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  1. I'd like to go to college but I have seizures a lot of them
  2. EEG abnormalities
  3. Fits - help please
  4. Breast Tissue Loss
  5. benign brain tumor( low grade gleoma)?
  6. epilepsy and addiction to sleeping pills
  7. epilepsy aggravation with
  8. Wondering what it is
  9. Uncontrolled Epileptic no matter what is tried. HELP
  10. I dont know if this is what I may be having?
  11. Tegretol XR and Dilantin problems
  12. Complex Partial, Petit Mal, Interictal Spike, Aura?
  13. GLA Forte
  14. update
  15. Need answers
  16. Seizure in the kitchen - Bad burn!
  17. mesial temporal sclerosis and my 13 year old son, Help..
  18. My Seizure Story (Please Read)Generic Dilantin and Level Fluctuation
  19. New here!
  20. lamictal completely losing its effect?
  21. Migranes
  22. Venting
  23. flu shot and seizures
  24. Epilepsy & Alcohol Situation
  25. Confused by my doctor.
  26. Serious seizure prior to anxiety and followed by more severe anxiety
  27. Aura's or simple partial seizures?
  28. Aura's or simple partial seizures?
  29. Surgery yes/no???
  30. New information on keppra and pregnancy!!
  31. Seizures a result of ECT treatments?
  32. SEEG (Stereoelectroencephalography)
  33. newborn having seizures?
  34. Should alendronate be used to treat AED-induced osteoporosis?
  35. Epilepsy and relationships
  36. Does this sound like epilepsy?
  37. Simple Partial Seizures?
  38. I'm in Topamax Hell!!
  39. Birth Control with Lamictal
  40. A few things that have helped me with my seizures - may or may not help- you
  41. Nonepileptic Seizures
  42. A few questions about Magnesium as an aid to medication for epileptics
  43. UPDATE: Been on Zonegran for 2 Weeks...
  44. Staring seizures.
  45. Keppra vs. Lamictal
  46. Seizure alert/response dog?
  47. Urgent--need seizure info
  48. Are these seizures?
  49. Are these seizures?
  50. Does this sound like seizures?
  51. Long term eeg monitoring
  52. Hard working Epileptic!!!
  53. Drinking with Depakote(Divalproex Sodium)
  54. epilespy
  55. Confused! Non Epileptic Seizure? Why do meds work?
  56. Lamictal Side Effects?
  57. keppra is ruining my life
  58. Please Help! - Auras/Problems Due to Weight Gain??
  59. Twitching In Your Sleep...
  60. Weed-induced epilepsy?
  61. Seizure or something else???
  62. My story - sound familiar?
  63. Debilitating Fatigue while on Keppra/Dilantin
  64. Anyone ever added Zonegran (Zonisamide) to Depakote?
  65. 10+ Years Seizure Free, Now Having Auras...
  66. Information on EEG
  67. celebrities and epilepsy
  68. What will a Mri show?
  69. Petit mal
  70. temporl lobe epilepsy in my child
  71. Does this sound like a type of seizure?
  72. Non Epileptic Psychogenic Seizures??? HELP PLEASE
  73. Possible new treatment
  74. mild epilepsy of anxiety attacks
  75. Catamenial (hormone) epilepsy
  76. disturbing experiences
  77. Low Testosterone and Seizures
  78. Weird Feelings..
  79. Lobectomy
  80. Passing out
  81. The length of time that vitamin , B6 and magnesium stay active in your system ?
  82. Extreme diet due 2 med
  83. Epilepsy
  84. Vns
  85. Trileptal and Cognitive Impairment
  86. Long and Short Term Memory Loss Cure
  87. Son newly diagnosed with siezures
  88. being alone
  89. Need Help :(
  90. First seizure and the after affects
  91. depression and epilepsy
  92. Feeling a bit anxious- seizure question.
  93. NES help, or is it something else? VERY confused!
  94. Triggers.
  95. getting off tegretol
  96. Type of magnesium for seizure control - vit B6 & amounts ?
  97. unaware seizure?
  98. Does Co-enzyme Q-10 work with prescription medication for treating epilepsy
  99. Vitamin and mineral treatments for epilepsy
  100. Is This a Seizure? What on earth is going on? Somebody please HELP!
  101. Roommate Effecting My Epilepsy.
  102. Eureka! I may have found the source of my NES
  103. My son has seizures when he stresses out
  104. Epilepsy due to an Eating Disorder
  105. Magnesium and vitamin D in the control of seizures.
  106. Questions about Pettite Mal Seizures
  107. Survived Uni
  108. I think I may have had a seizure.
  109. mesial temporal sclerosis surgery questions
  110. VNS in Reader's Digest
  111. Beginning of an aura... or is it?
  112. MRI for maybe seizures
  113. Mushrooms to help seizures?
  114. Memory
  115. Topamax dosing
  116. Seizures and Short-term Memory Loss
  117. Is it possible that i'm actually having seizures and haven't noticed
  118. Seizure Dog Resources?
  119. Social Security Disability and my husband's epilepsy
  120. curious??
  121. 6th grade child/Mom needs help/504 plan
  122. Getting tired of this thing called epilepsy
  123. epilepsy and confidence.
  124. Can timing of Dilantin affect nocturnal erections?
  125. Seizures, Migraines, Brain Lesions, Lamictal, etc.
  126. Keppra and blood pressure
  127. Clobazam
  128. Why would a Gastrointestinal Doc cancel my colonoscopy due to a seizure disorder?
  129. Public Transportation Problem
  130. having electrical type waves in my brain while im sleeping
  131. Seizure, not sure what type
  132. My 6yr old has rolandic epilepsy
  133. Im PREGNANT!!! and taking 2 different AEDs...
  134. random seizure question
  135. Is anyone on Lyrica?
  136. Unknown cause
  137. Ptsd,and seizures dont go well together
  138. Allergy medication
  139. Has anyone had surgery?
  140. Issue At Work
  141. Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy has crushed my indpendence
  142. Can Keppra alter personalty?
  143. Anyone taking generic 400mg tegretol er?
  144. Wanting to understand...
  145. Epilepsy and SSI Disability
  146. Dilantin flip flop doses
  147. Mouth sore from dilantin?? Well still on it and the side effects
  148. Am I being too much of a worry wart.
  149. had a grand mal
  150. Head twitching with new med
  151. seizure
  152. clobazam
  153. my auras keep changing
  154. Do you think my employer overreacted?
  155. Epilepsy
  156. In the early 80's, were seizures and DPT shots common?
  157. How do you help with PNES?
  158. side effect of sodium valporate?
  159. pseudoseizures
  160. disgnosed as Vasalvagel Syncopy but looks more like a seizure
  161. Hello there. I'm new here. I would like to introduce myself.
  162. Need your help...is this seizure or fainting?
  163. Sudo fits
  164. Lamotrigine levels stay consistently low :(
  165. have you switched from Dilantin to Keppra. is so why did you
  166. Vasovagal really a Seizure?
  167. the oral suspension oxcarbazepine
  168. L-triptophan possible doses
  169. best medication for a 2 year old
  170. Can child have absence seizures plus another type?
  171. regarding epilepsy
  172. strange side effects to tegretol
  173. Side effects of Degranol
  174. Cure for my epilepsy
  175. Keppra Help Please!
  176. Divalproex/valproic acid/Epival
  177. Partial seizure disorder and allergies
  178. is this an epileptic seizure ? . . can't figure it out .. someone help
  179. 3 meds at once
  180. how many meds at one time
  181. Grand mal - driving?
  182. Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
  183. Epilepsy?
  184. how long for keppra....
  185. Absence seizures
  186. keppra questions
  187. L-tryptophan & Hydroxocobalamin in the treatment of Epilepsy
  188. Tingling Fingertips/Tegregol???
  189. Temporal lobe epilepsy questions
  190. Part D Medicare Please help
  191. Question for Canadians, regarding Disability Tax Credit.
  192. Topamax & Side Effects?
  193. can anyone relate to my simple partial seizures?
  194. First seizure
  195. Epilepsy and water
  196. My daughter had a grand mal, I think due to emotional stress
  197. Question about epilepsy
  198. zonisamide
  199. Meds - Not Worth the Trade Off
  200. New to seizures
  201. sick of pills
  202. Facial asymmetry / TPE
  203. Combating Epilepsy
  204. Full moon
  205. test for past seizure
  206. Medications
  207. My Dad, it's getting concerning
  208. Increase in seizure activity during pregnancy??
  209. seizures
  210. is this a form of epilepsy?
  211. Experience decreasing dosage of Lamictal
  212. What's my percentage of my epilepsy being caused by brain worms?
  213. Keppra levels
  214. Abdominal Epilepsy - My Experience
  215. Getting off of Topamax
  216. Taking Sea sickness tablets alongside keppra is it ok
  217. Slow brain waves
  218. Has anyone quit caffeine because they thought it lowered their seizure threshold?
  219. Questions about epilepsy surgery
  220. my daughter had seizers when she was 3 years old. how should i treat her
  221. my daughter had seizers when she was 3 years old. how should i treat her
  222. Epilepsy: Environmental triggers?
  223. dilantin withdrawals
  224. EEG left side irregularities
  225. Question for those who have had an EEG...
  226. 41 years old/possible seizures just starting?
  227. Lamictal Titration
  228. Trileptal Side Effects
  229. Cataminial seizures/epilepsy
  230. Anxious!
  231. Wondering if this could be seizures?
  232. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  233. abdominal epilepsy mayo clinic
  234. epilepsy
  235. First Seizure
  236. Will L-triptophan help Epilepsy (in general) ???
  237. temporal lobe epilepsy
  238. Changing Neuros in MN
  239. Do I really have epilepsy - I've had 2 isolated seizures
  240. will you get h1n1 shot even you have epilepsy
  241. Should I be concerned?
  242. Will my seizures ever go away?
  243. Medication
  244. Documentary on epilepsy
  245. Could I be having seizures in my sleep?
  246. Dealing with people
  247. Dizzy
  248. Does L-Triptophane help Epilepsy
  249. Tegretol and Menstruation?
  250. Alternatives to seizure medication

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