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  1. S.S.I. and home ownership?
  2. Finally!
  3. How Do You Cope?
  4. Anyone From Tennessee?
  5. BradInCA
  6. How much will my backtime be for 4 years and 8 months.
  7. Is it even possible for me to get SSD
  8. Hi everyone I'm new here.....
  9. Requested to do a medical evaluation by SSA
  10. Asking everyone how they are doing, how their cases are??
  11. Don't give up
  12. Decision Made by Writters 4 months ago
  13. SSI/SSDI Question Confused
  14. ALJ hearing on 12-3-2010
  15. Disability w/out a Court Hearing
  16. New To Board, Had Hearing December 3, 2010
  17. Need advice - request for reconsideration
  18. SSI/SSDI Backpay
  19. 2 disabled parents and disabled child S.S. questions
  20. Today Is The Day
  21. Disabled policies should change! Who is with me?
  22. LTD Private Insurance
  23. Function Report
  24. What is the deal with ssd back pay!!!!
  25. question about compassionate disability conditions
  26. SSD confusion
  27. What does this mean? (Reguarding State Disability)
  28. I don't need to ask for any further help.
  29. Court date Dec 10th
  30. "Disability judges facing more threats"
  31. Am I Disabled .... Enough!
  32. Why can't people understand?
  33. SSI/SSD QUESTION! mental disability bipolar ect...
  34. Disability
  35. No back pay
  36. Has anyone used a great attorney in Southern California?
  37. Approved???
  38. Attorney won't return calls.
  39. Got an unexpected early payment
  40. IME(Independent Medical Exam)
  41. frustrated with lawfirm, questions about hearing
  42. A Question About Back Pay for SSI
  43. SSI Back Pay
  44. SSDI / Has anyone received more money than what it stated on your SS statement?
  45. Has anyone gotten this message on SSA Application Status Info page?
  46. Called SS ALJ office for update & don't know what this means....
  47. Just got my forms in the Mail
  48. unemployement after ssdi
  49. A stupid question??
  50. back from pre-hearing
  51. Got my letter - This is terrible - I need HELP
  52. Approved but....
  53. A YEAR.....
  54. Approved for indiv disability benefits.
  55. SSI* back payments. (getting more from installment #1/2)
  56. Please help me, I need help quick!!!
  57. dont want to lose my check
  58. Confused on Backpay
  59. DENIED.....OMG....
  60. I don't think my attorney is doing her job
  61. medicare wont pay
  62. Had a hearing and CE - Now what??
  63. Can I get ssdi and ssi?
  64. Went in with my relative to SSA to apply and..
  65. Finally a hearing date....
  66. Disability lawyer AND VA lawyer??Was this a mistake?
  67. AJL Hearing and CE exam - now waiting
  68. phone call from local office ssdi....?
  69. Going hypo
  70. SSDI medical examination 10/15 - HELP
  71. Finding a Medical Expert
  72. ALJ hearing August 18th, 2010. Still no word!!!
  73. 1st attempt questions
  74. been told i have osteoarthritis what benefits would i be entitled to
  75. got 2nd denial letter
  76. Awarded and Denied all within 3 days
  77. Is it ever going to happen...
  78. Do you work part time while collecting SSDI?
  79. another back pay question
  80. Appeals Council
  81. IME ordered by LTD carrier...now what?
  82. LTD private insurance carrier policy
  83. had my alj hearing/ohio
  84. review
  85. Currently in a CDR Long Form!
  86. Just needing to vent
  87. Are Medicare Premiums Taken out of backpay
  88. How long did it take you to get your AJD letter?
  89. ?? on when payments will arrive??
  90. Why do they give back pay a little at a time on SSI?
  91. im going crazy here, please help!!
  92. Psychiatric Appointment
  93. Best attorneys for SS disability?
  94. Really Confused ssdi and ssi now they say
  95. got the call today approval forsure and still no letter..more
  96. Received Second Denial- Getting Scared
  97. anyone been told their decision by SS before a letter?
  98. Approved or not?
  99. ssdi approved
  100. Approved
  101. Concurrent Claim how does back pay work?
  102. SSDI Call Back
  103. Question about Disability Hearing
  104. Question about SSI
  105. Need help with a question
  106. SS Thinks They Have Enough Evidence To Make a Decision...
  107. Just had my hearing on Wed.
  108. Filed SSD for mental but having physical exam
  109. onset date ssdi
  110. I have another question
  111. decboom Good Luck Tomorrow
  112. What do you think?
  113. obama giving $$$ to ssdi & ssi recipients
  114. Property Taxes
  115. Oh my god! What liars!
  116. need to file federal civil case
  117. question about ssdi
  118. i feel my case is 100% definate, am i right?
  119. ssdi award letter
  120. on STD but don't think i will be able to return to my employer...
  121. OTR denied - Hearing Sep 9, 2010
  122. Very Confused...
  123. SS Wants to Avoid Hearing, Is This Good or Bad??
  124. Disability and what do I do next?
  125. Finally Approved!
  126. anyone awarded on 2nd try and still fighting first appeal
  127. Just had my hearing, the wait begins
  128. H.O.P.E....??????????
  129. Back Pay
  130. So long?????????
  131. Wondering if I Should Give Up On The Process
  132. Approved! Questions about Medicare and backpay......
  133. Got Award Letter Today - Question about 3 year review interval
  134. Got my backpay
  135. disability ? a good thing???
  136. Question On Back Pay & How They Figure It
  137. Ex boyfriend refuses to tell the truth
  138. Nervous
  139. Preparing to file SSD claim...help!
  140. SS says they over paid me
  141. Got my backpay
  142. Got my decision letter today - FULLY FAVORABLE!!!
  143. SSDI claim filed this week
  144. Totally weird
  145. The wait is over - fully favorable!!
  146. Waiting Waiting WAITING
  147. Backdating an SSD claim
  148. 24 years old, received Fully Favorable decision..
  149. alj judge refuses to pay my attorney!!!!
  150. any one living independently in a wheelchair?
  151. My brother needs help--survivor benefits info and more
  152. How else do I prove my husband has seizures?
  153. Does it sound like my husband's medical review will be denied? (see details)
  154. Question
  155. SSI Wait game
  156. Question about Back pay
  157. Owning a business and SSDI
  158. I need advice! ( and can I lose my disability if I go back to school?)
  159. What happens when you're on disability-
  160. 2nd hearing after winning a second claim at application
  161. Newborn on my SSDI benefits
  162. Received my decision yesterday
  163. rec'd official fully favorable notification
  164. Proximity Sensors
  165. Approved for Disability: Questions on backpay
  166. Going nuts waiting for Judge's Decision
  167. Filing my Appeal
  168. backpay
  169. Denied disbility
  170. Child Benefit
  171. please help me!!!! i'm a nervous wreck: no income since aug. 2008
  172. ssi questions
  173. Medicare questions?
  174. if I move in with my son who gets ssi and I get ssi will they reduce mine
  175. received unfavorable today
  176. denied long term disability waiting for ssd hearing decision,
  177. Hearing In Ohio
  178. Got my Fully Favorable Today
  179. Got my award notice
  180. Question
  181. Disabled and bored to dead
  182. california wait time after hearing?
  183. question please
  184. can they reduce your amount if you don't have other income
  185. Switching from SSI to Child's Disability Benefits.
  186. Anyone have second hearing
  187. second hearing scheduled
  188. Otr fully favorable at hearing
  189. Is this a help or not
  190. Was just told a judge has my dire need request...
  191. Back pay and taxes
  192. If my step daughter receives benefits from me can we also collect child support?
  193. feet
  194. backpay!
  195. My husband just got approved
  196. Metlife LTD and Blindness
  197. Medicare part B said I filed to late
  198. 7 yrs and now a mental ex.
  199. whats going on!
  200. Blown Away by ALJ decision and a Question
  201. nervous wreck
  202. I have another appt w/ss
  203. Attending college while on disability
  204. Im back with good news .
  205. 26..cant work...dont qualify...HELP
  206. what if child now 18 but not before ss claim began
  207. Got my offical letter of approval. Have a question.
  208. Attorney No Show at Hearing
  209. 6 weeks since alj hearing havent heard anything yet
  210. Can someone collect ssi and go to college full time?
  211. turned down
  212. eye
  213. Disability review and last insured date
  214. COURT ????
  215. how long of a wait after a "DIRE NEED OTR request"???
  216. Attendant Care Agencies in Melbourne AUSTRALIA
  217. Disability review in March 2011
  218. Can someone help with one more question? Alj approval/denial letter
  219. What does PER mean?
  220. Taxes?
  221. How do I contact my local office?
  222. My lawyer did NOT file my appeal
  223. Just got a favorable decision and have tons of questions
  224. ssdi and motorcycles I need some imput Thanks!
  225. Epilepsy and SSI Disability
  226. How do they calculate my payout?
  227. How much can I expect from Work Comp
  228. Hoping someone can help answer
  229. Am I Eligible?
  230. how much can i expect
  231. was told kids only get 1/3 of my SSDI benefits
  232. New and need help
  233. NC state disability & medicaid
  234. Deadbeat Dad gets SSI can my child collect on his record?
  235. Finally got back pay...
  236. My file is at Payment Center
  237. Going back to judge on a remand from appeals council
  238. rcv'd notice of unfavorable decision
  239. SSD local office appointment a bit confusing
  240. SSI back pay/legal blind status
  241. SSI Disability How much can working spouse earn?
  242. Disability check tax question
  243. self employed
  244. Introduction
  245. Attorney cost of Appeals Council case...I had a 2nd hearing and was approved.
  246. I think payment is getting closer...
  247. It's Official, got my "Fully Favorable"
  248. Does SSDI withhold backpay for fed student loans?
  249. will I still get monthly check if i got my back pay?
  250. LTD is deducting SSDI but I haven't gotten SSDI