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  1. I've been dignosed with petit mal :(
  2. History of my Epilepsy
  3. what cant take with epilepsy
  4. what you cant take with epilepsy
  5. Will My Kids End Up With Seizures?
  6. Seizure Diagnosis Help???
  7. Don't want to scare you, but PLEASE, don't take chances...
  8. Mri?
  9. A New Experience
  10. children with epilepsy
  11. Goodbye Tegretol
  12. keppra
  13. i'am new to epilepsy
  14. Am I having seizures?
  15. Lamotrigine price fluctuations?
  16. Can electricity trigger a seizure?
  17. Hi I'm new here :)
  18. my 9 year old daughther got told by doc she got benigh rolandic epilepsy a year ago
  19. phenobarbiton.....how long?
  20. Confused?
  21. sitting in the hospital
  22. Can Accessing Memory of Prior Auras Trigger A Seizure
  23. Please respond?
  24. sugar
  25. First Seizure after 14 years :(
  26. how to lose weight if taking tegretol
  27. Anyone else have water retention before problems
  28. Does HRT or progesterone work for hormonal epilepsy
  29. Qualifying handicapped with epilepsy
  30. Name brand to generic
  31. if you have seizures and you're on the computer what happens?
  32. Suffering from Depression
  33. sleeping all day and night
  34. post ictal nausea
  35. Tegretol side effects making me into a mess!!
  36. don't know what to next
  37. Complex Partials and Triggers
  38. pre-seizure: are you sick,dizzy and in pain for days ?
  39. new here really need some answers
  40. scary seizures please read...
  41. siezures
  42. Keppra or lamictal?
  43. Dilantin didn't work, what to try next ?
  44. Topamax has new markings
  45. New Onset Seizure
  46. Anyone having to go off Dilantin due to long-term side effects?
  47. simple partials
  48. my 2 yrs post-surgery, lowering one med and making pregnancy plans???
  49. painful long lost memories
  50. Will Glutathione help Epilepsy ???
  51. New here with question
  52. Went to doctor today? TLE?
  53. We've hit the "Big Time"
  54. need help
  55. double vision & dizzeness
  56. EEG "Normal" For 4-Year Old Son
  57. Help
  58. sickness bug and epilepsy?
  59. Dilantin Levels
  60. Glutothione used to treat Epilepsy ???
  61. 4 Year-Old Son's First Seizure...Why?
  62. Hello, I'm new. Advice Needed Please
  63. Premenstrual seizures
  64. mystery diagnosis
  65. A little help?
  66. eyes roll while they sleep
  67. started having seizures again, what do i do?
  68. seizures caused by non epelisy sourses?
  69. seizure with high blood pressure
  70. Pregnant woman develop epilepsy after scalded by hot water
  71. Keppra and high cholesterol
  72. No tumor!!!!
  73. Seizures due to Wellbutrin Not Epilepsy - worried about driving
  74. Sleeping eeg
  75. blurry vision?
  76. Anyone have focal seizures?
  77. dysthemia
  78. is this a seizure?
  79. what is a Muscle jerk?
  80. 5Year has Tonic Clonic
  81. New here and just had my first seizure!
  82. Sudden loss sence
  83. \sodium valporate when pregnant
  84. Depakote and anemia
  85. Tegretol level increasing; keppra reduced
  86. is it really epilepsy??
  87. seizure meds and overactive liver
  88. Sound triggers
  89. frustrated mom how to handle this
  90. my son had 8 CP seizures in a week, but none in hospital? Can this happen?
  91. Think I figured out my son's triggers.
  92. Anyone feeling comatose taking Keppra?
  93. Seizures and allergies
  94. Can still tell I bit my tongue after 5 weeks.
  95. seizures
  96. How would you take this????
  97. scared and depressed
  98. Absent seizure
  99. Puzzled and worried
  100. what a seizure feels like
  101. Just started Keppra
  102. Had Complex Partial Seizures now I don't what the heck is happening?
  103. what makes your dilantin level drop
  104. not epilepsy but hyperglocemia?
  105. AED's - Positive results.
  106. petit mal seizures in infant
  107. Panic Attack seizures?
  108. i couldn't help but laugh
  109. Trileptol rash
  110. Embarassed about my epilepsy
  111. scared to go out after diagnosis
  112. Question about levels
  113. happening at same time of day
  114. seizures after flights
  115. Faking it?
  116. Carbatrol / Tegretol
  117. Todd's paralysis
  118. what are your triggers
  119. Stress-Related Seizures
  120. Developing Epilespy after a Stroke
  121. I am at a loss of what to do for my seizures.
  122. New Here
  123. Epilepsy in the Family...is there proof?
  124. Did my wife have a seizure?
  125. lowest keppra dose?
  126. reporting to Dr.
  127. Simple Partial Seizures and smell distortion duration
  128. Eye inflamation from meds or seizures?
  129. Switching from Dilantin to Lamictal?
  130. Second seizure.
  131. Auras or Sensing Oncoming Seizure
  132. Age of diagnosis
  133. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  134. I need help
  135. Nocturnal Seizure--Bruises on face?
  136. Seizure?
  137. 1000 mgs dilantin... need advice with hubby, please help if you can...
  138. Forgot my medicine this morning
  139. Question
  140. just found this site...
  141. seizures
  142. first time seizure some questions
  143. Can Epilepsy be cured and if so can it come back?
  144. abdominal pain
  145. Dilantin up to500 mg per day after a 6.6
  146. Reducing Keppra
  147. Dilantian goin down
  148. Keppra and "buggy feeling"
  149. son with epilepsy has no family nearby
  150. hemorrhage? side effects vs. meds?
  151. lamotrogine
  152. can epilepsy attacks last longer than 2 days
  153. No more fits.............
  154. Could this be epilepsy?
  155. Depakote levels
  156. Taking Phenytoin and Lamictal
  157. effects of tegretol when pregnant
  158. Limbo
  159. new to seizures-but not epilepsy, advice needed?
  160. Dilantin FREE level
  161. Simple Partial Szs in sleep?
  162. Dilantin or Tegretol
  163. Tongue Biting
  164. Does this sound like a seizure?
  165. Does this sound like a seizure?
  166. Is there anything in the army my brother can do
  167. Newbie, need advise please
  168. Epilepsy AND DILANTIN
  169. what do i need to do when seizure occur
  170. Topamax Problems
  171. how do you know if you have a seizure in your sleep?
  172. nocturnal szs...how do you know?
  173. temple lobe epilepsy
  174. Partial seizure/Funny Voice or going mad???????????
  175. Need help with Brother and Seizures
  176. Looking for a support group in Fairmont,MN
  177. trileptal and keppra
  178. "Head Punch" Partials
  179. what type of seizures do i have
  180. Female & on Keppra?
  181. seizures and computers
  182. I'm a newly diangosed Epileptic
  183. My 12-year-old-son had what appeared to be a grand mal 6 weeks ago
  184. could this be E related?
  185. Can anyone explain this
  186. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome anyone?
  187. looking for help for fifty-five years of neurological symptoms.
  188. very nasty neuro please help me
  189. Epilepsy and diabetes
  190. Seizures, numb leg and arm...please help
  191. Can medications cause stomach problems ???
  192. Seizures in my sleep
  193. Major numbness in arms and hands
  194. Alternatives to Phenobarbital?
  195. Question about and episode I had yesterday
  196. complex partial seizures
  197. new type of seizure- from Lamictal?
  198. Looking for answers and support
  199. neuro no diagnosis please someone read this
  200. Temporal lobe Surgery
  201. EEG results
  202. Help with EEG results, what does this mean?
  203. My son might be having seizures, but what kind would this be?
  204. hi new & worried mum
  205. seizure in your sleep
  206. Help finding physicians...
  207. Was that a seizure?
  208. strange Lamictal symptom
  209. Temporal Lobectomy?
  210. Nightmares
  211. sleep study what tech said
  212. dilantin levels
  213. Keppra side effects
  214. why isn't there any medical help for Epileptics?
  215. what happens when your Dilatin level is to high
  216. Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES)
  217. hi everyone its been awhile i need advice about my depakote levels they are very low.
  218. Vagus Nerve Stimulator
  219. lacosamide for a change
  220. Thinking of Switching medication. Help!
  221. Difference btwn sps and anxiety/stress
  222. I am so scared,,,,liver probs are here....WHY?????????
  223. abdominal seizures
  224. Post RnY patient with Seizures & Migranes for 3 years
  225. What happens when they think you have had a seizure?
  226. Help, Petit mal? hormonal? stress?? Help!!
  227. recent signs
  228. It's happening all the time now!!!
  229. Stress and Sezs
  230. pseudo seizures
  231. Anyone have these symptoms
  232. Depakote or Depakote ER
  233. severe back pain after siezure
  234. How often do seizures occur?
  235. Throwing up a dose of Lamictal. Please help.
  236. grandmal seizure?
  237. Are these seizures?
  238. need answers PLEASE
  239. Worried to death mom
  240. Functioning with Epilepsy
  241. Epilepsy or not?
  242. dilantin
  243. please help any advice son has complex partial sizures, adhd and torrette like behavi
  244. keppra
  245. Epilepsy and Adhd medicines(Adderall)
  246. memory loss??
  247. Lamictal Side Effects
  248. Seizures
  249. Vicki, Katie's mom , wondering how she is
  250. 21 Year Old Brother Had First Grand Mal Seizure and exhibeted Rage???

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