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  1. Mania...Immaturity? Anyone relate?
  2. bipolar nightmare
  3. Will Lithium help me?
  4. Cyclothymia and pregnancy
  5. In 1993,the film "Mr Jones" was made about Bipolar Disorder
  6. I'm new and confused
  7. Insomnia....
  8. anyone know what the heck this is?
  9. Opinions needed
  10. Bi-Polar, Anxiety and Finances
  11. Bringing it up
  13. Is he the right kind of doctor for me?
  14. bipolar and becoming pregnant
  15. Bipolar Disorder and Eating Disorders
  16. Side Effects from Lamictal & Xanax question
  17. Bipolar III?
  18. Do meds make manic periods shorter?
  19. Dual diagnosis? advice needed...
  20. Anyone here a Cop or Law Enforcement?
  21. Weight Gain and Meds
  22. Catatonia
  23. I know he has an MD but...
  24. Is this a Bipolar symptom?
  25. Meds are fine, husband is not
  26. Is this becouse of my bp
  27. Help I suffer from indecision!
  28. Support Groups
  29. How to tell loved ones
  30. Progress!
  31. effexor withdrawals
  32. Husband has first therapist appointment today
  33. its happening again....
  34. Can a person be bipolar.....
  35. Distroyed and wizard of oz
  36. question about bipolar disorder...
  37. What's a Good Job for someone that is really good at ******* people off Smile!
  38. someone help me!!!
  39. Should we get disability for being Bipolar?
  40. electric feeling in lower legs
  41. psychiatrist has given up on me
  42. The Good Stuff!
  43. can bipolar stop you loving someone?
  44. unknown territory
  45. Help! Doctors in Manhattan!
  46. caffeine cravings
  47. GatsbyLuvr1920's knowledge about Bipolar Disorder is Amazing
  48. my story
  49. HELP! questions about tegretol
  50. PLEASE HELP - "electric" lower legs
  51. To: Princess Pea
  52. Restless legs
  53. First real doc apt (confused)
  54. Zyprexa safe alone?
  55. Normal to forget what you did while manic?
  56. Baby Bug and Bi-polar
  57. Have Question about DD and her meds
  58. So frustrated, with everything
  59. feeling "lost" now im stabilised
  60. Geodone Have you taken it? What were the results please
  61. Bipolar male -"electric" feeling in lower legs-composer-must use feet to play piano
  62. Cymbalta Has anyone tried it? Newer Drug
  63. Did anyone go through denial when they were diagnosed?
  64. Husband is in hospital under court order
  65. Medication w/BP and Depression
  66. Fallen Angel
  67. Here I go again. Who needs a job, friends and sanity
  68. pregnancy/bipolar husband
  69. lithium and thyroid trouble? please help!
  70. Please i need some advice i dont know what 2 do
  71. Question for boarders
  72. Boobies still hurting and growing, side effect?
  73. mood changes
  74. compulsiveness and bp
  75. missed period on lithium?
  76. My bp hubby refusing any treatment, need help
  77. don't you wish you could undo things
  78. Bipolar and tics is there a connection?
  79. Does Anyone Have That Depression That Keeps Coming Back & Gets Worse?
  80. New and confused
  81. disappointed in lack of responce on here.
  82. When we are told we have Bipolar Disorder,that is the time we need to begin stability
  83. what do you buy when you over spend?
  84. Can't Sleep. Help!
  85. multiple sclerosis and bp
  86. Should I mention no sex drive to doctor?
  87. What to expect at first "real" doctor visit
  88. im back!!
  89. Where To Begin
  90. Need some advice
  91. A question for those who are stable
  92. What are your moods like in the mornings?
  93. Cud this be it??-plz ans
  94. Depakote and rash?
  95. I Need Help
  96. I need support so I can support my husband.
  97. Depakote and/or Wellbutrin side effect
  98. can child get bipolar?
  99. So tired of fighting this disease
  100. Is having several thoughts at the same time a symptom?
  101. Long post - need some major help
  102. Should I leave my kids alone with bp husband?
  103. The ultimate crash
  104. Do people you work with know you're Bipolar?
  105. Help! Seroquel causing rage?
  106. weight gain on carbamazepine
  107. My Boyfriend and Myself are Bipolar...
  108. bipolar/panic disorder
  109. my mom has bp
  110. Has anyone taken Seroquel?
  111. wow!
  112. Problems with Being Alone
  113. is this bipolar disorder?
  114. Trouble sleeping
  115. Wrong meds?
  116. bi-polar and lunar cycles
  117. I've been really nervous lately, is that anxiety?
  118. Up, Up Up-- down
  119. Feel like things r crawling over my arms???
  120. the effects of medication and water intake
  121. looking for more insight
  122. Does anyone know anything about VA benefits?
  123. no compassion
  124. Has anyone felt that there PC doc didn't understand?
  125. Son with Bipolar
  126. I'v been bad, need advice
  127. hey Kymberlee
  128. Just Some Thoughts......
  129. happy 4th everyone
  130. Feeling kind of down and anxious
  131. Am I Bipolar?
  132. Maybe its not the end of the road
  133. I am not bipolar but
  134. new here
  135. Med question
  136. scared
  137. I am Pregnant With Bi-Polor
  138. weight loss
  139. weight loss
  140. Doxepin and Weight Gain
  141. Bipolar questions?????
  142. Zyprexa
  143. Questions regarding meds
  144. Help! When does lamictal kick in?
  145. cant sleep as usual
  146. what is rapid cycling?
  147. Nausia with Depakote??
  148. Can I vent a little?
  149. Can Age be a positive factor in dealing with bipolar episodes ?
  150. What is it like to live or be near a bipolar person?
  151. Am I Bi-Polar (I know, this question again)
  152. Started my medication "Depakote ER" today!! Had some Questions???
  153. Kiehn
  154. The Family -Very Down
  155. BF w/bipolor
  156. do meds cause missed periods?
  157. off on my hols
  158. gettin close
  159. wellbutrin - how long for sex drive to return?
  160. Apologies, in advance (or whatever)...
  161. Thanks Paul-A-Bipolar & Please Let Me Introduce My Bipolar Self
  162. Am I bipolar or am i having a battle between heart and mind?
  163. Need a little encouragement
  164. New medication
  165. Need medication advice, Lamictal?
  166. Wellbutrin ?
  167. Misdiagnosis + Medication Effects= What The Heck Am I??
  168. Im nervous about starting the medication!!
  169. Depressed & trying to stay positive
  170. The end of the road for us
  171. Need Relationship Advice
  172. so sweet!
  173. can a relationship really survive bipolar?
  174. Lithium Orotate
  175. lithium
  176. Depression is here, again
  177. Back From Hospital
  178. Me and My Radishes
  179. Race for life
  180. Work, Idiots and Bi-Polar
  181. Meds are not working need advice.
  182. questions and venting
  183. Why me
  184. how to just put a end to it
  185. Dark thoughts and distorted thinking
  186. ginea pig...
  187. Disability for bipolar?
  188. a formal introduction
  189. so many questions.
  190. How do you differentiate, person/disorder?
  191. Stopping Depakote
  192. Newly Diagnosed and not sure howI feel...
  193. Just wanted to share my thoughts...
  194. Two diagnosis
  195. Has Bipolar Disorder held you back in your life, or am I the only one?
  196. Did your parents have bipolar?
  197. Aggression & Abuse
  198. dangerous thoughts
  199. I Had A Great Day, Today!
  200. Do people with bipolar often have a problem with high blood pressure?
  201. Mixed up
  202. Always Feels Like There's A Cloud Above My Head-Help!
  203. Help
  204. what can I do?
  205. how do I NOT be so compulsive?
  206. 5 Year Old Son With Bi-polar
  207. Im Bipolar Dont Not Disrepect Me!!!
  208. DH was diagnosed with bipolar today
  209. Recently Diagnosed Bi-Polar
  210. I'm bipolar so my opinion doesn't count???
  211. Resources for Children With A Bipolar Parent
  212. I finally have an answer
  213. What could this possibly be???
  214. please i could use some help
  215. Lexapro - Jiggly, Shaking insides?
  216. Can anyone please give me some suggestions???
  217. is there more going on here
  218. Mslainie Feels Drained Of Energy!!!
  219. Havn't posted in a while....
  220. cant manage finances
  221. School and Bipolar, Is it possible? Financially?
  222. Do you think I'm Bipolar?
  223. Seroquel Problems - Does this happen to anyone else?
  224. I Need Any Suggestions
  225. Is lithium alone suitable fo treating BP II?
  226. abc soap general hospital is doing bipolar now
  227. Anyone Ever try the Sad Light?
  228. Anger and Being Bipoalr - i cut off my hair
  229. lost another friend
  230. anyone on just a mood stabiliser alone?
  231. A Long Walk With My Bipolar Son
  232. Is This True About Lithium?
  233. Could This Be the Light At the End of The Tunnel??
  234. Depakote and gastrointestinal side effects
  235. worried about bipolar dad
  236. wellbutrin/lexapro. good mix?
  237. to Kiehn
  238. borderline personality disorder
  239. 1st appointment with pdoc...what to expect?
  240. So confused...questions???
  241. On lexapro for 3 weeks now
  242. My Heart to Yours
  243. Need some advice
  244. breast pain caused by meds?
  245. just when i thought i was getting better....
  246. some light relief (a joke)
  247. seeing and smelling things on lithium?
  248. What's the difference between bp 1 and bp 2?
  249. Studying and going into a career when you're Bipolar!!
  250. Help Me Please

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