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  1. right eye
  2. EYEGLASSES Prescription Varied in 5 months
  3. sudden onset of cataract
  4. Blepharitis Cure
  5. Visual disorder.
  6. White spots, wiggles of light when eyes closed at night
  7. lotemax steriod drops glaucoma
  8. Cataract surgery worries!
  9. lights appear as outline of Christmas trees
  10. string-like glowing object that lasts for 1~2 seconds
  11. Severe eye pain
  12. Flashing or spots inside of blind spots or areas of vision loss...
  13. 11 weeks since Vitrectomy
  14. Macular Degeneration
  15. How bad my vision is?
  16. Hard contacts
  17. How dangerous is infrared light to the eyes?
  18. stye removal
  19. temporary blindness in left eye
  20. Need advice on eye exams and high quality eyeglasses.
  21. possible eye migraine misdiagnoses?
  22. Crystalens Implants
  23. Nearsighted becoming farsighted.. Is it normal for old age, or diabetes implication?
  24. eye pressure from nasal corticosteroid spray ?
  25. Eye pressure
  26. What is this?
  27. eye plugs
  28. Strange eye and muscle symptoms!!
  29. seeing tiny black spots
  30. bilateral eyelid ptosis
  31. Red speck on white part of eye
  32. anyone who can solve my eye problem?
  33. Understanding spectacle prescrption
  34. Why do i see two noses?
  35. Black spot on white background seen when blinking
  36. peripheral vision problems-white beads/moon lights
  37. Super Crazy Weird Question
  38. Contact lenses and blurry, halo, ghosting vision
  39. cataract surgery and chemical sensitivity
  40. migraine diagnosis
  41. Blurred vision, EXTREME sensitivity to lights, and other eye issues
  42. smokie or fogg vision
  43. Weird vision symptoms... what could it be?
  44. Hyphaema
  45. Myoptic Degneration
  46. Temporary blurry spot in both eyes
  47. I am SSOOO DONE cant wait!!!!
  48. Whoa..weird vision shake, what the hell?
  49. Can floaters be stationary?
  50. 2nd blepharoplasty?
  51. Best Rewetting Drops for Paragon CRT overnight use?
  52. Floaters, ugh!
  53. Is good vision possible after macula off retina detachment?
  54. Am I going blind?? I am so scared...
  55. Visual Field Test ???
  56. Vision Worries
  57. Blue dot in middle of eye
  58. eye bulging
  59. Not sure what is going on with my eye
  60. Significantly Fewer Optic Nerves than Normal
  61. Frustration, Horners?
  62. Woke Up with Really Bloodshot eye
  63. Help!!!!! I am so feed up with this!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  64. Can anyone tell me? Help! Please!
  65. Please help! I have vision problems!
  66. Am i Nearsighted?
  67. What is wrong with my vision?! HELP!
  68. Daughter is hyperopic - need opinion on prescription
  69. Floaters after PRK eye surgery
  70. how safe nasal steroid sprays with fam.history of glaucoma?
  71. New floater in eye
  72. Feeling like something in my eye, but not
  73. Right head pain
  74. Glaucoma surgery
  75. amblyopia strabismus
  76. Vitrectomy Issues
  77. chronic subconjunctival hemorrhage
  78. The Red Half-Circle of Death.
  79. Anyone had successful cataract surgery after RK
  80. dilated pupils at night
  81. conjunctaval cyst :( advice pls
  82. Changing a multi focus implant to a single focus implant?
  83. My experiences of multi focal lenses
  84. Pytergyium and pinguecuela removal
  85. Burning watery eyes
  86. Rolling eyes, wouldn't stop, no control... Help
  87. Pterygium
  88. Meibomian gland dysfunction
  89. Under eye bags - does it go away?
  90. Blepharitis help
  91. Watery Eyes - DCR - Diagnosis
  92. vitreous
  93. MSM eye drops
  94. Wavy/Rippling Water Vision
  95. Mild burning sensation in left eye that isn't going away, what is it?
  96. Blephritis, ocular rosacea and prognosis
  97. ReStor Lens
  98. dirt in my eyes over a week
  99. Uveitis posterior/Herpes caused spot near the center of my vision - on both eyes
  100. Hurt the back of my head... vision blurry
  101. 20 y/o and scared of a life of surgeries to keep my eye sight
  102. dry eyes and punctal plugs
  103. Eye Problem
  104. Diagnosed with Glaucoma two days ago...
  105. Circle with 3-4 strands of flashing light on moving eye ball to the right
  106. Circle with 3-4 strands of flashing light on moving eye ball to the right
  107. IOL replacement along with Vitrectomy
  108. When will it be okay for water and sweat to enter the eyes after PRK surgery?
  109. High eye pressure, beside glaucoma, what could it be?
  110. 2 year old pale optic nerve- worried help!:(
  111. epiretinal membrane surgery
  112. Help! Vision suddenly sensitive, pulsing and seeing floaters
  113. Transient Blindness in One Eye
  114. Does wavy vision post-vitrectomy improve with glasses?
  115. Does honey work for blepharitis?
  116. No idea what's happening to my eyes
  117. Dark Circles under your eyes-
  118. Bright spot in vision
  119. Question about upcoming laser eye surgery Wed May 8
  120. Vision changes after Retinal tear operation
  121. Seeing Black Cloud Like Outlines?
  122. Possible eye problem
  123. I accidentally rubbed my eyes after PRK, I'm worried
  124. Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy Surgery
  125. Identical lumps in both upper eyelids
  126. Nose in field of vision...
  127. Glaucoma and Worried
  128. Macular hole- after surgery-just worried
  129. post lasik - contrast sensitivity
  130. Eye stye 5months
  131. big shadow in vision (and getting worse)
  132. pinguecula shrank now is regrowing
  133. What are the best contacts for astigmatism?
  134. Extreme Sensitivity to Light
  135. Chinese Herbal Medicine for Blepharitis?
  136. Optic disc pallor with good visual acuity
  137. uveitis
  138. Lumigan From Canadian Pharmacy
  139. White lines in iris (symptoms don't match arcus senilis)
  140. Blind on right eye, retinal detachment on remaining eye
  141. Cataracts
  142. Severe Eye Irritation due to hairspray
  143. Flashes of light
  144. Hoping to get contacts for the first time
  145. Grainy vision, vivid colours
  146. Vitrectomy- silicon oil
  147. Vitrectomy for retinal detachment - recovery
  148. Dry eye? Or something else?
  149. cataract lens replacement
  150. Sparkles in vision and halos around lights becoming worse during exercise
  151. Cornea Dystrophy
  152. Double vision and white ripples in eyes?
  153. Double blinks at times
  154. Blurred Distant Vision
  155. Blue spots in vision
  156. Eye stroke can vision come back?
  157. Eye shingles - returning to work?
  158. Dark spots in vision when looking to the sides or up
  159. new symptoms
  160. Should I be worried of one pupils slightly larger than the other?
  161. Cancer in right eye...
  162. glasses after cataract surgery for one eye
  163. Anxiety over opthamologist Appt.
  164. Moving ball of light at side of eye
  165. Iris Changing Color?
  166. Eye Freckles
  167. mini-stroke diagnosis in right eye
  168. Left eye intermittant vision problem
  169. Double Vision issues in 11yo
  170. Halo vision after pink eye
  171. tear drainage surgery - DCR - Lester Jones tube
  172. Scleral Buckle complication
  173. Eye puffiness - allergies or something else?
  174. eye floaters
  175. A bleph advance?
  176. six months now
  177. thyroid medicine and eye problems
  178. Sudden blurry vision for left eye
  179. vision question
  180. Swollen optic nerve
  181. anyone had success with frauenfeld method?
  182. High eye pressure and Glaucoma
  183. I got my glasses for my astigmatism question?
  184. Infection/parasite?
  185. Pros and cons of Monovision
  186. post lasik probs
  187. Restor Multifocal Lens
  188. Wavy vision after vitrectomy
  189. Sudden Starbursts After Months of Infections
  190. my vitrectomy feb-14
  191. Dry Eye?
  192. Complications after IOL Cateract surgery
  193. Fluid behind macular & lesions in both eyes
  194. Vertical Diplopia
  195. Can stress/fatigue cause blind spots in vision
  196. Blepharitis and Acne?
  197. Please Give Advice
  198. Vision Problems
  199. Astigmatism doing flip flops
  200. PTK for Corneal Erosion
  201. Help for Red Veins in Eyes
  202. my vision go strange on sun light!!
  203. Floaters
  204. Eyesight is getting weaker
  205. Involuntary wink
  206. Why face-up sleeping position is not allowed after vitrectomy+air bubble?
  207. From corneal abrasion to impaired vision
  208. Hazy Antimated Vision
  209. Cataract Surgery and Glasses for nearst
  210. Light Sensitivity
  211. Cataracts and Eye glasses
  212. Pain from eyeglasses
  213. Can I still have laser surgery without going off my meds
  214. Confused on vision numbers and sight
  215. Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment
  216. describe your cataract IOL
  217. tumor in right eye
  218. Blurriness in my vision in right eye
  219. Eye inflamation and soreness
  220. nuro vision problems after illnes
  221. Tecnis 9003 acrylic IOL
  222. Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
  223. blurred vision after 30 hours of eye dilating drug
  224. highly irritated eye
  225. cataract surgery in Florida
  226. Foot pain
  227. Chronic conjunctivitis/blepharitis = antibiotics forever?!
  228. ongoing 9 year blood vessel inflammation
  229. Meniere's and eye pain
  230. Macular Degeneration and Aspirin
  231. Restor Lenses
  232. 9 year vessel inflammation
  233. cataracts and doctors
  234. temporary blind in one eye-?!
  235. Pain behind my eye
  236. Is there no one that can help me?
  237. Itching eyelids and swelling underneath eyes
  238. What are symptoms of weak eye muscles?
  239. Recurrent Corneal Erosion
  240. Everything moving towards me
  241. Blepharitis
  242. Hey there
  243. sudden onset of blurred vision as well as frequent black outs of vision
  244. Poor vision - stiches did not dissolve
  245. Circle lenses? My left eye is getting irritated.
  246. Vision Concerns
  247. Exercise after vitrectomy
  248. Does Losartan cause macular degeneration?
  249. Double vision
  250. Blurry vision upon waking....lasts for few hrs?