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  1. Accutane still good?
  2. I am going to the derm tomorrow and NOTHING is working. Please please help me!
  3. Milk... dairy... acne?!
  4. Retin A - How was the original breakout for you?
  5. To EddieD (or anyone) about Reviva Products
  6. B5 toxicity?
  7. masturbation makes my face flame out, especially around the cheeks
  8. proactiv
  9. Scar - Pls. Help
  10. ok...i really need help right now!
  11. Diane 35 and the end of the month question
  12. whiteheads, how can i prevent them?
  13. im so depressed i almost feel like breaking something or hurting myself it sucks.!
  14. Acne Scar Treatment that Works
  15. Oily greasy skin!!!
  16. Acutane dosages
  17. Anyone have success using Ortho-Tricyclen to treat acne?
  18. It's been 60 days and i'm stopping Accutane
  19. How many people have NEVER seen a dermatologist?
  20. My face is 200% clear because of....
  21. is it ok to use vaseline or moisturizer while on prescription topical for face?
  22. Cetaphil without water
  23. Does OXY really use oxygen to clear acne?
  24. my Differin updates (sorry it took so long!)
  25. pregnancy and acne
  26. Witch Hazel?
  27. Can't Face My Husband Now...
  28. Has anyone else ever done this?
  29. skin is being weird!
  30. Question for Radiohead777
  31. Accutane veterans...
  32. any suggestions on cleaning face?
  33. ? about facial hair on guys
  34. Rose hip oil.....anyone??
  35. Moisturizer and Makeup
  36. Starting Accutane......
  37. should i use proactiv on dark marks too?
  38. retin-a micro
  39. vitamins for scars
  40. Bp?
  41. A bad morning...
  42. How to get rid of stubborn WHITEHEADS?
  43. Moisture Lotion?
  44. My dermatologist is trying to get rich off me.
  45. Zinc&Vomit?
  46. Diane35 updates, and a question too...
  47. Question about dark marks....
  48. startin b5. do's and dont's? how much per day?what kind
  49. Is there anything bad about cortisone shots?
  50. Working out while on accutane?
  51. OK, everyone, which make-up is best?
  52. Stopped Dianette
  53. Birth control pills
  54. may sound so ridicolous and stuff but any guys out ther wear makeup.?
  55. Acne is like being embarrased 24/7
  56. i looked at myself and almost cried. new here
  57. Saw Palmetto
  58. Accutane + redness?
  59. Acne Treatment Compared
  60. Diane-35 and health
  61. OTC Recommendation?
  62. Need an answer- facials
  63. physiology of acne??
  64. GIANNI: A Question (or Two) for You...
  65. Acnease 6 week update
  66. Avoiding Wheat
  67. Retin-A -Micro / Gel, whatever.
  68. Off the pill - acne out of control HELP!
  69. My type of Acne.. need help!
  70. What to do with this subborn pimple?
  71. Picked Zit
  72. Ive been washing my face MORE & I have CLEARER skin!
  73. does tazorac or Bectim make your face turn RED???
  74. new soap, new face, new confidence!
  75. Do SalAc and Neutrogena face washes work the same?(also about Nove Nutrium)
  76. It's gone!! Thanx Everybody!!!
  77. Can't use topicals while on accutane
  78. B-5 and appetite: Panto doesn't like me to eat
  79. What brand of Benzol Peroxide do you use?
  80. Try Not Washing Your Face So Damn Much
  81. Just got my Accutane. Question.
  82. to help, how was your nlite?
  83. My parents think I've gone off the deep end
  84. Happy b-day to me....a lovely face full o' pimples
  85. Accutane Results
  86. Little tiny bumps everywhere!!!
  87. does anyone have any opinions on ortho tri cyclen
  88. Who has had success with Retin-a Micro?
  89. Trying to STOP Antibiotics...Am I Failing???
  90. Would saw palmetto work for me?
  91. Hormonal acne vs. what other kind?
  92. Accutane questions
  93. oKay So is anyone still using the B-5 pantothenic acid to clear acne??
  94. No more acne!!!
  95. Feeling Depressed
  96. over obsessing
  97. A thought~
  98. Saw Palmetto Updates!!!
  99. ***benzamycin or differin or retinamicro*** please help!
  100. Uhh..cyst..
  101. What's your opinions on Benzoyl Peroxide? & Whiteheads
  102. saw palmetto users or anybody else....help me out here will u
  103. Jim20/Chelsi Differin updates???
  104. Warm, hot, or cold water?
  105. oily skin
  106. Accutane
  107. accutane when to stop
  108. Heeeeeellllllpppp
  109. Accutane Question
  110. Saw Palmetto: For Women or Not?
  111. Make your own exfoliant!
  112. am i allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide?
  113. Oily face caused by micro
  114. Dove Daily Hudrating Cleansing Clothes
  115. What foods are GOOD for your skin?
  116. Should I go to a derm?
  117. Acnease, B5, Diane35 - Week 6
  118. Non-acne fighting cleansers and face washes
  119. HELP!!! I've been on Tazorac for 2 months and still breaking out BIG TIME!What to do?
  120. if you have acne do you get those white hard bumps all around your lips?
  121. Vaseline as moisturizer (Laurel38?)
  122. Nasty Blackheads
  123. How do you determine whether your acne is hormonal or not??
  124. To radiohead777
  125. CYST Questionnaire...
  126. Look AT What I Just Read!!
  127. Emergancy reply ----asap
  128. Update!! On the no masturbation thing!!
  129. Accutane Initial Breakout?
  130. whats happening
  131. Any one tried naturally Clear ??
  132. I Have Been off Accutane for 1 Year
  133. Effectiveness of Differin
  134. OMG..somebody please help me!
  135. A few questions?
  136. Differin users... side effects question
  137. Retin-A question
  138. Vitex for period related breakouts?
  139. spiro/spiro
  140. Diane-35 users...update please!
  141. Yasmin?
  142. Vita-k for blotchy skin
  143. Raw food diet: my results
  144. Vitamin A Cream IS Accutane
  145. Benzaclin
  146. Witch Hazel for Scars
  147. Accutane
  148. Questions About B-5
  149. Afdtermath of Accutane..
  150. check out my daily routine! need HELP!
  151. Aloe vera...as a moisturizer???
  152. Took my Last Pill!!
  153. Red acne scars-how to remove?
  154. Cetaphil
  155. any guys find that shaving helps?
  156. Any Desogen updates?
  157. Stress and Acne
  158. Saw Palmetto and teenager
  159. Drinking LOTS of water helps acne?
  160. Birth Control?
  161. went to derm today re: cysts
  162. Talked to Dr. Perricone on the radio -- depressed acne scars
  163. Acnease 4 week update
  164. Best over-the-counter face wash???
  165. took my last pill today
  166. See? We're not alone after all...
  167. A good foundation ?
  168. I'm going to try Saw Palmetto - I have a question, too!
  169. Accutane/Oily skin
  170. good topical treatments for acne?
  171. article on scars and vaseline
  172. Too good to be true????
  173. drugs and acne
  174. All *ACNEASE USERS* past & present PLEASE READ & HELP!
  175. face scratches!!!!!!
  176. Acnease & minocin?
  177. Initial breakouts on Tetracyclin?
  178. ortho tri-cyclen?
  179. Retin-A Micro Survey
  180. Pure Aloe Vera
  181. Am I the only one left?
  182. Retin-A Micro
  183. Tazorac
  184. End of Accutane/ Picking Face..
  185. soaps
  186. Question
  187. anyone with sensitive skin?
  188. Herbal cure for acne !!
  189. difference between accutane and retin-A once and for all
  190. Where can I get Rose Hip Oil?
  191. Cysts...Are there different kinds?
  192. How much does Tetracyclin cost without any type of insurance????
  193. Resistant Acne 15 year old son
  194. Tired of hanging my head down ...
  195. Tetracyclin - does it work?
  196. acne and attraction
  197. salt water for breakouts?
  198. accutane and scar treatment
  199. Spiro help needed PLEASE!!
  200. *Another* ProActive Infomercial...
  201. Vaseline.....
  202. Queen Helene Mint Julep MAsk
  203. Accutane and Retina-A
  204. Accutane and injections
  205. Acnease users-please read!
  206. bumps
  207. How do you stop feeling ugly after this?
  208. 200 mg of Spironolactone + Nightly - Azelex Cream - A cure for resistant acne !
  209. Rose hip oil for acne scars
  210. Does insurance cover laser resurfacing?
  211. face wash
  212. b5 in topical form
  213. Acne/relationships
  214. Essential oils...read up guys&gals...=)
  215. Accutane
  216. Acnease 3 week update
  217. Double Dilemma -- ACNE & Something else...
  218. Finally clear, finally clear, finally clear, finally clear!!!!!!!!!
  219. What do yall during the day while you on your Retin-A Mirco course?????????
  220. Need info on Hyperpigmentation..
  221. i've got a question, please answer!
  222. Acne In The Same Spot...
  223. Diet & Acne:Anyone else out there tried a gluten-free & vegan diet?
  224. elicina cream
  225. Heartbreaking......
  226. ugh.... alright... I THINK I have a question and some stuff to say....
  227. Retin-A Mirco
  228. B5 and Acnease?
  229. What kind of acne do i Have? Mild, moderate etc.
  230. Avita (tretinoin gel) Have you used it?
  231. Post your favorite cleanser here!
  232. Differin breakout? HELP
  233. any GUYS use this???
  234. Does your face break out more often in the summer?
  235. Is Retin-a micro a topical form of Accutane??
  236. Acne scars....plz read
  237. Minocycline and Milk
  238. Initial breakout on Dianette (Diane 35)?
  239. Flaky eyebrows?
  240. Retin-A-Micro Question
  241. Vitamin A capsule
  242. Where are you???
  243. can diane 35 help if my acne isnt large cysts?
  244. Skin care/sunburn problem, PLEASE help!
  245. What Vitamins and minerals to avoid in multi vitamins
  246. how long did it take you to make an appointment with a dermatologist?
  247. after i shave my neck hurts and is all red:(
  248. Retin-A
  249. How many of you have had success with H&S?
  250. no new pimples on this diet?

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