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  1. oral fixation/sensory intergration
  2. Periods
  3. About to adopt baby with DS
  4. Sleep Apnea?
  5. downs and add/adhd
  6. high res ultrasound and downs syndrome
  7. Feeding is problem
  8. will be working with down's advice?
  9. not afraid
  10. Downs Syndrome & Choroid Plexus Cyst
  11. The Karen Gaffney Foundation
  12. Please explain Early Intervention.
  13. Knowing if my child has Down's
  14. Speech therapy - finding a good therapist?
  15. Bed Wetting
  16. Reading/Spelling Learning Aides
  17. Need Some Help Please!!
  18. Dementia in twenties? Or something else?
  19. 14 Month old Down Syndrome girl with Multiple Seizures
  20. nuchal thickening
  21. Middle Ear Fluid in Infant - Needs Tubes??
  23. Older DS with unexplained body pains
  24. dumb me or dumb docter??
  25. Anyone have choroid plexus cysts?
  26. Need help with potty training my son/w DS
  27. soft markers
  28. diet
  29. many questions
  30. Does Blood Relation in parents causes Babies with down syndrome ?
  31. Alzheimer's
  32. Welcoming Babies with Down Syndrome
  33. Prepare for Guardianship
  34. Older DS
  35. ADHD and DS
  36. my daughter maybe loosing her hearing...
  37. Puberty talk with 12yr. old daughter- - HELP!!!!!
  38. Nystagma
  39. flexibility!!!!!!!!
  40. looking for ds around 11yrs
  41. new mom of baby girl with DS
  42. hearing loss in ds
  43. I need HELP!!!
  44. DayDreaming
  45. I'm a New SM for a Downs Child
  46. How can there be a mosaic in Down's Syndrome?
  47. Sleep Apnea and down syndrome?
  48. muscle tone
  49. can't let ds baby go....HELP!!!
  50. *If you have a research project for school*
  51. Keep old messages

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