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  1. 1.76 mg/dl is equivalent to what in mmol/l?
  2. 180 blood sugar
  3. Injections hurting
  4. what makes sugar go down?
  5. diabetic
  6. Both parents have diabetes: What are my chances?
  7. HELP!!! 3 Year w/ symptoms!!! How are these sugars???
  8. Cardio after splurging on sugar didn't work
  9. diesel tech with diabetes
  10. Complications of type 1 diabetes
  11. Anyone on Januvia
  12. Should I go to the doctor?
  13. Starlix and Metformin--taken at same meal?
  14. How do you get high blood sugar to go down?
  15. Diabetes HIV Lancet fear, any advice please
  16. Need some advice.
  17. Need some advice!
  18. Husband just diagnosed with Type II---how can I help him?
  19. Having a problem finding what to eat.
  20. Diabeties Type2 & Hypothyroid + Metformin + Armour
  21. Swelling
  22. juvenile diabetes
  23. insulin and medication
  24. my daughter has diabetes...does my son???
  25. does high blood sugar mean that you have diabetes
  26. Another Metfromin Question
  27. Metformin
  28. My father is diabetic.
  29. Help I think I forgot my lantis this morning!
  30. Success stories ?
  31. Boiling With Rage-diabetes Type 2
  32. Diabetes News
  33. 5.7
  34. Diabetes and Pumps
  35. Diabetes type 2
  36. Father diagnosed with Diabetes type 2
  37. New Here...
  38. Humalog expiration (any grace period)
  39. Silly questiob but curious
  40. metformen
  41. blood sugar drops to 60 after eating..my normal fasting is 72
  42. New and struggling with it all
  43. what to eat with an upset stomach
  44. Diabetes/Edema
  45. Citalopram Issues
  46. Why Does Blood Sugar Spike Overnight?
  47. Antibiotics and Diabetes
  48. Blood glucose reading after a meal
  49. I Don't Agree That I'm Diabetic
  50. Weight
  51. Meds
  52. unable to understand how to control diabetes - Help Me
  53. Is it normal for a glucose level go down 1 hr after oral gtt glucose test
  54. Homemade Gourmet diabetic-friendly food products
  55. Does Magnesium lower blood sugar
  56. What can cause elevated blood sugar
  57. does low estrogen cause low blood sugar
  58. fasting blood sugar
  59. Is it still possible?
  60. diabetes and having constant yeast infections what to do
  61. How long is too long?
  62. Scared of Diabetes. How Do I Sleep Right?
  63. Fenugreek or Bitter Melon?
  64. high blood pressure (Diabetic)
  65. blood test results
  66. Insulin and Work
  67. Calcium/magnesium
  68. Are these readings in the normal range?
  69. I am confused
  70. peripheral neuropathy possible?
  71. Are we forever banned from sugar and alcohol?
  72. diabetes
  73. diabetes
  74. a1c low
  75. ??? about lab results.
  76. Diabetes insipidus or...??
  77. I need to find out what's going on with my body
  78. Help he's eating us out of house and home!!!!
  79. Help he's eating us out of house and home!!!!
  80. Bloodsugar test = 675 (!)
  81. Janumet
  82. Please Help - Do I have Diabetes?
  83. how are these blood sugar levels for someone that could be pre-diabetic?
  84. low blood sugar after meals?
  85. Sugar wont come down.
  86. sores that dont heal
  87. ibuprofen?
  88. kidney function?
  89. blood glucose over 200 will not come down even on insulin
  90. Lowering blood sugar levels
  91. What is my status
  92. Juvenile T1, some questions & mostly venting I guess...
  93. Help needed please.
  94. Carb count?
  95. how much does 500mg metformin a day affect BG?
  96. High Blood Sugars
  97. I get the shakes.........
  98. New here
  99. best test for bs, fasting or 2 hr post meal?
  100. help the flu
  101. Diabetes Symptoms for 16 year old?
  102. Weight Watchers Or Plain Old Calorie Counting????
  103. Antagolin-for insulin resistence.
  104. Why would i get pre-diabetes when i exercise everyday and am normal weight?
  105. normal sugar levels
  106. how long will cortisone injection cause elevated bgs?
  107. What can you eat with an upset stomach?
  108. Can exercise cause low blood sugar in a non-diabetic?
  109. is this normal????
  110. I need more ideas for protein to eat
  111. Could use some advice for a friend in BAD shape!!!
  112. Januvia
  113. Frequent Urination Warning Sign, How Often is Frequent?
  114. my blood sugar has been really high lately
  115. Losing blood
  116. insulin shots
  117. HI.. in prep to talk to my doc
  118. Losing weight
  119. I am scared of losing my mom to Diabetes/Kindneys
  120. Insulin Side Effects- Weight Gain
  121. just diagnosed as pre diabetic
  122. Diet and Whole Foods Market
  123. Ok...Big update on GTT/Insulin Level!
  124. Can metformin cause UTI???
  125. Question for insulin users
  126. Metforman & Gadolinium Contrast
  127. januvia
  128. newly diagnosed and confused over BG
  129. what does LB mean in a urin test
  130. Recently Diagnosed - Vision has been restored
  131. some questions
  132. The Truth About Diabetes!
  133. I feel like I've lost the battle
  134. Pre-diabetic= diabetic neuropathy ???
  135. Need info on Diabetes Please
  136. fasting glucose in 70s
  137. Brand new member JOHNBEN.
  138. 170 blood sugar
  139. Diabetic nerve damage?
  140. help! memory failed!!
  141. Glyburide or insulin injection
  142. Diabetes II and Anxiety
  143. Sugar Levels
  144. Bad Kidney, And Diabetes
  145. Diabetics and Acrylics
  146. 1200 calories a day?!?!?!?!?!?!
  147. Blood Tests
  148. How many carbs a day???
  149. Are There Symptoms If Blood Sugar Is High
  150. Prednisone induced diabetes
  151. Mother diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  152. Side Effects of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  153. Would regular blood work uncover diabetes?
  154. Doctor out until next week-trying to interpret son's serum insulin results
  155. Worried about my 16 year old
  156. Please Help me help my boyfriend!
  157. Question
  158. What is normal range for A1C and could this be diabetes?
  159. Newbie on insulin: I didn't have it w/ me so I ate dinner w/o taking it?
  160. Blood Sugar 105 one hour after eating...okay?
  161. Metforming as a preventive ?
  162. Question
  163. Weight Gain with NOVOLOG! Not HUMALOG! Sorry!!!
  164. how can you collect disablity
  165. I'm In Insulin Resistance Hell
  166. weight gain with humalog? please help!
  167. new drug Lyrica?
  168. Diabetic rage/coma???
  169. Stiff Neck
  170. Hope for a cure for Type 2 and maybe type 1?
  171. Meter readings
  172. observation re: exercise
  173. Is it posible to go back to taking oral meds instead of insulin....
  174. Allergic Reaction To Levemir???
  175. Treatment options for Pre-Diabetes?
  176. taking byetta and insulin together
  177. Why Minidiab (glipizide) caused me so much heart palpitation and dizziness?
  178. how much sugar is in the drink used for a diabetes test?
  179. fasting glucose always runs mid to upper 90's-pre-diabetes or normal for some people?
  180. What are the best times to test blood sugar???
  181. what to do if blood sugar is 196
  182. Could i have hyperglcemia?
  183. Could i have hyperglcemia?
  184. Januvia
  185. about diabetes
  186. Question about blood sugar
  187. Sweet potato balances BS?
  188. Diabetes Itching
  189. diabetes, and sex life
  190. Question on insulin & c-peptide levels
  191. Glucophage making me sick!
  192. High insulin and Januvia
  193. Fasting blood glucose
  194. Am I diabetic?
  195. Doc thinks I might have Diabetes
  196. normal readings
  197. Can you start cycling high fasting bg for no reason?
  198. urine home glucose and ketone tests
  199. Can you have both insulin resistance and reactive hypoglysemia PLEASE READ!!!!
  200. Pre-diabetic trying to fight off diabetes HELP
  201. Wondering if this is the place to start?
  202. Please Help Once Again??????
  203. Feels like right foot rips inside when stretching
  204. Need some food ideas good for me, that the kids will also eat
  205. Pills Question
  206. diabetes itching
  207. New to this board....
  208. what is most important 4 me to know, bf has typeII diabetes
  209. low blood sugar, type 2 diabetes
  210. Having a problem and don't know what to do!!!!!!
  211. ketones
  212. Symptoms of diabetes? medication? (or something else?)
  213. Sugar and Carbs
  214. My teenage son's sugar level is been low
  215. Foot Pain
  216. how long does it take to lower blood sugar after eating
  217. 2 hours after eating my sugar is normal then it goes high why is this happening
  218. How Bad Is This?
  219. question about possible diabetes
  220. Type 2 Diabetic. My sugar tablet pass strtaight through me.
  221. someone please help me
  222. My A1c has come back at 5.9 so why is my blood sugar going up after every time i eat?
  223. Insulin Users---question
  224. Diabetes and abdominal discomfort?
  225. Januvia
  226. insulin and gestational diabetes...help asap
  227. are these hypoglycemic symptoms?
  228. A weird one
  229. Question about carbs
  230. drs never heard of GD like this
  231. Help! Weird symptoms and don't know what to make of them?
  232. What are the affects of long term insulin overdose
  233. low blood sugars after eating and can't stay awake sometimes, anyone experience this?
  234. Best Way To Use Insulin To Keep Numbers Down
  235. Odd reaction to carbohydrates
  236. Glucose up at night
  237. I just don't understand!
  238. My A1c has come back at 5.9
  239. Glucose vs Insulin? Confused
  240. The doc just called - what does this mean?
  241. newly diagnosed and new to this board
  242. Medications
  243. what can I eat or do to lower sugar
  244. Cinnamon and/or vinegar--how much and when
  245. Looking for a endocrinologist in Houston
  246. Paging Uma Anne...
  247. is this high
  248. Is this good or bad?
  249. Diabetes
  250. Okay, so what am I doing wrong ?

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