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  1. Mircette
  2. Does anyone successfully contol their acne by tanning?
  3. Stress?
  4. Dosage change on accutane
  5. questions about b5
  6. some questions plz write back
  7. Problems with B-5... help please!
  8. How Do You Exfoliate? (Product names etc.)
  9. Shampoos for acne?
  10. B-5 questions???????????
  11. Salicylic or Glycolic?
  12. ? for oldguy RE: colonics
  13. Body Acne
  14. I'm jumping on the Alpha Hydrox bandwagon, but I need some tips...
  15. does anyone have this zinc sideffect???
  16. Apple cider vinegar
  17. The key to clearer skin...for me at least!
  18. Glycolic Acid Peel Kit By Neostrata
  19. finished my course of b-5 and
  20. Please rate this MULTIVITAMIN Fast!
  21. Shampoo and conditioner
  22. women, Diane-35 questions??
  23. help
  24. carrots,water and neoporation?HELP
  25. Scars - Superficial or Severe?
  26. anyone know???
  27. Is this too much?
  28. proactive solution--the problem?
  29. Accutane how easy is it to get?
  30. B-5's Effect on Cysts???
  31. Anyone have the nlite laser done?
  32. Skin peeling off!
  33. Murad???
  34. OK, my regimen that worked in 3 months!
  35. self tanner/breakouts
  36. ACNE RELIEF vitamin?
  37. HOW long to see results from glycolic acid moisturizer??
  38. You know Life sucks When..
  39. Will vasoline smooth out shallow "pit-like" scarring?
  40. to adf23!!!!!!1
  41. Initial breakout on accutane
  42. Apricot Scrub Exfoliating Cream
  43. tanning
  44. The Real Things
  45. any way to avoid initial breakout?
  46. acidophilus
  47. Gianni... What is the name of the whole foods book?
  48. Glycolic acid and acne prevention?
  49. Ultra Violet Lasers
  50. *refined*
  51. accutane users past and present please respond
  52. oh noo..
  53. proactive
  54. Help! Worst acne ever
  55. weather and acne
  56. burning up
  57. Women with "Real" Scars & Men...
  58. Healing skin (moisture)
  59. Don't use accutane!!!!
  60. My freakin jawline!!!
  61. cyst popping question
  62. Glycolic gel, and lotion, 20%
  63. Am i a mutant?
  64. Should I take B5/zinc?
  65. nasty white heads
  66. Exfoliating???
  67. What do yall think
  68. So is too much exfoliating bad?
  69. tretinoin or azealic acid (please?)
  70. PHILLASER: Scar Healing Questions....More!!!
  71. to nancyl..
  72. Joey New York Microdermabrasion Facial Peel, anyone try it?
  73. interesting info from my derm....
  74. anyone else have a hot face?
  75. somebody help me out here
  76. painful zit in nose!!!
  77. B-5 v. Antibiotics
  78. Facial masks
  79. To b5 users
  80. has anyone tried a fading cream called Esoterica???
  81. to Angela!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. has anyone tried EL1C1NA (snail cream)???
  83. Weather & Acne
  84. to AnnabelleC
  85. Picking...WHY do I do this??
  86. IS B5 the Cause?
  87. Acne and the sun?
  88. Interesting Benzamycine story
  89. accutane and acne washes
  90. Whitehead Question HELP!
  91. hyperpigmentation from minocycline
  92. derm tomorrow
  93. Just got my diane-35 from overseas....have question!
  94. Does anyone know acne itch?
  95. whats the best zinc to use with b-5???
  96. Short-term Accutane
  97. scabs??????
  98. andro and acne
  99. Moisturizer & Sun Block, Soap & Shampoo
  100. Epiclear?
  101. Calling Tommy JoJo
  102. Just strated Neo Strata and Glycolic Acid Peels
  103. is vaseline for red marks for pitted scars/abnormal growth?
  104. collagen gell, does it work?
  105. For the wise one
  106. Vitamin B5 and Accutane
  107. I think Benzac AC Wash is Messing My Skin Up Hardcore...
  108. Update
  109. how much is too much
  110. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  111. microdermabrasion machine, comparisons? help please
  112. milk products
  113. Anyone tried herbs?
  114. just a bit of info
  115. to karen14 from missile
  116. PhilLaser: Need More Info. on Your Experience...
  117. How's everybody doin?
  118. Switching to 1000 mg B5 question
  119. B5 inconsistency? hmmm..
  120. Benzamycin users...now there is Benzaclin
  121. This is the only "topical" to work for me.
  122. You can't really judge looks by acne though...
  123. Vitamin B5
  124. acne solution? why did this work?
  125. To anyone with red marks/hyperpigmentation!!!!!!
  126. Tretinoin or azealic acid?
  127. bad habits die hard!
  128. excessive dryness from B5 anyone?
  129. Visine... again....
  130. how much it takes ot make you feel really bad...
  131. weird stuff...
  132. spironolactone?
  133. Anyone tried Aveda?
  134. side effects from b5
  135. What kind of foods caused you acne?
  136. anyone tried Head & Shoulders for acne?
  137. Noxema anyone?
  138. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar
  139. Acne on NON-oily areas!
  140. 7 month update
  141. Thanks alot dad, I inherited acne from him.......
  142. question about b5 time released tablets
  143. d'pantothenique acid?? same thing as b5?
  144. Acne Chat
  145. Benzoyl Peroxide
  146. Acne=Mean face?
  147. is nutrasweet aggravating my acne?
  148. The Reason......
  149. What works for red marks???????
  150. Look at us!
  151. How To Get Rid of Dark Spots After Acne?
  152. B-5 results so far
  153. Acne Complex
  154. Pantethene Vs Pantethenate Acid....NEED HELP IN CHINA
  155. Long term B5 users please
  156. Dry - irritated skin on chin need help asap
  157. regimen for acne
  158. acne scars on neck!!
  159. Acne and Dating
  160. Need a good sunscreen please!!
  161. I apologize to everyone.. please read (B5)
  162. anyone use an astringent with good results?
  163. Question for Ryan!!
  164. Is it ok to take b5 alone?
  165. Birth Control: At Clinic or Derm.?
  166. would u guys date a girl with acne scars?
  167. b5 again
  168. Accutane question
  169. 2 questions for NANCYL
  170. My mom gave me Persa-Gel 10, is it good??
  171. why do some acne sufferers get pitted scars?
  172. advice urgently sought, pls look:)
  173. to oldguy
  174. Zinc Info.
  175. bandit1
  176. WHAT ARE cleocinT PADS??
  177. Vitamins to take with b5?
  178. does anyone here overeat?????
  179. Had microdermabrasion today...made me bleed!!!
  180. has any pill caused acne??
  181. Retin-a .025 SUCCESS stories????
  182. what to do about depressed acne scars and pits
  183. First time post. Please help!!
  184. question for Ryan
  185. B5 and Zoloft?
  186. Zinc users - Infinity?
  187. Can you use Vaseline on discoloration or just scars?
  188. Birth Control Pills & Acne?
  189. Which one's best?
  190. The routine that FINALLY worked for me...
  191. white heads
  192. washing BEFORE exercising?
  193. Need to know if this is overkill...
  194. question for bradb2001 on mederma
  195. What is this B5 & where do I get it?
  196. important B-5 question
  197. Purpose vs cetaphil
  198. Okay,what do you think if.....
  199. yes, a ? for you whozat
  200. Accutane: Initial Breakout
  201. My theory on acne....
  202. Take b5 by itself or is there more to it?
  203. Past Accutane Users (Dry eyes)
  204. Minoxidil and Dandruff Shampoo back again
  205. Self reflection
  206. Exfoliating
  207. Vaseline
  208. B5 question!! Help!!!
  209. Whats the best brand of b5 to use????
  210. acne and moisturizer?
  211. Shaving is killing me!
  212. Proof that B-5 WORKS!!!
  213. hydrogen peroxide?
  214. Acne "Cure" Conclusion - Useful Please Read
  215. outbreak after using b-5
  216. Girls said they'll go with me if I lose spots & acne.
  217. What should you take WITH b-5?
  218. anyone tried this alternative to accutane?
  219. No water cleansing routine
  220. To oasisman63
  221. Iodine
  222. Redness/irritation after washing
  223. What kind of acne does B5 work best for?
  224. To Fliersrr
  225. B5 maintenance dose?
  226. How much I've spent on damn acne products...
  227. Prize winning zit
  228. When's a good time to bust a zit?
  229. bandit and kevin (question)
  230. Neosporin on zits?
  231. B5 question.......need help getting started!
  232. For wazzup
  233. After B-5, did anyone still experience breakouts?
  234. to missile
  235. ever notice that when you put 10%bp on your pores shrink up?
  236. B5 for blackheads?
  237. Three Cheers....
  238. Oily skin!!! Large pores!! Need help!!
  239. Differin success anyone????
  240. sigh...
  241. Differin anyone have success??
  242. Using Benzac AC Wash 10%, Do You Use a Normal Cleanser before?
  243. Need Minocycline info/experiences plz...
  244. Large pores...help!!
  245. to swissmiss
  246. A way to eat all you want without affecting your acne...
  247. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide
  248. Just when you think you're clearing up...
  249. What exactly does B5 do?
  250. please help. retin-a or differin for blackheads?

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