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  1. How to get rid of a pimple without picking.....
  2. I am almost 27 years old and just started Accutane
  3. Treatment for scars and pits?
  4. accutane and sweating... connection?
  5. Full fat milk and acne
  6. New Epidermx experiences
  7. New to the boards, wondering about Tazorac...
  8. anyone try clinique moisturizer?
  9. First thing you'll (like to) do when your acne clears?
  10. Retin A micro & Triaz
  11. Ahh!
  12. Acne Marks! please help
  13. Just my Luck!!
  14. I had Erbium Laser on acne scars last Wednesday
  15. How to get rid of little bumps
  16. Could Tazorac clear me in 8 weeks?
  17. hair conditioner? really?
  18. Panthetine or B5 for tiny clogged pores?
  19. Witch Hazel?
  20. Exfoliation
  21. Infected Hair Follicles
  22. Times Just Ran Out
  23. Hard water causing breakouts?
  24. My poor brother :(
  25. Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamin ? ?
  26. help please
  27. has anyone been prescribed birth control for acne?
  28. Is saw palmetto safe?
  29. bumps/acne in pubic hairs region
  30. Help please.
  31. Blackheads...
  32. proboitics
  33. Messed Up Big Time
  34. Just finished accutane....AND THEY'RE BACK!!!
  35. Which foods cause acne, Once and for all?
  36. cysts: topical treatments suck... i dont wanna live like this
  37. Bath And Body works stuff
  38. HELP! Should I take accutane!?
  39. Almost 40, stopped OC, now with acne for 1st time in life!
  40. Almost 40, stopped OC, now with acne for 1st time in life!
  41. I see a difference with Microdermx and acne scars
  42. Fraxel laser treatment for scars?
  43. torn skin around pimple
  44. How long should I give topical to work?
  45. can't stop picking- pores keep clogging!!
  46. Can't take it anymore, Self-Esteem & Confidence non-existent, desperate for help!
  47. Acne and Yasmin
  48. daily exfoliation
  49. Upper Lip Dry Patch / Zit
  50. Long-term RetinA - If I DON'T stop using it...
  51. acne-organ chart ?
  52. Moisturizer for accutane
  53. Self esteem and confidence problems
  54. anyone tried MSM?
  55. White dots under my eyes????
  56. Lactic Acid Peels
  57. Little Bumps that sit under skin for days then turn into cysts!!!!!!
  58. New to this, looking for some advice please!
  59. lump on nose
  60. Brings into question the relation between food and acne
  61. Acne is clear BUT...
  62. Big Red Buggers
  63. Am I paranoid and going Crazy? Whats wrong with me??
  64. Those nose strips really help
  65. Fish oil and microderm-X Rocks!!!
  66. Acne Cure (not a theory)
  67. Campho Phenique works??? or was it my regimen kicking in...
  68. A Spot Of Bother
  69. Pro-active?
  70. Reading Acne on your face
  71. Evian?
  72. Md Forte Ii
  73. Does this happen to anyone else? Please read!
  74. dry skin = itchy skin? help please!
  75. what do u think of this
  76. You think I'm almost through?
  77. How to clear acne
  78. What do you think derm will suggest (40 yr old Female)
  79. I feel hopeless, acne has ruined my life!!!
  80. for natures cure users and pre users
  81. Amazing Lotion for all skin types!!!!!!!!!
  82. Teenager with worsening acne....help
  83. Accutane and Peeling skin
  84. Acne is killing me
  85. pimples on my butt
  86. So I started Triaz/Tazorac
  87. Good moisturizer?
  88. Acne Facials
  89. Has anyone ever used "Blue Light Acne Treatments"?
  90. Fighting The Retin A Flakes
  91. Off Accutane and have questions for past users
  92. accutane journal
  93. why does washing help befroe you use.....
  94. Please read, quick question
  95. My Dr On Drugs..help! Adnvice!
  96. My Dr On Drugs..help! Adnvice!
  97. natural remedy
  98. anyone?
  99. 41 and still have zits
  100. Embarassed hahaha
  101. two BIG puss filled things on chest!
  102. Spiro vs. Yasmin -> anyone who has tried both, please help!!!
  103. I just picked! erhhhh
  104. Liver Cleansing??
  105. Do family doctors know acne?
  106. Coming to terms with a scar
  107. new breakouts on accutane
  108. Cure For Oily Skin???
  109. proactiv and oily skin
  110. Yasmin is a miracle!
  111. I LOVE Tamanu Oil
  112. :-/ i asked my doctor for spiro today...
  113. self tanner
  114. Anyone here 30+ with Acne?
  115. Made it worse by far...help
  116. Accutane costs?
  117. Milk of Magnesia
  118. To Derm or not to Derm?
  119. New here and has questions
  120. Capsiderm users
  121. started using
  123. Hormonal Acne Help
  124. Doxycycline
  125. What to do with sensitive skin?
  126. Can I use epidermx and Retin-A-Micro together?
  127. Acne worsens in winter...
  128. New Ideas!!!
  129. SAM-e Supplements?
  130. wearing makeup to bed...helps???
  131. Asprin - The Views!
  132. Will oil supplements…
  133. Aloe Vera
  134. Acne - Help Please
  135. anyone who uses the aspirin mask...
  136. Back To Soap
  137. Zapping Zits? Handheld device Zeno?
  138. Anyone Using Zenmed
  139. new,old experiment
  140. What to do about jawline razor bumps?
  141. Effect of the sun
  142. Low Dosage on Accutane
  143. Anybody try or hear of Acuzine?
  144. anyone taking B5?
  145. Those whiteheads on my chest are gone!
  146. A girl asked me to go out on a date
  147. no more acne! my regimen
  148. Best Remedies for Red Marks?
  149. What is the best way to prevent/reduce peeling?
  150. Diet Pills
  151. Dermatologist rubs her fingers on my face every visit
  152. Did Accutane make your face red?
  153. Laser Acne Treatment
  154. dr rullen in chula vista,cal
  155. Best concentration of Benzoyl peroxide?
  156. Best concentration of Benzoyl peroxide?
  157. I've Had It With Retin-a-micro
  158. Starting Tazorac .05% and Bactrum...
  159. Use nothing at night on some nights
  160. xanax + accutane... problem?
  161. (yet another) accutane journal.
  162. minocyclean (sp?)
  163. I can not live like this...what to do next?
  164. Over 21+ years old with acne, Desperate? I will lend a hand.
  165. Anyone try the Aquanil cleanser?
  166. 2nd initial breakout?
  167. almost a year!!!
  168. acne post accutane! arrhh!!
  169. VICHY NORMADERM! anyone tried it?
  170. banana boat alow vera.. 2 years old?
  171. What's worked for me
  172. Proactive just STOPPed working
  173. Adult skin issue...
  174. Adoxa
  175. when will yasmin start to work!?
  176. accutane and depression
  177. Ground breaking news! Finally the ACNE CURE!
  178. started accutane just now
  179. Can anyone recommend a cleanser to use after sulfur soap?
  180. Accutane
  181. Epidermx
  182. Acne Almost Gone!! How to treat scars!!
  183. Okay, Murad Body Wash
  184. heating the zit?
  185. Tazorac - Skin Peeling right off
  186. Alcohol after Accutane....
  187. Bad to pop whiteheads?
  188. the way you apply your acne medications
  189. Does this sound weird to anyone else?
  190. acne on inner thigh
  191. toner question
  192. Anti-histamine topic
  193. isolagen for Acne
  194. Jojoba/camellia oil- Too oily for acne??
  195. Share your natural skin care regimen!!!!
  196. Does Aloe Vera clog your pores??
  197. greeeaaaatt product!!!!!!!!!!
  198. strange benefits of chickenpox lotion
  199. Breakouts after blue light levulan treatment?!
  200. I have problems with mineral makeup
  201. accutane
  202. Anyone try this?
  203. Help!!allergic Reaction!!!
  204. Accutane, Accuzine or Lipodec...any suggestions?
  205. seborrheic dermatitis
  206. Neem soap
  207. Does Accutane get rid of Post-Acne Marks?
  208. Loma Lux a.k.a. The Acne Pill?
  209. Starting Azelaic Acid Today...
  210. New accutane Journal
  211. Nearly 9 weeks on doxycycline
  212. I don't understand!
  213. best way to wash
  214. How long before a suntan goes away for a light skin person???
  215. Redness!! Please Help!!
  216. can a weak liver cause oily skin?
  217. Fish Oil
  218. Help: Pimple Not Progressing
  219. how to quit Minocycline?
  220. Capsiderm verdict
  221. Boot Camp
  222. Inositol for Acne - Dangerous? Dosage?
  223. !!!!Problems with EpiDermX...!!!!!!
  224. Anyone beating their acne?
  225. cetaphil what's your opinion ?
  226. MilkThistle anyone?
  227. e-book "Last acne solution"....
  228. I am getting worried reading this board....
  229. On Accutane Is it normal that...?
  230. Any connection between acne and anger?
  231. Been on Tetracycline/klaron combo for 2 weeks and face is still breaking out
  232. Loving the asprin mask!
  233. I need your opinions here...
  234. roaccutane
  235. How i beat acne
  236. shampoo?
  237. Differin Cream works!
  238. Please!advice About Doxy
  239. Oxy 10 Balance Oil-free Maximum Strength Acne Wash?
  240. Okay to a Dove bar as shave cream?
  241. Your thoughts on "Noxema" and "Shiseido"?!?
  242. Gonna take the accutane plunge
  243. It's the carbs (for me)
  244. Around the mouth ??
  245. Aczone...?
  246. tea tree oil, how effective is it??
  247. Anyone take Accutane after having LASIK?
  248. Spironolactone side effects
  249. Is this normal??? please help!
  250. is it time to check hormone levels?

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