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  1. What worked for me
  2. Minocin antibiotics and NAUSEA
  3. Do acne meds wear out your skin?
  4. I wish i could get a haircut...
  5. Honey mask!
  6. Accutane Question
  7. When a new product breaks you out...
  8. Under skin pimples
  9. Physicians formula green powders and concealers!!
  10. Accutane for Mild/Moderate Acne?
  11. Doxycycline ?
  12. What has worked for me
  13. what worked for me!!! ....... (can work for you.)
  14. testoterone induced acne
  15. Over-the-counter retinoids??
  16. SOMEone help me PLEASE I BEG YOU!..was put on doxycycline w/ duac & differin
  17. chemical peels
  18. accutane users reply only please
  19. Spiro & Decreased Sex Drive
  20. non drying cleanser
  21. Spiro Initial Breakout?
  22. Face Wash??
  23. glycolic cleanser??
  24. Anyone Have any Success with Proactive
  25. What can I put on this cyst?
  26. aspirin mask?
  27. Epiquin Micro 4% for acne scars?
  28. Proactive
  29. accutane & hair thinning
  30. what is the best product you've encountered for preventing/treating pimples?
  31. Has anyone .........
  32. Quick Accutane ?
  33. Nature's Cure
  34. If you've tried Tamanu oil come in here
  35. Stopped antibiotic...Now Sugar = Pimples???
  36. What's good for redness?
  37. Questions about Indian Soaps..
  38. Has anyone used vitamin e oil on acne marks?
  39. Mild/Moderate acne that won't leave-- I've tried a lot.
  40. Has anyone tried L'Oreal collagen filler 4 scars?
  41. bumps on my armss. :p
  42. are carrots bad for the skin?
  43. redness and scars
  44. Foods To Help Acne?
  45. Acne Scars
  46. Neck area, shaving?
  47. My accutane experience plus questions
  48. acne on the temples
  49. Aveeno Foaming Ultra Calming Cleanser...and redness
  50. tiny blood vessels on face
  51. oatmeal??
  52. Azalex
  53. Accutane: Brand Version vs Generic Type?
  54. Acne on my neck/jawline.
  55. Alcohol and Acne
  56. question about sulfur soap
  57. Testosterone Triggered Acne?
  58. Differin
  59. Cat's Claw
  60. Way to Wash?
  61. Spiro and Potassium
  62. Acne Dysmorphia
  63. red marks all over chest please help!
  64. Post acne
  65. Food I can make myself? Ingredients? Directions? Help?
  66. Silkia Camellia Oil
  67. Makeup for Oily/Acne Skin
  68. why the face?
  69. Acne Scars
  70. Please Help
  71. For Spiro Users!
  72. if you do pop a zit...
  73. a good exfoliant/scrub
  74. cysts and scabs
  75. Avalon Organics
  76. My problems since roaccutane that won't go away :( Please please help.
  77. Which moisturizer to use on slightly oily skin?
  78. nivea cream soap & nivea soft cream has cleared my skin big time
  79. Too sensitive for my own skin's good
  80. Help on a homework assignment-herbal acne meds?
  81. cysts
  82. small flat red ot...help?!
  83. my face is healing
  84. After Accutane??(red spots)
  85. Deep and under the skin
  86. Smoothbeam Laser treatment for acne
  87. My Quest
  88. switching bcp
  89. opinions on accutane please
  90. Dermaclear
  91. What brand of Benzoyl Peroxide do you use?
  92. How do you know when you no longer need topicals?
  93. When does Spiro kick in??!!!
  94. Kenalog injection. ever get one?
  95. Used to use the Aspirin Mask/Scrub.....
  96. Obagi Nu-Derm anyone?
  97. Buttne
  98. daily exfoliating?
  99. Dry Skin Dry Skin
  100. Anyone had Levulan PDT System done?
  101. Depression and Acne
  102. acne and pregnancy
  103. coming off the pill
  104. My Accutane Journey Begins....
  105. OMG i just dicovered Omega-3 fish oil!!!, the best thing since sliced bread!!!
  106. Apple Vinegar for Acne?
  107. Serious Skin Care
  108. Edema?
  109. Ziana
  110. dry skin from topicals
  111. Pimple, not pimples
  112. Proactiv?
  113. Bare Minerals
  114. hormonal rebalance?
  115. Have you guys ever used baking soda to get rid of acne scars?
  116. solodyn question
  117. Your Last Acne Solution??
  118. acne product suggestions???
  119. Last day of Accutane!
  120. I get small flesh colored bumps around my eyes and forehead
  121. a help for acne
  122. okay so...
  123. Dove Soap?
  124. If You Really Want Clear Skin Only 2 Things Will Work
  125. Folliculitis
  126. Questions For Veteran Spiro Users
  127. This is what cleared my skin...
  128. cold weather and acne
  129. help! redness, dryness, and pimples!
  130. Question...
  131. Help with the Cordain Diet
  132. Calling ALL Differin and Retin A Retin A Micro Users----------
  133. Psychological Effects
  134. red blemishes & pimples
  135. Good sensitive skin products
  136. what worked for me!
  137. bacne!?!
  138. Finally
  139. Is anyone on here as advanced with acne as me?
  140. Waxing the upper lip
  141. help for bad pimple on earlobe?
  142. the pill and pimples
  143. My Differin Experience Thus Far
  144. anyone here just wash with plain water?
  145. Acne
  146. Acne treatment by heat shock
  147. Alcohol and if it affects you if you are on accutane
  148. Acne on face after Accutane
  149. Big red spots
  150. Please..i Need Help Desperately!
  151. multivitamins for acne/hair
  152. sticking a needle into a pimple?
  153. Even doctors can't agree!!! HELP
  154. Spiro and a daily multivitamin?? Is this safe??
  155. Probiotics
  156. Cheap sulfur soap is working for me
  157. Cordain book
  158. Hyperpigmentation
  159. salycilic acid question
  160. Red Blemishes
  161. Quick question...
  162. anyone used LHE treatment before?
  163. washing while on accutane
  164. Stieva-A for and Doxycycline acne
  165. Finacea question.....New Here !
  166. Question about collagen and scars
  167. Recommendation for an Endocrinologist in NYC?
  168. acne like bumps on scalp
  169. What EXACTLY do you eat?
  170. proactive
  171. lip moisturizer for accutane
  172. Vitamin A for Acne? Anyone?
  173. What to do with Large pimples!?
  174. diane 35
  175. blackheads
  176. NEW to Differin and Clindagel---Please Help! :)
  177. Ziana?
  178. What's this dietary acne treatment some people are talking about??
  179. Can Neosporin cause one to break out?
  180. Probiotics really help
  181. switching bcp
  182. Spectro Jel
  183. Been there, done that: topicals/Dianne35/Proactive what now?
  184. Non-comedogenic products?
  185. How long after discontinuing Minocycline will the sun sensitivity go away?
  186. cleanser with mineral oil
  187. Question for Spiro Users
  188. Post Accutane
  189. Nearly 23 and acne wont damn go!
  190. saw palmetto/vitex?
  191. do i need to use a cleanser with the aspirin mask?
  192. could it be diabetes?
  193. acne scars
  194. Acne help
  195. Foods to avoid?
  196. Egg Yolk Mask?!
  197. My complete Spiro experience (drug info, side effects, initial breakout, results)!
  198. Neutrogena cant find PLEASE HELP
  199. Laser Treatment?
  200. Moisturizer for dry/oily skin?
  201. Wondering what to do
  202. Pure Alcohol !
  203. Calling all new spiro users
  204. starting proactive
  205. bp scrub
  206. Very stubborn blackheads, please help me
  207. Vitacel 9 & Vitalize Skin cream?
  208. New Insurance Doesn't cover Accutane.
  209. Oily skin?
  210. Asprin mask...
  211. Vitamin A
  212. Brown Marks caused by Smoothbeam -please help!
  213. BP or Salicylic Acid?
  214. I'm suffering and i'm done trying..please help !!
  215. Differin and Duac...UGGGHHH
  216. How often do you use the ASPIRIN MASK?
  217. really big, really gross pimples
  218. Apple Fasts: Great Results for Face, but what about body?
  219. Mommaoftwinsplus
  220. krista39
  221. Herbs or minerals for acne?
  222. Anyone heard of Joesoef Skin Care?
  223. Deep cleansing and redness issues!
  224. For Spiro Users!
  225. Proactive
  226. How many people have actually tried diet?? Show of hands, please
  227. Found A Moisturizer That Works At Last
  228. Potassium cure for Acne?
  229. Just a thought - is your water hard?
  230. How long should you test something for?
  231. face wash advice
  232. meds that dont make you red
  233. Erythromycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel
  234. acne meds does any one out there have any good suggestions
  235. Acne caused by seasonal allergies?
  236. hormones and acne
  237. Need some advice: losing the fight with acne
  238. Praventin- milk protein pills
  239. Proactive
  240. Scratched acne ideas??
  241. For Adults who only recently got acne
  242. scrubbing body and face
  243. home microdermabrasion
  244. tease zone oil control gel
  245. Tanning?!
  246. Dry skin with spots!
  247. Another day in the fight
  248. two questions
  249. Acne Sufferers
  250. How many people scrub their face?

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