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  1. anyone have any info on natural supplements for diabetes?
  2. do fat burners affect your insulin levels?
  3. urine
  4. diabetes and weight loss
  5. Byetta cloudy, but clears. Usable?
  6. Out of Control
  7. what to use instead of actos gaining weight with actos
  8. is this possible?
  9. advantia
  10. Cold Ankles
  11. associated with low sugar?
  12. hypoglycemic - what does this mean?
  13. Internal Trembling
  14. what is is normal range for someone with diabetes
  15. I got weighed today and nearly died when i saw result
  16. how to give sliding scale insulin
  17. Can a cold really affect glucose?
  18. Update on Losing Weight to Diabetes
  19. Really nervous about 5 hr GTT test
  20. Anyone ever pass out during glucose tolerence test?
  21. Anyone else have bowel problems that could be related to their diabetes?
  22. Metformin-Questions for those of you that are taking it
  23. Question Insurance/Insulin
  24. What kind of hard candy can diabetics have?
  25. Do I have low blood sugar?
  26. Napping after eating breakfast
  27. Do I have something wrong with me?
  28. Byetta anyone?
  29. fasting blood sugar and potassium supplements
  30. Newly diagnosed
  31. Metformin
  32. How long to work?
  33. Does Lisinipril effect Blood sugar?
  34. bad veins?
  35. Am I hypoglycemic?
  36. Eyes going bad?
  37. bedtime 117, fasting 209?
  38. Headaches from Nesidioblastosis after Gastric Bypass
  39. what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi
  40. Diamaxol
  41. Restart Metformin after surgery
  42. meter readings
  43. How Can I Find information On Diabetes
  44. does what i eat today affect glucose tomorrow?
  45. what do i eat to avoid diabetes?
  46. Health insurance for diabetic
  47. Confused
  48. BP Meds to protect kidneys????
  49. Diabetes Type 2
  50. Please Help
  51. Always hungry
  52. How many pill are too much
  53. Do I skip the minidiab or metformin if ...
  54. can diabetes go away?
  55. Bloodwork results
  56. could i possibly have diabetes??
  57. Just started testing my sugar do I have diabetes?
  58. do i or dont i have diabetes???? very long, so sorry.
  59. This should give you all the reason to laugh more
  60. lantus question
  61. Janumet 50-500
  62. Very scared - please give advice!
  63. Frequent Cellulitis/Cellulitus episodes
  64. High non fasting glucose level
  65. diabetes tests
  66. diabetes and Xenical
  67. life expectancy, work out question
  68. How much magnesium can I take in a day?
  69. Living in Canada and the PUMP
  70. what is the lowest blood sugar reading that in known
  71. Help!!!
  72. Is insulin in my future?
  73. fasting for glucose test
  74. Blood Sugar Is Borderline at 116. What Do I Do Now?
  75. Diet Drinks and High Blood Sugar
  76. sugar in urine
  77. Prediabetes
  78. Is it Diabetes? Or Hypo?
  79. extremely high reading HELP!!
  80. Mornings with high readings. Morning Phenomenon??
  81. Is there a smell associated with diabetes?
  82. why do I have numbness and tingling in my feet at night
  83. Byetta and insulin used together
  84. For non diabetes, how to lower Hemoglobin A1c
  85. does water bring down high glucose reading?
  86. Question for the pump users :)
  87. what are the syptoms of diabetes?
  88. lab tests
  89. Nephrologist
  90. Bad Mood
  91. Novalog isnt fast enough.
  92. hypo??
  93. BG levels
  94. Diabetic type 1 few questions
  95. insulin and weight gain
  96. Is the H1AC test enough
  97. Can't get to doc til next month, what can I do to lower BS??
  98. New to this, some general questions I hope to have answered...
  99. Just tested high for first time, please help with my question!!
  100. Diabetes Insipidus
  101. what is do chiro inositol
  102. Glyburide
  103. Steroids and blood sugar
  104. This is frustrating!
  105. could it be diabetes or thyroid
  106. Ignoring Diabetes
  107. New Meter Cases
  108. Continuous Glucose Monitor with Insulin Pump
  109. Diabetic Neuropathy Constant Pain
  110. My Dr.s visit RE: Pills making my sugar go up
  111. Diabetes and Sex Life
  112. how does diabetes affect erections
  113. Can I have diabetes?
  114. Can I bolus more than I should
  115. Irregular Heartbeat???
  116. New Diabetic Testing Meter ..?
  117. Diabetes when you hit menopause
  118. Mianly lookinf for re-assurance (yet again)
  119. Need your advise please. I am new to diabetes.
  120. glugophage
  121. What does it mean when a type 2 takes meds and sugar goes up without eating?
  122. Menu ideas ????
  123. Weight
  124. What does this mean and what SHOULD be done?
  125. ask does metformin cause diarrhea
  126. In need of ideas for CHEAP meals for type 2
  127. Please help, im scared out of my mind
  128. Sliding Scale Insulin/Type II
  129. Tingling sensation in hands, feet, and lower legs.
  130. byetta and other diabetes medicine
  131. Insulin Resistance and giving blood?
  132. Using Raw Foods as a means to heal Diabetes
  133. Can you get?
  134. what is glucose intolerence and how can I keep it under control
  135. Thanks for all the wonderful help before and, may I ask for a bit more, please?
  136. how many carb servings per day for Diabetes
  137. My friends feet
  138. Plenty of questions...
  139. byetta
  140. Diabetic Retinopathy
  141. Symptoms, faint when standing, fatigue, leg cramps, overheating, muscle pain, joint p
  142. Could I have Diabetes? Please help!
  143. Memory Loss
  144. Help me do the right thing - part 2
  145. husband just diagnosed with type 2, need advice to help him
  146. Help Me Do the Right thing
  147. Confused about hormone test. Diabetes?
  148. completely in the dark....
  149. Elevated Glucose (fasting) and Fructosamine; Depressed Post-Prandial Insulin
  150. How come no one is on Symlin??
  151. Book Suggestions
  152. Best injection areas
  153. Diabetes and ADHD
  154. Problems w/Lantus and anxiety! Anyone else?? Please respond!
  155. I have Type 1.5...Where do I begin to control this?
  156. Missing meals, fasting blood sugar, etc.
  157. C Peptide levels confirm diabetes?
  158. Concerned daughter
  159. Questions about carbs
  160. Stopping Metformin for a MRI/CT scan?
  161. Husband just dx'd and meter question
  162. Do i have diabetes?
  163. New Humalog Pen User Have Questions?
  164. Strips the same or not?
  165. Diabetes of children
  166. Diabetics
  167. General Type 2 Diabetes Questions
  168. Glucose readings
  169. Help! Can't stop losing weight!!
  170. started byetta today and I feal GREAT
  171. Side effect of Prednisone/
  172. Question about my daughter...Worried
  173. Prediabetes
  174. Pump Question
  175. Husband feels hot all the time
  176. is 160 under control
  177. Am I a diabetic or still Pre?
  178. General Question
  179. Does This Sound Like Neuropathy?
  180. Protein in urine
  181. does having diabetes cause a bad attitude in children
  182. Blood Sugar Lowering Pills
  183. High leavels !!
  184. burning pain in the legs,
  185. what does sugar in urine but not a diabetic mean?
  186. New to board and need help please !!!
  187. Diet info?
  188. sores?
  189. Unusually high reading
  190. Huereque, herb that lowered my blood sugar
  191. Normal Glucose reading
  192. Extremely low blood sugar (37)
  193. Any ideas?
  194. constantly hungry
  195. Too thin it hurts
  196. Fetal Stem Cells
  197. Diabetic Neuropathy and Rhuematoid Arthritis
  198. Blood sugar normal or high?
  199. swollen injection site
  200. Diabetes and pancreatitis
  201. Insulin ???
  202. HELP !!!! Diabetic S.C.U.B.A
  203. New here and need help......
  204. What To Eat
  205. How does one get Diabetes, can you prevent it?
  206. Diabetic Neuropathy?
  207. glucosage
  208. Prediabetes
  209. High blood glucose leves and kidney pain
  210. Trigger finger in my shoulders???
  211. Newbie here
  212. Normal Resting B.S.?
  213. Can high blood sugar make you dizzy?
  214. Metformin questions, Januvia questions
  215. Newly diagnosed - need help
  216. Help with Meal planning
  217. Byetta for weight loss??
  218. My A1c tests
  219. Neuropathy help needed
  220. T-I, Sudden change with insulin dose
  221. Question please?
  222. Neuropathy
  223. Question about levels
  224. Unreasonable Fear of Testing B.S. Help!
  225. Metformin Not Working?
  226. Dear Type 2 Newbies
  227. carafate/sucralfate and blood sugar levels
  228. Byetta Side-effects worse on 2nd injection, any one else?
  229. Help! Tell me how would I help my mom to overcome her problem?
  230. I bought cinnamon - now what?
  231. Diabetes or Prediabetes?
  232. Husband DXed yesterday
  233. Health Insurance
  234. exubera????
  235. HELP! I have some questions on lab tests for diabetes!!
  236. new member with questiom
  237. Foot Question
  238. Good news!
  239. Pre-diabetes
  240. Hi new member
  241. diabetes and alcohol
  242. Just Diagnosed Today
  243. What is a good level?
  244. Please help!
  245. Hemoglobin A1c Results
  246. Pricking your finger
  247. Insulin and weight gain
  248. Metformin question
  249. Stopping Seroquel due to Increase in Blood Sugar Help
  250. Pumping Books

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