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  1. I'm sure this has already been asked but...
  2. Cystic Acne Killers
  3. Can lasers do more harm than good?
  4. accutane dosage and timing questions
  5. YASMIN--when did you see results?
  6. cantaloupes, can it cause pimples (been eating this a lot)
  7. retin-a (tretrinoin)
  8. Where ya at?
  9. i need help!!! (OTC)
  10. accutane prescription - anyone else go thru this
  11. how is the dove self foaming cleanser?
  12. Breakout around mouth
  13. Damaged Skin
  14. how many mgs of spiro do you take*****
  15. breakfast recipies ?
  16. Food & Acne
  17. green apples, can it cause pimples
  18. I keep hearing about B5 what is it?
  19. Hooray for Accutane!!!
  20. Topical Trentinoin(stievamyacin)..help!!!
  21. B5 with a weak stomach...What to do?
  22. Almonds
  23. soaps and moisturizers for dry skin
  24. Safe B5 levels (study details included)
  25. quickest way to get rid of those BIG zits...
  26. What is this?
  27. Doxycycline - What should I take with it?
  28. What's avodart?
  29. ick! help!
  30. Anyone use Complex 15 moisturizer??
  31. quick help
  32. I Hate My Dry Skin...
  33. Need ways of remoisterising skin
  34. To Prometheus
  35. Facial Steamer..what should be my routine?
  36. Vita K Skin Lightening System?
  37. Is anyone else terrified of eating?
  38. makeup and moisturizers for perioral dermatitis
  39. At home glycolic peels for acne marks
  40. Blackheads Gone - - But How?
  41. Minocin MR alternatives??
  42. question for prometheus re: gluten
  43. weird pain in leg - caused by spiro?
  44. searching for a derm in Los Angeles area
  45. ALEVE MASK? Worth a shot
  46. Flat red marks from old pimples?
  47. Helpppp, I beg u! I call on all you out there!
  48. question about acne medicine mixed with...
  49. Bio-oil
  50. Hair colour to improve complection?
  51. hormone experts i have a question
  52. Any guys ever used Spiro?
  53. I did a stupid thing...
  54. Light Treatment?
  55. ATTN: Tiramasu
  56. Spots worse since using Isotrexin
  57. Vitamin E Moisturisers
  58. Treating inflammation?
  59. Facial wash, and an accutane question
  60. Has anyone tried La Bella Donna cosmetics?
  61. Help I need to be totally pimple free in 4 month!!
  62. prometheus diet???
  63. Blueberries
  64. Help before PROM!
  65. Natural Progesterone Cream
  66. Blemish plz Help it wont go!"
  67. Acne-Rid? Acneva?
  68. Facial Steamers
  69. any other way besides the pill?
  70. initial breakout with differin
  71. my dial regimen
  72. 100% recommended: Quinoderm!!
  73. Pure Zone works ??
  74. ok, so whos been able to cure their acne with diet ?
  75. major improvement with AcneTab
  76. will coco butter clog my pores? what if i mix it with jojoba oil?
  77. Essential Oils for Acne? Tea Tree Oil is just one of the many...
  78. small painful cysts at corner of mouth/lips
  79. guys and gals, whats the best BP cream out there?
  80. make up question
  81. anyone tried 'maleface'?
  82. My unusual problem
  83. What's the Best B5 supplement???
  84. Here is my story
  85. Acne Causing Facial Redness?
  86. another way to make an aspirin mask
  87. Unusual Acne
  88. Weird PERMANENT cyst/pimple
  89. accutane question
  90. cortozone injections while on accutane
  91. pimples on penis
  92. taking lots of pills (vitamins & more) at once alright?
  93. Vitamin Question
  94. Length of Accutane treatment
  95. Had been doing so well, now bummed again
  96. What would you recommend I try next?
  97. Want to Detox your body? WATER
  98. How Long Does It Take For leftover Red/Brown Spots To Fade For Most People?
  99. Accutane and Vitamin A
  100. Spiro users... Long Term Use@@@
  101. What this Asprin Mask i keep reading about?
  102. What cleanser and mousterizer do you use? (i'm on accutane)
  103. DOH! Been using wrong cleanser.
  104. about scrubs
  105. NLITE treatment
  106. Question about BP
  107. Acne and tanning??
  108. endocrinologist vs dermatologist
  109. Changing from Dianette to Yasmin
  110. prednasone
  111. Another B5 question?
  112. store products that help scars????
  113. How should I deal...
  114. b5 and prescriptions
  115. Diet/acne
  116. accutane finale
  117. Has anyone tried....
  118. My Positive accutane story.
  119. Retin A Micro...yea or nay?
  120. Doxycycline
  121. HELP, I need quick advise on moisturizers
  122. crying
  123. good to fast while on b5?
  124. Black Opal Fade Creams??
  125. Has this happened to anyone?
  126. Non-Rx ways to reduce acne
  127. Taking Accutane, just a question if anyone knows
  128. depression
  129. Diane 35ed
  130. Is there an initial breakout period for Yasmin?
  131. please help me
  132. Clear Light for acne
  133. please....i want some info on accutaine
  134. After one month on Accutane.......
  135. Redness of Face With Acne...
  136. Botchla Regimen
  137. I have really bad acne.. please make suggestions
  138. msg to horsies...
  139. Decide to go on Accutane for the 3rd time
  140. Accutane Users: what insurance do you have??
  141. the bags under your eyes
  142. acneva
  143. Anyone with brown skin had any success with brown marks?
  144. i was wondering have u used st ives firming mask?
  145. rosacia? and large pores
  146. Natures Cure
  147. Any Treatments?!?!?
  148. Differin Gel Long-Term Experiences?
  149. what do you do for your scars?
  150. No-Acne?
  151. Hormonal Acne
  152. Here we go...
  153. Vitamin B5 / My main question..
  154. Me, My Story and My Plans
  155. ACCUTANE side effect question, please help!
  156. Accutane question
  157. Best Spot Treatment
  158. Decongestants
  159. b5 dosage...?
  160. AHAs and retin a
  161. Anyone used this before Neutrogena SkinClearing Moisturizer ? Any good
  162. Just started Boscia skincare line!
  163. yasmin and spiro
  164. Accutane generic
  165. AcneComplex
  166. Anyone tried NEUTROGENA multi-vitamin facial treatment with success??
  167. red face and way to tone it down a little?
  168. Has anyone tryed this?
  169. Life After Accutane
  170. Anyone found a solution to B5+Hairloss?
  171. How long do you have to wait to see the effects of B5?
  172. Chemical Peel Questions...
  173. On Accutane: Vaseline didn't work, still got nosebleed today!
  174. <uggh> no matter what, my face will never look ok
  175. b5??
  176. Black heads and redness in the face
  177. Thinking about smoothbeam for acne scars...
  178. sweetjade1- regarding gluten
  179. acne
  180. multivitamin and acne
  181. 'Acne free in 3 days' a scam??
  182. pillow acne? yes, no?
  183. Need some help
  184. copper peptide
  185. Adding some flavor to the diet
  186. accutaine/my bad acne
  187. Taking Diane-35 Dianette, is this normal?
  188. ortho
  189. Scrubs
  190. suger an exfoliator
  191. what can i do about my indented acne scars? Treatment, laser surgery, etc?
  192. liver and acne connection??
  193. What is BP? (Simple Question)
  194. Aspirin Mask?
  195. after b5 use??
  196. L'Oreal Pure Zone is working great!
  197. Who here has tried the egg yolk mask?
  198. Vitamin A Moisturizer, feedback please
  199. ok..I was advised not to scrub my face w/ cystic acne so..what should I use?
  200. St.Ives oil-free moisturizer
  201. Is it okay to use clearasil daily face wash twice a day (morning/night)
  202. oil blotting paper? Are they okay to use?
  203. indented scars, scars, blemishes, etc? how long beofre they heal? do they
  204. zItZaPpEr AcNe PrOdUcTs READ URGENT!
  205. green concealer
  206. It burns us precious! Gollum Gollum!
  207. Does anyone use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask twice a day?
  208. so dry!!!!
  209. Is there anything I can do for this pimple??
  210. Retin-A versus Retin-A MICRO -- please help!
  211. How many people out there are thin and have acne?
  212. Has anyone used Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion??
  213. the perfect asprin mask
  214. Neck zits
  215. how much tv do you watch?
  216. DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser -have u heard of it-
  217. masturbation and b5
  218. Multivitamin without iodine
  219. How many milligrams equal a gram?
  220. My Accutane Dilemma
  221. Question about b5! help plz
  222. Klear Action
  223. Tazorac..need some advice
  224. Never ending cyst?
  225. Tinted Moistorizer??? Where to buy?
  226. more garlic=less acne
  227. Anyone who had Microdermabrasion??
  228. What could i be doing wrong?
  229. lotions ~ cetaphil or purpose??
  230. My constant cure for Acne
  231. good or bad idea? jojoba oil + topical medication
  232. Proloprim
  233. SuN!lotion?
  234. Vitamin E dosage while on Accutane
  235. I need your help badly
  236. the answer.
  237. diet- insulin resistance vs. food allergies
  238. Minocycline & Oil Production
  239. Hormonal acne
  240. Paleolithic Diet
  241. face permanently red from retin A?
  242. From Ortho Tri to Yasmin or Desogen?
  243. Medicine
  244. Nodule problem
  245. Crazy acne remedy??
  246. 43 year old man who still has skin problems....
  247. Aloe Vera
  248. B5 cream
  249. The Gym and Acne
  250. I swear that acne spreads like wildfire. Skin nearly cleared then..

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