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  1. lamictal 100mg vs 200mg????
  2. does invega cause lactation
  3. Recently been diagnosed as being BPII
  4. Is this bipolar?
  5. Please read-seeing things on meds..
  6. Doctors that specialize in alternative treatment for bipoar disorder
  7. When did you first get diagnosed with Bipolar??
  8. never feel normal.
  9. dating and bi polar
  10. new to bipolar
  11. manic question?
  12. Bipolar meds and weight gain.
  13. Are they hallucinations??
  14. lamictal and other questions
  15. The hardest part for me.
  16. feelings of rejection
  17. Stress triggers hypomania?
  18. Artistic ability and Bipolar
  19. new poster
  20. I'm having major surgery on Monday and scared....
  21. Is it hypomania or normalcy
  22. do you find it hard to have bipolar and work?
  23. Pregnancy, Meds, and BP...?
  24. Generic Lamictal Teva Brand
  25. Despair, the kaleidoscope of pills and my story!
  26. medication opinion
  27. Acceptance of this disorder
  28. bipolar meds that won't make me sleepy!!!
  29. Akathisia
  30. Forgot to add my plans
  31. Up we go again
  32. I miss the old me :(
  33. Not sleeping as well on lamictal
  34. The cycle that is Bipolar Life
  35. get diagnosed where to go london bipolar
  36. Out of Seroquel and the pharmacies are closed
  37. Lonely today
  38. Impulse Control Problems
  39. Unmarried, should I have a Power of Attorney?
  40. Having major surgery in a week and worried about Depression...
  41. newbie
  42. Date rejected me
  43. Newly diagnoised
  44. am i bipolar?
  45. Vitamins and medication
  46. Sorry I have been MIA for a while.
  47. Sleeping Beauty
  48. depression and physical pain
  49. politics is a disallowed subject
  50. Newbie::: My girlfriend loves me but seems to make me worse...
  51. I'm new - so: All about me
  52. 3rd week of Lamictial
  53. Depressed over going back to regular therapist
  54. lamictal and geodon for bipolar
  55. Confused about bipolar
  56. Dating/ Bipolar issues
  57. Ideation
  58. Seroquel XR and/or Zeldox
  59. Hello! New here! Did my doctor lie to me?
  60. FYI about Lamictal
  61. Lamictal-Get your Rash checked but don't panic
  62. meds side effects
  63. Recently Put On Abilify and Paxil, Having Issues....Need Input
  64. Just need to vent
  65. just feel like screaming
  66. I Need a New Life
  67. Hair Falling Out
  68. Developed a fear; and question on Effexor
  69. Need advice, still cant find a full time job - broke, I'm stressed!!
  70. About me and i've been taking Lamictal for 2 weeks now
  71. Managing BiPolar II -- good resources?
  72. Have been in the hospital for over 3 weeks, out on pass now
  73. What is wrong with me
  74. So Scared
  75. Going Insane.....
  76. worry wort..
  77. I've just been diagnosed with Bipolar - can anyone relate to any of my symptons?
  78. I don't know what to think anymore.
  79. Bp Ii
  80. This might seem weird, but can two bipolar sisters get along!!
  81. My first post. I need an appointment with a shrink.
  82. Sibling issues
  83. getting diagnosed?
  84. Lamictal and started Geodon for weight purposes
  85. Serquel
  86. new to lamictal-itchy and paranoid
  87. new to lamictal.. having some issues
  88. just started taking lamictal - does it get better?
  89. why does it feels like somethings always crawling on me
  90. San Francisco?
  91. I'm a newbie, and have a question about Topamax
  92. I got out of the psych ward now im on Lamictal
  93. Definite Diagnosis
  94. BP and Lying
  95. Lexapro and the munchies
  96. Upset Tummy
  97. Does this sound familiar?
  98. Think My Meds Have Stopped Working! Any advice?
  99. Dating Woes of the Bipolar
  100. How does your family deal with your BP?
  101. Sleeping 10-12 hours/night-normal for BP?
  102. What do you do when you start to hate the meds?
  103. What should I tell my boss?
  104. help!!!!!!!
  105. Lamictal and Geodon
  106. Seroquel and Urinary retention
  107. New BP diagnoisis
  108. So tired... and frustrated
  109. Best mood stabilizer?
  110. Just out of Hospital, sucky 3 days
  111. med question
  112. Hi there new here
  113. Risperdal & weight gain
  114. when is the right time to.....
  115. Zonegran
  116. Anyone with Lupus too?
  117. Need Support
  118. Is this normal on lithium?
  119. Tired all the time - and sick of it!!!
  120. Side affects of Zyprexa
  121. Lamicatal and side effects?
  122. I tripped and now I'm free-falling...beyond the depths of despair I fall
  123. causing my family pain
  124. lamictal rash - now where?
  125. Seroquel and Prolactin
  126. Misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder
  127. Listen to the doctors! (sorry kinda long)
  128. bipolar and can't find right combo for meds-seeking advice
  129. Anyone have any feedback on Symbyax?
  130. Losing it
  131. New medicine...opinions wanted
  132. hello all new here kinda
  133. Weird muscular symptom
  134. Major Depression/Skipping Lamictal?
  135. a quieting idea
  136. Bipolar and menopause? Any BTDT advice?
  137. A Question regarding Pdoc's reccomendation
  138. vivid dreams
  139. Recommendations for a good mood stabilizer.
  140. racing thoughts
  141. Skipping Lamictal equals hypomania
  142. Cant Sleep-Just need to vent!
  143. Manic for a min........
  144. being on bipolar meds made me develop pcos/thyroid issues
  145. I like my hypomania too much! (Help!)
  146. Nirivam
  147. I'm on 300mg of Wellbutrin and 300 mg of Lithium, anyone else?
  148. New To Forum And BiPolar Diagnosis
  149. which illness?? which problem?? which board?? help!!!
  150. I am a bi polar rapid cycler
  151. Bipolar II
  152. Exhausted
  153. bipolar + celiac?
  154. My therapist suggested a "medication vacation"
  155. Spiraling and have no support right now
  156. I'm new to this, so bear with me
  157. My mom told several people about my diagnosis
  158. Diagnosed Clinical~I think its Manic Two: ADVICE PLEASE???
  159. Hi, I'm new
  160. From lithium to lamictal, and a hormone checkup
  161. depressed in the summer
  162. best med with wellbutrin???
  163. bipolar / hypomania.
  164. I am new, if I don't who does?
  165. Sorry I have been MIA for a while.
  166. Could I be bipolar?
  167. Making Friends
  168. Tinnitus driving me crazy!! - can it be linked to BP?
  169. Horrible day; feel like crying all the time
  170. Does Abilify work for anyone else for Bipolar Disorder?
  171. Bruising
  172. diacnosed 6 years ago with BP
  173. Meds
  174. Not sure if im bipolar??
  175. Bipolar since teenhood and not knowing it.
  176. Abdominal Pain & Weight Loss taking Vyvanse and Lamictal
  177. Is Medicine Really Neccesary?
  178. Omega 3-Fish Oil
  179. does this happen to you
  180. Does this sound like Bipolar Disorder?
  181. Abilify dosage question
  182. Feelings,,,,,
  183. husbands
  184. New member.. Having a slight problem.
  185. Question about psychotic episodes, please help?
  186. saw my tdoc today.
  187. New roommate in over 10 yrs, too much all at once!! Need help to handle it all!!
  188. Losing my edge on lithium...
  189. Don't know what else to do...please help.
  190. Fed up!
  191. New and confused
  192. Taking Topamax along side Lithium
  193. Anxiety in the Store
  194. Bipolar and sleep
  195. Wasn't going to post...but if it will help someone
  196. BiPolar with NO HIGHS??!!??
  197. I had a panic attack today.
  198. What is wrong with me?
  199. To good to be true?
  200. Bipolar and Anxiety
  201. Could I have bipolar?
  202. interaction lexapro geodon
  203. I'm only 17... These questions are WAY beyond my coping power!!!
  204. Emotional Realities... The prospect of needing to be 'fixed'
  205. I gave away half of my earnings....
  206. Taking abilify again
  207. first time user,confused
  208. lamictal?
  209. Hi all I'm new to this board
  210. Not Sure Whats Wrong...please reply!
  211. Another newbie - questions...
  212. Another Newbie - and question...
  213. Bipolar and pregnant...anyone else??
  214. Add & Bp
  215. Not sure what to do?
  216. Dipping Lower
  217. Something's wrong with me
  218. Depakote, Lexapro, and Adderall
  219. Hi another newie
  220. Just lamictal??
  221. Not felling very good today.
  222. Tegretol nausea and dizzy
  223. Just existing
  224. Sorry People
  225. Do I have Bipolar Disorder ???
  226. I'm new
  227. Very Manic yesterday (Thursday)
  228. ((((Kat))))
  229. Lamictal & side effects
  230. New Med added for BP
  231. Has anyone else felt this way?
  232. A roller coaster ride
  233. taper seroquel?
  234. Pregnant and BiPolar
  235. Alright for now
  236. Need advice on Geodon!
  237. First stint in the hospital
  238. I just want to scream!
  239. Abilify 2mg. nighttime med. or morning?
  240. Recently diagnosed with bipolar
  241. Here we go again..
  242. Does Abilify work for anyone else for Bipolar Disorder?
  243. Lithium Oratate
  244. Needing Some Advice (Meds)
  245. Feeling down today.
  246. Already on meds, should I add talk therapy?
  247. Lithium and Alcohol
  248. New to this board
  249. Bi Polar; Epilepsy: OCD
  250. What should I expect at my first pdoc appt and depakote question..

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