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  1. Ending Topamax
  2. is this real epilepsy or pseudo seizures
  3. Still no seizures
  4. sleep epelepsy
  5. could this be symptoms of a seizure
  6. Tegretol and heart palpitations?
  7. Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy help!
  8. anti seizure meds
  9. sherri or anyone else i need advice about seizures???
  10. sherri or anyone else i need advice about seizures???
  11. antihistamines & decongestants
  12. does dilantin cause gum disease
  13. Mri
  14. questions
  15. I Just Got Out Of The Hospital From 2 Brain Surgery's
  16. how do you cope or be happy
  17. Finally some good news !
  18. want to switch meds
  19. Inability to control partial seizures with lamictal
  20. bad headache just before seizure what it be from?
  21. Are these seizures? what is this?? help
  22. pregnant!
  23. topamax reaction?
  24. Trileptal, vaginal pain and side effects
  25. Olfactory seizures? epilepsy
  26. Question about triggers of night seizures...
  27. Does Kepprage subside?
  28. epilepsy surgery
  29. IF you take depakote
  30. Can Epilepsy Lead To Other Problems?
  31. carbamezepine and weight gain?
  32. Becoming pregnant while on keppra and trileptal...
  33. Prozac and seizures
  34. tegretol xr400
  35. sonnette
  36. What Happens When You Have a Seizure
  37. grandmal seizures and flying
  38. Four Episodes Already This Week!!!
  39. raised rash
  40. Question re: Keppra monotreatment contradicts what I've read about it
  41. Epilepsy ~ Tegretol Side Effects
  42. New here anyone use ACTH or predisone for seizures?
  43. How to reduce dilantin
  44. seizures losing intensity?
  45. Does someone have an answer?
  46. Yet another Topamax question
  47. Anyone Else Get This ?
  48. Seizure-related death
  49. Thought of another grand mal is CRIPPLING
  50. Dilantin and Foot Pain/Numbness
  51. What to do next
  52. Dilantin Kapseals 100 mg-are the pills changed?
  53. Whats this "box"
  54. What would you do and what questions should I ask.
  55. Please Help! Unkown Episodes
  56. Topamax Question
  57. about to have surgery
  58. topiramate
  59. MRI & Copper IUD
  60. Menstrual Cycles and auras/seizures
  61. Question For People With First Seizure As An Adult
  62. Has anyone had an adverse reaction to the flu shot?
  63. Need to vent- hospital, new neuro, etc
  64. Can EEG be normal with polyspike-wave discharge type images every minute or so?
  65. Help me to make a choice for myself and my future baby-in regards to seizure meds
  66. Epilepsy and Depression
  67. full body spasms/seizures, no one knows but they're getting worse
  68. Forgetting names etc.
  69. questions about medication and memory loss
  70. I Don't Recommend Synthetic Progesterone
  71. Long memory loss
  72. Has anyone here with E been misdiagnosed by a neuro?
  73. Electrical zaps/shocks in head - small seizures?
  74. temporal lobe epilepsy
  75. Really Need Advice
  76. Questionable Seizures
  77. Normal or not dropping saliva 'awake' since last big seiz?
  78. Need some suggestions for my daughter
  79. Useful tools and How to Them.... what's handy in memory loss
  80. pseudoseizure?
  81. epilepsy and carbatrol
  82. i need to talk my seizures are back.......
  83. epilepsy
  84. Topamax depression
  85. How do you face and deal with insomnia? HELP ASAP
  86. Prozac and Tegretol
  87. Has anyone been given Tiobec 400 mg in conjunction to ep. reg. meds?
  88. See neuro tomorrow- gonna beg off Topa
  89. Very First Grand Mal
  90. brushing teeth can cause seizures?
  91. Leg pain with keppra
  92. Seizure meds and dental problems??
  93. No control over complex seizures
  94. Question about Trileptal
  95. question about the timing of dosages
  96. Giving up hope
  97. please please help me : (
  98. Topamax and hallucinations......
  99. I need info on TlE Epilepsy....Diagnosed 30 years ago
  100. Epilepsy without seizures?
  101. Mental illnesses related to epilepsy sufferers
  102. Crhonic pain / mix adding up illnesses / and epilepsy How to help myself?
  103. Multiple crisis non-stop-uncounciousness leading to beginning-ictus
  104. Has surgery changed you
  105. seizures & colonoscopy prep
  106. Anyone on a nightime dose only?
  107. pheno
  108. Hi! new to this board have ? about med.
  109. does anyone else get a droopy eye after or during a seizure
  110. Travis
  111. Very bad uncontrollable epilepsy,gong unsconsios over an hour long every day, gran-ma
  112. Epilepsy
  113. Neuro Pace and guinea pig
  114. Homoepathy and Seizure diets
  115. Seizure unknown etiology
  116. aspartame and seizures?
  117. seizures caused by discontinuing medication? Why am I afraid after having a seizure?
  118. Can Tegretol Quit Working?
  119. Random Grand Mal Seizures
  120. Vibrations or tremors inside my head while sleeping, anyone??
  121. can any tell me whattypeofbirthcontrolisbesttousetopreve ntpregnancywhileondepakote?
  122. what do you think this sounds like?
  123. Lamictal and Depression
  124. Lamictal and feeling cold all the time?
  125. why is health insurance so difficult?
  126. nocturnal complex partial?
  127. pressure on top of head feeling??
  128. sports and seizures
  129. Bad Memory...
  130. Neuro Pace
  131. Refractory Seizures
  132. Could my Daughter have partial epilepsy? Weird Symptoms
  133. Epilem does it work? or is it my lifestyle
  134. Keppra to Topamax
  135. 9-11 help..seizures
  136. Epilepsy drugs and weight gain
  137. Depakote ER side effect ?
  138. Home from long term EEG
  139. lamictal dosages
  140. Macropsia? Things feeling larger than they are?
  141. Grand Mal Seizures
  142. Hello!
  143. *im new*
  144. Not Working
  145. Keppra with weight
  146. Looking for Positive feedback on Topamax!
  147. Keeping seizures away by keeping the mind busy
  148. any one have advice on how to live with a seizure disorder and face it everyday ?
  149. things that will trigger a seizure
  150. For Onyx re:Topa
  151. anaphylactic reactions creating seizures
  152. Gran Mal / Tonic Clonic Seizures. I need an update.
  153. How do I know when i find that good and kind decent special someone for me?
  154. How do I know when i find that good and kind decent special someone for me?
  155. In the Hospital,Stopped Breathing
  156. Scared
  157. Can't deal with this!!!
  158. taking my husband to the doctor on Tuesday
  159. TegXR issues
  160. Question about EEG
  161. Seizures at night when settling
  162. Lamactal Anyone
  163. seizures & progesterone
  164. Anybody had any problems with Ultram?
  165. feeling angry just to have a seizure disorder
  166. seizures related to migraines?
  167. Long term EEG
  168. seizures coming back like that
  169. does anyone here have Von Hippel Lindau syndrome?
  170. lamictal side effectss
  171. electricity & fan motors
  172. Topamax Saga
  173. Klonopin
  174. Brain Fog???
  175. Advice needed on temporal lobe surgery
  176. EEG results and Lamictal
  177. seuzures and aphasia
  178. hormones
  179. AVM seizures - should i have taken meds
  180. Should my brother be concerned?
  181. unexplained drop in dilantin level
  182. Diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures but now changed
  183. New here and scared out of my mind!
  184. Anybody else just "know" it's a bad day???
  185. Nocturnal Seizures
  186. How to calm yourself during a seizure
  187. Calcium
  188. if i have to go to ER , i feel
  189. Side effects of TOPAMAX
  190. 100 pills of Topa on the wall, 100 pills of Topa....
  191. Anyone ever heard of REBOUND of taking seizure meds??
  192. new to the board
  193. Lack of sleep and seizures
  194. Hi Cher1052 and Nan2 its me...
  195. anyone feel jittery on zonegran?
  196. hey sherri
  197. Finally got to see a neuro....nervous about Topamax
  198. Kepra Question
  199. Really Zoned/scared
  200. mri & mra
  201. Getting Cold Feet When It Comes To Game Time
  202. (good) memory and epilepsy
  203. do you have auras b/4 a seizure
  204. Long term Disability...questions
  205. estrogen & seizures
  206. What on earth is happening.!!!!!!!!!
  207. What medications are you taking?
  208. ESES or CSWS
  209. Keppra and B6
  210. Very weird feeling,dont know if related to seizure disorder!!!
  211. Just an FYI if your symptoms have changed
  212. Simple Partial Seizures
  213. Question about Keppra and other medications
  214. Keppra increase?
  215. sleep deprived eeg - XL spikes?
  216. have a very unusual questionwhyisthatwomenareconsideredaHigh riskpregnacywithseizure?
  217. Fluctuating Topa symptoms
  218. Specific Diet?????
  219. please help me understand
  220. Neurontin?? and question about seizures...please help
  221. EEG question- somewhat new to seizures
  222. biting tongue
  223. seizures, but no diagnosis, any ideas?
  224. i think i have partial motor seizures..help!!!!
  225. epilepsy and dreaming
  226. Waiting to have another brain surgury and having a lot of mixed emotions
  227. what are the rules on driving and epilepsy?
  228. Seizures and panic/anxiety
  229. Keppra and tylenol
  230. advice regarding seizures
  231. eeg to determine seizure
  232. seizure meds. and heat sensitivity
  233. Medication after a first time seizure?
  234. My 13 year old boy had a grand mal seizure
  235. questions about butalbital/apap/caffeine this stuff is the devil.
  236. Dose question re: Keppra
  237. Newbie
  238. i want to go on vacation, but i have horrible seizures when i get sick
  239. can seizures cause horrible headaches and upset stomach????
  240. What is your experience with Topamax?
  241. Seizures and Sleep Apnea
  242. HELP What is going on.
  243. Dilantin Levels
  244. worried about seizure
  245. Epilim question - anyone else not getting along with it?
  246. Anyone had this surgery?
  247. Does anybod know if this is a seizure, and any more information if possible.
  248. Seizure question
  249. ECT for refractory seizures?????
  250. Epilepsy & Pregnacy Tests