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  1. oleic acid and lineolic acid
  2. Acne cream that does wonders!!
  3. minocin stunt growth?
  4. Apple Juice and Acne
  5. ProActiv's CLoNe
  6. Good non-medicated cleansers thats natural?
  7. AHA's in UK
  8. Saunas
  9. Very "iffy" about these injections.
  10. Black skin on Forehead
  11. Ethnic skin: Can anyone relate?
  12. Diane-35, acne and everything else
  13. white zits/cysts on the skin under my eyes?
  14. diet question
  15. accutane worked for me
  16. *cry*
  17. people with accutane. please help me.
  18. The ACCUTANE - DIET connection
  19. acne and lack of sex
  20. sea water and sun
  21. egg yolk? please read.
  22. Msg for Nature's Cure Body Wash Users
  23. Msg for Complex 15 USERS, followup successes and where to get it?
  24. Can anyone recommend a good gel or mousse that won't break you out?
  25. Pro Acne?
  26. Message for JimC981, Fargo UT
  27. Juice Fast
  28. Small outbreaks
  29. Acne along eyebrows and hairline...
  30. urine
  31. GREAT TIP!
  32. Tea Tree Oil is helping immensely!
  33. Don't want to take Antibiotics....should I take probiotics??
  34. Less is More
  35. Internal Warmth
  36. Diet Plan
  37. Aloe Vera Juice and Internal Problems
  38. The hardest thing
  39. Peels
  40. how do i get rid of my back acne?
  41. Question for successful B5 users
  42. Make-up
  43. Acne Remedies
  45. testing
  46. Burt's Bees
  47. experiences with aloe vera
  48. Am I the only one with very oily but very sensitive skin?
  49. Ever feel you shouldn't be in a 'group'?
  50. any retin a users PLEASE READ! Help!
  52. Your favourite scrub
  53. Hi first post,my experience
  54. retin a
  55. on minocycline too long
  56. is 27 zits about the size of this "O" a lot? lol
  57. dreams
  58. Well
  59. OMG!!! help
  60. Evening Primrose Oil
  61. An interesting article to read
  62. Fuzzy was under the gun today
  64. topical erythromycin 2% gel anyone???
  65. Whiteheads!
  66. St. Ives Medicated Scrub
  67. Pathophysiology of Acne
  68. Deep red big pimple - help :(
  69. I went to a derm today
  70. Chubby vs. Zitty
  71. Ok all you people using B5
  72. will toothpaste help????
  73. People on Roaccutane in the UK
  74. B5 1000mg at last
  75. What's Sc??
  76. Anyone Ever Used Terressentials???
  77. Ladies can you help a guy out?
  78. What's the best way to pop a pimple?
  80. Clindagel?
  81. red spots...please help
  82. rubbing alcohol
  83. BP & Salicylic Acid HELP!
  84. has anyone tried clear light high intensity light?
  85. The pill
  86. initial breakout period........
  87. Cleansing/Detoxing the body
  88. Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer ?
  90. Glycolic acid peels!
  91. Hair Care Products that won't break you out?
  92. Dial Bar Soap
  93. AHA 10% enhanced lotion...contains oil?
  94. Duac & Benzaclin the same thing?
  95. Massive cyst on temple....Advil?
  96. Message for TimDream
  97. Message for JimC981
  98. Celeb be4 and after photos
  99. blackheads
  100. Benzamycin vs. Benzaclin
  101. Questions on "The Acne Cure"
  102. I've never been more offended!
  103. Azelex & Spiro working...crystal clear skin!
  104. Great Vitmins to take that help
  105. aloe vera--the plant or the tube?
  106. Should I see or cancel my derm appointment for tommorow?
  107. AH, me sooooooo bad, me soooooooo bad
  108. Biotherm vs. Dermologica
  109. Clindamycin Phosphate, why do dermatologists recommend it. Its horrible.
  110. Lowering Dosage on Accutane
  111. new concealer that helps with bad lighting
  112. Putting pure tea tree oil on each zit
  113. Steaming your face with water and tea tree oil
  114. I need Help!
  115. Accutane dose
  116. thermage and hyalunic acid
  117. Another Message for ,JimC981,TimDream, FargoUT about Benzoyl Peroxide products
  118. I don't know how it works, but it works
  119. Anyone use Aubrey organics?
  120. Good Moisturizers???
  121. topical niacinamide+jojoba oil
  122. Green Tea - Oilyness
  123. neutrogena multivitamin lotion
  124. 3 months on Accutane and still breaking out!! HELP!!!
  125. I am getting so ****** off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. New product I'm trying
  127. Meditation Helps Acne?...
  128. dsheldon
  129. Questions about The Acne Cure
  130. Desitin Cure - My result
  131. had a dream
  132. question
  133. Laser N' Stuff. What worked or hasn't for you?
  134. Accutane--side effect incidence??
  135. extremely dry skin
  136. how long has acne been around?
  137. Interview Worries
  138. WATER!!!!!!!!!!
  139. anyone using this?
  140. problems with my nose..please help
  142. Products and Solutions
  143. AHA and St. Ive's
  144. clinique airbrush concealer
  145. q about egg yolk mask
  146. Retin A flakiness and dryness
  147. st. ives
  148. wut does my skin really look like??
  149. Inital breakouts good or bad?
  150. Questions about hydroxy acids.
  151. ick help pleez
  152. How can I keep my face from becoming oily under my makeup?
  153. Clinac O.C.
  154. pleez pleez read!!!!!!
  155. Q's for those of you who had breakouts from Zinc....
  156. Finally beautiful skin without oral medication
  157. Hate This!
  158. I am ashamed of going to school because of my acne :(
  159. Question about after effects of acne
  160. "Covering" the Subject of Acne
  161. 3 reasons you break out
  162. Apple Cider Vinegar and Other All Natural Cleansers...
  163. Lemons
  164. acne and acne scars
  165. exfoliators
  166. burts bees products question
  167. shallow acne scars?
  168. Red mark that just wont go away!!!!
  169. Breaking out after experiencing clear skin for a while
  170. Need help deciding on new kind of cereal
  171. This isn't fair!
  172. Cold...or Hot? final showdown ;)
  173. A Little Rant and A Little Question...two in one!
  174. avalon products
  175. Clearasil Total Control...
  176. Redness on sides of my nose!
  177. what's goin on here?
  178. finally after 20 yrs. something that worked for me :)
  179. Anyone have success using St Ives medicated apricot scrub?
  180. What is this spot!?
  181. Wow!! Read :)
  182. Do you agree?
  183. confused & frustrated....every month!
  184. Msg for Tim Dream, FargoUT,JimC981
  185. copper peptides?
  186. please read thanx
  187. filling scars in -- last try i promise
  188. PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. i have a question...
  190. omg!!!!!
  191. Shinny Face on Accutane
  192. BLACKHEADS!!!!
  193. New Q.H. Mint Julep User -- Some Questions for vets!
  194. Passing Acne on to your kids
  195. acne on and around nose
  196. Homecare for Zits?
  197. Carbs (AKA sugar = Acne)
  198. Caffeine
  199. Theory about me thinking my skin is terrible
  200. What can I eat???
  201. Appearances Can be Deceiving
  202. Zenmed - Derma cleanse does anyone know about this!?
  203. I'm so frustrated!!!!
  204. Chocolate Products(akali) without Sugar?
  205. Message for Lyndsey or anyone else who might know!!
  206. Prone to scars
  207. Accutane & Acne Scars
  208. Moisturizer/sunscreen
  209. worse place you have ever had a zit?
  210. funny
  211. Acidic fruit/Too many carbs/Liver cleanse?
  212. Bad Complexion vs. Acne
  213. doxycycline question
  214. best sunscreen???
  215. I heard...
  216. Safe products to use while pregnant ...
  217. Uneven
  218. Sides of my face breakin out AGAIN ... help
  219. Here to Help
  220. Cortisone injections...agaaaaain.
  221. Defeat Acne With Diet
  222. the lengths we go to
  223. 1st time Smoothbeam
  226. oh my!
  227. Has Anyone Tried the Sunless Tanning Spray Booth's???
  228. New Derm gave me new regimen- I need your expert opinions
  229. Quaint Little Acne Observations
  230. Cleansers: Plexion or Triaz
  231. Blotches of acne! Derm appt...help!!!!!
  232. Arm Acne?
  233. Azelex?!?!?
  234. Would increasing my B5 does give me another breakout? (and another question)
  235. Neutrogena's Pore Refining Mattifier
  236. sedulous
  237. Duac Gel
  238. anybody tried repechage line of products?
  239. is my derm lying???
  240. What type of person are YOU?
  241. for crazyaboutblue
  242. bio oil
  243. carrots
  244. Acne & Tanning
  245. Tired Of Redness! Help.
  246. regarding AHA
  247. Any difference between Neutrogena Healthy Skin ,sensitive vs regular formula
  248. actors and actresses
  249. Has anyone tried propolis?
  250. Where do I get Paula's Choice products?

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