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  1. tiny bumps under my skin...advice please!!
  2. iPledge for Accutane users
  3. Any advice
  4. scars....
  5. Accutane: Is blood found in stool normal?
  6. dosage
  7. not sure if to try dove again?? or might try e45 wash?? wot y think?
  8. how good is this apple cider vinegar stuff? and how you use it propley?
  9. the answer is within
  10. Inflamed spots, how long to flatten?
  11. doxycycline.....
  12. grrrrr
  13. please help
  14. Need Advice...
  15. Acne on back
  16. TCP CREAM ANY GOOD, i know tcp liquid clears acne but really stinks big time
  17. Is this acne
  18. cream
  19. 22 and still regular acne!
  20. worried that spiro is not working..need help
  21. breaking out after accutane
  22. Need Help W/ Acne!!
  23. For those on Accutane..take milk thistle!
  24. Paula's Choice Users...where are you!???
  25. Please Help Fast!
  26. should i start accutane??
  27. when is enough going to be enough
  28. Whats the Best Treatment.... Opinions?
  29. Has anyone tried "Your Last Acne Solution?"
  30. Hey Boston Girl!!
  31. Watch What You Eat
  32. Natural Cure for Acne
  33. moisturizer
  34. four weeks and it's not going well
  35. cleanser?
  36. accutane and products
  37. Roaccutane
  38. muscle building supp./mass gainer that don't cause acne?
  39. Honey + Acne
  40. Need Help Plz...
  41. Beyond frustrated...
  42. Started Accutane today - first pill .....
  43. Sunblock for acne sufferers - suggestions?
  44. i'm going to have a mental breakdown soon if...
  45. anyone try EXPOSED product?
  46. My face is realy oily and I get ingrown hairs.
  47. Things left after acne: need cure.
  48. gentle vs. harsh
  49. A Sign? Perhaps?
  50. 5th month on accutane
  51. *Product: Bye Bye Blemish*
  52. Digestive Cleanse...are people still doing it?
  53. for anyone on TAZORAC
  54. Depo-provera
  55. Liporexin?
  56. Does the Klaron lotion work with Retin-A Micro?
  57. Accutane breakout, new blackheads normal?
  58. Stinging?
  59. suggestions for a very light lotion
  60. simple... but after one week this worked for me!
  61. Calamine Lotion
  62. tetrinoin made my shallow scar worse!
  63. Treatments for acne
  64. Is it just me or does the celebs wanna make you try Proactive again?
  65. Thinking of Trying Accutane, tell me about it.
  66. red itchy bumps..how to get rid of them? please help
  67. Facial flushing
  68. Need Help...
  69. Try skintactix products...only thing that has worked for me...
  70. home made acne solution, half lime juice half filterd water, seems really good!!!!!!!
  71. This will help your acne
  72. Nobody is helping me
  73. Duac and Differin a Good Combo?
  74. multivitamin causing acne?
  75. The Natural Way?
  76. back, shoulders and chest...
  77. Foods and acnes...just a thought
  78. Trying Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel
  79. Which topical cream should i use?
  80. Retin A micro & initial breakout
  81. ~REMOVED~
  82. going under the LASER
  83. Immunity
  84. Exposed acne treatment, has anyone used?
  85. I hear all of you with these regimens and routines..
  86. Asprin Mask
  87. Neaclear.
  88. Asprin Mask ... does it really work??
  89. Is B6 vitimins another cure or a myth?
  90. Sooooo Frustrated
  91. Clindoxyl Gel
  92. premature aging from acne products
  93. Getting Duac
  94. first dermatologist appointment. Advice needed please..
  95. Clear, so far...
  96. Clinique Users
  97. starting accutane- journal
  98. I need answers and help
  99. Tetracycline and Diarrhea
  100. a cure for acne
  101. sulfur mask
  102. Vitalize Peel for Cystic Acne and red marks
  103. Breakout at 2 1/2 months on Accutane...failing?
  104. Even skin tone
  105. Red Marks - is it normal to have for so long?
  106. anyone used kinerase
  107. wash with half an orange in shower, works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. I don't believe in using Drugs For Acne!
  109. small painless bumps
  110. Facial hair removal
  111. Cystic Acne - B5 Pantothenic Acid - Does it Work?
  112. what causes acne to itch
  113. Does TetraCycline Work for Acne????
  114. Time It Takes for Acne to Clear
  115. Here's What Worked For Me, Maybe This Will Work For You...
  116. Do you think it matters if you take generic ortho tricyclen for acne?
  117. accutane worth the risk?
  118. Im going to try Nettle tablets
  119. Pimples under and around eyebrows! HELP!
  120. differin vs retin a micro vs tazorac
  121. Are you supposed to wash astringent off your face?
  122. Does Proactive Solution really work?
  123. Huge Bumps on cheeks......
  124. Silkia Camellia Oil - should I stop or continue?
  125. B-Lift/ Salicylic Acid Peel: Anyone try this?
  126. Differin Users
  127. Are we just hurting our skin????
  128. Any quick zit remedies?
  129. Toners - Good or Bad?
  130. finally something worked
  131. e45 moustriser/lotion & pears soap
  132. Antibiotics and Resistence
  133. Sulfur is highly underestimated!
  134. When will ppl learn to leave us alone?
  135. natural remedies for acne?
  136. large pores, now holes....
  137. Pimple like thing with black spot
  138. my cure for blackheads
  139. dermalux
  140. Acne after Accutane
  141. Tanning Beds
  142. My son's derm said the "A" word
  143. Help Please - Lumpy spotskeep coming back
  144. Shoulder and back breakouts
  145. Breakouts
  146. New Accutane User
  147. Isotrex Gel 0.05% (Isotretinoin) vs. Accutane Caps (Isotretinoin)
  148. Big question here
  149. Accutane Side effects
  150. Differin
  151. Will it freaking scar?
  152. Lush products
  153. DeSonide...
  154. Bumps/acne On Legs
  155. Dairy Guinea Pig
  156. One pimple thats been here for 4 months?!
  157. Vitamin A vs. Accutane?
  158. lemon juice?? good or bad for skin seem ok!!!!!!!!!!
  159. Smoothbeam Laser and PDT
  160. Moisturizer and Acne
  161. Drinking more water, clears up acne?
  162. Accutane and sun
  163. Differin Questions
  164. On Accutane, and bad side effects?
  165. Recovering from acne
  166. Oily skin
  167. oilyness + dry and flaky
  168. Where can I buy Epidermx or Microdermx for my acne scars?
  169. has anyone tried hyrdrogen peroxide
  170. Getting scared
  171. Cephalexin Slows Down Growth???
  172. Minocycline withdrawal?
  173. Dairy Products
  174. vitamin e helps scars and redness alot
  175. What is on my palm?
  176. can someone help me please, i can't deal with oliy skin anymore
  177. small bumps = acne scars?? - microdermabrasion
  178. Accutane & body aches
  179. Accutane vs Amnesteem
  180. Stopping diane-35
  181. Silkia oil & epidermx update
  182. alcohol while on accutane?
  183. signs that accutane is working?
  184. laser resurfacing for scars.....?
  185. Has any one ever tryed Dermalogical?
  186. Roaccutane time
  187. Damn My Neck! Neck Acne?
  188. No accutane for me...
  189. Dynacin & Fever???HELP
  190. Tri otho-cyclen and oily, acne prone skin?
  191. What natural oils are best for skin, but do not cause acne or clog pores?Recs please
  192. Works fast
  193. has any one ever heard of ZenMed?
  194. Breakouts in earlobes due to iPod!??
  195. facial hair and acne
  196. post accutane breakouts
  197. Camellia Oil Users
  198. Proactiv stopped working..now what?
  199. OIL Control Moisurizer
  200. Waterlily:re: Scars
  201. Oil Cleansing Method
  202. how i nearly elimanated acne (still 1 1/2 year later)
  203. ways to prevent accutane side effects?
  204. Accutane and Doxycycline together??
  205. PLEASE i need advice!
  206. Need advice on minocyclin
  207. Clean n Clear?
  208. Proper Diet to reduce acne?
  209. What to expect-1st trip to derm?
  210. is fish oil really for oily skin or dry skin? -confused!
  211. underlying causes?
  212. gross acne, any advice please!
  213. One or the other
  214. My "Cure"
  215. acne scarring
  216. Nordette to Levlen acne connection? Why did my skin go crazy?
  217. Dr. Dan's CortiBalm for accutane users
  218. What clears Acne
  219. I could use some advice
  220. Whiteheads
  221. Acne Free?
  222. how to do asprin mask?
  223. Acne... odd places! hmm...
  224. But isnt it all hormonal??
  225. have u experienced short term memory loss due to accutane?
  226. Doxycycline and ortho tri cycline lo
  227. accutane & anti-depressants
  228. tazorac and duac gel
  229. natural remedy
  230. soy milk instead of regular
  231. Any COSMEDIX users out there?
  232. What kind of cereal do you eat in the morning?
  233. Severe Dryness with Proactive
  234. Antibiotics
  235. Retin-a gel dosage question? pea size? impossible?
  236. I want to help!!
  237. alcohol and accutane?
  238. Lumiport?
  239. Accutane/birth control
  240. Anyone know of any good over the counter scar removing products???
  241. Triaz
  242. Red spots...Just some advice, please?
  243. Red spots...Just some advice, please?
  244. Acne and hair length, men?
  245. Milk thisle
  246. Camellia oil - cheaper source?
  247. Epidermx Question
  248. will it EVER go away!?
  249. Can Doxycycline affect your muscle growth???
  250. My cure

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