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  1. New Med added for BP
  2. Has anyone else felt this way?
  3. A roller coaster ride
  4. taper seroquel?
  5. Pregnant and BiPolar
  6. Alright for now
  7. Need advice on Geodon!
  8. First stint in the hospital
  9. I just want to scream!
  10. Abilify 2mg. nighttime med. or morning?
  11. Recently diagnosed with bipolar
  12. Here we go again..
  13. Does Abilify work for anyone else for Bipolar Disorder?
  14. Lithium Oratate
  15. Needing Some Advice (Meds)
  16. Feeling down today.
  17. Already on meds, should I add talk therapy?
  18. Lithium and Alcohol
  19. New to this board
  20. Bi Polar; Epilepsy: OCD
  21. What should I expect at my first pdoc appt and depakote question..
  22. More normal now
  23. Anybody else have this happen?
  24. Up, down, and all around
  25. Is it the meds or is it me???
  26. Falling, falling (and a question about feeling hysterical
  27. My Psychiatrist Appointment
  28. Pdoc Appointment
  29. Newly Diagnoised + med
  30. Feeling a bit nuts tonight
  31. Since starting my medications my periods have stopped
  32. Antidepressants
  33. need to vent.
  34. my moods have been all over the place.
  35. Gettin a Roommate with a dog! Excited!!!
  36. ((((Llama))))
  37. How would you take this?
  38. Would you give up bipolar if you could? (and feeling crazy)
  39. Dreams
  40. Some Questions
  41. To commit or not to commit
  42. Having a bad day!
  43. Has markfish been on?
  44. I have a question for all the veterans and others
  45. missing mania?
  46. could i be??
  47. I Lost My Pills
  48. quick question
  49. Should I tell my pdoc?
  50. Question about delusions
  51. Any help is helpful
  52. Anyone else experience bipolar highs?
  53. The difference...
  54. Trying to keep everyone happy while getting used to new meds
  55. Bipolar and Pregnant; Anyone else pregnant or has been?
  56. New to board
  57. Antipsychotics and muscle "spasms/twitches?"
  58. help! what's wrong, exactly?
  59. How long does it take for Lamictal to completely clear out of your system?
  60. could be bipolar??
  61. New to board with Questions
  62. Bi-polar but no real mania meds?
  63. now that I know what it is, who am I?
  64. Forgot to take my meds this morning
  65. bipolar type II, in a severe down swing
  66. Psychosis and bipolar?
  67. Bi-Polar Question
  68. cancer and depression
  69. Mood Swings
  70. Who knows your diagnosis?
  71. Bad night last night - hope it's not a manic ep starting
  72. medications are important
  73. Just diagnosed with Bi-Polar
  74. Bipolar and Coffee
  75. I wish I knew if I have Bi-Polar Disorder
  76. Lamictal in a.m. or p.m.??
  77. I hate this
  78. Have you ever considered stopping everything?
  79. Does anyone out there suffer from bipolar and also have children with it?
  80. Seroquel and side effect duration
  81. Seroquel dosage and side effects?
  82. My disability was denied
  83. Coming In From The Cold
  84. getting meds!! need some advice
  85. I think I have BP
  86. meds
  87. At my wits end...
  88. Don't know if this is a true bipolar symptom
  89. Very manic towards evening, late afternoon, jumping out of my skin
  90. What happens if I'm hospitalized?
  91. I'm new and have a question
  92. The bipolar med with the least stomach upset?
  93. Am I really Bipolar?
  94. odd question - premenstrual dysphoric disorder for those gals that are BP?
  95. Anyone tried Risperdal
  96. Therapy?
  97. UUggghh Med Irritation Sucks
  98. It's official
  99. Saw Tdoc today
  100. Hear me out and help me!!
  101. Hi! I'm New, Please Help
  102. bipolar and children
  103. Having Up and Downs Cant Find a Job!!! Depressed :(
  104. The drugs don't work.
  105. Manic Depression
  106. An update on Kittiekatt
  107. Lamictal and Hypothyroidism
  108. Seroquel, how long to be effective?
  109. bipolar 2
  110. Lamictal side effects?
  111. Bipolar and Jealousy
  112. grogginess and aggitation from seroquel
  113. almost there
  114. Insurance wont cover Provigil, but I need it for drowzyness from other meds.
  115. Guilt over hurting family and friends because of illness
  116. bipolar
  117. Bipolar
  118. Annoyed
  119. Seeing in dots...
  120. the nights are too long
  121. Trouble losing wieight on lamictal
  122. bipolar II
  123. Lithium causing mania?
  124. lamictal and anxiety
  125. New to this board and question
  126. Can abilfiy cause rapid cycles in bp
  127. I could use your good thoughts
  128. Combo Lamictal and Abilify
  129. off meds. struggling for the next two weeks till i see doc
  130. Can a general practitioner diagnose?
  131. How long...
  132. manic
  133. going from 12.5 ambien cr to 6.25 ambien cr. difference?
  134. Nortriptyline with Lamictal
  135. Lamictal Problem
  136. Do meds actually work.
  137. New pattern, please listen..
  138. On Depakote for 10 yrs thinking about Trileptal for weight loss
  139. constant self-negativity
  140. Need Help - Meds
  141. Cutting back on abilify and taking things I should not...
  142. manic thoughts, not necessarily manic actions
  143. Job interview
  144. Bipolar and blackouts
  145. New Here, I need help
  146. Mania episode
  147. Anyone take Provigil?
  148. Getting "Comfortable" with Bi-Polar
  149. How many people know?
  150. HELP!!!! Sped way up and can't slow down!!!
  151. Newbie
  152. Made big mistake
  153. Can't Be Bothered
  154. New BP new meds; not doing well
  155. Abilify
  156. reducing Luvox= mania?
  157. I have had many scary mixed episodes
  158. Over medicated? (along with some good news)
  159. Bipolar II
  160. New Here
  161. Saying hello and have a question.
  162. Can BP worsen?
  163. Abilify 2mg starts today--anyone taken this before?
  164. Is it ok for a Bi-polar person to take melatonin?
  165. lamictal...what is it?
  166. Geodon question
  167. Recently diagnosed hypomanic bipolar. Questions about meds especially Provigil
  168. Antipsychotics & mood stabilizers when depressed VAST majority of the time?
  169. PLEASE! I need someone's help (meds)
  170. Going off Lamictal
  171. bipolar AND OCD? anybody obsess about thoughts?
  172. Depakote=Good for mood, terrible for acid reflux
  173. obsessive thinking - bp ?
  174. WOW I am starting to think I DONT have depression afterall...
  175. Bi-polar and Pregnancy? Experience/Advise, please...
  176. Triggers?
  177. Coffee and lithium...
  178. Mood stabilizers with anti depressant qualities
  179. Luvox vs. Cymbalta
  180. Anxiety
  181. Question? I seem to be the only person
  182. Insomnia=Insanity 4 me
  183. Telling your children about your BiPolar
  184. bi-polar disorder, auditory hallucinations, and sleep
  185. bipolar disorder
  186. Seroquel Issues along with Tegretol
  187. Lost them for good......
  188. Dealing with acceptance
  189. lonely yet don't want to be bothered?
  190. question about geodon
  191. feeling so alone - and thank you all for the support
  192. Bipolar disorder DX question
  193. weaning off klonopin?
  194. Long term Seroquel use?
  195. had a pdoc appointment today...
  196. Help with the lingo
  197. New and Confused--Please Help
  198. Doing better
  199. what goes up, must come down.....
  200. RECOVERY IS LONELY (1st post- please read)
  201. People triggering mania
  202. BP girl-dating, relationships, symptoms, and solutions
  203. can't get off Luvox - advice, anyone?
  204. itching - Lamictal?
  205. Progress - CBT Anyone? I want to start soon.
  206. Feeling good
  207. How do you keep a job with having bipolar?
  208. lithium and hypothyroidism
  209. Neurontin
  210. Hey Everyone, got a second opinion, new meds...
  211. going off meds (this post is not what you think, please read!)
  212. Meds?
  213. please someone answer this for me
  214. Trileptal side effects?
  215. how did you feel going off lithium?
  216. Trileptal= Bipolar?
  217. I'm so stressed
  218. mood diary?
  219. cymbalta wellbutrin & lexapro
  220. New Here, Need Advice
  221. Abilify and Lamictal
  222. Can Ptsd Cause The Onset Of Bipolar Disorder
  223. Can I heal my brain? Now rapid cycling.
  224. I am overmedicated - I feel like a walking shell.
  225. Lithium side effects (using boys room a TON)
  226. bipolar disorder
  227. Pain meds and mania
  228. *I am New here
  229. what to do for mania?! drug induced while adjusting to new med...!
  230. Musings on a Sunny Sunday in Oregon
  231. Rapid Cycle Anyone??
  232. Bipolar 2 Disorder or just moody?
  233. Creativity?
  234. Any Experience with Topapax?
  235. GEODON and withdrawl
  236. valporate acid and depression
  237. is abilify supposed to make u restless and when will it go away??
  238. Feeling A LOT better!
  239. Journey
  240. Thank you!!!
  241. communication with docs
  242. help - upset from discussion with roommate
  243. how long does antiphyotics take to work??
  244. so lonely
  245. Recently (sort of) diagnosed with hypomanic bipolar disorder.
  246. please help .....how to explain BP to my grandaughter
  247. GAD or Bipolar?
  248. Denied for Benefits ~ Again
  249. I'm in need of some advice.
  250. Bipolar dieting with Alli or Xenical?

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