Rapid Cycle Bipolar
  237. Paxil Story/Help
  238. is it really worth the fight?
  239. Disney off Paxil
  240. What is Bipola?
  241. Natural altrnatives to meds
  242. Paxil and time...
  243. About socializing
  244. Voluntary Committment, what are my rights?
  245. Celexa w/ Hydrocodone
  246. Sleepless in Ontario....
  247. Not Such a bad day?
  248. avoiding life
  249. Raining Stones
  250. Please tell me doctors dont use placebos

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