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  1. Quickly, where's the nearest loo?
  2. Lettuce digestion
  3. upper left abdominal tenderness
  4. Gastroparesis... please share 2!!
  5. question about hida scan results
  6. oatmeal
  7. Please help. Any advice
  8. Nausea with no dx
  9. Still trying to diagnose problem
  10. Food gets stuck
  11. Does Nausea Cause Anxiety or Anxiety Cause Nausea?
  12. Whats wrong with me? No Appetite
  13. Blood in Stool and Weak, Dr. haven't helped yet!
  14. lower abdominal cramps
  15. Gall Stones - feeling sick all the time and diarrohea
  16. gastroparesis...please share 3
  17. GI Bleed??? Low Iron
  18. Food Intolerances? Help!
  19. What is wrong with me? what should I do next?
  20. What Could This Be? - I'm Scared
  21. Gastric Emptying Scan ...QUEStionS?
  22. Nissen Fundoplication for acid causing breathing problems?
  23. Gastroparesis...HELP!
  24. nissan fundoplication reversal
  25. Am I jumping the gun to have GB removal?
  26. sphincter of oddi
  27. BILE in my stomach and BILE reflux! HELP Needed. please!!
  28. Ne one have ne thoughts on this?
  29. problems after eating, chronic fatigue and the need to sleep.
  30. Esophageal spasms/contractions
  31. There's hope for all of you suffering with severe bloating.
  32. Problems after eating
  33. nausea
  34. why am i always nauseous?
  35. whats wrong with me?
  36. Oh man I feel so much better! why dont Dr.s tell us this???
  37. Gastritis and H Pylori
  38. years of bad breath from high stomach acid or low?
  39. best diet to cleanse bowels??
  40. How Long Does Gastritis Last
  41. any ideas?
  42. what to do if i have 2.8cm gall stones?
  43. Rectal Bleeding
  44. I'm at my end someone or many help needed
  45. bloating
  46. Gastrointestional
  47. Cant Eat Anything
  48. what causes choking in my sleep
  49. stomach pain
  50. Daily Nausea
  51. Severe pain where the rib cage meets w/regurgitation..help!
  52. Gallstones?
  53. indigestion
  54. Princess 05247
  55. megacolon
  56. Nausea After Eating
  57. achalasia
  58. causes of upper abdominal tenderness
  59. Warning: Fleets + Ace inhibitors = Kidney Failure
  60. sister update
  61. Nausea and stomach pain
  62. Dizzyness digestive trouble constipation
  63. Any Ideas???
  64. Nausea Question!
  65. Diverticulitis
  66. cant stop belching
  67. Not sure where to post?
  68. High ALT liver enzymes. What are common causes?
  69. Question...please help!
  70. What should I expect from a HIDA scan?
  71. why does salad cause diarrhea
  72. why am i producing so much gas when only eating fruit
  73. fast heart rate after eating
  74. hemorrhoidectomy
  75. gas pressure in upper chest
  76. hot cold sensations intensfied when eating
  77. hospitalized again/internal bleed
  78. pain around entire torso can't wear a bra
  79. help form somepne how knows about gallbaldder
  80. HELP!! Need input best Gastro Clinic in Minnesota
  81. Months after surgery and still cannot eat
  82. how can i stop burping an egg smelll
  83. Is "stomach acid" the same as "bile"?
  84. stomach hurts when i breathe
  85. what to eat after gall blader removel
  86. Have a very large gastric bubble and don't know how to get rid of it...
  87. Pain very low right side abdomen / right leg
  88. Stomach Pain
  89. Lactose free for a week but with extra BMs
  90. Left side pain...
  91. Hives and digestive trouble
  92. what do you have when your stomach is hard and your throwing up
  93. Who had GB attacks after GB removal, and had them go away after body adjusts to no gb
  94. every morning i have diarrhea and everytime i eat
  95. Help, I have loud painful burping and cannot find out what it is
  96. Please help me!
  97. left side pain under breast
  98. stomach pain
  99. Gallstones or pancreatitis??
  100. Ulcer?
  101. HIDA Scan in the UK
  102. Executor...quick metamucil question....
  103. Severe Constipation from fruit cleanse?
  104. thought on bloating and gas?
  105. postsurgical gastroparesis - how long will this last?
  106. Anyone know about Celiacs?
  107. Prevpac
  108. Left side/middle pain...heavy fatigue
  109. PPI anacids and stomach emptying problems
  110. Domperidome and Side Effects
  111. Chronic diarrhea after surgery
  112. Lower left quadrant lump and pain....colon??
  113. Sharp stomach pains
  114. pain under breast
  115. Chronic Pancreatitis
  116. what to take for gnawing pain in shoulder blades
  117. Peptobismal
  118. gallstones - operatiion - unable to eat
  119. GERD/LPR Having a Really Hard Time Need Input
  120. Chronic Nausea
  121. gasTRITis what I shouldn't eat
  122. I really need your help
  123. barium alternative?
  124. Symptoms just keep getting worse..help?!
  125. Trying to Diagnose Self - Doctors are too Slow!
  126. Severe stomach burning even on 80mg nexium - really scared
  127. What do I have?
  128. Dr doesn't seem interested
  129. Pipida scan with cck
  130. nissan fundoplication side effects
  131. on Prevpac...does not remove my upper right chest imflamation
  132. Just found out I have Gall Stones.
  133. how do you get gastrotitis
  134. at the end of my rope .. please help ..
  135. so I have colitis
  136. Salivating
  137. frightened A LOT
  138. long term zithromax problems
  139. kidney bean size and shape stool on a regular basis
  140. Annoying pain in right shoulder blade when I swallow
  141. No appetite, weight loss and abdominal pain
  142. Abd. pain, flushing after eating, dizziness...any insight appreciated!
  143. terrible, terrible gas all the time
  144. my stomach hurts when i eat
  145. digestive supplements
  146. h. pylori
  147. stomach ache
  148. blood mixed w/ stool
  149. Burning Sensation under breast
  150. HIDA Scan
  151. gastroparesis
  152. Cholecystectomy or not? For people without gallstones
  153. focal active colitis
  154. IBS symptoms please offer me feedback
  155. What Causes Choking on Saliva
  156. does anyone get night time nausea
  157. Do I have Gastroparesis? Something else?
  158. undiagnosed stomach isssues
  159. What is wrong with me-left sided pain
  160. burning, sharp pains in stomach area
  161. pain in my left hand rib
  162. where is it?
  163. Alternative treatment for duodenal ulcer?
  164. stomach problems then LPR, 3 tests still nothing what next?
  165. tenderness, hunger, and nausea?
  166. Chronic Cholecystitis - What can replace the function of GB?
  167. Belching, bad taste in mouth and nauseous
  168. sucralfate substitute
  169. Nausea - Every Day
  170. bloated stomach, constipated, and throb in stomach
  171. gastroenteritis...going on vacation...what to do?
  172. Help
  173. Could this be gallstones?
  174. Heartburn
  175. Trapped Gas Pain for years what helps???
  176. Gastroparesis
  177. gastroenteritis, advice please?
  178. Post Gallbaldder Surgery complications
  179. pain in middle of lower ribcage...sound familiar?
  180. question on Hida scan
  181. Please Read!!!
  182. New to the Board, anyone ever deal with a knot next to right rib?
  183. What is wrong w/me?
  184. L-Glutamine - anyone have any expereince with this?
  185. Connection between Remicade use and ITP?
  186. Appendicitis?
  187. Cannot stop nausea/vomiting
  188. Vomiting and Tenderness Please Help
  189. Stools are nearly across the rainbow!
  190. metamucil has stopped working and veggies don't like me
  191. Upper Abdominal Tenderness to the Touch
  192. Rib Clicking - Something Catching
  193. ileostomy due to pelvic floor
  194. Stomach Spasms? Please Help.
  195. NEED HELP PLEASE> My mom has a Pancreatic SYST
  196. Unrelenting Sour/Bitter/Metallic taste in mouth
  197. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy scars
  198. tight tummy bloat?
  199. Please Help! So scared!
  200. What could be wrong with my friend?
  201. sick and scared
  202. Endoscopy - Is it worth General Anaesthesia?
  203. colonic inertia questions
  204. Spent the night in the ER last night - no answers!
  205. Bad Food or Stomach Virus?
  206. Severe Gastro Paresis
  207. False Negative H pylori?
  208. laryngopharyngeal reflux - swallowing problems
  209. Symptoms of an Ulcer?
  210. Stomach Polyp?
  211. please help im starving
  212. Question about scar tissue, recent gb surgery
  213. I want to eat but i really can't...
  214. my tummy
  215. what can change the bowel movements ? colonoscopy was OK
  216. I Can't Take This Anymore
  217. can hy pylori come back
  218. Difference Between Ulcer and Gastritis?
  219. I have a large gallstone......advise.
  220. Stomach Problems
  221. Maybe You Can Help...
  222. Red liquid in vomit
  223. New and frustrated...
  224. What kind of a Doctor?
  225. Diagnose: Sweat breakout after fatty food ? Ultrasound - Cotton Ball (slightly long)
  226. Symptoms...doctors not sure what is wrong
  227. Symptoms...docotrs not sure what is wrong
  228. Fatty Food Ultrasound to test bile ducts - has anyone had this?
  229. Question about stomach issue
  230. can meat be passed through a stool?
  231. Anyone here take carafate?
  232. 7 weeks pregnant with gallstones
  233. Nuzymes?
  234. Numbness below ribcage
  235. Worried about Dad - burning in chest.
  236. Bleeding Ulcer
  237. I keep getting more and more sick and I don't know why! Please help!
  238. In hospital now, PLEASE help...thoughts? ideas? links? anything?
  239. Garlic is Helping Me!!! Must read this :angel:
  240. Stomach Issue
  241. Enzymes to help digest protein
  242. Dull lower right side pain
  243. Gastritis(sp?)
  244. Stomach air
  245. re right sided pain
  246. tightness in neck, pain in chest and arm
  247. H-Pylori and Gastritis
  248. I've nearly lost all faith.. if anyone can help, thanks
  249. Scared of Upper GI/Barium swallow
  250. I don't know what to do

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