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  1. Belching Pain
  2. Should I get a second opinion?
  3. H Pylori, but no symptoms. What to do???
  4. What would happen if someone didn't have a bowel movement for 8 years???
  5. aloe vera juice, L-glutamine & (green) clay
  6. burping too much
  7. Abdominal issues won't go away
  8. Lactose Intolerance Stool Test
  9. Was on a low carb diet but still got episodes of nausea.. need help with diets to try
  10. Advil on an empty stomach.. how serious can this be?
  11. painfull digestiv episode!!!
  12. what meds are needed for slow digestive problems?
  13. problem with lower stomach: no idea what it is
  14. ckk
  15. Pain below ribs right side...
  16. Can I take tylenol with an ulcer?
  17. gastroparesis - left side chest burning
  18. Gaviscon liquid, out of date?
  19. Pain after endoscopic sphincterotomy
  20. Anyone taking Krill Oil capsules?
  21. Strange Digestion Disorder
  22. Stomach Problems
  23. Nausea - 4 days!
  24. Episodes of severe stomach pain
  25. Pain under left breast top of rib what is it?
  26. Received some results, FINALLY
  27. Stomach Ulcer or just GERD..not sure.
  28. Can GERD cause pain in your neck and mouth?
  29. Why does Fiber and Fiber Supplements have the Opposite Effect on Me?
  30. Please help me! Major digestive problem
  31. eosinophilic gastroenteritis
  32. Do I need more fibre?
  33. gas
  34. I had/have an impaction can you give yourself too many enamas?
  35. foamy, persistant diarrhea
  36. Could I have Cirrhosis?
  37. What the hell is going on?!
  38. £1500 and i still do not know what wrong with me.
  39. burning sensation in midsection
  40. Abdominal pain goes away laying down
  41. i have a lump on my right front rib
  42. gastrotab
  43. Stomach Pain?
  44. Delayed Gastric Emptying
  45. what diagnosis is jumping in the stomach
  46. when i swallow there is a sour taste
  47. gurgling in abdomen feel like breaking wind ache in lower abdomen
  48. Burning, Gnawing in upper stomach & chest
  49. why is my stomach always bloated
  50. Probiotics which one to take?
  51. colonitis
  52. Ercp/som
  53. sulfur smell,body odor
  54. Oh the pain...the pain!!!
  55. elemental 028 extra - help!!
  56. Desperate for answers
  57. loud noise and bubling rumbling sounds from bowel all day. please help
  58. pain in my left side next to my ribs
  59. I Can't Burp!!
  60. What is in synthetic CCK used with HIDA?
  61. alcohol causes pain in my stomach
  62. can i take pepto bismol when i have diahorrea and rumbling sounds in stomach
  63. Hpylori
  64. multiple antibiotics
  65. Does anyone have this?
  66. help at a loss with multiple digestive problems
  67. heartburn, middle backpain, pain in middle of stomach during night
  68. Anal leaking one year after Sphincterotomy
  69. duodenitis and gastritis
  70. feeling full and also belching .
  71. Possible diverticulitis?
  72. Please heelp!!
  73. diarreah
  74. hurt on left side when i lay down. i can sit up in recliner and soon get relief.
  75. Sandwich sends me to the ER
  76. How long before laxatives become habit forming
  77. stomach and gallblader problems, feel real bad
  78. Red Knuckles and Stomach Problems?
  79. Tired Of THe Not Knowing
  80. HIDA Scan procedure??
  81. exhausted from Ischemic Colitis?
  82. Plase help...Acid Reflux, Gastritis, and Diarhea
  83. Natural remedy for gallstones?
  84. Does anyone know about this?
  85. Elavil?
  86. my symptoms, please help with your opinion!
  87. Cant remember when my tummy felt 'good'
  88. Anybody ever get hives from acid or bile issues?
  89. GI problems...
  90. veryyyy light period
  91. protonix before endoscopy (Please Reply)
  92. I'm new, and a little scared
  93. Stomach Twitching- Parasite???!
  94. salad dressings for gerd/gastritis
  95. Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics.. what kind does everyone take?
  96. How long have you taken Protonix??
  97. Filled With Gas And Not Well After GB Removal
  98. Blood test question
  99. gastritis permanent or temp
  100. heart beat fast even when i'm relaxed
  101. Weight gain? Bloating?
  102. gastritis unsure
  103. Stomach Discomfort
  104. shoulder blade pain from gas
  105. SOD or gastroparesis???
  106. anyone take carafate?
  107. sick from off fish
  108. Highly stressed by abdominal pain
  109. Probiotics Do they work for some people - Please share your story?
  110. lansoprazole
  111. need advice,going nuts,
  112. Gastritis
  113. Question for people with Gastroparesis
  114. IBS and appendicitis
  115. post cholectectomy syndrome and SOD
  116. just after a little help... again - Eosinophilic Disease
  117. sickness feeling
  118. Stomach ulcer?
  119. Stomach Issues
  120. nausea nad loss of appetite
  121. Pancreatic Stone
  122. Ongoing pain just to the left of bellybutton
  123. Colitus, Really Need Answers!!
  124. Tired of being sick!!
  125. Ate a fatty meal, horrible dizzy, toxic feeling rushed into my head and body...
  126. how long does it take for alight case of gastritis to heal or go away
  127. Constipation, Laxatives and Fiber OH MY
  128. mystery - pain and weight loss
  129. Can Jelly affect colour of stool?
  130. anyone using "Alkazone" to decrease acid
  131. stomach
  132. Esophageal Spasms.. Feels like something stuck in my throat
  133. dying for some help :(
  134. Non Specific Esophageal Motility Disorder
  135. Upper right abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, weight loss
  136. H.Pylor, weight loss and other issues
  137. stich lke pain in heart when i take breath
  138. My Stomach IS TALKING!!
  139. Diverticulosis - Fruit berry seeds...YIKES!!!
  140. belchin
  141. Abdominal MRI perfect, except for 1 thing
  142. lump in stomach.......
  143. This can't be normal...
  144. what is an hyda scan and what does it do
  145. Possible Fissure
  146. Bloated belly
  147. Severe Stomach Pain
  148. OMG, am I going to be ok???
  149. EGD, thrush, food found in esophagus???
  150. Any Ideas?
  151. Upset Stomach
  152. Constant regurgitation
  153. stomach
  154. Seeking opinion on possible I.B.S.
  155. So what does all this mean endoscopy
  156. Pancreatic Cyst - Need information!
  157. when is the good time to take nexium?
  158. Years of Laxative Abuse
  159. Stomach pain and burning?
  160. The truth!!
  161. Is it normal? please help!
  162. diverticular disease and physical activity
  163. Endoscopy done today found some bile help??
  164. FEMALES ONLY: Nissen and menstrual irregularity
  165. whats wrong with my hubby?
  166. Greetings and a few questions for those with stomach troubles
  167. Unsure and Scared
  168. 3 wks of nausea, headache, fatigue, bad taste in mouth
  169. All this is enough to make you depressed!
  170. stool
  171. Spastic Sigmoid colon
  172. What other conditions are biopsies taken for?
  173. digestive/bowel problems after liver resection
  174. Distention after colonoscopy
  175. I am just fed up with the pain - please help! Please read!!
  176. MRCP and MRI question
  177. Have you had Nissen Fundoplication? Please read!
  178. digestive enzymes while taking other meds?
  179. hungrier after eating
  180. Who here has/had S.O.D.?
  181. esophageal thickening - what does it mean?
  182. sudden chill, then digestive problem
  183. Question about Anti nausea medicine
  184. is this indigestion?
  185. Pancreatitis or hepatitis? Please help!
  186. bloody diareah...very scared
  187. Question about Abdominal MRI?
  188. What a night..........
  189. sudden rise in cholesterol
  190. I can't digest many foods.
  191. HIDA Scan Done = 14% Ejection Fraction
  192. I think I have stomach worms.
  193. food still in stomach after 13 hours
  194. nausea (with the possibility of vomiting) every few days...
  195. vomiting
  196. ERCP question
  197. Diagnosed with gastritis
  198. All these tests and nothing has showed up - what do I do??
  199. Constant vomiting and nausea
  200. Diarrhea for 3 days should I see a doctor?
  201. Severely depressed from the stomach pain
  202. undigested food?
  203. Spasming Esphogus
  204. Is this IBS?
  205. Just Rec'd Cholesystitis Diagnosis
  206. Unrelenting burning pain
  207. Had HIDA scan today - would like to share my experience
  208. ribs
  209. irregular beating of diaphragm
  210. What should I do?
  211. Nausea, upper stomach cramps, bad taste in mouth - v worried
  212. pain around the bottom of my rib cage
  213. under left rib cage
  214. stomach area dull ache/discomfort after I eat in the late afternoon
  215. Food poisoning since Wed 18th June
  216. Upper left abdominal pain
  217. upper right abdominal and back pain
  218. endoscopy- need help
  219. MRCP today Help - Nervous
  220. Constant bloating
  221. empty feeling associated with heartbun
  222. smoking post nissen
  223. Tindamax for Digestive issues
  224. digestive system
  225. Nexium has effect on colitis antibodies?
  226. My doctor's word on H.Pylori...should I trust?
  227. Constant Upper Right Abdominal Pain
  228. fatty liver pain
  229. My whole summer is ruined - I am waiting for these doctors to schedule my test
  230. poop issue
  231. Stomach Mixed Symptoms...
  232. Upper abdomen pain
  233. Herbal remedy - try Cat's Claw
  234. Post-H.Pylori
  235. help?
  236. gastrtis
  237. HELP!!! It's my mom :(
  238. Somebody please answer me! Please
  239. Gastric Emptying Study
  240. Upper GI fear
  241. Father has bile leaking out of post-op incision
  242. Longshot but worth it....
  243. Undiagnosed symptoms
  244. Is Align probiotics the best or can I use another brand?
  245. I am starving to death!!! Help me!
  246. upper endoscopy
  247. Strange Stomach/Low Mid Back Lft. Side Pain
  248. question
  249. Does She Have To Die Because Of No Insurance???
  250. that gnawing hunger pang thing

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