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  1. hot face (not a love add) haha
  2. Herb teas for acne.
  3. Infection or cyst?? Pls help
  4. This is weird
  5. Back Acne
  6. retin as moistriser!?!
  7. is neosporin a good idea...?
  8. Just got a bottle of Retin-A-Micro
  9. zinc ointment
  10. Here is my story.. any ideas?!
  11. Biore pore strips?!
  12. New to the Board: Accutane
  13. Is it possible on Accutane.....
  14. Foundations?
  15. my take on proactiv,azelex,and B5
  16. BCP and antibiotics Q
  17. Astringents or Toners?
  18. Question
  19. Corn Huskers Lotion
  20. AcNease Testimonials?
  21. Has Anyone...
  22. Endocronologist Visit
  23. new acne drug in Phase II
  24. Any spironolactone/Aldactone users?
  25. I have a question?
  26. clindamyacin treatment
  27. pimples in peculiar places
  28. Yasmin...?
  29. Anyone ask their derm about using B5?
  30. Solution
  31. Benzaclin
  32. Vitamin E oil
  33. Face fine, trunk terrible
  34. for all those who give a ****
  35. Is Elicina cream really good or is it a scam???
  36. Necon birth control pill
  37. scars
  38. Bad gas from minocycline
  39. Acne on the rear!
  40. Lost and confused
  41. Scar removal at my age?
  42. Help Please
  43. Tina, MickeyM, Bella, Navywife, Daisy, Rachel...
  44. How Big of A Turnoff is Acne?
  45. I am on Accutane
  46. Different ways to reduce redness?
  47. I don't care!!! A Christmas Message
  48. blotting sheets
  49. Females (Hormonal Acne)
  50. My own Success Story!
  51. What birth control pills are you all on?
  52. Controlling shine
  53. Brad Pitt had acne scar problems????!!?!
  54. tretinoin 0.05% worth it/or waste of time?
  55. Differin..
  56. f00ds
  57. Hiya! Info about
  58. salycylic acid and redness
  59. Accutane Update...1 month
  60. Diana 35 available in the US?
  61. Navywife ????
  62. Accutane kills?!
  63. Help AH! What are these bumps?
  64. Accutane for the 2nd time?
  65. red markssss HELPPPPPP
  66. questions about Retin-A Micro 0.1% Gel before I use it
  67. Post your favorite cleanser here
  68. Cysts turn into whiteheads?!
  69. New Drug For Acne
  70. post laser day 7
  71. spicy foods?
  72. whats helped me
  73. I need some help..
  74. Prescription or OTC??
  75. Plenty of advice...
  76. Well guys i'm back ...And back on accutane.. LOL
  77. just a thought
  78. acne cysts
  79. Just me venting
  80. Accutane
  81. Tell me a good moisterizer
  82. always dries out
  83. murad skin line
  84. whats dermbrasion?
  85. Anyone using Retin micro and benzamycin?
  86. any solutions for back acne?
  87. How Long Does Accutane stay in the system after usage?
  88. can i eat peanuts?
  89. Urine for acne??!! Thats NASTY!!!
  90. MSM lotion or cream? Does it matter?
  91. does anybody know any exfoliation tips?
  92. Not using water...
  93. yeah i have to agree with the masturbation theory!!
  94. red marks!!!!!!!
  95. what is this facial scrubbing technique?
  96. Holy crap@!!, this elicinia cream is working!!
  97. what worked for me
  98. Which is best?
  99. Cetaphil and Witch Hazel
  100. Does alcohol cause acne?
  101. What's worked for me!
  102. Blahhhhhhh acne
  103. Derm not covered by insurance...
  104. I think It's Funny..
  105. My Update
  106. Flaring up again..
  107. 2nd time for Accutane
  108. Bleeding cyst
  109. update. Retin-A micro & mino
  110. Tried Minocycline, Acutane, tazorac...NOTHING
  111. Accutane Usage
  112. Found a Dr. who guarantees acne cure
  113. Christmas time
  114. has anyone had success loosing weight with B5??
  115. Microgynon 30
  116. Clinac oil control gel Review
  117. laser surgery today, finally
  118. Accutane Update
  119. ok i got the ELICINIA cream todaY! hope this works!
  120. what to eat and to avoid
  121. Accutane Question
  122. Probiotics?!
  123. Accutane Update--4th week
  124. Herbanacine
  125. prescription meds
  126. For all those who had success with B5 r/o
  127. second use for accutane
  128. roaccutain WORKED!!
  129. Please READ! About moisturizers.
  130. Whats a good moisturizer that doesnt clog pores?
  131. Is there any overnight treatments for backne??!
  132. Cyst free without medicine ,without vitamins without anything
  133. Finally went to derm
  134. Oral Antibiotics: Is it even worth it ??
  135. I have a tip (Please just try it out)
  136. Don't give up on your dream!
  137. VITA K cream
  138. Has anyone heard of Dr. Edmond Griffin in Atlanta?
  139. B5
  140. Desogen
  141. Help Help Help & More Help
  142. clinic oc gel since holding oil back worsen acne?
  143. Really happy on Accutane
  144. Exfoliation
  145. What is accutane?
  146. My situation...
  147. Aloe Vera Plant
  148. doxycycline & xtreme photosensitivity?
  149. Stupid question
  150. Accutane: Don't be afraid
  151. what is ESTER C? is it differnt than vitamin c?
  152. ok i'll relax!! and i will be the guinea pig for ELICINIA CREAM
  153. Which milk replacement?
  154. Start drinking
  155. flourescent lights - - - - LOL
  156. i see that something is wrong...but what do i do?
  157. Retin-A-Micro
  158. could Elicina cream be the perfect solution for us? (not a spammer)
  159. Acne scars. WHat should be step 1? what creams work?
  160. Masks?
  161. Monte how you cut down bp with water?
  162. spot wont go. tried bp.overnight, neosporin,
  163. Does smoking affect acne?
  164. Stress
  165. anyone have real succes using neostrata products?..cos it really ex!
  166. just went to gp!!!!!and phil laser mehod..b5?
  167. accutane and weight gain?
  168. BCP: Minocin, Diane 35..(help)
  169. Minocycline.....?
  170. Accutane Update..Good News/Bad News
  171. Tazorac? And depression
  172. Caring for your acne whilst flying...
  173. The scar and red mark treatment
  174. taking b5, how should i wash me face?
  175. How Long On Accutane?
  176. can we take vitamins supplement with antibiotics???
  177. does pure aloe vera clog pores?what abt vaseline?and!!
  178. Any minorities with acne here?
  179. Trying to conceive AFTER Accutane
  180. acne with pus
  181. head and shoulders question
  182. never big pimples, just little bumbs
  183. forehead always dry then oily
  184. Facial Q....What's The Difference?
  185. should I forget about differin, & try b5
  186. What is Spironolactone?
  187. lump has been here for two years
  188. Those TV infomercials' secret
  189. b5?antibiotics?.resisitant to bp?.arrgh!!!!!!
  190. Iodine-free multi vitamin (best I've found)
  191. Accutane and Pantothenic Acid
  192. a great tip
  193. Lemon Juice or Vaseline?
  194. My Opinion Acne Medication
  195. Why Don't People Take Accutane?
  196. what to do about those pesky white bumps undrneath the skin
  197. Has anyone had any success with anything
  198. Side effects of minocyline
  199. Birth Control help!!
  200. Tanning and Acne
  201. Accutane--1 Week Update...
  202. help? accutane?
  203. Cause(s) of Indented scars/pits??
  204. Confidence-not a chance...ladies give me som insight
  205. 1 Month B5 Update!
  206. Skin toners
  207. Antibiotics.....question please
  208. Acne Bumps
  209. What to do!
  210. ***What insurance accepts Accutance & what insurance do private derms accept?********
  211. Need serious help with infection on eyelid...
  212. Hey Ya'll! Heres a little advice that I got from a nurse!
  213. Weird, large pimple?!
  214. C+ Rosemary better than BHT?
  215. Pantethine, Former B5 users
  216. Blackhead Advise Needed Badly
  217. does accutane = 100% success?
  218. is this acne?
  219. Clindoxyl and Neutrogena
  220. one spot is spreading how do i stop it?
  221. Can anything help me?
  222. Accutane and initial breakouts
  223. not many zits, but redness galore!
  224. What to do after popping a pimple?
  225. what is going on with my skin. help. also clinic oil control?
  226. Loosing eyebrows on Accutane
  227. Tea Tree oil and cysts?
  228. how long should you try meds before going on accutane?
  229. is missing doses sometimes gonna effect the treatment of accutane??....
  230. CHASTE BERRY?! anyone tried it?
  231. retin-a stopped working?
  232. Accutane update
  233. B5 and antibiotics????
  234. Vitamine E?
  235. Spectro-jel gets two thumbs-up!!
  236. Accutane - what's the biggest dangers?
  237. scars,how do u get ride of them
  238. chaste berry
  239. How do i get rid of or what do i do
  240. itchy bumpy red skin on face and chest
  241. MSM-two week update
  242. Gianni... Help or anyone else
  243. What should I expect?
  244. Getting an accutane prescription
  245. accutane and differin?
  246. Oldguys experiment question (oldguy?)
  247. Ohh How Good Its Getting!!
  248. Food grade hydrogen peroxide
  249. need support!!
  250. Gianni, Its working!!!

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