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  1. is my derm lying???
  2. What type of person are YOU?
  3. for crazyaboutblue
  4. bio oil
  5. carrots
  6. Acne & Tanning
  7. Tired Of Redness! Help.
  8. regarding AHA
  9. Any difference between Neutrogena Healthy Skin ,sensitive vs regular formula
  10. actors and actresses
  11. Has anyone tried propolis?
  12. Where do I get Paula's Choice products?
  13. Not being aggressive enough on accutane..?
  14. Fruits good for acne?...maybe not
  15. Accutane Statistics
  16. Birth Control - Diane 35??
  17. Anybody have success with facials at spas
  18. glycerin
  19. WHAT IS A CYST???
  20. Backne
  21. mandelic acid (AHA)
  22. under the skin white dots
  23. My B5 journal
  24. How to apply CP serum - just on spots or all over?
  25. Message for Molly1984
  26. tanning after tane
  27. after tane
  28. Message for Malerie
  29. Question for Sedulous about Alpha Hydrox
  30. I'm so sick of all this!
  32. Question??? Help
  33. Life=acne
  34. scars
  35. Cysts: Ice or heat compresses??
  36. aubrey organics 100% pure aloe gel...
  37. Colloidal Silver???
  38. Extremely ****** Off
  39. sick and tired of zits!!!!!! I need some help here
  40. again and again
  41. Uneven skintone
  42. Growing out of it?
  44. Ever wish you'd not used a certain product in the past?
  46. Acne & Pregnancy
  47. How much is TOO much?
  49. Still far to go :(
  50. Smart Cover make-up??
  51. Week 1 Tazorac
  52. any updates for the "Acne Cure" book?
  53. Skin ok..but not really...
  54. ANY USERS FROM NY/LONG ISLAND? need derm recommendation.
  55. oily skin
  56. Accutane regimen
  57. Message for FargoUT
  59. How long does it take to see results?
  60. B5 three week update
  61. Little bump pls help
  62. Shaving and Acne
  63. Accutane: AverageTime For Results
  64. Nature's Cure
  65. Getting results
  66. Ok, I got offered this job, but heres the problem...
  67. How do you get rid of the red amrks from acnes?
  68. Make-up for guys
  69. How to get rid of red bump.
  70. Nature's Cure
  71. TO: bmxryan
  72. have any of you noticed? Visine
  73. How I test products w/out screwing up my whole face!!
  74. Will...
  75. Augmentin for acne?
  76. TAZORAC: 3 Nights a Week or More?
  77. Misleading Commercials for Proactive
  78. Finished Accutane.. now what?
  79. Pizza breakouts
  80. Red rash and bumps on chest after shaving
  81. B5 Trying a new regime
  82. Lactic Peels
  83. Im getting really ****** off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. is jojoba oil for chest acne?
  85. face is good so far. leavin 4 asia. would it affect my skin??
  86. poreoilyme- clinac oc, hows it goin'?
  87. Clear Skin Image
  88. Topicals
  89. Oily skin clearing up
  90. Herbal?
  92. Acidophilus
  93. Summer33NY
  94. Msg for AngelaMDarling or anyone with olive and oily skin
  95. Msg for Tim Dream
  96. Retin A micro / Zithromax Journal
  97. Which is better, if any?
  98. What can I do??
  99. How to keep a cyst moist but not too dry in order to apply makeup
  100. no side effects!
  101. Spiro and Skinoren stopped working!
  102. Laser treatment
  103. Cant keep up with all the new products
  104. Aquaphor on the FACE?
  105. Minocycline, Differin gel
  106. To Accutane Or Not
  107. Tretinoin- worked for me!
  108. Do vitamins cause acne?
  109. acnemiracle b5 gel/SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel
  110. PRO-ACTIV
  111. Carley's Moisturizer
  112. My tummy pain HELP!!!!
  114. Topical ZInc
  115. OIL???
  116. Why is accutane reserved for sever acne
  117. Bright red acne patches around nose
  118. Just heard of a new treatment, have you heard of it?
  119. blisters from the sun
  121. Can anyone help??
  122. b5 gel used for skin colored bumps
  123. elsie9191, can you update me with your glycolic acid results?
  124. Out of Minocin
  125. Acne on Nose
  126. pantothenic acid (b5)
  127. b5 success after 9 years
  128. jojoba oil
  129. Antibiotics after Acutane?
  130. Aluminum chloride and oil?
  131. sulfameth/trim for skin problems? did this doctor goof...?
  132. Accutaine side effects you have.
  133. What do use for oily t-zone?
  134. Low white blood cell count on accutane
  135. Jojoba helps w/ redness?
  136. Z pack....ehh im scared
  137. Spot treating?
  138. Minocycline/Brevoxyl-8
  139. Differin gel it worked beyond my dreams!! still oily though,but oh well, im back also
  140. Concealer
  141. Acne on my back
  142. Lots of tiny bumps on forehead!
  144. no results in 1 week with 20% glycolic acid
  145. left over red marks
  146. Post Squeezing...
  147. blackheads?
  148. anyone ever? Clean and Clear Products!
  149. B5 Question??
  150. hi laur, how was the trip??
  151. Paula's Choice 2 % LOTION ??? ok to use or pore clogger ???
  152. Cheek Acne
  153. Zapzyt Gel (the BEST 10 BP)
  154. Difference between dynacin tablets and dynacin capsules????
  155. Hey I'm new!!
  156. Dry skin ..
  157. Seriously considering some sorta laser
  158. Wow! They actually worked!
  160. Best Moisturizers
  161. alcohol, and other definite baddies
  162. Acidophilus..
  163. GA cleanser help
  164. Need recommendation for best derm in MA
  165. about the egg yolk mask... any one still use it?
  166. I have a question !
  167. Anyone tried antidepressants for acne stress?
  168. pimples>gotta hate them!
  169. Describe indepth your current complexion
  170. can retin-a help w/scarring?
  171. What were your spironolactone side effects?
  172. B5 users. Any suggestions...?
  173. Pimples... any suggestions?
  174. Help, i have a very dry face
  175. Pop up's?
  176. Anyone know of any pregnancy-safe acne meds?
  177. I just don't get it....
  178. Coco Butter and acne marks?
  179. aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice
  180. Why is my dad so mean to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. OK so far with Paula BHA, want to add AHA,, Alpha Hydrox or Paulas 8 %?
  183. paula's choice skin relief treatment
  184. for those of you who emailed dr.leung
  185. just a question
  186. Accutane
  187. how long do you normally have to take accutain
  188. LOST ALL HOPE...please help!
  189. Bactrim
  190. Retin-A gives me pimples!!!
  191. burt's bees
  192. Any tips to keep me going?
  193. paula's choice bha
  194. How has Proactiv worked for you?
  195. Face Acne
  196. back acne
  197. laser treatment
  198. Jojoba oil under any ointment-safe?
  199. Isotrex
  200. Topical Accutane
  201. I have noticed a few people in here complaining of persistant redness around the nose
  202. Body Acne (Back/ Arms)
  203. collagen --- my sad story
  204. best clenser for make-up/oily skin
  205. Azelex & Spiro Users...how's it working?
  206. SO frustrated/upset
  207. PLease SOMONE! ELICINA!
  208. Antibotics? Which one helped U
  209. Try NATURAL Antibiotics?
  210. Help ASAP
  211. This darn spot
  212. How does ortho tricylclin affect acne?
  213. Taking the Paula Plunge tonight ...Please Help
  214. Sun good or bad for you?
  215. Zinc good or bad
  216. stievamycin gel problems...
  217. My Annual Mid-Summer breakout :(
  218. Neck Acne/Rash is driving me insane
  219. Is it only me?
  221. diane35 seems to have stopped working for me
  222. Anyone tried IPL (Intense Pulse Light)?
  223. for linnybee
  224. interesting info
  225. Anyone try a GLUTEN/DAIRY FREE diet, and it DIDN'T work??
  226. Harder to get accutane in enlgand than other parts of the world?
  227. ScarGuard for red marks?
  228. What to use for peeled skin, blemish from acne.
  229. Ultimate Swiss Peel
  231. Getting a derm appointment...help?
  232. Vitamin E make acne worse?
  234. Whats a good spot cover up 4 acne?
  235. How to get accutane?
  236. diet
  237. Clinac OC
  238. ACCUTANE/ tanning salons, facialsI just finished accutane
  239. popped pimple=deep flesh scar
  240. Msg for TimDream, PoreOilyMe and other Paula's Choice Users
  241. Accutane - did you lose sex drive?
  242. How to even out face's skin tone?
  243. Pill Poppin Acne Friend
  244. How to get rid of the red marks?
  245. Definitive Survey on Red Marks
  246. ice down pimples
  247. Pollution and Acne
  248. better!
  249. For all you retina users
  250. I'am using XIAN

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