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  1. Need help, don't know what to do!
  2. Sharp center/right side pains PC
  3. IBS, maybe more?
  4. Desire to throw up but just gag
  5. Husband getting sicker and sicker
  6. Will Fundoplication work for me? Views appreciated
  7. Re: Light beige stool
  8. Please help. Im desperate. Something is wrong with my digestive system
  9. Autoimmune disorders and candida infections
  10. Had stents placed during ERCP last night
  11. anal sphincterotomy - what to do next
  12. Need a little help here!!
  13. My stomach hasn't growled in 5 months
  14. centre chest pains at night
  15. Strange Problems for me and my husband
  16. Can't sit after eating.
  17. yellow stool
  18. i am still digestive problem with galdder remove?
  19. bile dumping????
  20. A little nervous about my Upper GI Endoscopy Tomorrow
  21. food allergies
  22. Bile Reflux
  23. Helicobacter Pylori ?
  24. Colonoscopy biopsies?
  25. can someone point me in the right direction?
  26. Very ill. Pls read my story (long)
  27. Haven't 'gone' properly for 4 days (+prostatitis) + swallowing difficulties??
  28. sewer burps & vomiting
  29. Coundn't Even Get To The Dr. Because Of Bathroom Issues...
  30. Problem in digestive system
  31. Black stools
  32. Undiagnosed chronic stomach problem. Desperate for some answers.
  33. Constipated for about a week
  34. GI doctor told me Laxatives are not harmful or addictive!!
  35. Stomach hurts after eating
  36. I am in an emergency need of Gastroenterologist
  37. barrett disease
  38. duodenal ulcer, when can I start drinking again?
  39. Esophageal Varices with no history of liver problems?
  40. Xxxxxxplease help diagnose mexxxxxx
  41. Have ulcer and despertaely looking for help
  42. Stomach Hurts After Eating!
  43. Alternating Constipation and Diarrhea
  44. Constant pain in lower left abdomen
  45. dont understand what is going on
  46. Severe pain that doesn't want to go away, need help.
  47. Unexplained diarrhea
  48. Doxycycline
  49. Metformin and Diarrhea
  50. High Amylase levels
  51. excessive belching and chest pains in left side CURE (for me)
  52. anyone else feel worse after antibiotics treatment?
  53. stomach pain
  54. Adenomatous polyp in stomach
  55. False negative-hpylori
  56. totally discouraged
  57. Consistent Sphincter of Oddi problems since May... pls help me
  58. Pale Yellow stool no smell
  59. Huge hunger causing inescapable brain irrationality
  60. Sorb-it Silica Gel Desiccant Canister in my Probiotic
  61. New to this section! Hi everyone
  62. tummy problems
  63. H.pylori and ulcers
  64. Orange stool?
  65. Can anyone tell me what this biopsy means
  66. question about Ulcers, gastritis and H. pylori
  67. Sulfur burps, diarreah, vomiting
  68. Deja vu pain attacked in my sleep
  69. lower chest pain, excessive burping, please help
  70. stomach symptoms worrisome
  71. Constipation Question
  72. stomach caving in
  73. I.b.s or digestive disorder ?
  74. Unable to Burp and gas getting locked up :(
  75. serious stomach problems & in need of advise...
  76. Gastritis and GERD
  77. digestive problems/pancreas?
  78. Excessive Abdominal Burping & Lump in My Throat
  79. Reflux and slow digestion
  80. Length of diverticulitus
  81. After H.pylori
  82. Magnesium to reduce stomach pain
  83. Surgery for Hiatal Hernia ??
  84. Pain Lower Left Abdomen HELP!!! Should I take my CIPRO?
  85. Bile salt
  86. upper right quadrant pain
  87. Did I do something to my colon?
  88. I have a weird tummy symptoms any ideas? Please help me =[?
  89. Very Worried!
  90. Diet and Sphincter of Oddi
  91. Digestion problems?
  92. Roemheld syndrome
  93. feeling full all the time why ?
  94. does anyone get diareah when they have gastritis
  95. Endoscopy results
  96. do antibiotics cause loose stools?
  97. About trying to vomiting(not completing)
  98. Possible bechets
  99. is it parasites?
  100. anyone have these symptoms?
  101. Maybe food posioning or other?
  102. I just wish someone could give me an answer.
  103. Can't get a diagnosis - any advice gratefully recieved!
  104. questions about h pylori medication
  105. All sorts of symptoms
  106. Endoscopy questions
  107. Why does it feel like my gallbladder is back and on the right side?
  108. Reglan for Gastroparesis?
  109. darkened stool from iron supplement or GI bleeding?
  110. Week long diarrhea
  111. ED caused by Azulfidine?
  112. Very bitter taste in mouth, stomach pain and mild nausea
  113. Help
  114. Duodenal ulcers and alcohol
  115. Living with Gastroparesis (Please read, I need advice?)
  116. Newbie First Pancreatic Attack....worried!
  117. abdominal problems
  118. Chest Pain at night
  119. Bloating two months after sigmoid resection
  120. Redundant Colon
  121. Not so obvious H-Pylori symptoms.
  122. H.pylori treatment
  123. I have hiccups - one at a time, several times a day. Help!
  124. Pine Nut oil capsules
  125. Digestive problems since December
  126. Abdominal Pain/distention/constipation
  127. Belly Issues
  128. Bile Acid
  129. Yellow loose bowel movements
  130. Tummy pain and very noisy rumblings!
  131. Gnawing Ache/Discomfort/pressure on right side
  132. Calcium Makes My D Waaaaaay Worse
  133. Which Came First - MY Digestive Issues or My Boyfriends?
  134. Should I have my gall bladder removed (pancreatitis)
  135. Help! Constant abdominal pain
  136. Can someone please help me?
  137. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  138. Hiatus Hernia and Gastritis - Alcohol?
  139. is the miralax going to get rid of impacted feces
  140. New here with hpylori diagnosis
  141. Gastris?? (i posted this in the wrong place -_-)
  142. Strange digestive issue. Doctors unable to diagnose
  143. antibotics made it worse?
  144. Bathroom urgency, Gastroparesis, GERD and possible IBS
  145. bowel and digestive problems
  146. stomachache+ head ache
  147. What is wrong with my body?
  148. Dont know which part to put this under because no one knows whats wrong.
  149. Need Advice - New Here
  150. Pancreatitis - Very HIGH Triglycerides - Lupus?
  151. Duodenal Inflammation
  152. Duodenum Troubles
  153. Why do carrots give me a stomach ache?
  154. Gerd and Magnesium
  155. Pressure in Abdomin
  156. Just medication or something worse?
  157. 3 year old throwing up only at night
  158. nausea and diahrrea 2 weeks after gallbladder surgery
  159. for those of you with rotten burps, vomitting, diarrhea...READ THIS
  160. 7-year-old has never been able to eat food
  161. SMA Syndrome recommended diet??
  162. HELP: Feeling of Vomitting After meals!
  163. Pain under left ribcage?
  164. anyone experience this with Hpylori?
  165. Gastroparesis, GERD, other symptoms
  166. polyps in stomach
  167. h pylori gone now stuck with gastritis
  168. Strange Stools, Abdominal Pain... 4 weeks now
  169. Have gallbladder removed? (Have gastritis)
  170. Mastic gum
  171. ticklish feeling in stomach can't sleep
  172. GERD/Gastroparesis/Constant Bowel Movement Urge
  173. Burping all day every day :(
  174. Digestive problems for the last 3 months. No idea why
  175. Inflamation left side
  176. Constipation, stomach pain...
  177. Throat discomfort after Endoscopy - normal?
  178. 2-1/2 Years of Diarrhea/Lost Weight, Etc.
  179. for emergency help
  180. Raisins causing indigestion and nausea
  181. HIDA scan normal. Still have pain?
  182. Bowel Pressure, Painful Urination, not feeling well
  183. Foul smell from my intestines
  184. Constant gas pressure
  185. Gluten Digestive Enzymes
  186. colonoscopy and upper endoscopy at the same time
  187. In pain..need advice
  188. Severe weight loss
  189. Deep Fried Oreos Improve my "IBS D?"
  190. Right side pain, gas, liver or muscle ?
  191. metoclopramide
  192. Can I get an MRI instead of a HIDA scan for gallbladder issues?
  193. Is this common to Gastritis?
  194. Severe Stomach pain from bile reflux!!
  195. Scared and don't want gallbladder surgery
  196. Natural remedies for h pylori?
  197. sensodyne causing my nausea?
  198. saturday belly
  199. Thoughts on my "gastritis"?
  200. Amphetamines and Gastroparesis...
  201. inflammation of the stomach and small intestine
  202. is this tape worms?
  203. GI issues
  204. My Digestive Disorders..
  205. Lump in stomach
  206. sulphur burps and vomiting cured
  207. My latest stomach biopsy results
  208. Various issues. Help
  209. Offically diagnosed with H pylori. What do my results mean?!
  210. diagnosed with H pylori. Need opinions. Pls help
  211. Does Gasteroparasis cause upper stomach burning and pressure
  212. colon/gas pain and bump
  213. any advice?
  214. Contracted chest pain...
  215. Lactose Intolerant, but experiencing nausea without lactose
  216. Nausea after eating, no other symptoms
  217. After h pylori eradication
  218. scaard about liver panel
  219. Need some help
  220. Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc...
  221. severe intestinal pain
  222. endoscopy concerns
  223. Ultroid System and Hemroid Harry!
  224. side effects awful!! quitting meds
  225. GERD and breathing problems??
  226. Lots of appointments- Getting very nervous!
  227. questions about endoscopy, gerd, etc...
  228. Feeling like i m hungry / blood in vomit
  229. Food Getting Stuck in Throat
  230. Stomach Problems After Giardia
  231. stomach issues
  232. Pyloric Sphincter problems
  233. Could this be gastritis? Ulcer? Something else?
  234. Gastritis
  235. Hida Test
  236. Undigested Medication?... Gross question!
  237. How to use enzymes without esophagitis?
  238. Pancreatitis: Chronic or 2nd acute attack?
  239. Procedure for Bile Reflux Control
  240. When eating I have trouble breathing and I have to throw up.
  241. Ulcer?
  242. diagnosis of colonoscopy
  243. Stomach Ulcer Pain
  244. Gerd, stomach and fundus oplyps, Barrett's esophagus
  245. Right upper quadrant abdominal pain, 4 inches above the belly and to the right
  246. Nausea - Is it ZANTAC ?
  247. Meckel's diverticulum
  248. thirst, cravings, constipation, brain fog
  249. Yellow Stool Causes other than Liver/Celiac
  250. Nauseous when starting to eat

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