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  1. Abilify
  2. Lexapro 1st time user
  3. Abandoned and Uncared For
  4. Lonely and Bored
  5. I Feel Like I'm Drowning & My Demons Know How To Swim
  6. Viibryd info...
  7. Effexor Xr
  8. Gad, mdd, ednos
  9. I keep failing and failing. I'm sad and jealous of others' successes.
  10. The pill has me more depressed than ever. When will it go away?
  11. Feeling seriously messed up!
  12. How do I fix my life?
  13. To many health problems
  14. Homeopathic?
  15. Alternatives to Lexapro for depression and GAD?
  16. What to do with all this time
  17. Is this depression?
  18. Help!
  19. Depression AVOID CHOCOLATE
  20. Medications And Liquor
  21. Celexa vs Zoloft
  22. Death Anxiety
  23. Nobody likes me at work
  24. Depression and several drugs
  25. 10 years of depression
  26. Im taking BUPROPION xl 150 mg
  27. How Many Times?
  28. magnesium and depression
  29. celexa 10mg
  30. Too depressed to do anything
  31. Depression has led me to infidelity
  32. the true cause of depression, and the solution
  33. My problem doesn't seem to be thyroid
  34. Celexa
  35. ssri withdrawl is hard
  36. Not sure what is wrong ... nervous stomach ache
  37. depressed and anxious for a long period, feeling there's no way out
  38. Is depression my only option?
  39. My husband thinks I'm just lazy how can I make him understand
  40. Depression and anxiety
  41. Depression Vs Hypothyroidism
  42. Help - so sad and lost
  43. I am sad since my memory isn't that good anymore.
  44. Really struggling
  45. Zinc to Help Depression???
  46. Effexor Xr
  47. Living with Depression
  48. New and forgive me for any repeating topics ...
  49. Empty
  50. Depression
  51. dizziness panic attacks at night headace blood pressure
  52. Anyone taking Viibryd?
  53. Can depression make you really tired.
  54. How to sleep better when I am depressed?
  55. Depressed?
  56. Overwhelming sadness and depression about my kids growing up
  57. Mum just told me she suffers from depression
  58. Depressed for too long :(
  59. confused b/w married, sex, love
  60. How to get myself to want to eat when I am sad?
  61. Entitlement
  62. wife is very depressed I'm very concerned
  63. Brintellix
  64. Effexor 150mg
  65. What to do when you are sad and can't find someone to be with though.
  66. I'm lost.
  67. My Life is on Repeat
  68. Let's try that again
  69. Work
  70. Depressed. Need help!
  71. Depression on the Job
  72. Can I quit cold turkey? (Nortriptyline 10mg per day, 4 Months, Migraine)
  73. the waiting game on medication
  74. depression and fibromyalgia
  75. Could it be depression?
  76. we are feeling incompetent
  77. I'm at wits end. Please help.
  78. Wellbutrin XL - 300 mg
  79. Depression
  80. Everything at once
  81. New Job = Anxiety and Depression
  82. 18 days of venlafaxine. Low mood!! Need advice.
  83. death anxiety
  84. Depression? I have Aspergers Syndrome.
  85. Cursed Holidays
  86. Everything is Terrible
  87. Depressed wife cheats.
  88. My depression is so bad tonight I am feeling numb
  89. Nobody to talk to
  90. No phone calls
  91. depressed
  92. Is this depression?
  93. Life is happening around me
  94. How to want to live when you are in pain though.
  95. anyone feel doomed?
  96. Effexor XR withdrawal questions
  97. The love of my life is depressed...
  98. can anyone help?
  99. Do anti depressants make you worse and eventually cause you to not do anything?
  100. Does pain cause depression? Or does depression cause pain?
  101. Mirtazapine - weight gain?
  102. Sweating on Lexapro
  103. i'm 17 and i need freedom from my parents
  104. existential depression
  105. Depressed; Tired of being alone
  106. Help I'm depressed and so is my bf
  107. Bipolar 16 years managed. Now depressed after back surgery
  108. anyone ever felt doomed?
  109. anyone ever feel doomed
  110. anti-depressant w/o side effect nausea
  111. Dating.
  112. How can I help my friend?
  113. Brain Zaps?
  114. Fear of Break Up in Marriage
  115. Weary and Lost at 60
  116. Depression
  117. Moderate depression, long struggle, don't know what to do.
  118. Do I need help?
  119. Sensitive People, Lexapro and SLOW Dosing
  120. coming off Valdoxan
  121. Don't know how to deal with depression and relationship
  122. please someone help! my dr tried 2 antidepressants and then gave up :(
  123. Dysthymia
  124. Increasing Doses for Super Sensitive People (ME!)
  125. Coughing as side effect of Wellbutrin AND Effexor???
  126. Effexor Xr
  127. I have no desires, opinions, or anything in life
  128. Wellbutrin xl & extreme insomnia
  129. 90 on the Rumination subscale
  130. What is a Rumination subscale
  131. 14 yr old nephew so sad
  132. Profane words
  133. Prozac exhaustion
  134. I don't know if i'm depressed or not.
  135. nothingness
  136. feeling depressed/lonely
  137. Need Physical Touch
  138. Citalopram to Escitalopram annd back
  139. Struggling to cope atm
  140. Wellbutrin help ... coughing as a side effect ... will it go away?
  141. Prozac for 3 weeks not working
  142. Seizures, numbness, anxiety, depression. What is going on with me?!
  143. I'm not sure depression ptsd confused scared
  144. I'm new here ... anybody out there?
  145. Confronting psychiatrist about problems with Concerta. PLEASE HELP!
  146. emptiness
  147. Antidepressants Side Effect
  148. Effexor XR 187,5 isn't working this time
  149. At a complete loss of late
  150. memory loss
  151. Paxil tapering, short term use
  152. Anyone take Wellbutrin with Prozac?
  153. Codeine & anti-depressants
  154. genetic test for antidepressant
  155. I'm a mess...
  156. What is the end goal?
  157. Down to a new low in my life
  158. physical pain with my depression
  159. The best time to start Lexapro
  160. Just when I thought I couldn't get more depressed
  161. Heartbroken
  162. Can Gingko really cause seizures?
  163. Anyone offer any advice?
  164. Depression
  165. Pristiq info ... ??
  166. I can't take it anymore
  167. Suffocating Pressure Constantly Surrounding Me
  168. I need help
  169. Still Depressed over Lose Love After 6yrs!!!
  170. 5htp tolerance
  171. why am I thinking this?
  172. Could my recent spur in Acne be Antidepressant related?
  173. ESCITALOPRAM Start Up Effects
  174. Help! I'm Depressed
  175. Zoloft
  176. I'm new to this
  177. Trouble with antidepressants causing anxiety (paxil/wellbutrin)
  178. New here ... Need help
  179. Living with depression
  180. New here with new Depression diagnosis and prescription
  181. Psychiatrist Increased prozac need advice
  182. It has been a long time.............again.
  183. Depression and Panic attacks
  184. slowly losing my grip
  185. I Want to Work
  186. on meds
  187. Am I in a new depression?
  188. Multiple health conditions. how to deal with lack of support??
  189. Feeling Off
  190. A Diatribe on My Current Anxiety
  191. Holding My Ground
  192. I have a question about Lexapro? If anyone reads the boards that we post !
  193. Feeling alone
  194. Help Please!!
  195. feel dead inside
  196. Struggling.
  197. Liothyronine 25mcg augmentation for antidepressant
  198. Depression
  199. Treatment Resistant for Depression/Anxiety
  200. Depression
  201. Deep depression after first relationship just need to talk
  202. Escitalopram doesn't work, what's next?
  203. Is this depression, anxiety or am I just losing my mind?
  204. Help
  205. Nausea Due to Psyche Meds
  206. Zoloft
  207. slipping into depression again ?
  208. Paxil CR and Antibiotics
  209. get busy living ?
  210. Positive Thinking
  211. A strange relationship with men
  212. ISO Community Support
  213. New Years Blues
  214. Help! Zoloft and Viibryd for Depression
  215. TERRIBLE debilitating symptoms! HELP!!
  216. I need advice on what to do, severely depressed.
  217. I Don't Know What To Do Anymore :(
  218. Celexa withdrawal?
  219. Struggling more than ever
  220. Im just... tired
  221. Need A Diagnosis Or Just some advice
  222. Brintellix
  223. Just Got Out of InPatient
  224. Holiday Blues
  225. I don't feel strong
  226. Switching medicines
  227. Citalopram advice/help?
  228. Needing Deplin advice.
  229. so very very sad
  230. Trouble working? Too many sick days?
  231. Depression & Anxiety
  232. Very lost and confused. How does my mental health compare to others?
  233. I don't know, man, I just got here myself
  234. Safe place to land ...
  235. Overcome major depression
  236. Need Advice With Wellbutrin/Bupropion Side Effects
  237. Getting involved!
  238. I'm at an end.
  239. Feeling like there's something seriously wrong with me
  240. What I need
  241. I think I have depression but I don't know what to do
  242. do I have depression ?
  243. Fetzima ???? Pls. advise.
  244. High Doses of Fluoxetine
  245. how to pull yourself forward when in pain & broken
  246. slipping off fence...
  247. Really struggling today
  248. How do you get out of the dump
  249. Depression vs. Anxiety
  250. pessimistic one day optimistic the next

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