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  1. ?? for ERIN
  2. Rules of the Board - please read
  3. Diane 35 is WORKING!
  4. Sage - Barbara's Response to my email
  5. FLAXSEED OIL diary--please add
  6. Girls and Acne (This Question is for the guys)
  7. Flat warts/Acne
  8. b-what? help me out here
  9. Keloids?
  10. Vitamin E Lotion =)
  11. Attention all Glycolic Acid users......please give me some advice!
  12. has anybody ever had cauterization on your face?
  13. HEY Regina1979????!!!!
  14. Breakouts -- Not Acne?
  15. Does anyone here constantly check out other people's skin?
  16. Back Issues
  17. Does Spironolactone really cause breast cancer?
  18. Biore Blemish Bomb
  19. Is B5 ok to use with antibiotics?
  20. mmmm.....acne linked to constipation...?
  21. Cowgurlup & AcCutane
  22. Qu. for ephex...
  23. yasmin v. diane 35
  24. Good Cleanser??
  25. Is Solaray a good brand? (B5)
  26. retin A is retinoic acid??
  27. what if i lift weights? lemon diet will make me thinner!!??
  28. First Night of Sage
  29. Aloe leaves?? for acne scars
  30. glycolic peels need some help
  31. accutane...gah!
  32. Plz read_ acne cure
  33. Whats the deal with Differin?
  34. THE BEST DERM in chicago??
  35. The tca peel update please read very impt!
  36. ..B5 Question
  37. Hey jamie is back!!!! Everybody read please~
  38. Ladies, whats the BEST green concealer out there??
  39. !!On My WaY tO cLeAr SkIn.*.*!!
  40. Oil of Olay complete? is it ok for acne prone skin?
  41. To "Someperson" again
  42. B5 breakouts?
  43. How many vitamins?
  44. Hydroquinone strengths?
  45. question for Jad and KC
  46. And also hehe, Lets talk about oral meds!!!
  47. Hi everyone, Wat should I expect when seeing a DERM for the 1st time??Everyone reply!
  48. please everyone, list your accutane experiences
  49. Some advice
  50. accutane woes
  51. Question about egg yolk masks
  52. Another SAGE update...
  53. sunscreen for acne prone skin
  54. Buying Accutane Online..i found a site........
  55. b5
  56. clear pore cleanser or salycilic acid
  57. How much is Roaccutane in US?
  58. glycolic acid while on retin-a
  59. Sage
  60. any vegetarians here suffer from acne?
  61. what not to do when on accutane
  62. Acne treatment
  63. Acne miracle cure .. anyone tried it?
  64. Making your own glycolic moisturiser
  65. starch/carbs etc. ?
  66. Any good makeup removers?
  67. Question for "Someperson"
  68. Why is Accutane only given to people with really bad acne...?
  69. Just plain Grumpy! Stupid Acne!!!
  70. After Accutane---- B5 or Accutane again????
  71. Dermawand??
  72. How much Zinc?
  73. Vitamin b5
  74. question for ~Cansu~
  75. has anyone tried acne products from shopping channels???
  76. accutane and B5 at the same time
  77. tetrecycline and sun exposure
  78. Glucose Optimizer and Squalene!?
  79. Acne cysts
  80. **Serious Side Effects of Accutane**
  81. Diane 35
  82. Everybody post what has/hasent worked for you!!!! Pleeeease!
  83. what the heck is evening primrose capulse and what does it do?
  84. "The Guy/Girl With Acne"
  85. Foods that cause acne repost
  86. I ordered Elicina online for scars....
  87. Polling users of Diane 35!
  88. whats up with acupuncture and acne?
  89. Any acne Meds that dont cause irritation/redness?!
  90. Accutane and DRinking a lot of water
  91. anything to get rid of redness?
  92. Salycic Acid VS Benzol Peroxide
  93. nutrogena makeup?
  94. uneven skin, scars & red marks
  95. Revlon Color stay makeup
  96. Cheap bye bye blemish alternative
  97. Anyone try RexEme?
  98. Opinions on phisohex and liq nitro
  99. Is Minocycline safe?
  100. 8 glasses of water a day.......
  101. You have GOT to read this!!!!!!
  102. Question..
  103. am i weird?? lol
  104. Doxycycline--how long does it take to work?
  105. Accutane Questions
  106. Hair gel???
  107. messed up
  108. The best vitamins to take
  109. b-5 newbie
  110. Need advice- haircut acne problem- also some helpful ideas
  111. Nothing works
  112. Nature's Cure
  113. Azelex?
  114. Hey! What Acne Meds from the derm are the BEST??
  115. My Benzaymcin Results Update
  116. Diane35 and diet
  117. ???can u use BP & Retin-A together???
  118. hey has anyone used the prodects " Serious SKin" care?
  119. Scar treatment in the NJ and NY Area!!
  120. starting accutane ... advices ???
  121. Phisoderm face wash???
  122. Burt's Bees....
  123. aloe vera
  124. Retin-A and other stuff........
  125. HELP- just off BCP and have acne
  126. Acne Tips
  127. MSM--how much?
  128. Vit B-5 What do you really know?
  129. This for the most part works for me and makes me a happy PERSON
  130. SAGE diary update.....
  131. differin ?
  132. Anyone use Clindoxyl ???
  133. Retin-A etc.
  134. Strange story.. lol
  135. B5 VS B complex
  136. Diane 35 and hair growth
  137. Lancome--anyone use their makeup?
  138. Diane 35...a cheaper brand that does the same thing!
  139. mosquito bites on acne prone skin
  140. Skin care vs. Hormones
  141. bye bye blemish drying lotion works!
  142. White head things?
  143. Septra (sulfamethoxazole) and Differin
  144. Makeup...I dont understand why........
  145. Minocin/Minocycline
  146. Anything out there for guys with hormonal acne??
  147. For all people drinking lemon water
  148. DON'T do this!
  149. The reason why "stress" / the brain is the ROOT cause...
  150. Spot treatment
  151. percent of oil returning
  152. stopping accutane....breakout?
  153. palladio cosmetics
  154. Acne returning after spiro
  155. Great substitute for Cetaphil Lotion
  156. Hey JamieMadrox
  157. Problems with cetaphil? Sensitive Skin
  158. Accutane - Don't Wait
  159. Any face brushers left?
  160. Has anyone tried NIZORAL??
  161. found an AWESOME cleanser
  162. Does ANYONE like this stuff????????
  163. Magarite Acne Pills?
  164. aquaphor
  165. Sycream by Syprex for scars?
  166. Benzamycin- experiences please (yes, again)
  167. Benzamycin- experiences please
  168. Question for BOBBI
  169. bio-pacific skin care
  170. The Body Shop?!
  171. Read before buying Sage
  172. This will help
  173. MSM??? what is it?
  174. oh i found another acne product suppose 2 be better than...
  175. a chinese remedy called 'acne getaway' anyone tried it?
  176. What is Sage?
  177. Spironolact Users!
  178. AnnabellC: Bare Minerals
  179. Is Sage really that great?
  180. MEDICATION, does it really work????
  181. fasting stoped my deep cysts
  182. sun and acne...
  183. Whats the best sunscreen to use while on Retin-A?
  184. For you EXPERIENCED SAGE users....
  185. Bye bye blemish.....
  186. Spiro online
  187. This pimple has been here for 2 months!
  188. Makeup and Skin Acidity
  189. ARRRGGHH, Weigtlifting doing it to me again!
  190. SAGE diary update......
  191. Just ordered Sage
  192. stomach churning whilst on accutane
  193. help maybe?
  194. Scar types...
  195. Goodness
  196. Here is an idea!
  197. For "help" SR
  198. Good experiences with Retin-A Micro?
  199. Updates on excision worries
  200. Need opinion on laser - who's better qualified?
  201. What exactly is Merderma?
  202. Vita-K
  203. Accutane after minocycline
  204. Has anyone used Bare Minerals makeup to cover acne?
  205. Anyone get Injection for raised scars??
  206. why are people so spectikal about acne???
  207. Retin-a Micro
  208. Does anyone NOT like sage?
  209. Can I Take Accutane with B5
  210. B5 same as Vitamin B5?
  211. Too much fruit?
  212. To rohanan about b5?
  213. Sage Facial Shampoo?
  214. question for proactive users
  215. Products that make red marks go away?
  216. wanking does cause ance breakout for me.
  217. Good body soap....
  218. Open pores
  219. B5 long term results
  220. check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  221. What is b5???
  222. Sycream for scars
  223. Iodine acne?
  224. njguy- how is it going with the dove soap?
  225. Retin A/Salycic Acid together?
  226. What vitamins & zinc namebrand you guys use?
  227. Use Manderma for scars
  228. Shower Filter
  229. Anyone had excisions? I have questions / need help!
  230. Has anyone tried Estrostep?????
  231. B5
  232. lemon face wash?
  233. Acne scars improved with low dosage antibiotics?
  234. does ampicillin work?
  235. nu skin
  236. Sage
  237. Personal Acne ???
  238. If you're frustrated, read my story. I have every excuse to give up, but I'm not.
  239. If you feel suicidal, please read here....
  240. Herbal Supplements???
  241. question for LittleBon JoviGirl.....
  242. Murad PURE SKIN supplements
  243. Msm
  244. Does anyone worry about their kids getting acne?
  245. Self Tanner & Lotion Needed
  246. Bad reaction to acne product..please help!!
  247. Dr Sire patients - how's it going?
  248. i need an over the counter cream or gel? any recommendations?
  249. clinique exfoliating lotion
  250. Nature's Cure: Any Luck?

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