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  1. what could this be?
  2. Constant heartburn after GB surgery...
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Son doubling up
  5. What does this mean
  6. i request you to advice
  7. what causes right sided under breastbone pain
  8. swollen larnyx
  9. So Hida scan was normal.... now what? Any ideas?
  10. what causes stomach to hurt after eating
  11. CT Results-small gallstone
  12. Post Op Nissen Fundoplication
  13. Embarassing gas
  14. is abdominal gas make palpitation?
  15. mucus question
  16. right sided pain when using the loo
  17. Every Feb-March I have stomach problems
  18. needsome understanding of my egd
  19. H pylori bacteria
  20. Anyone heard of this?
  21. Came down with something.. doctors don't know.
  22. Do I have H-Pylori? Lots of symptoms
  23. Burping Sulfer smell
  24. Constant churning and retching - HELP PLEASE
  25. Swollen Bile Duct
  26. sharp pain
  27. Kids excessive farting
  28. HELP please need advice
  29. Stool color change w/use of meds?
  30. results from new GI doc.
  31. Is this within the boundries of normal still? =/
  32. Help! I have been diagnosed with Biliary Dyskensia, Surgery Necessary?
  33. Heartburn with Exercise
  34. Sulfur Belch/Vomiting Getting Scary
  35. Upper Endoscopy with Biopsy
  36. Need GI info
  37. Why do I feel better when I drink alcohol?
  38. super fast heart rate
  39. celiac question for endoscopy results
  40. Almost every body part checked--all negative
  41. why do my burps smell like fowl egg?
  42. pain in upper left abdomen after eating
  43. why is it so hard to lose weight/why is will power weakend by satifactory of food
  44. Do you need meds to cure gastritis?
  45. pin worms
  46. when bending a sharp pain in the right side under rib cage
  47. my stomach hurts when i eat
  48. HELP! Painful throat pinching and swallowing probs..
  49. Looking for support on gluten free diet!!
  50. Gastroparesis... please share 2!!
  51. treatment of H plyori
  52. Ulcer..
  53. Testing for Lactose Intolerance
  54. bad stomach symptoms , please help.
  55. nissan fundoplication complications
  56. H Pylori symptoms - very concerned
  57. enteric coated vitamins
  58. I am so sick..........
  59. Pain under left Breast and gas in chest
  60. Belching lonnngggg after a meal...what does it mean?
  61. Hida scan - what to expect?
  62. egg smelling gas
  63. Pain left side below ribs and sometimes chest pain
  64. Large Colon Polyp
  65. Enlarged biliary, pancreatic,liver ducts with normal blood tests
  66. ulcers stomach
  67. Helppppp!
  68. Help! I'm at a total loss...
  69. Anyone treated themselves for parasites
  70. Wake Forest Baptist in NC?
  71. Transduodenal Sphincteroplasty
  72. Strange Question: Pulsing in stomach area
  73. Indegestion?
  74. Any experience with bloated/full feeling?
  75. pain under the breast where the ribs start left side
  76. acid reflux in lungs
  77. Weight loss
  78. do ulcers hurt more when you press on them
  79. Celiac lood test question
  80. never thrown up. ever.
  81. horrible pain when eating
  82. Fistula???? HELP
  83. is the magnesium still working well for everyone?
  84. celiac questions
  85. Have the doctors overlooked H-pylori?
  86. Low Fat Diet Tips for You Guys!
  87. For those with indigestion or stomach "burning"
  88. Help - 5 year stomach pains
  89. HIDA scan score was 39
  90. i keep feeling nauses and its only relieved when i eat
  91. 4 months after surgery...
  92. New to boards
  93. Xylitol and gut problem
  94. why does my stomach hurt when i eat cheese?
  95. Gallstones + pregnancy
  96. Pain in stomach
  97. every time I eat sweets it upsets my stomach why?
  98. Food and bloating.
  99. Pain from drinking water or eating
  100. still get pain after gb surgery
  101. severe nausea all day
  102. Strange bowel problem at nightime
  103. EGD tomorrow, what should I expect?
  104. Im sorry for the long post , but i really need some help
  105. what to do for really bad upper back pain
  106. Question re: after small bowel series
  107. Barrett's Esophagus - treatment
  108. white stringy stuff and puss
  109. terrible bloating
  110. Lactose Intolerant
  111. Someone Please Give Me Some Advice!!!
  112. stomachache/headache after eating
  113. Distended stomach + gas after drinking water
  114. Celiac and Food Cost
  115. HIDA Scan w/CCK today
  116. small bowel x ray
  117. How l feel today
  118. Help...Starving Mother
  119. Harry, This One is for You! :)
  120. Small bowel series question????
  121. Frequent digestive pains
  122. I got a partial diagnosis today
  123. What If I Get Bloaded And Have Lots Of Gas After I Eat
  124. Chronic Indigestion of Unknown Origin/Diagnosis
  125. Stomach discomfort after citrus boiled sweets :(
  126. Nausea and doctors
  127. Gallbaladder "Back Pain"
  128. Fatty food intolerances?
  129. Pain in right side? Gallstones? H-pylori? Pancreatis?
  130. i have flem stuck in my throat, how do I move it
  131. Help me to diagnose this...
  132. stomach pain
  133. New Here
  134. I accidentally ate an Apple with the sticker on it.
  135. HIDA Scan Ejection Fraction is 7%
  136. Fundoplication Problems
  137. Help anything please!
  138. Rotten egg burps revisited!
  139. Enlarged Bile Duct
  140. 25 yo Male with Chronic Constipation and Motility Problems, any advice?
  141. Got my HIDA scan numbers
  142. Question for those that had a HIDA and watched the screen
  143. why does my chest bone and my back hurt in the middle
  144. Can GB attack cause fatigue?
  145. going #2 and seeing blood?
  146. gallstone
  147. Just had GB surgery
  148. Nervous stomach?
  149. stomach biopsy done, and now my right upper chest hurts?
  150. HIDA shows delayed gb emptying-- now what?
  151. Why coughing while, after eating???
  152. cant hold down food
  153. Bloating & Nausea
  154. how long does it take to get rid of h pylori bacteria
  155. abdominal pain
  156. squeezing pain
  157. New here, having a HIDA on Monday after negative ultrasound
  158. when i burp i gag
  159. constriction on my upper abdomen and back after a meal
  160. sore abdomen after endoscopy
  161. Absorption problem?
  162. Celiac
  163. high platelets
  164. during a endoscopy they found an erosion
  165. what does it mean when stools turn black after taking Pepto Bismal
  166. what does a positive hemoccult test mean
  167. Mucus Mucus Mucus
  168. stomach hurts when breathe too deep
  169. Can CT scan determine same thing as HIDA test?
  170. ?about small intestine
  171. Can you take nexium before bed?
  172. S.O.D - sphincer of oddi problems
  173. Extreme upper right pressure losing weight enlarged lymph nodes
  174. diet after nissan fundoplication
  175. If nothing is found abnormal on endoscopy why am I still feeling bad?
  176. Upper pain in left Breast area , along with belching and a Cramping feeling
  177. what does it mean when you get a stomache ache after you eat?
  178. Iron defiency and tests
  179. Still searching for relief!
  180. why does my stomach hurt everytime I eat food?
  181. any help
  182. Anyone ever take bitters?
  183. right side pain
  184. can you have pain in your side when you have a fatty liver
  185. digestive system
  186. The doc ordered a HIDA Scan-- FINALLY! :)
  187. Big guts gone in 3 weeks.
  188. what is costeochondritis
  189. Most common method of ulcer diagnosis?
  190. H. Pylori
  191. stomach bloating
  192. Life after Giardia
  193. Worried!!!
  194. Scared and confused
  195. Viagra and Pancreatitis, any connection (side effects
  196. Before GB removal or after?
  197. stomach pains after gb removal. how long
  198. what is that everything you eat hurt your stomach and makes you feels nausea
  199. Should I take Mastic Gum/DGL with Prilosec?
  200. Issues may be gyn related...
  201. Nissen fundoplication surgery
  202. Parasite information needed?
  203. We need help don't know what to do ?
  204. burping
  205. after medication-IBS issues
  206. Ulq Pain, After Eating
  207. Problem digesting eggs
  208. apple cider vinegar
  209. GB attacks are sporadic?? anyone else
  210. why feel sick nausea burping diarrhea pain right side chest
  211. Twisted colem
  212. Constipation - Large Colon Disease
  213. throat
  214. Not even a year after GB removal: vomitting for a week...
  215. bowel issues
  216. gb removed get indigestion when i eat and pain
  217. Still No HIDA Test Ordered-- HELP!
  218. how much does it cost to have an upper g.i.?
  219. has anyone else had this...please let me know..
  220. Watery Diarrhea
  221. I Cant Hold My Food Down
  222. Why Do I Have to Go to the Bathroom All the Time
  223. Please Help Need Answers...desperate
  224. long lump lower right abdomen
  225. Two months after surgery, questions...
  226. Stomach
  227. Non Ulcer Dyspepsia?????
  228. pain when eating or drinking
  229. Diet related or what? Decreased appetite, no big weight loss?
  230. Gastritis
  231. Still have the abdominal pain - any ideas?
  232. depression after gb surgery
  233. stomach pain
  234. why does my belch smell like eggs
  235. what to do for bad stomach pains and bad taste in mouth when i burp
  236. What Causes Hpylori
  237. SEVERE stomach pain - constipation
  238. my belly hurts
  239. blood work?
  240. What next?
  241. small bowel series results
  242. Bowel movements
  243. Symptoms following ERCP
  244. New here! C. Diff anyone??
  245. New here & need some help!
  246. Is it normal to have Neck pain after an endoscopy?
  247. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
  248. when will i regain my appetite
  249. Upper right quadrant pain since July
  250. Miralax, Benefiber, Hyoscyamine and nausea