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  1. Stomach Flipping Sensation
  2. Two questions for those with gastritis or burning stomach symptoms
  3. Upper right abdominal pain only when walking
  4. Back ache? Is this related to my stomach issues?
  5. After Nissen fundoplication
  6. Continuing Burbing and breathing problem
  7. 11% hida scan but not typical symptoms
  8. What the heck is wrong with me?
  9. Gastroenteritus??
  10. Strange Bowel Movements
  11. is metachlopramide safe?
  12. what meals to eat after g.b. removal ??
  13. nissen wrap
  14. GB removed 4 months ago...Having acid reflux now?
  15. Gas bloating, chest gas pains, and green stool
  16. Possible Gluten and Lactose Intolerance
  17. Chronic constipation
  18. Is this acid rebound or no?
  19. Any one with similair symptoms?
  20. HH - Swallowed Air and Breathing Difficulties
  21. still painfull after g.b. removal also constipation / diarhea
  22. still painfull after g.b. removal also constipation / diarhea
  23. Lump in my front below rib?
  24. bad gas, even if eating good food.
  25. Incessant pain and abdominal noises - Please help!
  26. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction or Acid Reflux??
  27. why do i need a poo everytime i eat cereal?
  28. Please Help! Abd. Pain, Nausea, etc.
  29. Getting off PPIs
  30. Pancreas CT
  31. Gluten Intolerance
  32. Back/stomach pain after just one alcoholic beverage!
  33. Celiacs Disease? Advice please
  34. BILE in my stomach and BILE reflux! HELP Needed. please!!
  35. Please help - gastritis question
  36. Stomach pains...what can it be?
  37. Question about Lipitor
  38. Have to lower my cholesterol with already bad stomach
  39. Esophagus closes up for hours
  40. gas, contstipation and reflux
  41. pain under lower right ribs
  42. I have green diarrhea and stomach pains?
  43. Nausea, Abdominal Pain, HELP!
  44. Daughter having intestinal pain and diarrhea
  45. don't understand results from upper endoscopy
  46. Yes or no anyone? is it possible to have worms even after..
  47. Nausea and abdominal swelling?
  48. Stomach Growling - Not intestinal noises
  49. Food goes right through me
  50. watery acid waste is ruining my week
  51. Quick question
  52. Mrcp????? Help!! Billary tract?
  53. Episodes of agonziing pain in chest. Help!
  54. severe bile reflux
  55. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction How do you know you have it?
  56. Brown onion skin like object in stool
  57. Please tell me what you think, I am very scared and depressed
  58. Gastroparesis
  59. Had endoscope & biopsy
  60. atypical gallbladde symptoms
  61. foul burps
  62. Burning like pain in left side....
  63. why does food come back into mouth
  64. Can anyone help me?
  65. Enlarged/Inflammed portal vein *scared*
  66. Got sick now have indigestion
  67. Pain when sleeping
  68. How Long before the doctors do a reversal on my perforated bowel
  69. what is pylori virus
  70. Sitz Marker/Constipation
  71. Do Digestive Enzymes Cause Side Effects?
  72. I dont know What meals or dinners I can eat after g.b. surgery
  73. Pain in lower intestinal area after eating
  74. bloated after eating and ribs hurt
  75. Weight loss? POTS?
  76. What is going on?
  77. when i wake up in the morning my stomach hurts so bad
  78. food not passing properly
  79. Hida Scan results (but took PPIs...)
  80. Has anyone tried Seirogan?
  81. Golf ball size swelling in abdomen for a few seconds
  82. Worried and fed up with pain!
  83. does gas make your heart beat faster?
  84. Is this Gastritis?
  85. Swollen Sphincter Causing, or caused by Irregularity?
  86. Vit. D
  87. Please help, I am going insane!
  88. Anyone else with stomach dysmotility?
  89. Can you have GERD without burning?
  90. A PTCA Test Versus ERCP For Liver & digestive Disorders
  91. Dieting and loud intestines
  92. upper abdomanal pain tender to touch
  93. Digestive problems
  94. What kind of natural remedy/protocol would be suggested for...
  95. Gas or intestinal problem?
  96. colon cleanse products
  97. gases,sickness,dizzy
  98. Diverticulitis keeps recurring
  99. What kind of pain killers can I take?
  100. please help!
  101. should you take acidophilus while taking metronidazole
  102. what is lozac
  103. Should I go to a gastroenterologist or back to the general surgeon?
  104. Whole Wheat and Bloat
  105. what could cause a throbbing senasation under breastbone feels like a heartbeat
  106. Pain under left breast and upper rib cage
  107. What digestive products to use for...?
  108. Is it gallstones or is it psychosomatic
  109. pain right side while deep breaths
  110. stomach cramps immediately after eating.
  111. undigested food in stool
  112. unexplained weight loss
  113. Getting very frustrated..
  114. Can I Have IBS With Only Pain No Other Symptoms?
  115. Colonoscopy questions
  116. Giardia - any insight?
  117. revision of an old gastrenectomy-now terrible gas and diarriah
  118. Having an ERCP with sphincterotomy-any advise?
  119. Food intolerances - what do I eat?
  120. Very concerned
  121. Blockage feeling
  122. terrible gas after surgery
  123. Appendix Issue
  124. Sweats and Gas 3am??! :S :p
  125. stomach burning on and off
  126. pain in upper right & left side + burping?
  127. Constant Nausea
  128. Update
  129. Need some insight on what could be happening with my daughter
  130. Random Vomiting
  131. Feeling like I can't swallow food
  132. Can hepatitis cause gallstones
  133. something is wrong
  134. Small help for bile reflux
  135. when i eat i feel sick
  136. gallstones
  137. Colonoscopy & Endoscopy today.. I can't get
  138. Constipated and Not Liking It
  139. 4 years of undiagnosed nausea and vomiting
  140. Get on with living or got back to the doc?
  141. my abdomen feels heavy after food why
  142. Burping
  143. Indigestion/constant bloating
  144. can nissen fundoplication be reversed
  145. Is this Leaky Gut (and is this a good recovery program)?
  146. Why my stomach cannot digest food
  147. what is the cause of noise in the stomach and troat
  148. Reposted in this section (from ed board) because of symptoms
  149. egg taste when i burp
  150. hida-scared
  151. detour, or proper procedure???
  152. Minor Ampulla Sphincterotomy anyone?
  153. severe gastritis!!!
  154. Diverticulitis help
  155. gastric mucosal abnormality characaterized by erythem a
  156. Not sure what to make of this....
  157. Have to wait 2 years for upper endoscopy...going to have abdominal MRI in meantime.
  158. Pancreas Divisum causing problems...can anyone give insight?
  159. What do I have? Ulcer, Gastritis??
  160. Pancreas disorder, Gallstones, or what?
  161. heller myotomy with fundiplication surgery
  162. Extreme Diarrhea and Weight Loss
  163. My strange problem... anyone heard of this?
  164. esophagus spasms
  165. What kind of natural remedy/protocol would be suggested for...
  166. Need a little advice please
  167. VERY weird symptoms of what???
  168. laid off, std ltd benefits
  169. chronic Pancreatitis
  170. recurrent pancreatitis does this make you tired and weak?
  171. Diverticulitis *after* partial colectomy?
  172. how long does it take to get better from gastritis
  173. Can anyone help please?
  174. golden yellow stool
  175. Chest Pain
  176. getting strange stomach pains everytime i eat
  177. Salad dressing for those with dyspepsia?
  178. just been told to talk to surgeon
  179. anyone else have a colectomy for diverticulitis?
  180. Gastrocolic reflex and diarrhea/loose stool
  181. Constipation from GB surgery
  182. What is this?
  183. New Here!! LONG Introduction and weight loss question!!
  184. Abnormal Blood results
  185. Vomiting blood afer endoscopy-is this normal?
  186. Son diagnosed with Lactose intolerance
  187. Rotten Egg Flatulence
  188. Gall stone/endoscopy question
  189. hard time eating
  190. female collegiate athlete w/anemia
  191. Possible gastroparesis
  192. What are your symptoms of pancreatitis
  193. Contrast CT w/ Barium Sulfate
  194. What's Wrong with My Stomach?? Help!
  195. Symptoms after an endoscopy
  196. Bile Reflux With No Nausea and Vomitting
  197. To much farting
  198. Every time I eat, I feel this horrible, terrifying, torturous, horrendous drugged/pre
  199. Intense pain on left side!!
  200. Pancreatitis questions
  201. I feel like I'm starving, but I have no appetite?
  202. how long does it take for h-plori to go away
  203. Is This Serious?
  204. Undiagnosed Digestive Problem
  205. when i burp food comes up
  206. Gas - How bad can it get?
  207. waiting for information
  208. I have diarrhea and no way to get any immodium or pepto
  209. To know about my belly problem
  210. IBS-Chest Ache
  211. my stomach has a burning feeling sometimes
  212. Augmentin and Lingering Digestive Problems
  213. Wake up with pain below sternum
  214. Welchol any side effects?
  215. Pain after drinking alcoholic beverages?
  216. Bile reflux and Stress
  217. Does Gas travel throughout your body?
  218. Carafate making me fatigued
  219. Please Help; Husband Suffering
  220. Problem processing starch
  221. why food comes back in mouth
  222. stomach problems...Help!
  223. My son and myself: possible Celiac
  224. Tightening Feeling in Stomach
  225. How can I relieve Irritate Bowel Symptoms , or Spastic Colon symptoms?
  226. Abdominal pain below sternum
  227. Wondering why..
  228. Abdominal pain, constipation... Stomach problems for 3 years? Any suggestions.
  229. horrible smelling bowel movements!
  230. Malabsorption syndrome - need help...one question
  231. Sphinctor of Oddi Dysfunction Can losing weight help relieve the pain?
  232. Digestive Enzymes make me sick
  233. sphincer of oddi anyone? need answers
  234. stomach problems
  235. Right lower abdominal pain..what could it be?
  236. What is it called when trauma causes these symptoms?
  237. Stomach pain after eating...Anything
  238. Gallstone Sizes
  239. Having endoscopy this week.. a question
  240. Nodule in bellybutton and Pain HELP
  241. Malabsorption problems need help asa
  242. it hurts to touch ...
  243. Gallstone nausea question
  244. Does Welchol absorb your vitamins or any other medicine
  245. Does Beano help with those with Spinctor of Oddi
  246. Worried About Bowel Movements
  247. Could someone please help me?
  248. flu shot /digestive disorders
  249. Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction Someone please help me!
  250. Mouth Tastes Bitter All The Time

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