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  1. refulx surgery reversal
  2. Internal hemmorrhoids or something much worse?
  3. Help with digestive system please!
  4. need help and advice
  5. Barium x-ray results: H.Pilory+Gastritis+Duodenum ulcer(s)
  6. Increased frequency of bowel movements accompanied by cramping
  7. Sixth colonoscopy/EGD
  8. Anybody have something like this?
  9. diarrhea almost everytime I eat
  10. Antibiotic resistant h.pylori
  11. stomach / digestive pain?
  12. what is the cause for too much saliva after Nissen fundoplication surgery
  13. Liver and abnormal feeling in left abdomen
  14. constant nausea
  15. Small amount of mucous can this be normal?
  16. Discomfort In Chest and Back
  17. Abdominal Discomfort - Where do I go from here?
  18. Trouble swallowing/digesting
  19. Ok, still having issues !!!
  20. what happens wrap too loose or tight after reflux surgery
  21. Stomach Pains
  22. Severe, stabbing pain in abdomen
  23. MRCP Can this xray detect Sphinctor of Oddi dysfunction
  24. Recurrent vomiting
  25. My Cholecystectomy Adventure
  26. gastric mucosal abnormality
  27. clammy?
  28. Please help unbearable stomach pains!!!
  29. Endoscopy, what it will it be like waking up?
  30. Sudden attack makes it hard to breathe
  31. Digestive issues
  32. Gastro Problem? Help, No Insurance
  33. Stomach hurts after eating and becomes bloated?
  34. Any one know what this could be?
  35. Can anyone out there help? no doctor can...
  36. Please is there anyone else with this?
  37. My weird stomach gives me a headache
  38. My weird stomach gives me a headache
  39. Fluttering between breasts
  40. Acidic test in mouth
  41. Helicobacter pylori and persistent stomach pain
  42. Persistent pain under bottom left rib after colonoscopy
  43. Surprise Diagnosis
  44. stomach help please!
  45. whats wrong?
  46. c.diff and h.pylori
  47. ALT test of 58,
  48. Elevated lipase
  49. colan blood vessel
  50. pains?
  51. Not able to Digest Eggs
  52. LPR- help! Went off meds for a little while, and now I feel they aren't working!
  53. What the heck is this...!
  54. anxiety and GERD
  55. lower right abdominal discomfort
  56. Hmmm, jardia?
  57. Why do i suddenly have lpr, nothings helping
  58. stomach pain
  59. Duodenal Erosion.. but no H. Pylori..
  60. How long does it take !! to heal?
  61. Stomach pains and at a loss...
  62. Post Abdomen Surgery - Diarrhea/Loose Stool & Lightheaded
  63. Sharp localized pain in lower abdomen
  64. Stomach hurts after eating,..
  65. pyloric stenosis
  66. Colonoscopy Nodules??
  67. why do i burp so much
  68. Multiple GI complications...
  69. I am trying to stay positive but I feel like giving up
  70. Could This Be an Ulcer?
  71. This cannot be normal
  72. Why all the bloating?
  73. 24 with bile reflux for over a year please help..advice/opinions
  74. Nausea, occasional pain on right side under ribs. Help!
  75. I'm at my wits end
  76. Does your digestive issue cause you dizziness
  77. Constant nausea
  78. PPI's
  79. mastic gum
  81. Belching
  82. anyone like me?
  83. When will pain subside and eating become pleasant?
  84. Sudden vomiting
  85. Severe bloating and xanax...
  86. Omeprazole side effects?
  87. Abdominal pain; extreme fatigue; nausea
  88. Newly Diagnosed with Diverticulitis - HELP!
  89. Abdominal Pelvic Cat Scan
  90. Sudden onset of constipation
  91. Nausea in the morning
  92. whats next after an MRCP??
  93. Dealing with painful gas
  94. diarrhea after nissen fundoplication
  95. 39, Diverticulitis, Dr. recommending "Segmental Resection"
  96. Endoscopy to view the inside of the stomach
  97. H.pylory help
  98. My surgeon wants me to have a starr procedure.
  99. Dr. thinks I might have nutcracker syndrome but I don't have trouble swallowing
  100. cause of abdominal pain
  101. Digestive probs caused by apple cider vinegar
  102. Lower Left Abdominal Pain
  103. Need avice!...General surgeon or gastroenterologist?
  104. delayed effects?
  105. Way too many problems.. going on for two years
  106. with or without spray?
  107. Belching..
  108. Looking for help for my 8 yr old granddaughter
  109. Stomach Flipping Sensation
  110. Two questions for those with gastritis or burning stomach symptoms
  111. Upper right abdominal pain only when walking
  112. Back ache? Is this related to my stomach issues?
  113. After Nissen fundoplication
  114. Continuing Burbing and breathing problem
  115. 11% hida scan but not typical symptoms
  116. What the heck is wrong with me?
  117. Gastroenteritus??
  118. Strange Bowel Movements
  119. is metachlopramide safe?
  120. what meals to eat after g.b. removal ??
  121. nissen wrap
  122. GB removed 4 months ago...Having acid reflux now?
  123. Gas bloating, chest gas pains, and green stool
  124. Possible Gluten and Lactose Intolerance
  125. Chronic constipation
  126. Is this acid rebound or no?
  127. Any one with similair symptoms?
  128. HH - Swallowed Air and Breathing Difficulties
  129. still painfull after g.b. removal also constipation / diarhea
  130. still painfull after g.b. removal also constipation / diarhea
  131. Lump in my front below rib?
  132. bad gas, even if eating good food.
  133. Incessant pain and abdominal noises - Please help!
  134. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction or Acid Reflux??
  135. why do i need a poo everytime i eat cereal?
  136. Please Help! Abd. Pain, Nausea, etc.
  137. Getting off PPIs
  138. Pancreas CT
  139. Gluten Intolerance
  140. Back/stomach pain after just one alcoholic beverage!
  141. Celiacs Disease? Advice please
  142. BILE in my stomach and BILE reflux! HELP Needed. please!!
  143. Please help - gastritis question
  144. Stomach pains...what can it be?
  145. Question about Lipitor
  146. Have to lower my cholesterol with already bad stomach
  147. Esophagus closes up for hours
  148. gas, contstipation and reflux
  149. pain under lower right ribs
  150. I have green diarrhea and stomach pains?
  151. Nausea, Abdominal Pain, HELP!
  152. Daughter having intestinal pain and diarrhea
  153. don't understand results from upper endoscopy
  154. Yes or no anyone? is it possible to have worms even after..
  155. Nausea and abdominal swelling?
  156. Stomach Growling - Not intestinal noises
  157. Food goes right through me
  158. watery acid waste is ruining my week
  159. Quick question
  160. Mrcp????? Help!! Billary tract?
  161. Episodes of agonziing pain in chest. Help!
  162. severe bile reflux
  163. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction How do you know you have it?
  164. Brown onion skin like object in stool
  165. Please tell me what you think, I am very scared and depressed
  166. Gastroparesis
  167. Had endoscope & biopsy
  168. atypical gallbladde symptoms
  169. foul burps
  170. Burning like pain in left side....
  171. why does food come back into mouth
  172. Can anyone help me?
  173. Enlarged/Inflammed portal vein *scared*
  174. Got sick now have indigestion
  175. Pain when sleeping
  176. How Long before the doctors do a reversal on my perforated bowel
  177. what is pylori virus
  178. Sitz Marker/Constipation
  179. Do Digestive Enzymes Cause Side Effects?
  180. I dont know What meals or dinners I can eat after g.b. surgery
  181. Pain in lower intestinal area after eating
  182. bloated after eating and ribs hurt
  183. Weight loss? POTS?
  184. What is going on?
  185. when i wake up in the morning my stomach hurts so bad
  186. food not passing properly
  187. Hida Scan results (but took PPIs...)
  188. Has anyone tried Seirogan?
  189. Golf ball size swelling in abdomen for a few seconds
  190. Worried and fed up with pain!
  191. does gas make your heart beat faster?
  192. Is this Gastritis?
  193. Swollen Sphincter Causing, or caused by Irregularity?
  194. Vit. D
  195. Please help, I am going insane!
  196. Anyone else with stomach dysmotility?
  197. Can you have GERD without burning?
  198. A PTCA Test Versus ERCP For Liver & digestive Disorders
  199. Dieting and loud intestines
  200. upper abdomanal pain tender to touch
  201. Digestive problems
  202. What kind of natural remedy/protocol would be suggested for...
  203. Gas or intestinal problem?
  204. colon cleanse products
  205. gases,sickness,dizzy
  206. Diverticulitis keeps recurring
  207. What kind of pain killers can I take?
  208. please help!
  209. should you take acidophilus while taking metronidazole
  210. what is lozac
  211. Should I go to a gastroenterologist or back to the general surgeon?
  212. Whole Wheat and Bloat
  213. what could cause a throbbing senasation under breastbone feels like a heartbeat
  214. Pain under left breast and upper rib cage
  215. What digestive products to use for...?
  216. Is it gallstones or is it psychosomatic
  217. pain right side while deep breaths
  218. stomach cramps immediately after eating.
  219. undigested food in stool
  220. unexplained weight loss
  221. Getting very frustrated..
  222. Can I Have IBS With Only Pain No Other Symptoms?
  223. Colonoscopy questions
  224. Giardia - any insight?
  225. revision of an old gastrenectomy-now terrible gas and diarriah
  226. Having an ERCP with sphincterotomy-any advise?
  227. Food intolerances - what do I eat?
  228. Very concerned
  229. Blockage feeling
  230. terrible gas after surgery
  231. Appendix Issue
  232. Sweats and Gas 3am??! :S :p
  233. stomach burning on and off
  234. pain in upper right & left side + burping?
  235. Constant Nausea
  236. Update
  237. Need some insight on what could be happening with my daughter
  238. Random Vomiting
  239. Feeling like I can't swallow food
  240. Can hepatitis cause gallstones
  241. something is wrong
  242. Small help for bile reflux
  243. when i eat i feel sick
  244. gallstones
  245. Colonoscopy & Endoscopy today.. I can't get
  246. Constipated and Not Liking It
  247. 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting
  248. Get on with living or got back to the doc?
  249. my abdomen feels heavy after food why
  250. Burping