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  1. Oily Skin
  2. after accutane
  3. minocycline= worse?
  4. How about draining a cyst instead of injecting with cortisone?
  5. Question about benzamycin
  6. Diet, diet, diet
  7. cystic spots please help
  8. Differin and Duac
  9. Oily skin
  10. scared
  11. Can taking Doxycycline cause muscle loss while weight training?
  12. Body Acne!!!!!
  13. Question about Clean & Smooth...
  14. Proactive?
  15. Apricot Scrub
  16. Oily Skin - Confused????
  17. Q's 4 FEMALE ACCUTANE users
  18. acne getaway 101E
  19. need help deciding what to do
  20. Paula's Choice Products & ACNE...
  21. Finally getting rid of my acne
  22. Skin Help Please!
  23. really need some advice!!
  24. Off birth control, skin a mess, help!
  25. Whoops....
  26. Works great for me
  27. Getting a tan + ACNE
  28. Info about Milk of Magnesia
  29. Need to STOP PICKING!!!
  30. acne care
  31. Proactiv!
  32. Has anyone ever used Nature's Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment?
  33. 31 Year old female...finally clear!!!!!!!
  34. Blood Blister while on accutane
  35. Advice/Comments on Retin-A ?
  36. Almost Summertime and my Arms...
  37. Naproxen?
  38. Differin Differin Differin
  39. Alternatives to Cyclines (minocycline, etc) - But not Accutane
  40. Skin Tightness
  41. Accutane: I quit, Advice?
  42. Question about my Acne Meds
  43. Nicomide Tablets
  44. AloeVera Doing great...do it has side effects?
  45. starting a new skin care routine
  46. white flour and rice
  47. Oily skin can use sunblock?
  48. Anyone tried Clearasil Daily Oil Control Cream Cleanser with Green Tea and Peppermint
  49. Pimple-like bump on my arm?
  50. moisturizing pills ?
  51. My skin is eh.... recommend me something?
  52. need some help from clear and smooth users
  53. Blackheads
  54. ~Good overall body moisturizer~
  55. exfoliants and broken capillaries
  56. Question about Accutane!!
  57. The Answer
  58. Nature's Cure
  59. Acne boil - very worried!!!
  60. Food and Acne - what do you know for sure breaks you out?
  61. Accutane...Question?
  62. acne on back
  63. - - -
  64. Proactiv
  65. help with acne after accutane please!
  66. accutane and rash?
  67. Oily skin
  68. brand new attempt
  69. Post acne marks
  70. Dermatologists! Ugh...
  71. Any success with High Frequency?
  72. 60mg zinc & 134mg vitamin E / seems to work pretty good!!
  73. Preventing Acne Scars
  74. Who has tried DIGESTIVE SYSTEM CLEANSE with any success?
  75. inflamed purple bump on cheek
  76. Acne and Teens
  77. Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
  78. Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment Discontinued?????
  79. Cetaphill...does it really work?
  80. Help with scarring
  81. peeling skin with Tazorac?
  82. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion
  83. acuzine?
  84. what's best for this??
  85. help with makeup
  86. Vitamin B5 Therapy
  87. Horrible skin, nothing working!
  88. white heads, back of the neck
  89. Vitalize Peels ... anyone had them?
  90. Spoke with Esthetician and Plastic Surgeon! Need your input!
  91. first night of retin-a.. question..
  92. accutane course completed
  93. about sunblock..
  94. Wonderful Acne Medicine
  95. Questions About Jojoba Oil For My Blackheads and Dryness
  96. Does ANYTHING REALLY work for scars???
  97. Please help Accutane users: Blurry vision during treatment..did you continue?
  98. Vitamin E for scars??
  99. Help! Have a date and need a quick fix...
  100. ladies.....acne and birth control pills
  101. Anyone have LActic Acid Peels done?
  102. Any Try Super CP Serum for scars??
  103. whats causing it - anyone know>
  104. Something that can WORK, not something that could work
  105. redness and scars
  106. Kombucha Tea
  107. Accutane & Nausea
  108. arrrgh nostril and ear zits
  109. SmartSkinCare info packs
  110. Spiro/erythromycin
  111. this is so ridiculous
  112. Differin Gel or Cream?
  113. new pears soap seems great, green one, called oil clear, hypoallergenic, non comade..
  114. Post accutane regimen...need help~~!
  115. Minocycline...Pain vs Humiliation
  116. sunblock
  117. where to get aspirin?
  118. Acne scars!
  119. it's not going away
  120. Bah!! Acne coming back after accutane
  121. Breakout
  122. Scarring and huge pores
  123. Off Accutane and face blotchy...will this go away?
  124. 6 month Aspirin Report...
  125. 1st Treatment!!
  126. I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. Whats causing this acne?
  128. Laser??
  129. Residual redness from pimples?! (2D zits)
  130. Democlocycline and Crystacide
  131. In 5th month of accutane!!
  132. My Routine
  133. Clear5 by Acne Vitamins
  134. Talcom/baby powder
  135. Exposed Skin Care
  136. mixed my face wash with olive oil, to make it less harsh, good idea or not?
  137. I hope this is your Acne cure-Helping someone out there would be AWESOME!
  138. what is these things on my temples and cheeks?
  139. oily skin!
  140. Vilantae
  141. new cyst!!! heeeeeelp
  142. Whey Protein and Acne
  143. Itchy arms/acne
  144. Dr Perricone's book: The clear skin prescription
  145. Bye Bye Blemish
  146. Bath Salts
  147. Does anyone use Tea Tree oil washes/etc?
  148. Roaccutane???
  149. taking zinc tablets, up to 100mg is safe apparently?
  150. Is it better to squeeze your pimples?
  151. this LA air!
  152. Facial Brushes
  153. Teenage Spot trouble
  154. whats soap is best? dove,pears,simple,baby soap.....?????
  155. Dear Diary aka. Accutane Journal
  156. Dermatologist said...
  157. My Acne getting pretty bad
  158. what to do?
  159. I picked...
  160. for the guys. could a 97 cent shave bar change my skin for the best!!!! READ!!
  161. should i visit dermatologist?
  162. dry skin- what do U suggest
  163. Something I been wondering about Benzoyl Peroxide products
  164. Proactiv
  165. older people still getting zits...
  166. Pre-menopausal acne
  167. Vitamin C supplements
  168. What products work on acne but don't age the skin?
  169. Quick Microdermabrasion Question
  170. Products to rid cystic acne?
  171. Help with scars and pores
  172. the reason why proactiv didn't work for me.
  173. What dosage for B5?
  174. The clear life after accutane
  175. a good sunscreen with spf 30 or higher that doesn't clog pores or irritate?
  176. chest/arms/back acne! Please Help!
  177. Swimming and Acne
  178. Dermalogica Microfoliant VS epidermx
  179. Recommendation for Cystic Acne and Oily Skin Sufferors
  180. Desogen/Apri
  181. using juice/liquid from mashed up cucumber slices, any one tryed it?
  182. Is it recommemded to use mederma when...
  183. Tried Clear & Smooth!
  184. what's better tea tree or Bp? what's the difference?
  185. If a product is irritating you throughout the day is it making things worse?
  186. does vitamin E realy help with blemishes and scars?
  187. Has Anyone Taken Antibiotics For 10 Years Or More For Their Acne?
  188. Does Anyone Have Scalp Folliculitis (pimples On Scalp)?
  189. accutane and skin damage
  190. If yasmin doesn't do much, will Spiro?
  191. AHAVA mud mash and exfoliant
  192. Entirely New Regimen: Dig Cleanse + Paula's Choice
  193. "Noxema Triple Clean" pads are clearing me up!
  194. clarens clear and smooth, where can I buy these products in uk, how good are they?
  195. Benzoyl Peroxide 10% wash, please help
  196. acne on head(back and sides)
  197. Fruit of the Earth - Aloe Vera 100% Gel...
  198. 3rd month on tetracycline
  199. Will Differin help fade acne scars?
  200. Erythromycin Topical Solution
  201. Tetracycline and beer...
  202. Help!!!
  203. headache and accutane help!
  204. clear pores
  205. Is there a difference between "Probiotics" and Lactobacillus Acidophilus?
  206. I fell on Snow, Please Help Fast!
  207. blackheads that WONT go away
  208. Exercise and Acne
  209. Ivory soap
  210. whats is best moustriser? natural oils, lotions, creams?
  211. Product Diary
  212. Hormonal Acne
  213. Do vitamins really work to help your acne?
  214. Please help, Don't know what to do!
  215. Sasparilla root?
  216. spiro questions?
  217. my sensitivie skin cure
  218. Acne Gone
  219. cne gone
  220. Loreal Acne Response
  221. Liporexin diet pills kill acne
  222. Benzac wash on forehead? Help please
  223. bah!
  224. ReJuveness for raised scars????
  225. help i am new - need advice
  226. I need an answer =(
  227. blackhead holes...
  228. Foundation? Recommendations Please!
  229. 25% Glycolic Acid
  230. Well Water/Alcohol cause acne?
  231. good moisturizers or cleansers or products to keep pores free of milia?
  232. millia or whitehead??
  233. 3th month on accutane
  234. Spironolactone for Acne
  235. God awful red spot left from nazty zit, anyone to heal it keeps getting worse? i dont
  236. red scarring
  237. Scars and blemishes: the same?
  238. I'm not sure if I have milia??
  239. Roaccutane???
  240. Neurological side effects from accutane??
  241. Accutane
  242. Acne microdermabrasion kit: skin dries, is it bad?
  243. A Change that made the Aspirin mask work!
  244. Is treatment necessary?
  245. White residue on face. Does anybody know?..
  246. Acne Disappearing Fast but feel terrible:(!
  247. Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream- made by skin doctors
  248. Are you addicted to your acne trigger?
  249. Trioxil
  250. levaquin for acne?

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