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  1. please help!!! been so sick, nausea, diarrhea!
  2. Odd digestion issues (excessive burping)
  3. Gastro Dr did EGD - said I am not absorbing nutrients
  4. Odd digestive and stomach feelings after 'stomach flu'
  5. metamucil paradox
  6. Bleeding, pain, no appetite, normal tests?
  7. Disgusting wind tonight
  8. Does this sound like an ulcer, or something else?
  9. Excessive stomach noises after eating and noises in throat whilst eating?!
  10. Billary Reflux & Duodenal Ulcer?
  11. Anyone else have Gastroparesis?
  12. Indigestion /heart attack !
  13. Acid reflux or Ulcer?, the waiting game!
  14. B12 or not B12....that is the question???
  15. pressure on abdomen causing heart reaction?
  16. Cause of stomach burning? Ulcer??
  17. allergy to fat in cow's milk and in beef
  18. Cause of my right abdomen/quadrant pain?
  19. Is 90 days of Prilosec OTC a good treatment for possible gastritis?
  20. tortuous colon
  21. Infrequent bowel movements for years post surgery
  22. Blood in saliva after vomiting.
  23. 12yr old vomiting for 24 days w/ constipation
  24. Could this be an ulcer?
  25. B12 injections
  26. Digestive problems
  27. Do I need the colonoscopy?
  28. Having Nissen Fundo surgery this coming monday
  29. Steak made me very sick... why?
  30. Been sick since May!! Need help!!
  31. I am so nervious
  32. Please help me I don't know what's going on.
  33. malabsorbption with meds
  34. Upper abdominal bloat, can't pass gas?!
  35. A stuck burp? Lower chest and back pain? Minimal relief after burping.
  36. Entire family very bloated and gassy... please help
  37. Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy (EGD) without sedation
  38. Help!
  39. Hope, help, faith are the only words that come to my mind now
  40. Indigestion, but no pain.
  41. Dull, constant pain on right side
  42. Stomach ache
  43. Ouch. My right side hurts a lot. :(
  44. Chronic Pancreatitis/ Gallstones/ Its all in my head?
  45. Now this !
  46. Hiatal Hernia
  47. Can climate affect how you go to the bathroom?
  48. Trouble Breathing + Stomach issues
  49. What My Attack Was Like
  50. Post cholecystectomy... always hungry?
  51. H Pylori Treatment and its side effects
  52. Can't eat with out throwing up:(
  53. what could be wrong with me?continual loose stool, mucus on stool, rectal lumps
  54. rotting burps resulting eventually in vomiting
  55. Unknown digestive-bowel issue
  56. Digestive system problems
  57. Stool examination
  58. "Brain fog" after eating
  59. 10+ years of waking up sick, dizzy, cramping, and more. Any help?
  60. Hypochlorhydria , low stomach acid, Achlorhydria
  61. ???
  62. Gastroparesis, GERD, Lactose Intolerant
  63. Weird Digestion and then even stranger side-effects
  64. Nausea when I have ANY type of intestinal movement
  65. Unexplained Weight Loss. Please Help
  66. stomach issues
  67. Intestinal Issues
  68. Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(
  69. Question about Okra Pepsin supplement
  70. Severe GI issues And other things, Please help me
  71. Gastritis
  72. Bloated abdominal ache
  73. Vomiting for 3 weeks
  74. diane35 and digestive system
  75. Are these symptoms from my hiatal hernia?
  76. very very small silver ball on tip of feces?
  77. Left side chest pain - indigestion?
  78. H.Pylori infection
  79. Yellow Stools/Burning after Surgery?
  80. Stomach Ulcer
  81. Schatzki Ring diagnosed in 1999
  82. Sharp Spontaneous Stomach Pains
  83. Can you die from GERD or is it something more serious?
  84. extreme stomach pain the night after heartburn
  85. Esophageal spasms?
  86. Back pain, stomach pain, burping
  87. Someone has to know!
  88. Please help, diarrhea problem!!!!!
  89. Blood in stool/other issues
  90. Rib pain and gas pain
  91. Left rib pain
  92. Diverticulitis and C-Diff too :(
  93. Need Help Urgently
  94. No bowel movement in 7 days.
  95. Stomach pains
  96. Swallowing After Endoscopy
  97. Nausea That Goes Away While Eating... Weird
  98. DR Appt Tues...?? I should ask?
  99. Please help! Very miserable!
  100. 80 mgms of Kristalose yesterday & today...and nothing.
  101. Calcification in the pancreas
  102. heartbeat and swallowing
  103. Bile Reflux/Bile Gastritis Help!
  104. I had Nissen Fundoplication - Please help
  105. Gastritis is really random
  106. anyone think this sounds like somethigs wrong?
  107. Something I'm eating? Not sure. Help?
  108. Worried. Please help me figure out what this is!
  109. Help
  110. Could This Really be GERD or Something Else?
  111. I'm so full and bloated
  112. acid reflux, gastritus oesophageal spasms? need advice? please
  113. Please Help Diagnose
  114. H-pylori blood test came back within normal range
  115. Dull, Constant Pain on Right Side Under Rib Cage
  116. New to posting - very worried (gastritis)
  117. How long does gastroenteritis usually last?
  118. Diverticulitis questions... newly diagnosed
  119. Upper abdominal discomfort, soft stool and sensitive rib.
  120. Gatroparesis and Dumping syndrome???
  121. How long can stomach and abdominal issues persist after taking antibiotic regiments?
  122. Hi new here, Have a list of symptoms
  124. My Stomach hurts immediately after a meal.
  125. Help please
  126. Severe lower stomach pain, constipation...
  127. Gastroparisis in the elderly
  128. Bad Stomach Pain
  129. Suffering Acid Reflux for two years
  130. Spasms in the lower belly
  131. Anyone understand Gastric Emptying Scan
  132. twisted colon
  133. Meds for nausea
  134. Frequent gas pains
  135. Persistent Abdominal ache, etc
  136. Weird "ache" in lower abdomen
  137. I feel like I have gas all of the time
  138. Gastritis - upper left abdominal pain/ fullness
  139. esophagitis spasms or trapped gas in chest
  140. Confused
  141. Gastritis/Digestive problems.
  142. ?????
  143. pain the sterum above the stomach area
  144. Ulcer stories, anyone?
  145. Digesting too fast, weight gain. Any ideas?
  146. Sporadic diarrhea
  147. LPR/Gastroparesis
  148. Bloating, indigestion, belching
  149. Sulphur burps, vomiting and diarrhea: recurring
  150. Desperate for help... Tachycardia, intestine noise, discomfort, tinnitus...
  151. Endoscopy results please help!
  152. Do I need to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM--Bowel obstruction?
  153. Chronic Constipation (years now) with no known cause - any ideas?
  154. Graves disease with sudden uncontrollable diarrhea
  155. Worse upper ab pain after treatment for Helicobacter pylori
  156. New member
  157. Fat intolerance, bloating, blurry vision
  158. which digestive enzymes to take?
  159. Newly diagnosed dumping syndrome
  160. Giant, loud single hiccups
  161. I don't know what this is
  162. 23 year old female: constipation, small bowel movements, bloating
  163. Hiatus Hernia - Loss of appetite
  164. gastroparesis? - questions for diabetics
  165. Disorder ?
  166. diagnosed gastroparesis now this, maybe SIBO? help please.
  167. extrasystoles for about two years now
  168. Indigestion weight loss
  169. Is this 2 seperate problems or does anyone recognize these symptoms as a whole?
  170. Fed up :(
  171. Does this sound like IBS?
  172. Gastroparesis
  173. Had My EGD
  174. 11 year old bleeding ulcer?
  175. feeling terrible..dont know whats wrong :(
  176. Still have no idea what's going on with me.
  177. Embarrassing, uncomfortable condition
  178. PPI's
  179. Anyone know the answer?
  180. diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia... surgery necessary?
  181. Gastritis Fast
  182. For those who've had Upper GI bleeding
  183. I'm starving but have no appetite
  184. just had gastroscopy now stressed????
  185. Pylori for the 2nd time and have several ulcers
  186. blood stools and alternating diarrhea and constipation
  187. Fluids painful... IV painless... any ideas?
  188. bloating
  189. nausea & metal taste in mouth (gastic emptying scan normal)
  190. Stomach Pains and Diarrhea
  191. Gastritis
  192. Swallowing issue - endoscopy reveals nothing
  193. Chronic diarrhoea after Nissen surgery
  194. Anxiety or other problem?
  195. diareha after i eat
  196. Esophagtitis due to Gastritis? Remedy?
  197. gastritis/acid reflex
  198. Bile gastritis
  199. chronic nausea
  200. Dry mouth and yuck taste
  201. Undiagnosed GI problems
  202. Chronic diarrhea for months
  203. Stomach Issues & Probiotics
  204. Nissen fundoplication
  205. Saw a Specialist and Still No Diagnosis- Help?
  206. Feel like i've been punched in the stomach
  207. can a partial tummy wrap b reversed
  208. Major Stomach Issues, Help?
  209. Questions re: gastroparesis...
  210. Colon resection - bloody stool
  211. severe upper abdomen pain
  212. Severe bloating
  213. Hitus hernia or gerd?
  214. More issues - So frustrated
  215. Sphincter of Oddi - New Surgery!
  216. GERD? More? I need to know where to go from here...
  217. At wits end
  218. Foul Burps, Diarrhea, Stomach Pain
  219. chest pain and pain when swallowing
  220. alot of burps and constipation
  221. Suffering and Lost! Help!
  222. burning tummy after drinking apple cider vinegar
  223. Not anorexic or bulemic, just not hungry
  224. weird stomach noises, change in bowel color/consis, bloating/gas, stress related??
  225. Indigestion and vommiting
  226. Bloating, Nausea, Gas and severe constipation. Help?
  227. burning all the time its driving me crazy
  228. Feel Like I Need To Vomit All The Time
  229. Gastroparesis without stomach symptoms???
  230. Pain in lower Right abdomen
  231. No ulcers but have polyps
  232. All foods tend to trigger my issues...
  233. Can you take TOO many digestive enzymes and probiotics?
  234. Sulfur Burps
  235. unable to eat red meat and fruites???
  236. Constipation Strain Question
  237. Intestinal lining in stool?
  238. Upper GI on Monday
  239. Low stomach acid and Betain HCL tablets
  240. Scared :( blood in toilet
  241. Refered to gastroenterologist for digestive symptoms
  242. Stool problems
  243. abdominal distention and trouble breathing
  244. diagnosed with achalasia about 2 years
  245. Abdominal Distention causes?
  246. gas suggestions appreciated
  247. Is GB removal indicated?
  248. Changes in Gastrointestinal/Digestive System (Colonscopy & Endoscopy came back normal
  249. Sugar. Oh, Honey Honey. I am NOT a Candy Girl Anymore! :(
  250. Severe Constipation

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