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  1. Symptoms after an endoscopy
  2. Bile Reflux With No Nausea and Vomitting
  3. To much farting
  4. Every time I eat, I feel this horrible, terrifying, torturous, horrendous drugged/pre
  5. Intense pain on left side!!
  6. Pancreatitis questions
  7. I feel like I'm starving, but I have no appetite?
  8. how long does it take for h-plori to go away
  9. Is This Serious?
  10. Undiagnosed Digestive Problem
  11. when i burp food comes up
  12. Gas - How bad can it get?
  13. waiting for information
  14. I have diarrhea and no way to get any immodium or pepto
  15. To know about my belly problem
  16. IBS-Chest Ache
  17. my stomach has a burning feeling sometimes
  18. Augmentin and Lingering Digestive Problems
  19. Wake up with pain below sternum
  20. Welchol any side effects?
  21. Pain after drinking alcoholic beverages?
  22. Bile reflux and Stress
  23. Does Gas travel throughout your body?
  24. Carafate making me fatigued
  25. Please Help; Husband Suffering
  26. Problem processing starch
  27. why food comes back in mouth
  28. stomach problems...Help!
  29. My son and myself: possible Celiac
  30. Tightening Feeling in Stomach
  31. How can I relieve Irritate Bowel Symptoms , or Spastic Colon symptoms?
  32. Abdominal pain below sternum
  33. Wondering why..
  34. Abdominal pain, constipation... Stomach problems for 3 years? Any suggestions.
  35. horrible smelling bowel movements!
  36. Malabsorption syndrome - need help...one question
  37. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction Can losing weight help relieve the pain?
  38. Digestive Enzymes make me sick
  39. sphincer of oddi anyone? need answers
  40. stomach problems
  41. Right lower abdominal pain..what could it be?
  42. What is it called when trauma causes these symptoms?
  43. Stomach pain after eating...Anything
  44. Gallstone Sizes
  45. Having endoscopy this week.. a question
  46. Nodule in bellybutton and Pain HELP
  47. Malabsorption problems need help asa
  48. it hurts to touch ...
  49. Gallstone nausea question
  50. Does Welchol absorb your vitamins or any other medicine
  51. Does Beano help with those with Spinctor of Oddi
  52. Worried About Bowel Movements
  53. Could someone please help me?
  54. flu shot /digestive disorders
  55. Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction Someone please help me!
  56. Mouth Tastes Bitter All The Time
  57. Gallstones
  58. bloating with pain
  59. normal life with gastroparesis?
  60. Strange Bowel Movements
  61. Resolved Issues: Gas, Cramps, Diarrhea
  62. Bile Dumping Leads To Colostomy?
  63. Pain on lower left side of the stomach.
  64. 2 questions on laxatives
  65. Sphincter of Oddi maybe, but anyone with more nausea than pain?
  66. Pain and more Pain and I need help Please!!
  67. Need help concerning gall stones
  68. how long does it take to cure gastritis
  69. my stomach starts to hurt after 2 beers.....
  70. Dont know whats going on with me
  71. 4 months post cholecystectomy - pain
  72. Mild Pain Below Sternum
  73. IBS or Dumping Syndrome?
  74. Recommendations Please
  75. Subtotal Colectomy
  76. hida scan does it hurt?
  77. hida scan does it hurt?
  78. what do i do i already went to the ER?????
  79. What could this be?
  80. Anyone have pancreatitis?
  81. Anyone have an ileostomy here?
  82. Crampy Pain below left ribs toward middle of stomach
  83. Stopping meds during colonoscopy prep?
  84. Stomach pain
  85. Diverticulosis
  86. Male 30, Black vomit and really bad diarrea
  87. Kidney Stones
  88. Is is GERD or IBS or GB?
  89. Help Me With My Digestion!!
  90. abdominal pain
  91. Worms in my stools
  92. Worms in my stools
  93. Thinking the worst...
  94. bowels
  95. bentyl problem
  96. Increased heartburn while taking Nexium?
  97. H.pylori
  98. Gut spasm triggered by lower back?
  99. Gallstones
  100. All Natural and what keeps one from claiming "All Natural"
  101. Mother having Serious health Problems
  102. Question about Gastroparesis-nuts
  103. digestive symptoms
  104. digestive problems
  105. sickness
  106. what drugs can i take for this disorder
  107. 1 year post abdominal mass abscess feel so rotten
  108. Child with Rumination Syndrome
  109. Question about my tests
  110. White furry stool, looks like mold
  111. H Pylori Treatment
  112. How can I test for Malabsorption?
  113. Align vs. Culturelle
  114. Digestion week-by-week, and trying to make sense
  115. tight chest, shortness of breath, some dizziness, feeling sick when excercising
  116. Sorting my gut out
  117. Diarrhea for six days! What's going on??
  118. Cholecystectomy with continued problems
  119. Post nissen complications
  120. NissanFundoplication Surgery
  121. nissen fundoplication and diahrrea
  122. Post colonoscopy burning
  123. stomach spasms, fingers and toes aches from eating sweets
  124. Current Medical things..reglan?
  125. H Pylori & Reflux - chest and back pain? Help please.
  126. Digestive problems for a year now....
  127. intestinal problems
  128. right shoulder blade pain and nausea for 2 years
  129. What could this be?
  130. Splenix Flexure?
  131. all of a sudden burping a lot lately
  132. Just not getting better "stomach"
  133. Hurts to eat
  134. Green Poop & Abdominal Pain
  135. Feel Sick After Eating Out.
  136. Where can you go when all the doctors have no clue?
  137. twinges in upper breast and arms off and on but not going away. does this sound like
  138. Out of Ideas
  139. chest pain at night only
  140. what causes bad tasting burps
  141. Nissen Fundoscopy Pre-Op
  142. question about employment w/ digestive problems
  143. Eat and bm is good, but what about digestion?
  144. Neck Pain & Food Poisoning
  145. Whole Wheat - Bloat
  146. what happens if small amount of blood sits from our mouth during vomting?
  147. scared!!!
  148. Reoccuring Diarrhea /w Lower Abdominal Pain & more
  149. After Endoscopy Problems
  150. help please
  151. Elevated Salivary Enzymes Pain all over my body
  152. just had my e.g.d.??
  153. Lower abdomen bloating and white film on stool
  154. strange bloating and burning symptoms?
  155. I would love some help ..running out of ideas
  156. Need Help/Advice
  157. Internal Prolapse of the Colon (Rectal Intussusception)
  158. gastritis?
  159. Since turning 40, major lower stomach noises
  160. Effects of vomiting on Fundoplication?
  161. Problems When Eating Out (Sometimes)
  162. Colon Cleansing ???
  163. burp pains
  164. Hida Scan didn't work! $ hours and it never absorbed the isotope radioactive material
  165. Hida Scan didn't work! $ hours and it never absorbed the isotope radioactive material
  166. Belching Pain
  167. Should I get a second opinion?
  168. H Pylori, but no symptoms. What to do???
  169. What would happen if someone didn't have a bowel movement for 8 years???
  170. aloe vera juice, L-glutamine & (green) clay
  171. burping too much
  172. Abdominal issues won't go away
  173. Lactose Intolerance Stool Test
  174. Was on a low carb diet but still got episodes of nausea.. need help with diets to try
  175. Advil on an empty stomach.. how serious can this be?
  176. painfull digestiv episode!!!
  177. what meds are needed for slow digestive problems?
  178. problem with lower stomach: no idea what it is
  179. ckk
  180. Pain below ribs right side...
  181. Can I take tylenol with an ulcer?
  182. gastroparesis - left side chest burning
  183. Gaviscon liquid, out of date?
  184. Pain after endoscopic sphincterotomy
  185. Anyone taking Krill Oil capsules?
  186. Strange Digestion Disorder
  187. Stomach Problems
  188. Nausea - 4 days!
  189. Episodes of severe stomach pain
  190. Pain under left breast top of rib what is it?
  191. Received some results, FINALLY
  192. Stomach Ulcer or just GERD..not sure.
  193. Can GERD cause pain in your neck and mouth?
  194. Why does Fiber and Fiber Supplements have the Opposite Effect on Me?
  195. Please help me! Major digestive problem
  196. eosinophilic gastroenteritis
  197. Do I need more fibre?
  198. gas
  199. I had/have an impaction can you give yourself too many enamas?
  200. foamy, persistant diarrhea
  201. Could I have Cirrhosis?
  202. What the hell is going on?!
  203. 1500 and i still do not know what wrong with me.
  204. burning sensation in midsection
  205. Abdominal pain goes away laying down
  206. i have a lump on my right front rib
  207. gastrotab
  208. Stomach Pain?
  209. Delayed Gastric Emptying
  210. what diagnosis is jumping in the stomach
  211. when i swallow there is a sour taste
  212. gurgling in abdomen feel like breaking wind ache in lower abdomen
  213. Burning, Gnawing in upper stomach & chest
  214. why is my stomach always bloated
  215. Probiotics which one to take?
  216. colonitis
  217. Ercp/som
  218. sulfur smell,body odor
  219. Oh the pain...the pain!!!
  220. elemental 028 extra - help!!
  221. Desperate for answers
  222. loud noise and bubling rumbling sounds from bowel all day. please help
  223. pain in my left side next to my ribs
  224. I Can't Burp!!
  225. What is in synthetic CCK used with HIDA?
  226. alcohol causes pain in my stomach
  227. can i take pepto bismol when i have diahorrea and rumbling sounds in stomach
  228. Hpylori
  229. multiple antibiotics
  230. Does anyone have this?
  231. help at a loss with multiple digestive problems
  232. heartburn, middle backpain, pain in middle of stomach during night
  233. Anal leaking one year after Sphincterotomy
  234. duodenitis and gastritis
  235. feeling full and also belching .
  236. Possible diverticulitis?
  237. Please heelp!!
  238. diarreah
  239. hurt on left side when i lay down. i can sit up in recliner and soon get relief.
  240. Sandwich sends me to the ER
  241. How long before laxatives become habit forming
  242. stomach and gallblader problems, feel real bad
  243. Red Knuckles and Stomach Problems?
  244. Tired Of THe Not Knowing
  245. HIDA Scan procedure??
  246. exhausted from Ischemic Colitis?
  247. Plase help...Acid Reflux, Gastritis, and Diarhea
  248. Natural remedy for gallstones?
  249. Does anyone know about this?
  250. Elavil?